Mojo19's Fun Christmas poll. 10 questions, enjoy

These types of articles are always fun and we haven’t had one in a while. So here are a series of opinion questions for a fun poll and hopefully fun discussion(s) for HTR Christmas season time:

(Includes Crosby or Ovechkin, Hasek in his prime or Brodeur in his prime, Wayne or Mario, Tavares or Hedman, and many more!)1.Crosby or Ovechkin? Who is the best? (or Malkin?)

2.Wayne or Mario? Who is the greatest?

3.Hasek in his prime (think 1997-1999) vs. Brodeur in his prime

4.John Tavares vs Vector Hedman – Who goes 1st overall? (opinions may change after the WJC’s)

5.San Jose or Detroit? Who comes out of the west?

6.Jagr’s career or Crosby’s (this one came from a real discussion I had with a few people sparked by Crosby just passing Jagr’s record for most All-Star votes. We were basically split 50/50. Do you think Crosby’s resume at the end of his career will be better than Jagr’s?)

7.Sean Avery or Chris Simon? Who’s dirtier? who do you like more? who is/was a better player? (Simon’s older, so is Avery in his prime better than Simon was with the Caps/Hawks back in the day?)

8.Ottawa or Toronto? Which one of Ontario’s lowly teams finishes the season off with more pts, its tight right now.

9.Better player now? Better player career? Mike Modanno vs. Teemu Selanne. This one is an ongoing debate I have with my brother, before you answer look at their goal, assist totals etc. Their cups, and other awards. They are the same age and have had similar careers this is a good comparison.

10.In the playoffs, this year which 40ish year old would you rather have? Playoff warrior Gary Roberts who brings all those intangables, or one of the highest scoring playoff players ever Sergei Fedorov?

Lastly, any mid season early cup predictions? Feel free to throw anything else out there, this is a fun thing. I put some of the more popular debates on there as well as some personal one’s I’ve had with people, so if you’ve had any debates with people you know and you want the good people of HTR to take a side, ask away! We’ve all got some extra time during the holiday season so we can answer these poll questions.

Merry Christmas, or whatever holiday you happen to celebrate, and thanks for taking part!

53 Responses to Mojo19's Fun Christmas poll. 10 questions, enjoy

  1. TheHAB_89 says:

    4.John Tavares
    5.San Jose
    7.Chris Simon
    9.Teemu Selanne
    10.Gary Roberts

  2. TheHAB_89 says:

    4.John Tavares
    5.San Jose
    7.Chris Simon
    9.Teemu Selanne
    10.Gary Roberts

  3. RIP_Dimebag says:

    1. Ovechkin
    2. Wayne
    3. Brodeur
    4. Tavares
    5. San Jose
    6. Jagr
    7. Avery
    8. Toronto
    9. Modano
    10. Roberts
    And lastly, I think this is San Jose's year.

  4. h8rangers says:

    1. Ovechkin
    2. Mario
    3. Hasek
    4. Tavares
    5. Detroit
    6. Jagr
    7. Simon
    8. Toronto
    9. Selanne
    10. Fedorov

  5. tacitus says:

    Jagr i think will statistically be better..Crosby will just be better
    Chris Simon
    Selanne, more dominating and better single season totals..def better now
    Fedorov duh…only euro to record 20 pts 3 post seasons in a row..statistically better, more award, and i believe more cups

  6. leafy says:

    1. Ovechkin
    2. Mario
    3. Hasek
    4. I have no friggin idea
    5. Detroit
    6. Jagr
    7. Simon
    8. Toronto
    9. Selanne
    10. Fedorov

  7. TradeMaster66 says:

    1. Ovechkin
    2. Wayne
    3. Brodeur
    4. Hedman(defence wins championships after all)
    5. San Jose
    6. Crosby
    7. Avery
    8. Toronto
    9. Selanne
    10. Roberts

  8. mojo19 says:

    I guess I never  gave my picks. Here:

    1. Uhhhhh, flip a coin but i'll take Ovechkin cuz he's a bit flashier even though I'm Canadian I realize. haha, but there's really no wrong choice here.

    2. Wayne Gretzky for sure. But Mario is a beast again no wrong choice

    3. Hasek in his prime is better than anyone. He was simply unbeatable when he was in his prime on his game. Anyone old enough to recall the Hasek of '98 and '99 has to agree. Although, Brodeur was overall better career wise, if i could take a clone of a guy 1 year only i'd go Hasek

    4. Gotta go Canadian and say Tavares but prospects are so tough

    5. Detroit

    6. I think Crosby has potential to do it but my pick is JAGR BABY!!! 5 time scoring champ (woulda been 6 if Thornton didn't pass him right at the end in '06) 2 Cups. Jagr is the man. Oh and did I mention 9th in All-Time NHL scoring? We'll see if Syd can pass him.

    7. Chris Simon was dirtier, I like Chris Simon more, and Chris Simon was a better player I think but that last one is tough

    8. hmmmm, I think Toronto will finish ahead but I want Ottawa to cuz of draft positioning

    9. Right now Teemu, Career its a tie. But I like Teemu better, my brother will always argue Modano, but both are sure fire hall of famers and great players

    10. Sergei Fedorov is the king of the World

  9. mojo19 says:

    Don't forget Sergei's hart trophy, and two selke's. The man is a beast. Although Roberts brings a lot of intangeables into the playoffs, Sergei is Mr.Fedorov. Period.

  10. mojo19 says:

    Haha, going against the grain. First guy to pick Avery and Hedman over Simon and Tavares

  11. lukeleim says:

    1. Ovechkin
    2. Wayne
    3. Hasek
    4. Tavares
    5. San Jose
    6. Crosby
    7. Simon
    8. Toronto
    9. Selanne
    10. Fedorov

  12. lukeleim says:

    San Jose vs. Pittsburgh

    Sharks 4-3

  13. mojo19 says:

    All the same picks as me except the Red Wings and Jagr

  14. wheresthesoda says:

    1. Malkin
    2. Wayne
    3. Hasek
    4. Tavares
    5. Detroit
    6. Jagr
    7. Simon dirtier, like Avery more, whos better at what?
    8. Ottawa
    9. Selanne
    10. Gotta go w/Federov, the guy has played D

  15. mojo19 says:

    haha the rare Malkin vote. Way to be a rebel

    And as for Simon-Avery, i mean whos better as a hockey player, goonery aside. I think that ones tough. Right now you have to go Sean, but Simon was a key in the Caps cup drive of 98, i think overall he was a bit better.

  16. KingCanada says:

    1-Ovechkin! Ive always liked him over Crosby. IMO goals are more important then assists, especially when you dont have Evgeny Malkin to dish out to. Not to mention hes the more physical of the two! Ovechkin > Crosby

    2- Gretzky always seemed to be a step ahead of Mario. Lemieux might have had his career shortened due to injury but I dont like going on a "what if" basis so Wayne gets the nod.

    3- Hasek! Im solely basing this on the fact that Hasek played for a couple different teams. Brodeur has only played for the same defensive oriented team his entire career. The Dominator is my pick and damn was he ever entertaining to watch!!

    4- Hedman! John Tavares might end up being the better player but im still going to pick the defenceman. How often does a Chris Pronger type defencemen come about??  Almost never excluding last year.  Hell he might even be better then all 4 of the top defencemen taken last year.  Anaheim won with Pronger, NJ kept winning because of the defence corp.  Goals are REAL nice and all but defence wins championships and an elite defender can change a game!!  Even having superstar forwards wont win u championships **see last years edition of the Pittsburg Penguins**

    5- San Jose!  Detroit won last year and only got better with Hossa but I believe that the Sharks will finally pull threw!!  There seems to be no holes for SJ, Detroit still isnt solid in goaltending…altho they proved that solid goaltending is not neccesary when you have a defence corp like theirs.

    6- Crosby!  He is a team player and plays for the team.  Jagr was a great player but jeez was this guy ever selfish.  Crosby will repeatedly put up insane numbers when Jagr did as well but had some "off years" that he basically chose to take himself.  Jagr is a clown..a talented one at that…

    7- Avery!  Sean is the better player but at the same time probably more of a team cancer then Simon.  Regardless you take the better player.

    8- Ottawa will finish with more points because when Toronto blows the team apart they will loose alot more games.

    9- Selanne!  Modano might be the all time American point scorer but Teemu has a cool nickname **FINISH FLASH** and he has a record that NO ONE will ever take away from him and thats the 76 goals he scored as a ROOKIE.  Hell…not even Alex Ovechkin could score that last year and he was scoring every game it seemed.

    10- Roberts!!  He was always my favorite Leaf!  He might not impact the scoresheet anymore but he is one hell of a leader!!

  17. Kramer says:


    There should be some Conspiracy questions in there.

    Is the league controlled by the underworld?

    Does the mob payoff refs to make slanted calls?

    Is the mafia giving Gary Bettman orders?

    Are Maple Leaf stakeholders intentionally trying not to win a cup to keep fan interest alive?

    Are players told which teams to sign with?

    Are aliens kidnapping NHL players to conduct drug testing?

    These are questions that are difficult for any smart intellectual to answer.

  18. mojo19 says:


    I like your picks, but I have to say Crosby vs Jagr:

    Yes Sidney has the ability to put together a Jagr-like career. Jagr has won 5 scoring titles, Sidney needs to win 4 more to match that. Can he do it? Sure. Sidney also has the difficult task of winning 2 Stanley Cups, who knows if he'll even win one! I think he will at some point in his career though.

    and of course Jagr's point totals. When you're talking Jagr, you're talking about the 9th top scorer in NHL history:


    That's pretty good company! We will have to wait and see over the next 15 years of so if Crosby can match the great Jaromir Jagr. But nice picks I respect your decisions.

  19. FunkDT says:

    I'm sorry, but I just don't get it.

    Is all the conspiracy stuff you go on about supposed to be funny?

  20. mojo19 says:

    Through 9 Votes it looks like this:

    Sid 1
    AO 7
    Malkin 1

    Gretzky 6
    Mario 3

    Brodeur 3
    Hasek 6

    Tavares 6
    Hasek 3

    Detroit 5
    San Jose 4 (oohhhh tight one)

    Jagr 5 (wha!!! Should be 9)
    Crosby 4 (you guys have faith in the kid I'll say that!)

    Simon 7
    Avery 2

    Teemu 9
    Modano 0

    Roberts 3
    Sergei 6

    Good work HTR people, keep it up

  21. mojo19 says:

    Ooops the Tavares thing makes no sense. It should be Tavares 5, Hedman 3, Leafy undecided. Hasek different category

  22. Kramer says:

    No it's all serious stuff.

  23. leafy says:

    I'll have a much better idea on item #4 after the World Juniors.  Right now, I've never watched either Tavares or Hedman play, so I simply don't know. 

    Kind of like asking me if Toe Blake was better than Dit Clapper.  I have no idea. Haha!

  24. leafy says:

    Wayne vs Mario

    The most intriguing and timeless debate in this poll, in my view, is Wayne vs Mario.

    Having watched both players during their prime, I must say Mojo is right….there is no "correct" answer.

    However, the things Mario did in his 2 Stanley Cup years, 1991 and 1992, that's pretty well as good as it gets, folks.  I honestly don't think we'll see individual dominance at that level again…certainly not for a very long time.

  25. the_word says:

    Do you privilege left or right Hegelians?

  26. mojo19 says:

    the_word, take the poll please

  27. mojo19 says:

    Sorry Mike Modano has 1 vote, so its actually 8 to 1

  28. the_word says:

    1. Crosby
    2. Orr
    3. Hasek
    4. Tavares
    5. Ducks
    6. Jagr
    7. Avery, he’s actively made being a reprobate a project in his life
    8. ‘Toronto Maple Leafs’
    9. Teemu, he’ll make the playoffs
    10. Fedorov


    Spider Jerusalem,

    The Word

  29. the_word says:

    1. Crosby
    2. Orr
    3. Hasek
    4. Tavares
    5. Ducks
    6. Jagr
    7. Avery, he’s actively made being a reprobate a project in his life
    8. ‘Toronto Maple Leafs’
    9. Teemu, he’ll make the playoffs
    10. Fedorov


    Spider Jerusalem,

    The Word

  30. mojo19 says:

    Wayne Gretzky, 163 assists in one season (something like that, I know 160-something). 92 goals in a season. 4 200 point seasons in 5 years (missed scoring 196 in between).


  31. leafy says:

    Absolutely right!!!  But what about this:

    In 1992-93, Lemieux missed 24 games due to debilitating cancer treatment….and STILL came back to win a scoring title (69 G, 91 A, in 60 games)!!!!!!

    How he even had energy to play was a miracle, let alone come back and win a scoring title!  Simply unbelievable….in ANY sport!

  32. leafy says:

    Or how about this:

    In 1988-89, Lemieux got 199 points….playing on a line with Rob Brown and Dan Quinn!!!!!!

  33. mojo19 says:

    You SOB. Bobby Orr that's a cop out, what's this Ducks shit? Haha, nice picks though. I guess we really only disagree on Crosby-Ovechkin but they're both great players.

    What's spider Jerusalem????

  34. mojo19 says:

    Wow, I know. That is the single greatest performance by a hockey player ever. Close 2nd would be Steve Yzerman's playoffs in '02 when doctors told him he couldn't play. He walked with a cane off the ice, and had a big giant knee brace on. He carried the Wings out of the first two rounds and led the team in scoring all the way to his 3rd cup.

    Mario is incredible though, there's no denying that. Wayne Gretzky's numbers speak for themself as do Mario's. Those 2 guys are amazing.

  35. the_word says:

    In Warren Ellis' dystopian Transmetropolitan (which I happen to be reading when signing up here), The Word is a column for a newspaper written by Spider Jerusalem and that is how he signs off. Thought for once I sign off in his spirit, on a thread under an article with 'fun' in the title I figured I'd allow myself to indulge this pretension.

    A few people on this site accuse have accused me taking my handle from Colbert, though I think my account pre dates the Report.

  36. markjohnston says:

    1. Ovechkin – he's the complete player. so much skill, speed and has the physical edge by a landslide. for the next 5 years, he'll be the best player in the NHL. after that, his body will be hurting too much to continue playing like he does.

    2. Wayne.  I want to say Mario because of all the injuries and because I like him more, but it was Wayne.

    3. Brodeur. No question. I think the defensive system in NJ helped a lot, but I still pick Brodeur.

    4. John Tavares still, and will be at draft day.

    5. San Jose I think I've picked them for 3 years in a row, but I'm picking them again!

    6. Crosby If for no other reason than he will play more seasons than Jagr. Jagr played 17 seasons, which is a lot, but I think Crosby will play 20-22

    7. Chris Simon Simon is dirtier on the ice, and was more valuable in his PRIME, because you could trust him more then AND because the rules were looser. Avery is too much of a loose cannon. I wouldn't have either on my team and don't like either.

    8. Ottawa Ottawa will probably go on a run of sorts that will prompt them to aquire players, while toronto will trade away. Ottawa will make the playoffs I think. Toronto I hope finishes 30th.

    9. Mike Modanno I have to give this one to Modanno because of his leadership. Selanne has always been 2nd fiddle to someone, but Modanno has always been a leader. Selanne's rookie season is something to remember though – man!

    10. Gary Roberts would be my choice, because he rallies other players. Fedorov WAS great, but he's always seemed like "just one of the pieces" to me, rather than a leader and motivator.

    great poll!

  37. jmarkow says:

    1. Right now, Malkin. Remember Crosby is younger than both.  In a couple of years I think Crosby will be the best of them, but if I wanted any player to help my team win this year, I'd take Malkin.

    2. Wayne.  Health like talent is the luck of the draw.  If none of us say that those players were lucky to be born with those talents we can't say that Wayne was just lucky he never really got hurt.  Many may argue Wayne only has all the records he has because he played longer than Mario, but thats all part of what made him so unbelievable.

    3. Brodeur. No real reason, Hasek accomplished some more impressive individual feats (2 MVP's), but I think if it came down to who you want in your net with the game on the line, I go with Brodeur, just feels safe.

    4. Hedman.  I just think that Tavares will end up being a better than average player, not great.

    5. San Jose.  They're my team so I have a bias.  This is they're year.  They have better goaltending and they're defense as a squad is better.  Detroit may have better skilled forwards, but the new McLellan has won with Detroit and may be able to provide some insight into how to beat the Wings come playoff time.  That 6-0 game was a one off.

    6. Jagr's.  I think that partly Jagr will benefit from part of the era that he played in and largely because he played with Mario.  I think he will have better individual stats by the time Crosby retires.  But Crosby will be remembered by more than Jagr – but thats probably marketing.

    7. On the ice, Avery is a better player.  I also think that Simon was the dirtier player on ice.  Avery is just an idiot, he'd terrible to have in the locker room and cares about himself more than the team.  But on the ice, Avery is more valuable and never really got in trouble for maliciously hurting a player – and I think that think with Brodeur was actually quite ingenious.

    8. Toronto.  Ottawa needs to blow it all up.  Toronto has a lot of young guys playing for jobs and the pressure for them to win is a lot less.  So they seem to be able to relax more and enjoy the game, which usually provides results.

    9. Teemu is the better player right now, I think most people would want him on their team right now.  The more consistant player, probably Modano.  Teemu had some pretty off years.

    10. Neither, I'll take JR.  Been my favourite player since I was a little kid and I think this will be the year he brings home the cup!

  38. hockey_lover says:

    1. Right now? Malkin, hands down. In general, Ovechkin. Malkin is on top of his game right now and the opponents are suffering. Ovechkin is the complete player. Scores, passes, hits. If Crosby would learn to shoot more (and throw that tiny body around), he'd be a bit better as I believe his vision of the ice is better than Ovie. Until then, Alex takes the cake.

    2. No right answer here. Both did things that wont be done again. The game isnt the same as it was then and as such, no player will score 92 goals or get 160 assists again. Having said that, as a Pens fan, I gotta go with Mario.

    3. Gotta go with the Dominator on this one.

    4. Tavares goes #1.

    5. I gotta go with the Wings. Until SJ proves they can win in the playoffs and not choke .. I gotta bet against them.

    6. Crosby. He already has a better ppg average (1.36 vs 1.25 for Jagr). He has one scoring title already.  The big question is will the Pens win any cups with him. Who knows. Mind you, I dont consider a career a failure if that person didnt win the "big one." If Ray Bourque had stayed in Boston and never won a cup, would he REALLY have that * next to his name? Dan Marino never won .. does he not still deserve all his accolades? I do realize the importance of being dominate enough to win the big one, but if it doesnt happen, a career doesnt get a * next to it .. at least to me. At the end of the day, Jagr was awesome. NO one can dispute that. But I believe Crosby will come out ahead on this one.

    7. Avery. While he is a douchebag, he has loads more talent than Simon.

    8. Toronto. Ottawa will continue to sticnk (sadly) but Toronto will win a few more games (especially if their latest streak is any evidence).

    9. Wow. Great question. I'll have to give it to Teemu. 76 goals as a rookie and can still put the puck away while Modano is slowing more and more every year.

    10. I guess it depends on the team. On Detroit, they are in no need of extra scoring, so it would be Roberts. On a team that squeaks in like Carolina, then the extra goal scoring would be welcome.

    As for predictions, I gotta still go with the Wings for the cup. Who comes out of the East is beyond me though. The Bruins are unreal thus far but can they keep it up? Montreal is touch and go .. awesome one night then CRAP the next. The Pens are the walking wounded so who knows if they can put it all together in time. Having Whitney and Gonchar back will definitely help (as will Gill on the PK). Philly has been reallllllly impressive lately and Carter is kicking many different kinds of butt.   Tough to say who comes out of the East.

    To the fellow HTR-ers, have a safe and happy holiday season boys and girls. Be safe.

  39. hockey_lover says:

    Wow .. my apologies. Not sure why that came out in bold.

  40. DandoEagle says:

    I know you've eben waiting for this one.
    1.Crosby or Ovechkin? Ovechkin is the greatest but the US media aren't aloud to admit that Ovie (a russkie) is gooder then anyone else. The guy is the anti-role model and that is why the NHL markets babyfaced Crosby over him – but if there is ap erson more exciting to watch then Ovie I amd surprised.

    2.Wayne or Mario? Wayne, hands down the guy scored damned near 100 goals in a season.

    3.Hasek in his prime (think 1997-1999) vs. Brodeur in his prime – Patrick Roy.
    4.John Tavares vs Vector Hedman – Who goes 1st overall? From my scouting reports I have read it's Hedman, Tavares has been around to long Hedman is the big stud d-man that all teams need.

    5.San Jose or Detroit? I think it's going to be my Canucks – but if I have to pick one it will be San Jose…too many times they've lost to have it happen again – unless they are BUffalo Bills?

     6.Jagr's career or Crosby's: Jagr, 2 Stanley cups and we can't take it to the bank that Crosby will ever even get his name on one! His career might be slikely more better then Kovalchuks when it's done, Crosby is a good player Jagr made other players playing with him gooder and that's what makes a Great player.

    7.Sean Avery or Chris Simon? Who's dirtier? who do you like more? who is/was a better player? (Simon's older, so is Avery in his prime better than Simon was with the Caps/Hawks back in the day?)
    SImon is from Wawa which is near my hometwon, Avery is funny, but on the ice Simon is much dirtier then Avery – I do still like Avery.

    8.Ottawa or Toronto? Which one of Ontario's lowly teams finishes the season off with more pts, its tight right now.

    As much as I hate them the Laffs! The Sens aren't SENSational this year LOL get it?

    9.Better player now? Better player career? Mike Modanno vs. Teemu Selanne.
    Modano – greatest American player to ever strap on skates. Plus Turco helped him elevate his game into a two way game – Teemu is still all flash and no slash.

    10.In the playoffs, this year which 40ish year old would you rather have? Playoff warrior Gary Roberts who brings all those intangables, or one of the highest scoring playoff players ever Sergei Fedorov

    Hmm..Federov has multiple Stanley Cups – has been to the finals a number of times – Roberts has gone 1 for 1..tough call but I'm going with the grit and heart player in Federov.

    11. I think that the cup was awarded in Ocotber to Detroit and I'm staiyn gthe course – but if Vancouver were somehow able to land latendresse from the Canadiesn – then it might swing to the nucks with all the big bodies -Luongo playing the pipes. Yeah Go Canucks!

  41. HABSSTAR says:

    1.  I think Crosby will be better, partially because I think he'll have a longer career than Ovechkin.  The way #8 plays is exciting but it's gonna take years off his career.  If I had to pick who I would want to watch however….Ovechkin, he plays the game like a kid on some type of sugar/crack *****tail!

    2.  Wayne… though I would give my left nutt to have seen what Mario could have done had he been on those Oiler teams of the 80's.  I think if you replace Wayne with Mario on that team we'd all still be talking about the year Mario scored 110 goals and had 300 points.

    3.  ROY… he won two Stanley Cups almost single handedly in Montreal.  Then went to the Avs and won another two.  Brodeur is a very close second and Hasek isn't even in the picture.
    4.  Probably no wrong answer here.  Will more than likely depend on who is drafting first.  If it's a Canadian team it's likely to be Tavares unless something unforseen happens from now to the draft.

    5.  Chicago! They stun Detroit…San Jose finds a way to lose in the playoffs again. 

    6.  Crosby…hands down.

    7.  Avery is a douche.  Simon did all his talking on the ice, both were dirty but Avery is a douche…did I forget to mention that Avery is a douche?

    8.  Toronto finishes with more points.  Ottawa is in it's death throws.. 

    9.  You pick'em.  Pretty even. 

    10.  A healthy Gary Roberts.  10 years ago it would have been Fedorov.

    As for the Cup… I'm still going with my Habbies taking it over a surprising Chicago team.  


  42. wheresthesoda says:

    I'm picking Avery as the better player. Mainly due to Simon's stick swinging incident and then the skate stomp. Avery also is/was a better skater and was a pretty good hockey player even if he wasn't a trouble maker.

  43. JannettyTheRocker says:

    1. Alexander Ovechkin
    2. Wayne Gretzky
    3. Martin Brodeur
    4. John Tavares
    5. San Jose
    6. Sidney Crosby
    7. Chris Simon (dirtier)
    8. Ottawa Senators
    9. Mike Modano (very-underrated)
    10. Gary Roberts (for his grit)

  44. CrosbyMalkin says:

    1.Crosby or Ovechkin? (or Malkin) I say MALKIN

    2.Wayne or Mario? I go Mario but thats only cause I live in Pittsburgh. They are 2 of the best players to ever play the game though. Loved watching them both play.

    3.Hasek in his prime (think 1997-1999) vs. Brodeur in his prime
    Brodeur….Hands Down
    4.John Tavares vs Vector Hedman – Who goes 1st overall? 
    I have no idea

    5.San Jose or Detroit? Who comes out of the west? Detroit

    6.Jagr's career or Crosby's?
    Crosby…he is more a team player. His stats will eventually show it.

    7.Sean Avery or Chris Simon? Chris Simon

    8.Ottawa or Toronto? 
    Toronto (I know, a Pens fan going with Toronto. Just being honest. I think they are in the middle of turning their season around as we speak/type.

    9.Better player now? Better player career? Mike Modanno vs. Teemu Selanne.


    10.In the playoffs, this year which 40ish year old would you rather have? Playoff warrior Gary Roberts who brings all those intangables, or one of the highest scoring playoff players ever Sergei Fedorov?

    FEDOROV. Can this even be a debate?

    Lastly, any mid season early cup predictions?

    As of now I would say Boston and Detroit. Both playing great Hockey.

  45. ranger_fan says:

    1. Ovechkin
    2. Orr
    3. Brodeur
    4. Hedman
    5. San Jose
    6. Crosbys
    7. Dale Hunter
    8. Ottawa
    9. Selanne now, Modano carrer
    10. Roberts

    1. Bruins
    8. Habs Its just happened too many times! Habs may want to slip just to play the Bruins

    2. Penguins
    7. Sabres UPSET! MILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLErrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

    3. Washington
    6. Philadelphia Ovechkins second chance to prove himself in the playoffs

    4. NJ
    5. NY Rangers The playoff dominates continues…

  46. Uncleben says:

    4.Tavares – unless a team like TB (good offence, very little future on the D) has the 1st
    5.San Jose
    6.Crosby – but it'll be close.
    7.I like Avery better.
    8.Toronto =D
    9.DAMN. thats tough! I having trouble putting aside Teemu's 76g rookie campaign though. Gotta give it to Selanne.
    10.Both 😉

  47. simplyhabby says:
    1. Crosby as he is a more rounded player
    2. Mario because while Wayne is the All time scorer, Mario just amazed me more
    3. Brodeur no contest. 
    4. Hedman as I like to build a team from the net out.
    5. San Jose just ebcause I have been saying this for the last 3 years
    6. Crosby contest
    7. Sean Avery is the gentler of the two as he really only abuses with words rather then chopping people with sticks or for that matter, stepping on them with skates
    8. Looks like the leafs will have more points
    9. Good question.  I say Selanne is the better player now but Modano had the better career.  Seems to have been more of the leader then Selanne was.
    10. LOL even better question.  Both are washed up but I will pick Roberts based on leadership.
  48. ranger_fan says:

    How is Crosby a more rounded player? He has better vision and passing ability…

    And you say Mario b/c of a wow factor – do you think Ovechkin doesn't compare to Sid's wow ability too?

  49. simplyhabby says:

    Good points and I do agree with the "phsyical element" Ovechkin definately has the upper hand but when it comes to a critical situation (defensive or offensive) I would take Crosby over ovechkin and that is what I feel is mroe well rounded.

    I cannot deny thw wow factor between Ovechkin and Crosby…Alex is easily the the most exciting player in the NHL but centres and wings are different animals hence why I picked Crosby over Ovechkin and used the wow facotr to pick Mario over Gretz.

    These are dream decisions for a GM.  It really starts coming down to personal opinion "gut" more then anything else.

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