Modano in the valley?

Reports out of TSN say that if Mike Modano were to walk away from the Dallas Stars, he would be very interested in a deal in the valley of the Sun.In an interview with TSN Modano stated that he would be willing to sign for less money with the coyotes, to be reunited with teamate brett hull, and play under the great one. I’m not saying Gretz will coach for sure, but they have been hinting enough, He will be behind the bech in my opinion.

If Mike Modano doesn’t return to the Dallas Stars this season he would consider joining former teammate Brett Hull in Phoenix.

”That’s always been good, and I’ve always enjoyed playing with him,” Modano told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

”That would be a great experience to be around Wayne all the time,” he said. ”That would be fun, and he’d be excited about it, I think.”

Modano, who has spent his entire NHL career with the Stars organization, says his first choice is to stay in Dallas.

”My gut feeling is, yeah, if it comes down to it somehow, someway, you can get creative to keep me around here for another three or four years. I don’t think it’s that difficult,” Modano told the Star-Telegram. ”If the money situation is not that big of a difference, yeah, I’ll stay. If it’s big-time, then you are making a hard decision.”

Modano would help the coyotes and would compliment the young stars such as comrie and Nagy. I think the Coyotes should look for a number 1 goalie, there forwards are in a good position and almost salitified for next season. Khabibulin is a top choice and is considering a deal with the yotes. Boucher doesn not have the confidence to be a long run goaltender.

But with the flexibility that the Coyotes have, why not go for some more big name players? They have still 10 million in payroll left, and have a full roster, they are in the best situation in the NHL. as for buyouts, Savage was a good move, and Boucher or Johnson may follow.