Monday/Early Tuesday Trades Review

Check out the trades that occurd Monday and on Tuesday morning (early)!

Vladimir Malakhov to the Philadelphia Flyers in exchange for a 2nd round pick of 2004 and 18-year-old prospect Rick Kozak, projected to be a speedy 3rd line grinder with offensive upside; compared to a better skilled Kirk Maltby. has officially announced that Anson Carter has been traded to The Kings, while in return the Capitals pick up 18 year old forward Jared Aulin.

TSN REPORTS: The New York Islanders have picked up right wing Steve Webb from the Pittsburgh Penguins for defenceman Alain Nasreddine. In other news the Wild have traded Brad Brown and a draft choice to the Sabres for a fourth round pick in 2005.

The Calgary Flames have just added more depth to their team. They have acquired Marcus Neilson from the Panthers for a second round draft choice in 2004.’s David Pagnotta reports that the Rangers acquire a 2nd rounder, CHris McAllister, and prospect David Liffiton in exchange for Matt Barnaby and a 2004 3rd rounder.

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  1. MightyJortikka says:

    Hell yeah!

    This is what the AVS need, heart.

  2. disgustedrangerfan says:

    let me guess what my rangers got back, a 2nd round draft pick in 2004 and 4th rounder in 2004 and some 18 year old that still hasnt put up any numbers in even the minors

  3. Madman9 says:

    shit, i hope hope barnaby will help, although we seem to be having quite the turnaround tonight. somebody gave them a damn good come-to-jesus talk thats for sure.

  4. Wills says:

    Not that bad of a pickup for the Rangers, especially for a third line player. Liffiton was a second round pick and has potential.

  5. Wills says:

    Not that bad of a pickup for the Rangers, especially for a third line player. Liffiton was a second round pick and has potential.

  6. bpanther83 says:

    Close, but no 4th rounder lol.

  7. mojo19 says:

    Barnaby will help, its tough to say if the Avs really NEEDED anybody in particular. I think with the team they have they could do it. Good trade anyway though. (For both teams, and i still hope colorodo loses in the first round to Calgary)

  8. wingsfan13 says:

    wow good for the avs they waste more money on players they dont need (dont give me shit bout forseberg either) the kariya and selanne move was good…on paper but it ended up shafty with lots of injuries and little production…yet they add another player to something that they dont need….they shouldve smartly picked up kolzig or berard for the problems in their own end they have been having this makes glen slather look good and kenny holland look like a einstem….ha ha avs fans u guys wont make it past the first round with this kind of team wings r gonna get cuz we got talent skill the best dfense and goaltending and heart and experience, wat it takes to win stanley cups

  9. hockey says:

    “and kenny holland look like a einstem”

    I’m sorry, but this has to be the funniest line EVER posted on HTR.

  10. mikster says:

    Another good trade, both teams actually.

    If the Avs win, thumbs up. If they don’t then the Rangers benefit from this more, a lot more.

    This Liffiton is a physical defenseman, quite big too.

  11. desertdog says:

    now colorado just needs to pick up c. gratton to center the “bad penalty line” of worrell and barnaby.

  12. bringbacktocchet says:

    shit that is funny. wow i guess it is true…no team in new york is ever allowed to go through a rebuilding period, totally unacceptable. i actually slats is doing a good job with these trades. i think the rangers and caps have everybody’s prospects and picks. look out in a few years. i mean come on a good prospect AND a second rounder for barnaby. you have to be happy with that. just what the av’s need ANOTHER foward. as a kings fan i’m dying to get these guys in the first round. we’ve kicked their ass all year long and i’m sure they’ll be a little jittery in the first even though they’re lighting up the canucks right now.

  13. Petr89 says:

    Even as a Wings fan, I second that.

  14. Lanche says:

    Enough Said good thing not all wings fans r that stupid

  15. puckdogg says:

    TSN has reported that the New York Rangers have traded forward Matthew Barnaby and a 3rd round pick in 2004 to the Colorado Avalanche for Chris McAllister, David Liffiton and a 2nd round pick.

    Good deal for Rangers considering that Barnaby will be back as an UFA

  16. RangerBlue says:

    Im a Ranger fan who is happy that the team is rebuilding, its about time. Lord knows we lost enough when we were trying to win, and we missed 7 years already. We could accept 2 or so years more not in the playoffs, if we could become a legit threat again. Every team needs to rebuild sometimes.

    But there will be Ranger fans who will be pissed off by this, but come on. We had the highest or 2nd highest payroll and still did not make it this year. We lost with guys like Leetch Messier and Barnaby we could lose without them, and have a shot at winning the NHL lottery. Now that would be sweet.

  17. Viller says:

    rebuilding the rangers will take more than 2years. But I’m 100% sure its gonna be worth it.

    They already have a head start with all those prospects and picks…

    I hope nothing like that happens to my team though (philly), they got a pretty good system, I doubt they’ll have to clear everything out for youngsters…

    I personnaly dont see why the attendance at NYR games would go down, fans have always been behind that team, I dont think its gonna change… Its not like they are gonna suck ass like Pittsburgh or anything… they surely wont be fighting for a playoff spot but they’ll be getting closer and closer every year…

    My prediction is 3years tops and the Rangers will be in the playoff picture again…

  18. Lanche says:

    I know its offtopic, but what happened in vancouver is sickening What a F^ckin Asshole

  19. RangerBlue says:

    Any one see the Avs game tonight?Bertuzzi deserves to be suspended and beat down for what he did to that kid.

    I thought Granato was going to kill Crawford, and I do not blame him.

    Bertuzzi could have broken Moore’s neck.

  20. TC_4 says:

    Bertuzzi gets 8 games in my mind. How many did Domi get for the elbow on Niedermayer??? This was worse then that, everyone knew what he was doing it for. This is what makes me dislike the Canucks, and I said this at the start of the season. They can’t take a hit! When the Oilers played them(2nd game of the season for both teams), the Canucks tried to fight literally every Oiler that made a hit, and they were clean hits. Moore’s hit on Naslund was clean, it’s a shame that Naslund slipped a little and Moore got him in the head, but that’s what happend. The guy did throw an elbow against his head while he was pinned on the boards, he followed with his shoulder….a clean hit! This is disgraceful and if the league REALLY wants to send a message to the Canucks and Bertuzzi, you suspend this guy for the remainder of the season and the playoffs, but the most drastic it will be is the rest of the season. What a shame. Canuck fans, I kind of understand wanting to protect your Captain, but this went way too far.

  21. commonwealth says:


    The only word that can decribe Bertuzzi, Crawford and that whole franchise in Vancouver. This move by Bertuzzi while he and his team are having their ASSES HANDED TO THEM 8-2 is typical of Marc Crawford and his whole pathetic attempt to run that team. He has no class at all, especially when he comes out at the press conference afterwards and says how badly he and Bertuzzi feel, and how worried they are about Steve Moore….. Canucks fans…. how does this make you feel? I hope they are proud down in Vancouver tonight, they got the blood they felt they needed…. good job getting your asses kicked 9-2 by the way…

    the trade: good move by both teams, no way to know if Barnaby will do anything or if Lacroix is done, but you can’t hate this trade no matter how hard you try.

    CONGRATS To Todd Bertuzzi…. You are now in the same category as Marty McSorley….


  22. kingbobert says:

    Kovalev and rivet to colorado for barnaby and selane…

    Kovalev would fit in very nicely with the Avs and selane would fit nice with koivu Zednik and barnaby rocks…

  23. Tradedude says:

    ….and that’s why I call Bertuzzi the biggest cheapshot artist in the league

    p.s. who did matt barnaby go to?

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