Montoya to Phoenix

The Phoenix Coyotes acquired Al Montoya and Marcel Hossa in exchange for David LeNevue, Fredrik Sjostrom, and Josh Gratton.

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  1. BruMagnus says:

    Crazy trade. I dunno who wins.
    The Rangers finally trade off one of Montoya/Valiquette, so no big loss there.

    I think Sjostrom will become a great top 6 player in the near future.

  2. NYILES39 says:

    Montoya must be doing cartwheels on the plane to phx. He will now have a chance too be a NHL goalie.

  3. bleedsblueandwhite says:

    Did Montoya play much in NY?  I live in Michigan, so I followed him during his days at UMich, but haven't followed any professional career.

    I don't know how much play time he'll get with Phoenix's gift from the gods Bryzgalov in front of him.

  4. pj1199 says:

    Im a big Rangers fan and think they fell short on this one.

    Montoya is a young, NHL ready goalie and I think they at least could have gotten a better player with him and Marcel Hossa packaged together. The Rangers got a 3rd line player and 2 prospects. I dont think that was enough.

    I do think that the Rangers had the assets to get Brian Campbell from Buffalo. Your telling me that a package of Marcel Hossa and 2 prospects (say Korpikoski and Baranka) couldn;t get Campbell?

  5. pj1199 says:

    Montoya hasnt played 1 regular season NHL game in his career. Although he was probably ready at this point to at least showcase what hes got talent wise at the NHL level.

  6. Radio says:

    Bochenski Traded.

  7. wheresthesoda says:

    What can Sjostrom do???????

  8. marcstaalscrazy says:

    any coyotes fans out there…how is sjostrom..i mean his points are respectable 10 goals 9 assists, im guessing he would be put on the line including martin straka nd ryan callahan seems like an ok line…but this trade definitely goes to the coyotes even though im a huge ranger fan..montoya is a great goalie that hasnt been given a chance in the nhl and marcel hossa wasnt anything magnificent but was a solid 3rd line player..they recieved a maybe nhl player in Gratton and an ok goalie prospect in lenevue but sjostrom as the highlight to the rangers just doesnt work for me. i would of liked to see one of their younger players come to the rangers maybe even mueller if the rangers added baranka, pock, or a 1st rounder

  9. bringbacktocchet08 says:

    fvck – why couldn’t the kings of grabbed montoya. i’ve been saying it for weeks. yotes get bryz and montoya while the kings sit around with labarbara and cloutier. i would have been stoked to be sitting with bernier and montoya.

  10. shifterdarkwolf says:

    Well, first off Phoenix would never be crazy enough to trade Mueller. He is their future franchise player. As for Sjousrom, he has been with the yotes a few years, and he isnt an awful player. He works hard every night and although he might not put up a lot of goals, the ones he gets seem to be right when you really need one.

    I am puzzled by this trade. Yes, it is good to get Montoya, but we needed him last year, not this year. We've gotten exceptional goaltending from Bryz and Telly is a great backup, when he plays, he usually makes the most of it. Either way, Montoya is a huge step up from LeNeveu, good luck with that one. I am excited to get Marcel Hossa, he is a young player that will compliment what our team is going for. I was never really a fan of Josh Gratton anyways. Good luck with Freddy though, he has potential.

  11. CofRED says:

    Not for at least another year and a half, barring injuries.  Bryzgalov isn't going anywhere anytime soon, and Tellqvist is still signed through next season.

  12. WiseOldFool says:

    Yotes fan here… Sjostrom is a former #1 with great speed; good forechecker and can play decent PK; big scorer in juniors but was never put on a scoring line; he did score a beauty against you folks last year that you've likely seen replayed today… given a chance he might break out; great guy, wish him well!!! Gratton broke his hand in preseason and became expendable with Carcillo stepping in and playing so well; he'll provide muscle and has a bit of playing skills but pretty much just grit.  LeNeveu was also a high pick several years ago out of Cornell where he set college record for GAA; he's played a few games over the past couple years but seems overwhelmed at times, granted, our D wasn't exactly helping our goalies much last past couple years, but sometimes you just gotta make the save anyway and he often came up short.

  13. rangers11 says:

    i wish they could have gotten campbell for hossa, korpikoski and baranka but thats just not realistic. they arent going to take a combo of our under achieving prospects for a top tier d man. bernier and a number 1 is a good offer. bernier is an nhler at 22 and has proven he can score. plus a first rounder. i doubt we could beat that without mortgaging the farm

  14. rangers11 says:

    heres my thoughts…. 

    montoya may have the potential to be a very good goaltender, but with henrik locked up he is expendable. also, montoya hasnt even been the number 1 goalie in hartford this season, wiikman has. thats another reason hes been expendable. montoya also tends to get hurt a lot. on top of all of that, hes going to be a restricted free agent after this season. chances are another team would make him an offer over 1 million (which is already too much with hank locked up with his contract) and we wouldnt match it. idk what the compensation would be, but this way we get a player in return. replacing montoya is lenevue. his numbers this year in the ahl are comparable to montoya. also he was a top goalie at cornell and benoit allaire (sp?) says he can work with him. thats good enough for me. while i do feel that maybe we could have gotten more for him, maybe we really couldnt. huet only fetched montreal a second rounder, so you never know. i doubt anyone has any attachment to hossa, i know i dont, and i dont care that he is gone. gratton probably wont do much but does add some grit if he were to be in the nhl. the main piece is sjostrom. he actually played juniors with lundqvist in sweden so theres a connection (christian backman who we got from stl also played with henrik on frolunda a few years back) notice how were moving away from the czech theme and getting swedes? anyway sjostrom was a former 11th overall pick and is only 24. he adds some scoring to the 3/4 lines, most likely the 4th. as much as i love the HBO line, the truth of the matter is they dont score. plus, with the amount that renney plays them in important games, you need them to be more productive on the score sheet. when it comes down to it, both hollweg and orr dont need to be in the lineup. one will do. 
    overall i think the trades will help us. if theres any issues that anyone has with giving up montoya, just remember that hes in phoenix behind a real good goalie (ilya brz) and well prob face him 2 times a year at best. we wont see much about him and that should help us forget about what he could be. oh and theres one more reason why we should forget about him…
  15. NHLman says:

        I feel like Montoya should have brought back more, however, when you take everything into consideration the trade is very reasonable and might be the most balanced trade of the day. First, as has been stated Lundqvist is the goalie in NY and with his new contract isn't going anywhere. Second, Montoya will be an RFA and will definitely expect a raise from his entry contract, which would mean over $1 million, which is too much in the salary cap world. Plus, a different team could have signed him away at a price where we would only get a 2nd or 3rd round draft pick in return. Maybe most important, Sjostrom is a young talented player that can fill a hole in the roster next year with Straka, Jagr, and Shanahan all possibly gone. I am not overly familiar with him but believe he is in the power forward mold, these players usually take longer to develop so he might turn out to be a good player yet.
        Marcel Hossa is a useful player. As a regular third-liner or fourth-liner he is valuable as he has both size and skill. Hossa should help the Coyotes. In their system he could find success.
        LeNevue is a solid prospect and Gratton is a throw in.

  16. AntropovGoodIToldUSo says:

    BoBo always getting dealt. Is this like his 4th team this year? Life of a journeyman hockey player is tough man…

  17. nosnow_here says:

    Sjostrom is great on the PK.  Shot blocker and non-stop hustler.  Takes a beating out there and keeps coming back for more.  Fan favorite in Phoenix.

  18. nosnow_here says:

    Sjostrom is great on the PK.  Shot blocker and non-stop hustler.  Takes a beating out there and keeps coming back for more.  Fan favorite in Phoenix. NY got a great player in this one.  He has been a healthy scratch several times this year and still has 10 goals.  Gratton is a great fighter!.  Get ready for some full tilt action with him.  Not much of a player though.

  19. nosnow_here says:

    No way on Mueller or any other young prospects.  Not with the direction the Yotes are going now.  All youth.  Not going to trade away any prospects or draft picks.  At least that is what Maloney is saying.  Got to trust him I guess.  Beats the Hell out of our previous GM.

  20. paulieplatypus says:

    Marcel Hossa is 28 years old not 26 I'm fairly certain…  The other night during the Rangers/Panthers game Sam Rosen, the Rangers broadcast announcer, if I heard him correctly ??? mentioned that, "Hossa the 26 year old was in the lineup replacing Colton Orr who is day to day".  Soon after Sam corrected himself and explained Hossa is 28 years old not 26.  But looking at all the profile information from every source that 
    I have checked today lists Hossa as 26.  Anyway, I was busy doing other things while half listining to the game and cannot say with 100% accuracy what Sam exactly said…  So, if anyone has some more solid information on this subject, let me know.  But maybe we don't mention this to Kramer aye because he'll just think this is a conspiracy of some sort. 🙂  

    Also the Rangers received a conditional draft pick in the deal with the Coyotes…  Anyone have any information on this or might know a website that would list such particulars involving conditional draft picks etc for each of these trade and transactions etc?

    Thank you.  

  21. paulieplatypus says:

    Nevermind…  But if anyone has some futher information on the conditional draft pick the Coyotes gave the Rangers, It would be great to know how to get that type of information.

  22. LaKingsFan626 says:

    Wow just wow. Who would have thought the Coyotes would go from such bad goaltending at the beginning of the season to owning Bryz and Montoya. Man would someone teach Dean Lombardi how to pull something like this off? I hope Phoenix makes the playoffs because they somehow pulled off a good season by not making a move in the offseason.

  23. mitchamac says:

    Tellquist is a free agent at the end of the year adding a montoya is looking pretty good. now phoenix has a lot of young players that went through NCAA hockey

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