After listening to the CBC documentary on Madano last Saturday, I stongly believe that he may be out of Dallas pretty soon.

They were explaing how through the history in the NHL, after a franchise player’s
captaincy was taken away, he was there after traded to a different team (ex. Lindros
(phily), Peca (N.Y.I.), ect.). And how there has been talk, that Dallas may be shopping
him around.

So I just was thinking to myself, and I relized what a great fit he would be in Montreal.
And Montreal has been looking for a #1 or #2 center that will help out Koivu, and with
Gainey and his connection with Dallas (and it’s obvious that Gainey loves his old players:
Traverse, Jancevski, Niinima) I think that Madano may not be far away.

Also Montreal will have a goalie that they’ll be willing to deal later on in the season
(Aebischer, or Huet), and Turco hasn’t ever been the healthiest of goalies (comming closer
to the postseason). And Souray isn’t playing good hockey. So I think that when Bouillon,
comes back later in the season, and Montreal will have 9 starting D-men, they could help
Dallas’ lack of depth at D. And I think if Montreal throws in a 2nd or 3rd round pick we
might be able to get Dallas to budge.

Think about it he’s a big center, who puts up the points that Montreal could use. But i
think this is more of a trade deadline deal, rather than a start of the season deal. And
Montreal would be dumping about a mill in salaries with the deal. Anyways, hold me too it
if it happens. I’m just saying it’s possible. (my first post, so go easy on me.)