Mojo19's Fun Christmas poll. 10 questions, enjoy

These types of articles are always fun and we haven’t had one in a while. So here are a series of opinion questions for a fun poll and hopefully fun discussion(s) for HTR Christmas season time:

(Includes Crosby or Ovechkin, Hasek in his prime or Brodeur in his prime, Wayne or Mario, Tavares or Hedman, and many more!)1.Crosby or Ovechkin? Who is the best? (or Malkin?)

2.Wayne or Mario? Who is the greatest?

3.Hasek in his prime (think 1997-1999) vs. Brodeur in his prime

4.John Tavares vs Vector Hedman – Who goes 1st overall? (opinions may change after the WJC’s)

5.San Jose or Detroit? Who comes out of the west?

6.Jagr’s career or Crosby’s (this one came from a real discussion I had with a few people sparked by Crosby just passing Jagr’s record for most All-Star votes. We were basically split 50/50. Do you think Crosby’s resume at the end of his career will be better than Jagr’s?)

7.Sean Avery or Chris Simon? Who’s dirtier? who do you like more? who is/was a better player? (Simon’s older, so is Avery in his prime better than Simon was with the Caps/Hawks back in the day?)

8.Ottawa or Toronto? Which one of Ontario’s lowly teams finishes the season off with more pts, its tight right now.

9.Better player now? Better player career? Mike Modanno vs. Teemu Selanne. This one is an ongoing debate I have with my brother, before you answer look at their goal, assist totals etc. Their cups, and other awards. They are the same age and have had similar careers this is a good comparison.

10.In the playoffs, this year which 40ish year old would you rather have? Playoff warrior Gary Roberts who brings all those intangables, or one of the highest scoring playoff players ever Sergei Fedorov?

Lastly, any mid season early cup predictions? Feel free to throw anything else out there, this is a fun thing. I put some of the more popular debates on there as well as some personal one’s I’ve had with people, so if you’ve had any debates with people you know and you want the good people of HTR to take a side, ask away! We’ve all got some extra time during the holiday season so we can answer these poll questions.

Merry Christmas, or whatever holiday you happen to celebrate, and thanks for taking part!

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  1. mojo19 says:

    cool. Ya i know you've been around longer than Steven Colbert's 'the word' segment.

    My name is mojo just like for fun, Jim Morrison thing I guess originally but i used it on the internet before. 19 is for Stevie Y

  2. mojo19 says:

    I tend to agree with Ranger_fan, I'd say Ovechkin has more to his game. I'd probably call him the more well rounded player.

  3. Radio says:

    1. Patrick Kane

    2. Bobby Orr


    4.Hedman. Tavres can't skate.

    5. If you have to pick between those two: San Jose b/c Detroit will lose first round. However if Det/S.J series, Detroit would win.

    6. Crosby.

    7. Simon for sure. Actions > Words. Everyone is overating too Avery. The NHL is an ultra- conservative league that has insulated itself against a changing culture. It is out of touch and has a rod up the rod that's already in it's ass. Time to grow up and stop crying over someone razzing someone else. Avery has been suspended ONCE.

    8. They will tie for 8th place. But Ottawa will have more wins. Toronto fans will never live it down, but no one in Toronto will notice since they will resort to the expected decade-old retorts about playoff series jinxes.

    Note to Laffs: You actually have to make it to the dance before you can fail at it. You should try this sometime.

    9. Selanne = Better Career. Modano = Rather hve him on my team now. You can't really ask American fans this question and expect an honest answer BTW.

    10. Since Roberts is retired (again) and Federov is injured (again), I shall take Chelios. 

    Cup Prediction: Chicago vs Washington. Chicago in 7. Knabby in goal.

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