Mogilny Hints At Retirement

Apparently, this could be Alexander Mogilny’s last season in the NHL…TORONTO STAR: Jim Byers reports Maple Leafs forward Alexander Mogilny has averaged 15 minutes of playing time in the current Leafs-Ottawa Senators series, which may be due in part to ortheoarthritis in his hip. Byers reports Mogilny has hinted of retiring after this season and has put his Toronto home up for sale.

My Opinions: Mogilny has been operating at half speed since returning from the November surgery on his hip. At 35 and with 15 NHL seasons under his belt, Mogilny has had a fine career, including winning a Stanley Cup with New Jersey in 2000, winning the Lady Byng in 2003, and posting 461 goals and 1007 career points. If he’s no longer able to play at a high level, unfortunatly retirement might be the wise course of action.

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