Miscellaneous, take 2

A few things happened in the NHL this week, so I’m gonna regroup them in this article.

Cherepanov collapses.

Very, very sad news from Russia. Top prospect Alexei Cherepanov died at the end of a KHL game today, october 13th. While returning to the bench after being hit, he collapsed on the bench and didn’t regain consciousness. Our deepest thoughts to his family and friends.

Cherepanov was tagged as the next Jaromir Jagr for the Rangers and was expected to play top minutes as soon as next year. His death leaves a big hole on the right wing for the Rangers.

Kopitar in LA for a long time.

Anze Kopitar, LA’s young superstar and top talent, signed a 7 years extension with the Kings, worth 47.8 millions. The contract breaks down to 6.8 millions per year on the cap. He’s locked up until summer 2016.

This is good news for the Kings. Kopitar, O’Sullivan, Stoll and Brown are their best forwards and they’re now signed for at least 3 years. 6.8 millions seems fair in the actual market for a point-per-game player and potential 100 points player. Kopitar is the face of the franchise in LA. Good signing by Lombardi.

Jack Johnson injured.

Jack Johnson, LA Kings’ top d-man, is out for at least 3 months. He was injured to the arm in the game against the Kings and will go under surgery later this week. This is a huge blow to LA, who were already struggling with a thin defence.

pezzz interrogation : I picked Drew Doughty in my pool this year (I had to pick a rookie). With Johnson sidelined for 3 months, he will likely see top minutes and play on the 1rst PP with Preissing on the point. Is 40 points probable for Doughty, or am I too optimistic? Are Bogosian and Pietrangelo better picks? Only the points total counts in my pool.

Andrew Alberts on his way to Philly.

Bruins and Flyers made a swap today. Philadelphia acquired D Andrew Alberts for F Ned Lukacevic and a conditionnal draft pick. Lukacevic was previously acquired by the Flyers in the Denis Gauthier trade with the Kings.

With Randy Jones and Ryan Parent sidelined for many weeks (8 for Jones, 10 at least for Parent), the Flyers had to get a d-man to fill the holes. Alberts appears to be nothing more than a band-aid until Jones returns or until a bigger trade takes place. He will likely be waived when the Flyers d-corp will be healthy.

On the Bruins side, this trade relieves them from 1.250 millions on the cap while making place to promising rookie Matt Hunwick. Is this the 1rst step of a bigger trade to get a top 4 d-man for the Bruins? Only time will tell.

Rangers in fire

The Rangers are 4 on 4 so far this season. 8 points in 8 games. It’s impressing, considering they played twice against Tampa Bay, once against Philly and once against Chicago, 3 teams with HIGH expectations for this year. They scored 12 goals in 4 games, averaging 3 per game. A lot of experts were saying that with the departure of Jagr, Shanahan and Straka, the Rangers would have a difficult time scoring and would even miss the playoffs.

POLL OF THE DAY : Are the New York Rangers underestimated? Are they Stanley Cup contenders?

Good day to all.

49 Responses to Miscellaneous, take 2

  1. hockey_lover says:

    I think its a little early in the season to change up Stanley Cup contenders lists.

    While the Rangers are playing REALLY well right now, I still dont really believe they are a huge threat. If after 25 games, they have only lost once or twice, then maybe I'll reconsider.

    As for Cherepanov .. wow. I cant even say more than that. Its just way too shocking.

  2. wheresthesoda says:

    8 points in 4 games, not 8. And make it 10 points in 5 games. But that 5 on 3 last night looked pathetic.

  3. mojo19 says:

    Good work Pezzz. But Rangers "in" Fire, or Rangers "on" Fire??? Then after that – The Rangers are "4 on 4" or the Rangers are "4 for 4" ??? Hahaha, you crazy Pezzz

  4. pezzz says:

    lolll be kind to a poor frenchie with poor english 😛

  5. mojo19 says:

    non, ce n'est pas vrai? pezzz est un grenouille? Votre anglais est merveilleux. Meilleur de mon francais! Mais ou est-ce que to habille, parce que je sais que tu est un Leafs fan.

  6. KingCanada says:

    Voire qu'on parle toute francais ici mais on le savais meme pas!!  Mojo si tu l'appelle une grenouille…moi aussi surement tu va m'en traiter d'une?  Tête caré…lol

  7. KingCanada says:

    I think LA will be OK, they claimed Kyle Quincey from the Red Wings which should essentially replace Johnson for the time being.  I dont think it will make a HUGE difference for Doughty since he is still only 18 so they dont want to overplay him.  Id imagine hed get a couple more minutes per game though.

  8. pezzz says:

    lolll on vire HTR en site francais!!

    MOJO = RED NECK hahaha

    tu viens d'ou KingC?


  9. the_word says:

    Tu es tous les membre du FLQ.

  10. ranger_fan says:

    You know I don't speak spanish

  11. mojo19 says:

    red neck??? haha, okay u got me back… mais il y a plusieurs membres de HTR qui parle francais que j'ai pense

  12. mojo19 says:

    oh, et KingC et moi vient de Mississauga/Oakville

  13. careyprice31 says:

    Lol Habille?. U mean habite lol. U asked pezz where does he dress lmao

  14. Kramer says:

    The Rangers are winning again cuz the mafia is guaranteed a profit with their success. That's why the Rangers get the cheapest odds at bookie houses. The whole betting system is one big set-up.  Be on the look out for more crooked officiating in the months to come.

  15. habskovalev27 says:

    y doit avoir un paquet de français ici mais on parle tous en anglais ! on est loin de la loi 101…

  16. Kramer says:

    I'm getting bored. Somebody needs to make a trade.

  17. wheresthesoda says:


  18. wheresthesoda says:

    and Kramer its the football trading deadline, didn't you go to a game with Joel Rifkin?

  19. mojo19 says:

    sorry carey but I'm still doing better than most anglos, give me some credit

  20. Kramer says:

    No I went to a New Jersey game with some guy that was into face painting.

  21. Kramer says:

    Also I heard he changed his name to Remy.

  22. Kramer says:

    I think I voted for the wrong party by accident. All the candidates in Brampton had East Indian names, how was I supposed to know?

  23. leafy says:

    Like my original prediction at the start of the season, the Rangers are an extremely dangerous team. Has anybody been following their games so far?  Not only are they winning, they are dominating each game, and it's not like they're playing shitty teams.

  24. leafy says:

    Didn't you check the candidate names before going to the voting booth?

    Kramer, if everybody was like you, democracy would be ruined.

  25. mojo19 says:

    Yeah and I tried to tell people that Dubinsky would have a good year but so many ppl said since he'd be 3rd line centre behind Gomez and Drury he would continue his production from the 2nd half of last year. But he's off to a great start 7 points so far, leading the league in the early going. I still say he puts up over 50 pts this year.

    Rangers are a force. Get used to it.

  26. wheresthesoda says:

    Yea, you went to a couple of playoff games with Puddy, but the Rangers won that series.

  27. wheresthesoda says:

    I think the best thing about they're start is the attitude of Tom Renney, after each game he keeps saying there are so many things this team needs to fine-tune in order to play at our full potential.

    The key to this team is Lundqvist.

  28. KingCanada says:

    Un Quebec!  Un Pays!  LMAO hahaha

  29. KingCanada says:

    Je vie a Mississauga mais je suis originaire Acadien de Bathurst au NB, et vous?

  30. mojo19 says:

    Obviously Lunqvist is the MVP. If he plays the way he can all season he could win the Hart.

  31. hockey_lover says:

    Not for nothing but they DID play Tampa twice. Not exactly an elite team.

  32. hockey_lover says:

    I'll point out that Lecavalier and Zetterberg were, early in the season, leading the league in scoring. They both fell behind.

    While I do like the talent in Dubinsky, I think your assessment is correct. 50 – 55 points.

    Although, there is always a couple of surprises during a season. This would be a welcome one.

  33. wheresthesoda says:

    Yea, but i think it deserves some appreciation that all 5 wins are in regulation.

  34. pezzz says:

    Je vis en banlieue de Montréal mais je suis originaire de Bourg-St-Maurice, en France 😛

  35. hockey_lover says:

    Without a doubt. Its impressive. Im actually a bit surprised. I just didnt think they had it in them.

    But again, I'll reserve final judgement for 25 games played and go from there.

    See:  Senators, Ottawa – 07/08

  36. mojo19 says:

    This Rangers team has one key difference from that Sens team, and his name is Lunqvist. Ottawa's biggest problem wasn't not getting balanced scoring, it was goaltending of course. The Rangers are set between the pipes and thats the most important position.

  37. KingCanada says:

    jpeux pas men rappeller si vous aimez les habs ou les leafs…?  surement les habs…lol…montreal ser pas exactement une place securitaire pour un fan de toronto :p

  38. pezzz says:

    hahahaha non je suis pas un fan de toronto, je tiens à la vie lol. GO FLAMES GO. 🙂

  39. Rico420 says:

    I'm actually surprised that Kramer would vote – as the government is organized by the mafia – I'm telling you the guys in white suits and big hats.

  40. Rico420 says:

    I used to think the exact same thing but I have now been informed that the #4 defencmen is the most important spot.

  41. Kramer says:

    I was gonna vote for the Green people cuz I know if they can't win the election, they can't be part of any bad conspiracies.

  42. mojo19 says:

    lol? I guess i missed something rico, that was over my head.

  43. Plekanec says:

     C'est "Une" Grenouille et non pas "Un" Grenouille, Ha!Ha!

  44. Plekanec says:

     Juste les membres intelligent!

  45. Rico420 says:

    ah everybody on the board keeps talking about how the Habs can't win because their #4 d-man is Hamrlik, Boullion so on and so on.

  46. repetitivnegativ says:

    Thank GOD Alberts is gone! Shakiest Bruins D-men since Hal Gill. I'm surprised the Leafs didn't trade him for Pogge and a First rounder.

  47. repetitivnegativ says:

    or Kaberle, Kulemin, and every pick in the 2010 draft.

  48. repetitivnegativ says:

    I agree that the Rangers are outfitted nicely, but it also seems that the Blueshirts get to play half of their games before anyone else plays ten, and hyped teams can fall steadily and fast i.e. 07-08 Sens.

    By the way. Is Ottawa ever going to have success shopping for goaltending?

  49. repetitivnegativ says:

    Lundquist is dying for a ring to go along with that Olympic Gold medal. Rangers are poised to make another run for it, or at least finally get out of the second round! they probably should have the last two seasons.

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