Money Speculation: A Stacked Team Really Going to Work?

I was thinking about really stacked up teams. And I realized, does it really work?
Mostly, I was thinking here of the New York Rangers.

I think we quickly realized that getting as many powerhouse players as they can get their hands on isn’t working the greatest for them.

Why? It works for the Detroit Red Wings?

Why? Because Sather doesn’t get it through his head that throwing a whole bunch of star players together doesn’t mean they are going to be great. The team doesn’t play as a team, so that’s why they have no success, and are not going to have any success in future date.

The following is needed for the franchise:

More gritty, hard going guys for the 4th line, and one for the third. They have a whole bunch of skilled players that don’t want to go in corners because they might brake a nail. A know they havea few hard going guys, like McCarthy, Kasparaitis, and Barnaby, but that isn’t enough.

New goaltender.

I think they are working on that. Dunham is fading, he isn’t the same anymore. Joseph is what is needed.

Add some more guys like Messier.

Any thoughts on the Speculation of the Rangers?