Montreal a cup Contender!

The Habs roster, assuming that noone does better or worse this season, is upgraded 37 points. Now, assuming that people are going to improve over last season, due to chemistry and maturity, Montreal will be a major contender for the cup this year. Just imagine how many games those 37 points could have swayed in the Habs favour last season.

Add the difference that 37 points makes in a season, then add chemistry and maturity into the mix and it is sure to make the team even better than expected!

Also, take into account that we lost out of the playoffs to the Stanley Cup Champions of the last 2 seasons! It’s no coincidence. With the following lineup and major Montreal history in control of the team, we are sure to do more than just clear 8th seed.








I’ve tried to level out our defensive squad so that the plus minus was as close to 0 or in the plus range as possible, as well as considering the talent.

As far as I’m concerned, Montreal has one of the best Roster upgrades this offseason. Other teams have been focusing too much on expensive big name guys which hurts the team’s overall effort. Props to Gainey and Go Habs Go. We’ll bring one back before 2009, mark my words.


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  1. RickZombo says:

    I’m thinking exactly the same,like you said the Habs did not overpaid for a supposedly big name (Savard?Playin’ between Kovalchuk and Hossa/Bondra sure does help a little for your 97 pts),Leaving cap space and roster space for eventual injuries.We have some highly underestimated guys like Andrei Markov and Chris Higgins(Both of them will be stars in a short time)and a pretty solid,stable set of lines.Tell me,which team in the NHL have a guy like Radek Bonk on their fourth line?Nobody,that’s the answer.There ain’T any Popovic,Dwyer,Traverse,Dagenais,Sundstrom,Czerkawski,Murray Baron,all those sad,sad lame @ss players who once were wearing the glorious jersey…

    The worst regular player in our lineup may be Komi,and that’s not really shabby….

    The Habs will become,maybe this year,a force to be reckon with.The Best GM in the business and certainly the good coaches to bring ‘Les Glorieux’ up in the Stanley Cup final.

    WE shall win the division title,Buffalo,Ottawa,Toronto and the Bruins do not have enough to compete 60 minutes with us,since Paris Theodore won’t be in the net this year.BTW,I will enjoy seeing the AVs crash and burn,as they said they ‘stole’ us the future of the NHL…


  2. Mainer87 says:

    Nobody else seems to think that we have a shot and those people r obviously ignorant. The habs WILL win the cup before 09. When we do win we will show that it takes the greatest canadian team to get the job done unlike calgary and edmonton who choked under the pressure and the look that the leafs fans will give us when we rub it in their stupid faces. Priceless

  3. kwaz0909 says:

    ohh plz don’t even say that montreal will win the cup this year. What have they really done to upgrade themselves this year? signed samsonov who has never been able to produce in his career without a proven playmaker which according to ur lineup ribeiro is not and they got Johnson who has really never been that spectacular of a player, and his career stats are not really any better than zednik was. Also cristobal huet is not as good as u hab fans think he is, he started to show his true colors near the end of the habs playoff run and how he is not reliable. Also aebisher is good but not consistent enough to get the habs deep into the postseason. While i do think they will reach the postseason i don’t think they’ll make it any further than the 1st r 2nd round. Also unless samsonov turns out to have a career year the habs will still go through the dry spells they had last season when they cudn’t score a goal if their life depended on it. So lets be reasonable here the habs do have a good team here but there not realistically that much better than they were last season, and every team but with the exception of ottawa has gotten better in the northeast division. Oh and p.s montreal fans shud stay in their own forums ive been reading forums for the other teams on this website and all they do is go in there and bash the other team, so this is a taste of ur own medicine, however at least i broke the team down properly instead of just saying ur team sucks eat shit.

  4. neiltaylor11 says:

    Its unfortunate that some Habs fans do go on other forums and talk “shit” but that does not mean all Habs fans are like that and you should not have attacked some of us habs fans here which dont talk “shit”. In reality your no better then the fans who talked shit in the first place your just doing the same thing they did just using different words. Everybody has there own opinion and I respect that but I do not respect posts directed too me (Being a Habs fan) that are not true in my case and not true with alot of other habs fans cases.

  5. habsoverserver says:

    Your analysis is superficial.

    You can’t add two guys who had significant popwerplay minutes and expect both of them still get that powerplay time. Johnson isn’t going to score as much on the third line as he did on the first or second line.

    The current Habs lineup scored seven fewer even strength goals than the prior team.

    You have to be joking to think this was one of the top roster upgrades.

  6. TheStryker says:

    I think we are missing 2 things to be a contender.

    We need someone better to center Kovalev and Samsonov. We also need a big Stud D-man. These players are only dreams I have. David Legwand if he can stay healthy, and Jay Bowmeester

    Now imagine this

    Samsonov Legwand Kovalev

    Higgins Koivu Ryder

    Murray Pleckanek Johnson

    Begin Bonk Chipchura

    Markov Komisarek

    Bouillon Bowmeester

    Dandenault Rivet

  7. passionch says:

    I agree that Montreal is one of the best roster upgrades this offseason in terms of salary/performance ratio. Furthermore, by not overspending on big names, we are assuring ourselves to be ready to sign big names in the future where salaries will see a significant drop.

    A Stanley Cup by 2009? There’s no doubt about it in my mind but not this year. We’ll mature those youngsters and get them to a higher level like Buffalo did with their young players but the price becomes high after so it’s all about spending your money right.

    No more trades for Montreal for now I believe assuming Gainey said it earlier.

  8. RickZombo says:

    No,I’m not joking.Richard Zednik scored 16 damn goals,added 14 assists playing on the first line with kovy half of the season.The other half was Jan Bulis,who is probably the most unstable player in the NHL.The famous night he scored his 4 goals,he wasn’t even supposed to play,with a 8 game scoreless streak.Sundstrom,well,nuff said…

    We replaced a 30 points scorer and an 45 points scorer by two 50+ pointers who had bad years in 05-06.Samsonov this,samsonov that…Have u ever watched that guy play,he gives 110% every game he plays in.compared to under achiever Zed and Bulis,who is pretty far from a team player.Those guys were poisonous to the habs.And under Carbo/Gainey,the guys did improved a lot,to be the best east team after the olympics with the devils.So please,reckonize that Higgins is an X-Factor,and so is Ryder.30 goals with an hernia?Yeah,maybe Zednik could do that…(rrright)

    And what you do forget it that last year,in the beginning,there was Theo,Dagenais,Claude Julien (awful linemaker) and no team unity.Now that they are under the good minds of Carbo,Muller,Melanson and Jarvis,not another QJMHL rookie coach(Vigneault,Therrien,),the future is bright in Montreal.Every team improved in the northeast?Ottawa lost Havlat,Chara,Hasek,Smolinski and Pothier.Bruins are a better team on paper,but none of the ‘stars’ they signed proved anything on their own,and they are not what you call team players.Buffalo has improved?Where,tell me,please.And Toronto?Mike Peca on the second line?Yeah,that’s pretty good(sarcasm).Andrew Raycroft might be good,but the odds are stacked against him.I would’ve signed Legace instead…

    Oh and btw,to every guy who says we don’T have a star-D,take a look at those stats

    Andrei Markov

    gp g a pts +/- takeaways blocked shots

    67 10 36 46 13 81 108

    shut up…

  9. habsoverserver says:

    Your point was about OFFSEASON roster upgrades. I didn’t argue with you about the improvements made INSEASON last year.

    Your argument is that the Habs replaced Zednik (who had a bad season) with another guy who had a bad season. Doesn’t that sound stupid?

    You can’t just add points from season to season. You have to take into account ice time, linemates and powerplay time as well. Everyone knows that Zednik will have 60 points at least next year since he will be playing with Ovechkin. You would be foolish to think he will get only 16 goals next season.

    Look at Bonk, prior to the Habs he had seasons with 70, 54 and 44 points. He didn’t even manage to get HALF his point total when he joined the Habs, despite scoring being UP significantly across the league.

    Similarly with Johnson, if he plays on a checking line with Bonk (61 games 21 points) as opposed to a scoring line with Nagy (51 games, 56 points), his point totals will decline. Plus Johnson scored many of his goals on the powerplay and I would argue that he will be used extremely sparingly this year.

    You clearly fail to grasp how hockey works. GM’s can’t build teams the way you build fantasy rosters.

    Montreal is an undersized puck possession team. The team upgraded their puck possesion skills but didn’t upgrade size. Size was the problem. Not only that but most gm’s would tell you that puck possession isn’t a winning strategy. Dump and chase is more effective in today’s NHL. I would be happy to provide you with articles verifying this. The Habs improved a flawed strategy.

    Don’t you get why Gainey called Samsonov and Johnson “Plan D?” Obviously, it’s because he had three other better plans than the one he ended up with.

    Plus, you assume (and hopefully you are correct) that Koivu will recovery 100% from his injury.

  10. habsoverserver says:

    if the habs win a second round playoff series montreal would probably have a parade.

  11. RickZombo says:

    Yeah,I know you are right about plan D,Elias and Shanahan being more interesting than Samsonov and Johnson,but still,it is an upgrade.

    I don’t know really where is your point in adding stats and all…I just mentioned their last year,saying that even if they had lower stats than they had before(Johnson once had 63 points,Sammy 75).But by saying that Samsonov is no upgrade to Zednik is an horribly awful lie.Since McClaren elbowed him out of the playoffs in 2002,Zednik is a ghost who doesn’t get into corners and doesn’T cut to the net.He is the most predictable forward I’ve seen in a long time.Goalies are not afraid of him anymore.

    As for Jan Bulis,this guy is a softy who does not bring something special to the ice,except his defensive abilities.I never said we were going to have 3 scorers in the top ten,all I was saying is that guys like Zednik and Bulis,heartless when it counts the most,were shown the door and it’s a pretty good thing,I watched every 82 habs games last year,and let me tell you,both samso and johnson will do better than those ghosts.And if you think that Gainey is really done with his upgrades through the 06-07 season,then it’s you that fails to grasp something.If Cristo does the job,then Abby is outta here,probably with Sheldon.For Souray,it is almost a certainty because he will be a free agent at the end of year,and he wants to be close to his daughter.And both Rivet and Markov will be FA too,so is Bonk.Rivet is the next captain if Saku fails to continue his career,and Markov is gold.Look at this yeaR,the habs will be a more and more competitive team that is filled with youngsters that will boost the offence of MTL.Perez,Higgins,Pleks will get more ice time,instead of RZ and JB…

    But good point,all of the guys involved in those trade/signings had bad years,maybe except bulis(still got benched because of scoreless streaks)

  12. RickZombo says:

    AMEN to that…

  13. habsoverserver says:

    I agree that the Habs improved by signing Samsonov and Johnson and jettisoning Zednik and Bulis.

    My fear is that these weren’t the types of players Montreal needed. I keep thinking that Samsonov’s stick handling is amazing…until he gets clobbered by an oversized defenseman. And I worry that Johnson’s point production will deflate for the same reasons that Bonk’s did.

    I think that the more significant improvements in the team will come if Higgins continues at his second half pace for an entire season – that would get him 35 goals, if Kovalev stays healthy, if Markov stays healthy and if Ribiero plays to his potential.

    I don’t fault Gainey for only being able to execute on Plan D, it’s better than nothing.

    But I still think that the Habs’ can’t contend until they have a forward who can win the loose pucks and who can hit hard enough to create room for Samsonov and Koivu.

    I will make one prediction. The year Markov wins the Norris, the Habs win their division. Markov is the key player on this team.

  14. RickZombo says:

    Agreed.Markov is definately the best wearing the blue white and red jersey.He is underrated and should hit the jackpot next year,wether it’s in Montreal or elsewhere.Montreal is clearly the X-Factor in the east,and it’s up to that solid mix of young guns and veterans to live up to the expectations.The potential of an 100 point season for the habs is there,if everything fall right into place.

    You’re still right on the Higgins case.Instead of having just one potential 30 goal scorer,we have now 4 (Ryder,Higgins,Kovy,Samsonov) that’s IF everyone stays healthy.and both Souray and Markov should hit the 40-points mark,if not more for Andrei.

  15. RickZombo says:

    I’m half ok with what you said.Bowmeester is clearly one of the best youngsters in the game today,but for Legwand,a first choice who never topped a point per game….no thanx.Plus,he is extremely injury prone.He’S young and all but I can’t imagine him in a Habs uniform,he’s far from a key player.I’d take a healthy and confident Ribeiro(like he was in 2003-2004) before DL.Sorry…

  16. leafmeister says:


  17. habsfan2006 says:

    well i have to agree with u on some points (i am die hard habs fan) we are not a contender and we wont be for at least another year or rwo…samsonov i believe will have a great year playing with kovalev but just because the young guys have had 5 months off doesnt make them any better…this article is a little rediculous…the habs made some great moves in the offseason but nothing drastic enough to make us a contender…huet didnt show signs of slowing down in the playoffs he ended the series with a .929 save percentage…just my opinion

  18. kinslayer says:

    Hey dude !! Stop say that, you’re toronto “little maples blues leaf” arent better than our !! You have some overreated players like Micheal Peca (but is leadership is great I admitt), sundin is getting old, Andrew Racroft…one good season an dknow we know how worst he goal, Brian Mccabe, ok√© the best player of the team, PAvel Kubina, A real joke, Ponikarovsky…LOL, wow i am impressed and know GM fergusson want old Carter…a real joke !! But you have some very good young player just like alex steen…well !!! Your GM don’t know young players but good luck leafs, hope you will make the playoffs so the Habs can beat you haha

  19. PaulK123 says:

    You Habs fans are worse than u Leafs fans, look at how many players we added (and kept) compared to you guys. And we aren’t boasting that we will win the cu, jeez you are lacking depth in the center position and Huet showed a one-time flash, next year you will be in trouble in your goaltending…

  20. PaulK123 says:

    Pretty good grammer you have there…Huet was a

    fluke, you have no depth whasoever, you gous will not make the playoffs, garunteed!

  21. habsfan2006 says:

    and who do the leafs have sundin who is the age of my mother and adarcy tucker…yeah i can see ur cup dreams now dip shit

  22. PaulK123 says:

    Atleast I ain’t saying the Leafs are gonna win the cup this year, like u guys…

  23. sundin131313 says:


  24. sundin131313 says:

    ovy wasnt much an offensive threat either idiot

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