Montreal a cup Contender!

The Habs roster, assuming that noone does better or worse this season, is upgraded 37 points. Now, assuming that people are going to improve over last season, due to chemistry and maturity, Montreal will be a major contender for the cup this year. Just imagine how many games those 37 points could have swayed in the Habs favour last season.

Add the difference that 37 points makes in a season, then add chemistry and maturity into the mix and it is sure to make the team even better than expected!

Also, take into account that we lost out of the playoffs to the Stanley Cup Champions of the last 2 seasons! It’s no coincidence. With the following lineup and major Montreal history in control of the team, we are sure to do more than just clear 8th seed.








I’ve tried to level out our defensive squad so that the plus minus was as close to 0 or in the plus range as possible, as well as considering the talent.

As far as I’m concerned, Montreal has one of the best Roster upgrades this offseason. Other teams have been focusing too much on expensive big name guys which hurts the team’s overall effort. Props to Gainey and Go Habs Go. We’ll bring one back before 2009, mark my words.