Modano in the valley?

Reports out of TSN say that if Mike Modano were to walk away from the Dallas Stars, he would be very interested in a deal in the valley of the Sun.In an interview with TSN Modano stated that he would be willing to sign for less money with the coyotes, to be reunited with teamate brett hull, and play under the great one. I’m not saying Gretz will coach for sure, but they have been hinting enough, He will be behind the bech in my opinion.

If Mike Modano doesn’t return to the Dallas Stars this season he would consider joining former teammate Brett Hull in Phoenix.

”That’s always been good, and I’ve always enjoyed playing with him,” Modano told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

”That would be a great experience to be around Wayne all the time,” he said. ”That would be fun, and he’d be excited about it, I think.”

Modano, who has spent his entire NHL career with the Stars organization, says his first choice is to stay in Dallas.

”My gut feeling is, yeah, if it comes down to it somehow, someway, you can get creative to keep me around here for another three or four years. I don’t think it’s that difficult,” Modano told the Star-Telegram. ”If the money situation is not that big of a difference, yeah, I’ll stay. If it’s big-time, then you are making a hard decision.”

Modano would help the coyotes and would compliment the young stars such as comrie and Nagy. I think the Coyotes should look for a number 1 goalie, there forwards are in a good position and almost salitified for next season. Khabibulin is a top choice and is considering a deal with the yotes. Boucher doesn not have the confidence to be a long run goaltender.

But with the flexibility that the Coyotes have, why not go for some more big name players? They have still 10 million in payroll left, and have a full roster, they are in the best situation in the NHL. as for buyouts, Savage was a good move, and Boucher or Johnson may follow.

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  1. Scruffy05 says:

    Phoenix is becoming the Western COnference version of the Leafs… Everybody wants to sign there. Only difference is they have such a low payroll right now that almost everybody CAN!

    I see Modano there…. But not Khabi…. Maybe Joseph or Osgood…

  2. GretzNYR99 says:

    They already have Nedved and Comrie at center, how is that going to work?

    Especially with Hull, Doan, and Nagy on the wings?

    Phoenix has always been a fun team to watch, this year they will be much more interesting.

  3. Bishop7979 says:

    they still have to sign a couple of their RFAs yet, among them Boucher, Johnson, (their two starting goalies at the moment) Mara and Morris (two of their top defenders) and their young guys like Jaspers, Taffe Rupp and Kolanos

    depending on how many of these players they keep that 10 mil they have left will dwindle quickly.

    Unless they buyout more players, I cant see them affording Modano

  4. Desertdog17 says:

    I think the coyotes should buy out ricci, i know they havent seen him play with the yotes yet, but i think buy ricci out, and go for modano. Anyone else?

  5. nordiques100 says:

    Keep in mind that not all teams will be getting up to the cap max. the yotes are one of those teams. they pretty much have their roster settled and have 3 good centres already. just because they have plenty of cap room doesnt mean they will use it.

  6. STARS_FAN9 says:

    Unfortunately for you desertdog, this simply will not happen. Modano would never walk away from the stars. Its the team he loves and he has said he has always intended on retiring with the team. If these quotes from modano are not false then i know he has saying that to get the stars organization to give him another year. The stars want a 1 year contract and modano wants a 4 year contract.

  7. Aetherial says:

    Player X has stated that if he does not play for his current team, Y, then he would like to play for the Leafs because of Z.

    Replace X, Y, Z with anything you want and the post would be ridiculed right off the board by the usual collection of idiots here.

  8. ranger_fan says:

    How come with all of these rumours, NO ONE IS MENTIONED TO BE GOING TO BEAN TOWN?

    They have the fewest guys under contract!

    Dont tell me after this lockout Jacobs will spend no more than the floor.

  9. WYflyerfan says:

    Am I the person here that remembered Phoenix dumping salaries. They already went and got brett and someone else before the lockout, they will not spend much more then that. I will be surprised if they break the 30 mil mark. They will go with alot of youth. So I guess from now on its everybody is signing for the leafs no yotes. Give me a break, be alittle realistic.

  10. JeffBurnz09 says:

    For one, Dallas would be stupid to let Modano walk. He’s their franchise player, and you just don’t do that to a guy who has been loyal to you his whole career. Offering him a 1 year contract after every he’s done? I’m a Stars fan, and I can’t believe they’d even consider slapping him in the face like that…Modano has to be re-signed.

    But, if they don’t sign him, and it doesn’t look like they’re going to try very hard to do it….I can see him in Phoenix. Hull is a good friend of his, he would like to play for Gretzky…It just seems like the right fit for him if he were to leave Dallas….

  11. Stuv_Dogg says:

    Oh my God! I can’t believe it. The Yotes will sign everyone. Hyuck hyuck. Maybe Pittsburgh will trade Crosby there for some used water bottles. Hyuck hyuck. Maybe Mario will sign there as a free agent, and Gretz will not only be behind the bench but will spend time on the power play. Hyuck hyuck. I think they’re going to trade for Joe Sakic and Joe Thornton and they’re going to give up Aki Berg in an unheard of two-for-one three-team deal. Hyuck hyuck.

    Wait, even though I am a stupid Leaf-basher, this isn’t an article about the Leafs. Oh well. I’m a stupid ignorant Leaf-basher who complains about trade rumors that I read on HOCKEYTRADERUMORS.COM so this is probably normal for one of my posts.

    On a serious note, though, Modano would look pretty good in Phoenix and these days, when clubs can’t win out on money alone, who knows whether the opportunity to play with friend Hull and for hockey icon Gretzky will be enough to lure Modano away. It’ll be interesting to see what the free agency period brings. When can free agents sign? This Saturday or something?

  12. Ace_Bailey says:

    Two articles on Phoenix and you’re already crying.

  13. Kamakaze says:

    I don’t see why the Coyotes would want Modano. Greanted he is a good center, perhaps even one of the top 10 in the league, there really isn’t any room for him.

    So far on the top two lines, the Yotes seem to have Comrie and Nedved at center, and Nagy, Doan, Hull and Johnson. Now these arn’t the top six players in the league, but Nagy and Doan have basically proven they are top line scorers. Comrie is almost there, Hull and Nedved have past sucsess, and while they may slip, they are still good 2nd (MAYBE 1st) line guys. If Johnson can do what he did a couple eyars ago when he played a full season, he sould be a great 2nd line winger.

    The checking line looks to be pretty good with Ricci (my favorite player!), with players like T. Nash, Saprykin, Sjostom, Kolanos, Taffe, Devereaux, Nazarov and Rupp as his wingers and 4th linemen. I’m not so crazy about some of them, but the younger guys definetly seem that they could put up some minutes and the odd point here and there, esspecially Saprykin and Sjostom.

    I’d like the Yotes to add a big guy with some good hands, McCarty would be a great winger with Ricci, but I figure they will probably rotate Saprykin, Sjostom, Nash and Rupp as his wingers, and throw some of the young guys in as 4th liners.

    On Defense you have players like Morris, Gauthier, Mara, O’Donnell, Hulse, Ference, Tanabe and Spiller. Most of these guys are younger, or arn’t commanding too much money, and I expect most, if not all to be back. This is a group of guys I really like. They are pretty much unproven, but have a lot of raw tallent, and are a great mix of puck movers, checkers, vets and rookies. They deffiently need some direction and motivation though. Under a good system with a good coach, they could do some damage to opposing players as well as the scoreboard.

    Again, a top notch player would always make the group better, but I don’t see them going after anyone. They are young enough and skilled enough, but I’d hope that anyone who doesn’t pull their weight with this group will be (or should be) seriously repromanded, as they should be capable of keeping the puck out of the net.

    In net they seem to have this weird collection of former prospects gone bad. I don’t know what they should do, but I would probably try and keep one player, trade the other, and sign a veteran backup. I don’t really see them having the money to both keep this team (which I think is fine) AND add a top goalie and keep that all under the cap.

    Khabibulin would be great, but for the price he is asking, I don’t see him coming back to Phx. I think someone like Sean Burke would be a great guy on the roster, as he could play a huge chunk of the season, while splitting time with a younger goalie, AND be a veteran teacher at the same time. At about $4 mil., perhaps even as low as $3-3.5 mil., he isn’t TOO expensive, and would offer them a lot.

    At any rate, I don’t see any other signings from them…

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