Money Speculation: A Stacked Team Really Going to Work?

I was thinking about really stacked up teams. And I realized, does it really work?
Mostly, I was thinking here of the New York Rangers.

I think we quickly realized that getting as many powerhouse players as they can get their hands on isn’t working the greatest for them.

Why? It works for the Detroit Red Wings?

Why? Because Sather doesn’t get it through his head that throwing a whole bunch of star players together doesn’t mean they are going to be great. The team doesn’t play as a team, so that’s why they have no success, and are not going to have any success in future date.

The following is needed for the franchise:

More gritty, hard going guys for the 4th line, and one for the third. They have a whole bunch of skilled players that don’t want to go in corners because they might brake a nail. A know they havea few hard going guys, like McCarthy, Kasparaitis, and Barnaby, but that isn’t enough.

New goaltender.

I think they are working on that. Dunham is fading, he isn’t the same anymore. Joseph is what is needed.

Add some more guys like Messier.

Any thoughts on the Speculation of the Rangers?

28 Responses to Money Speculation: A Stacked Team Really Going to Work?

  1. Rampage_Winger says:

    As far as I am concerned, the New York Rangers don’t even exist. I think it’s a mass hockey conspiracy to get people afraid of fiscal irresponsibility.

  2. WeStSiDe says:

    The Rangers dont really lack anything, just the most important thing, chemistry and ability to play as a team. Maybe Sather will get em going, if not, time to tear it apart.

  3. WeStSiDe says:

    The Rangers dont really lack anything, just the most important thing, chemistry and ability to play as a team. Maybe Sather will get em going, if not, time to tear it apart.

  4. Madskillz9 says:

    Rangers Blow, GO WINGS

  5. Rampage_Winger says:

    As shallow as the arguement is, I must concur.

  6. mattf says:

    i wouldn’t go as far as to say dunham is fading, take a look at his stats .924 save percentage with the rangers, not too shabby

    all that they lack is the chemistry and i’ll bet both testicles it’ll come around this year, yes both.(bowling balls)

    i think they should pass the torch of their old time captaincies (mainly messier and leetch) to the younger players..perhaps lindros kovalev and poti

  7. DG says:

    Please don’t go around like that.

    -DG (Vice-Admin)

  8. r_milley says:

    Its tough to say what exactly is wrong with the Rangers.

    Maybe the fact that they have SO many highly paid players that a couple dont really care if they win(maybe because they were not drafted by that team, or acquired at a young age and brought up slowly through the organization) and because of the lack of charchter players, the team just does not gel.

    They also do not have a solid core that was together for a while. Guys like Lindros, Holik, Kovalev, Kasparitis, Malakhov, Mironov, Dunham, Carter, Poti were brought in to BE the core. Teams like Detroit add that big player TO the core.

    The teams that win(Detroit, New Jersey, Colorado, Dallas) seem to have that core thats been together for a while. While teams like Toronto(they’re pretty much a succesful version of the Rangers if you think about it), and the Rangers who try to build through free agency and spending money to fill holes tend to always fall to these teams that have been together longer and have drafted better.

    If teams like the Rangers want to build a dynasty, they have to start doing it at the draft, not by adding a bunch of 30+ stars who they hope will just get them into the playoffs.

  9. kgeisen says:

    Rangers just need to get of all the injury plagued stars they have signed within the past 3 years. Lindros, the smallest tap of the head and he’s out with a concussion. Bure, whos trying to get the nhl to allow walkers on the ice ( the knee). Kovalev, gotta love ’em but he always knows how to go down with injuries. It seems the only problem with the Rangers is the fact that they are in New York. Its a spendy place that likes to spend lots of money, especially on crap that they can get at a farm ( or farm club…hint…hint…wink…wink) for nickel.

  10. AVS4NYR says:

    DUDE YOUR ON CRACK!!! More guys like Messier??? Messier hasnt done shit for NY since he won the cup there.

    What the Rangers need to do is get some guys with hearts that bring 110% every night. The Wild are a great example of that.

    SIGN LEETCH!!! Him and Barnaby are the only 2 players on the Rangers that got some heart.

    Why is there more power on their scoring lines then on their checking lines???

    Donato aint gonna be as physical as Holik or Barnaby or even Lindros.

    How long will it take for Dolan do finally f*cking realize that Sather is not working out in NY. Its sad to see such a great team with such great players and fans get screwed year after year.

  11. big_booty says:

    The New York Rangers are victims of their own philosophy, and have no one to thank for their seemingly endless string of losing seasons but themselves.

    Glen Sather is a victim of getting his ultimate wish, and having it blow up in his face. With this occurance, he has become a different person. No longer is he the champion of the small market, he is the one with the large bankroll and the blank checks with Jim Dolan’s signature on the bottom.

    My father once told me: “You always look taller when you’re standing on your wallet.”

    Funny. In the NHL, I thought you looked taller when you hoisted the Cup over your head.

  12. defenestrate says:

    Boom… can buy everything but “team chemistry”. The Rangers are the NHL equivalent of the 1980 Russian Olympic team. Talent? You bet. Heart? Uhh….Desire? Hmm…. can we get back to you on those?

    My father (5’5″) always told me, “You look taller when the other guy is lying on the ground holding his testicles”…….

  13. devfanman4 says:

    The difference between the Rangers and Red Wings (with a few exceptions) is the Rangers went out and bought players that are on the fence of the hall of fame. The Red Wings bought future hall of famers.

    Obviously Messier will be in the Hall as well as some other Rangers. But Bure? Maybe. Lindros? Doubt It. Carter? Too early to tell. Holik? NO!

    As for the Wings…Yzerman? Yes. Federov? Yes. Shanahan? Probably. Hull? Yes. Hasek? Yes. Lidstrom? Yes.

    But I don’t think Dunham is fading. Dunham played very well for them last season. Goaltending is not an issue for the Rangers. They have to teach their defensemen how to play defense and when to join the rush. As everyone else has already said, they also need chemistry, which they don’t have any of and a desire to win. It seems like most of the money hungry players come to the Rangers. This is why they have no heart.

  14. NHLman says:

    Chemisty is most definitely what this team is lacking. No one can deny the power of this team if they play up to potential. If Lindros starts playing like the old Lindros (I have a feeling he will), if Barnaby continues his physical play and his scoring touch from last season, if Poti continues to blossom as an all-star, if De Vries continues his good 2-way play, if Holik has a comeback year, if Bure doesn’t retire and puts his injuries behind him, and if Dunham coninues his good goaltending this team will be good. Then if this team finds its chemistry, which it should, as the chemistry started to come together late last season (when Sather kicked Trottier out) then this team will be a force to be reckoned with.

    Not to mention the gritty players that they needed have been added this offseason: Simon and Healey. And who knows who else will be added?

  15. NHLman says:

    I also forgot to mention Nedved, lets face it this guy is getting better every year. I think this year he’ll be an all-star.

  16. ranger_fan says:

    I think it was the choice of coaches. Low and Trottier weren’t right for the job. Get rid of Messier, sign Leetch and get Keenan behind the bench…BOOM Lord Stanleys cup. With Sater behind the bench…perhaps a playoff spot.

  17. B-man says:

    Are you kidding me????? True, the New York Rangers have a lot of powerhouse players, but the main reason the rangers didn’t make the playoffs were INJURIES. Leetch, Holik, Richter, Nedved for a little bit, BURE, Petrovicky. I admit Lindros didn’t play well at all. But if all of these guys are healthy they will be a much better team. They got Alexie Kovalev when it was a little to late and the same goes for Anson Carter. As for more gritty guys, they have kaspar, barnaby and mcarthy. They just got simon and paul healey. They also signed De vries who should help them out. I think if all these players play together for a full season or for most of the season, the Rangers will Defenitly make the playoffs. As for a new goaltender, thats just ridiculous. Mike Dunham showed that he is capable of the being the Number 1 goalie for the rangers. Joseph is definetly not what the rangers need. He is nothing more than an average goalie, if even that. He is way overpaid and he is overrated. Dunham is younger, cheaper, and in my opinion better than cujoke. I believe dunham had better numbers than joseph last year. And as for adding more guys like Messier… well Messier didn’t do anything for the rangers last season or the season before that. If your talking about adding players that provide leadership the way Mess does, then fine, bring more players like that to the rangers. But otherwise, forget about it.

  18. Donovan says:

    Dunham isn’t fading, Joseph is. The would also really need some guys who would take one for the team. Really loyal guys who don’t care about themselves, just the team. I don’t know who this would be? Any ideas?

  19. mikster says:

    You need the right coach, the boss, and the right system. 94 Rangers were a bunch of veterans that were just brought in. They had chemistry though, how? I think the coach, Keenan, created it. Obviously back then you had the good ‘all for winning’ players, but the players have to follow what the coach assigns them. Sure, you need a leadership player but the coach is the main leader, the big boss when the players hit the ice.

    Things went wrong last season. Lindros faded, Bure never played healthy, Richter hurt, Blackburn playing 16 or so games as starter was too much for him, Holik injury didn’t help, Leetch’s injury didn’t help, other defensemen got injured that they had to call up 3 defensemen, and sign a prospect to a pro contract to play for Hartford (Lampman). Trottier didn’t have the right mindset for the team. There was too much inconsistency. At one point with Trottier, the Rangers went like 8 games in a row where they barely allowed any scoring chances and just 20 shot per game with no more than 2 goals against. After that, they hit the slumps. Then the last 14 or so games with Slats behind the bench, they went back at playing defense and allowed few goals.

    Inconsistency is a huge problem with the Rangers. They play 20-40 good minutes a game, but lose it. Why? They can’t keep the momentum going. They allow few goals in like 26 total games of the season, but what about the other games?

    The coaching staff, which looks better now in my opinion, needs to keep the players going in the direction they are supposed to go.

    Dunham played well, agve it his best every night and i can’t remember him allowing soft goals. Very few at the very most. He shuts out, makes the big saves, and wins games.

    Let Messier go to the Oilers. Let Leetch go too. He wants too much, Slats gave him a more than fair off now, so…..Leetch should be signing. Since he isn’t, oh well. Get Yushkevich or someone else.

  20. NHLman says:

    You’re absolutely right. Especially on the Leetch and Messier issue. Leetch should have signed by now. No other team is going to offer him $6 million a year. With that money the Rangers could sign both Yuskevich and Klee which would probably improve their defense more than if Leetch returned. For Leetch to even test the free agent market is completely unloyal and selfish. When I first thought of him leaving I was awed, but the more I hear it the better it sounds. Watch the Rangers will sign another defensemen and then Leetch will come crawling back, which is still good.

  21. dkball7 says:

    Donato is in Boston and i think Leech just re-signed

  22. dkball7 says:

    The 94 rangers were a bunch of oilers who wanted to make some money.

  23. defenestrate says:

    I cannot believe this went through over a thousand reads without anyone making an untoward reference to a “stacked team”. What’s wrong with you people???? I, for one, can stand it no longer.

    I saw a really “stacked team” at a bachelor party in May, and they seemed to work just fine.


  24. Goldenscud says:

    It is hard to think of the joy of a stacked team when your mind is on the Rangers. One is nice to the touch, sweet to the taste, and if all goes well, is easy to score. The Rangers lack all of these tantilying senses.

  25. j2digit says:

    “The Red Wings bought future hall of famers. “

    what are you smoking?……………………..

    Yzerman? Federov? Lidstrom? maybe even Shanny, all these guys were ORIGINAL HOME GROWN WINGS. Shanny is the only exception here, before he went to the wings, he was considered good but, you did not know whether he would make it to the hall of fame but now because of the 3 RINGS they have won , he’s practically a shoe in.

    Yes they added a few hall of famers but ,that’s not their fault. Those players took less money to be traded or signed by detroit.

    They certainly didn’t give them a SHIT LOAD of money like new york did.

  26. GilaMonster says:

    i agree with you completely. I think dunham is a much better goalie than Cujo. Dunham had better stats than Cujo on a lesser team. The problem with the Rangers and Ranger fans is that they want name brand talent so they would rather have Joseph than an actual good goalie. Goaltending was never a real problem with this team hell Richter is better than Joseph too.

  27. GilaMonster says:

    i agree with you completely. I think dunham is a much better goalie than Cujo. Dunham had better stats than Cujo on a lesser team. The problem with the Rangers and Ranger fans is that they want name brand talent so they would rather have Joseph than an actual good goalie. Goaltending was never a real problem with this team hell Richter is better than Joseph too.

  28. devfanman4 says:

    That’s why I’m saying they’re better than the Rangers. And yes Yzerman, Federov, and Lidstrom are home grown originals. I just meant they were going into the Hall. I didn’t mean they bought them. I’m sorry for being confusing.

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