Monster willing to spend time with Marlies

Jonas Gustavsson joked he won’t stray very far from Toronto during the NHL all-star break because his girlfriend is a nervous flyer.

But the Maple Leafs goaltender — No. 3 on the depth charting if we’re ranking — appears likely to take a walk to the Ricoh Coliseum next week.

The Swede does not embrace the idea of joining the AHL Marlies on a conditioning stint, for which his permission is required.

He sees himself a bona fide NHL goalie with 65 games under his belt — and seven wins in a row last March that tied a club rookie record.

But he said Wednesday at the final pre-break practice that he’d go along with the idea, in order to spare the Leafs the risk of putting him on waivers to join the Marlies.

“I don’t want to answer those questions when I don’t know how (conditioning trials) work,” Gustavsson said at the final pre-break practice at the MasterCard Centre.

“But I trust Brian Burke. He knows what is right for the organization. If they want me to do something, of course I will do it. But they haven’t asked me.”

Coach Ron Wilson said earlier in the week that he and GM Burke were open to anything that will restore The Monster’s confidence.

He has an .890 save percentage and just six wins in 21 decisions. But no final call on his status would be official until after the break.

By then, Gustavsson will have played just twice since the last week of December.

The Marlies play 13 games from this Saturday until the end of February and Gustavsson could be slotted in any time in that window — if he says yes. Burke confirms that conversation has not yet taken place.

For now, Gustavsson and rookie James Reimer are staying on the big-league roster.

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  1. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Agreed, Versteeg hasn't been his best, but he's still putting up decent points…

  2. nordiques100 says:

    i dont get why they boo him at the ACC.

    for one thing, he actually AGREED to get traded, lifting the leafs of any responsibility for the rest of his contract.

    and if Mike Van Ryn didnt get hurt, we'd have gotten a very good asset back.

    Unlike Sundin, unlike Kaberle, unlike Tucker, Mccabe was moved out and accepted it, even accepted going to a crap team like the panthers.

    Sundin i suspect is still resented for what he did. Kaberle will be if Burke doesnt move him at the deadline, but it wont be held against him very long. Tucker, well he is still a god around here when he probably did the most screwing over of the leafs. We are still paying tucker's buyout. we havent given Mccabe a cent in a couple years.

    Tucker and Domi did less combined as Leafs than Mccabe, yet the other two are on Ron Wilson Messiah level. I guess you have to be a complete moron and do stupid stuff that hurts the Leafs to be loved. I know, many leaf nationers have a hard on for Domi, but after he hit Nieds, selfishly, for his own precious needs of revenge, i have hated that guy. and the fact his ego was the size of the pacific.

    Mccabe did give it his all as a Leaf. He was part of one of the best pairings in the NHL about 5 years ago for 2 plus years and was a big contributor when the Leafs were actually a playoff team. If Paul Maurice didnt dump him down the depth chart in favor of Kubina, maybe this guy would have not struggled as he did in his latter leaf years.

    i bet he brings the panthers a couple of draft picks and should help any playoff bound team. he is best fit for a 2ndary role and could help many a teams this year.

  3. 93killer93 says:

    The Sundin thing was made worse by the fact that he apparently refused a trade to Vancouver, because he said he had to be with a team in training camp. Then he signed with the Canucks the next year and didn't sign until the end of December.

  4. dumbassdoorman says:

    Yes Sundins case was worse for what he had said just the previous spring. However had the leafs just gone to him privately things may have been different. McCabe played hard and I have nothing against him, it isn't his fault JFJ dropped the ball on his extention, then panic signed him. As for Domi, your statement on the size of his ego, is very generous, I believe he was much more of an egomanical a$$ then you gave him credit for.

     Burke needs to either trade or sign Kabs, period, i am tired of all this dancing in circles by him.

  5. mojo19 says:

    Actually I think Beauchemin over the last month or two has really picked up his play, he's been okay, and Versteeg has been pretty solid for us. I guess I just think that Bouchard has more offensive upside plus he's a playmaking centre and could be a fit for Kessel. I think Bouchard is the best player in the trade but ya there is risk involved because of the concussion but I also feel that his health could make him available.

    Beauchemin is playing well but he's older, I would just hope that Barker could live somewhat up to his draft position (3rd overall) or at least just be effective. I agree it is a very risky trade for Toronto, just throwing ideas out there.

  6. mojo19 says:

    I don't think McCabe's value at this deadline is any kind of indicator of what a d-man's value is playing in Toronto. You're talking about a rental right now, with a couple month's and a couple million left on his contract, vs when he was in traded from Toronto and had 3 years and close to $20 million left owed to him. Obviously there are going to be more teams able to accomodate him now.

  7. mojo19 says:

    Ya I think Moulson actually did sign a 3 year extension yesterday?? couild be wrong, but if he did then scratch him off.

    And ya About Kadri, Mueller, D'Amigo, Brunnstrom, you could leave one roster spot open for one of them to fight it out for at camp in place of the the "Poni" signing (or whomever), or you could also invite a player or two to camp like the Rangers did this year inviting a few guys and I believe only Fedotanko earned a contract from the invitees. That way if one of the young guys really steps up you just release the invitee but if none of them do then you sign him to a modest contract.

  8. mojo19 says:

    Boston having a good team doesn't detract from Thomas' bid, it just *might* inflate his numbers. Goalies are tough to judge, you have to take everything in context.

    I mean there's so much to consider. For example, Kari Lehtinen has always been a really great goalie but his numbers compounded to become way worse in Atlanta. I remember watching him play a really great game and be trailing 3-1 and then really late let in the 4-1 goal, and then let in a very simple 5-1 when the game is out of reach. I think he just lost focus and had a hard time staying motivated so he let in 5 that game, and the 5th one he wouldn't have let in if the game was still in reach. That's what I mean by it compounding. This is one of many things to consider when you look at how good a goalies numbers can be on a good team and how bad on a bad team.

    I remember one Leafs/Bruins game this year where Bruins D were blocking shots like crazy towards the end…. Anyways I hope you get my point.

  9. reinjosh says:

    To be honest, I don't see the Bruins as a playoff team without Thomas. They just don't have what it takes, in my opinion, without a good goalie.

    Without Thomas, they have an all star dman and some decent but not great forwards. Not playoff material.

  10. dumbassdoorman says:

    he is a favourite, just a favourite whipping boy!!!!!

  11. Leafs_the_word says:

    I don't see why we can't eat Komisarek if he becomes the obstacle to getting significantly better, playoff revenue is the cheese.

  12. Leafs_the_word says:

    Good point but we'll what his next deal will look like.

  13. Leafs_the_word says:


  14. MystifoLeafs says:

    I was working on this about 2 days ago BEFORE Moulson resigned so I doubt this would work now but I still put some time into so I figured I would post it for kicks so here it is…

    1st TOR (2011/2012)
    2nd TOR (2010/2011)
    2nd TOR (2011/2012)
    Moulson – Tavares – Kessel  ($12,250,000)
    Kuelmin – Grabovski – Macarthur ($8,150,000)
    Mueller  – Zigomanis – Armstrong ($5,001,000)
    Brown – Brent/Boyce – Orr ($2,500,000)
    Phaneuf – Beauchemin ($10,300,000)
    Schenn – Gunnarsson ($4,800,000)
    Komisareak – Aulie ($5,230,000)
    Gustavsson ($3,150,000)
    I made up a few figures because some of them were RFA/UFA but according to the figures I used the total cost of this team is $51,381,000 this here includes not signing Kaberle although with the money we have we could if we wanted to but I would prefer that only if we could get rid of Komisareak unless he preforms so poorly that we could bury him the minors but I think thats impossible seeing how he has a NMC and he controls the fate if he goes to the minors. Also if needed we could use some of the money to try and maybe get someone like Arnott and Langenbruner to handle our 3rd line instead of Ziggy and Mueller although I put them there because I think Ziggy should be in the NHL and Mueller is a big body and could work well with in a 3rd line checking roll. 
    If we would prefer to run 3 scoring with 1 thug line I think we could then try and ink the likes of Langenbruner and Arnott because they could preform well seeing how they are good friends and would not have pressure of playing a top 6 role. 
    Another option is the likes of John Madden, he is in the final year of his contract and is a PK king, the guy does 1 thing and thats play a great defensive role, if he is not going to resign in Minnesota  then he is a guy I would target if were looking for a center who can win faceoffs and help out on the PK. He has also played alongside Langenbruner before and could provide leadership to the younger guy, plus it would be amazing if we could get Madden to practice with Ziggy and maybe teach him a bit so in the future he could be our new center shut down specialist.
    I tried to be fair in the trade but remember I have maple leaf vision tend to over rate our players and under rate others.
  15. mojo19 says:

    I bet he gets about $3 million a year on a 1 or 2 year deal.

    i would bring him back for like $1.5 million on a 1 year deal and then just demote Lebda.

  16. mojo19 says:

    Kadri, 1st rounder and a couple of decent younger players is not worth it for the Islanders to trade Tavares. Sorry, I love JT and I hope the home town boy can come play for Toronto but this deal would not get it done.

    How about start with Kadri and Schenn and then add from there. I'm not sure there's any combination of assets that we have that would entice the Islanders to deal JT, unless we offer up our top guys including Phil Kessel and 1st round picks, Kadri, etc.

  17. Boston_Bruins says:

    I get what you're saying but I think if you're going to break down a goalie's performance like that then you have to do the same thing for other players. Basically the way most people judge a player is by their statline at the end of the season, when in reality how many "gimme points" is that player getting through secondary assists, or how many points is he getting at the end of a blowout loss, or a blowout win, etc. 

    Also, how many blocked shots the Bruins get (not sure how much it is relative to the other teams in the league) shouldn't matter if they still give up the third most shots in the league. It just shows that they're in their own end alot more than others.

  18. MystifoLeafs says:

    Yeah as I was doing it up I was noticing that we would need to try trading the likes of Phil or Schenn I don't even think if we added one of our good goalie prospects it could make a difference. I am just trying to find a loophole to try and get JT I just added Moulson because he also added scoring. just trying to find another option the leafs could take because I see Dallas resign Richards. 

  19. Boston_Bruins says:

    I think they MIGHT be able to squeak into the playoffs with an average goalie in net, but they'd definitely be a fringe team at best. They do rely very heavily on goaltending, and the goaltending certainly makes the defense look alot better. At the same time, they still have the strength of depth up front (I believe they're 7th in offense right now). While the top 6 is pretty weak, I'd put the bottom 6 up against any team in the league, and the lack of elite talent is somewhat masked by Julien rolling 4 lines.

  20. dumbassdoorman says:

    It does have some merit actually, depending on how you view it. tavares is rumoured to be unhappy there and we have seen RFA's put pressure on teams to get what they want. Question becomes is that the situation here? personally, i like him but do not love him, to do it for even what you suggested.

  21. Leafs_the_word says:

    Not sure if I like from a Leafs perspective, we basically cough up all our organization depth and a couple gems and our future on the hope that Tavares blossoms which is far from a sure thing.

  22. MystifoLeafs says:

    Tavares is doing pretty well in NYI already and is helping Moulson put up his numbers as well. I think with both them with kessel along with Mac and the ussr line would make us a scoring threat and if you really wanted with the cap space left wr could sign ehroff or even kaberle to help move the puck.

  23. mojo19 says:

    But my point was its WHEN they block them, that leads to more wins in Thomas' stats, and a lot of those shots come from the outside I'm sure.

    Again, not to take away from Thomas, he might win the Hart this year, I'm just against goalies winning it.

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