Missing hockey?

Are you tired of all this cba talk? Are you wondering how you’re team would be doing four games into the season?

Well, I don’t know what planet you are on, but the Boston Bruins are 1-1-1-1 on this young season. What do you mean there is a lockout? I saw highlights this morning on NESN. That is the New England Sports Network and they have a 15 minute sports show called Sports Desk. I saw with my own eyes a pretty goal by Tom Fitzgerald (now Bruin) and Andrew Raycroft made 32 saves as the B’s tied the Panthers 1-1.

Incase you are lost here or think that I am from a parallel universe…I am not. There is a lockout and no NHL action. NESN is running a simulated season for the Bruins on a video game and showing the highlights on there news program as if it were real results. They even showed the replays from different angles.

The most remarkable comeback in baseball history just occured with Red Sox nation in the middle of it and I saw video game highlights from a simulated season? I think we can put the Americans don’t care about hockey stigma to rest.

Go B’s Go!!!