Montreal Canadiens Revelations

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The first quarter of the season flew by and it’s time to analyze the Habs great start to the 2007-2008 season. In my opinion, the are 5 revelations so far this season.

#1: Alex Kovalev – 10 goals 9 assists in 20 games. I’ve always liked Kovy but this year he’s involved in every game. So far… he controls the puck well and makes good decisions with it. He regularly makes a 2nd and even 3rd effort which he didn’t do in previous year’s in Montreal. If he can stay at roughly a point a game, Montreal will likely make the playoffs.

#2: Roman Hamrlik – Roman has the best +/- on the team… +8. This stat says alot considering almost half of the team is on the minus side. He stabilized the Habs defence core and along with Patrice Brisebois, form a very capable defense pairing. I not afraid to see these guys up against any teams 1st line while Markov and Komisarek wait to come on.

#3: Mathieu Dandenault – At the beginning of the season, he was my favorite throw-in in Montreal trade speculation. I didn’t see him finishing the season in Montreal but now with the switch from defense to the wing he’s become quite valuable. He’s fast, hits, creates scoring chances and is a great forechecker. I find he’s a better forward than defenseman. At 1.7 million a year it was time for him to be visible on the ice. Let’s hope he continues to play with such intensity.

#4: Kyle Chipchura – Does anyone reading this post who have seen this rookie play think he’s not going to finish the season in Montreal? He looks like a seasoned veteran at times. He rarely makes mistakes that put his team in jeapordy and has great hockey sense. Nothing fancy… just darn effective in his role. If he could just be a little quicker he’d be absolutely amazing. This guy might just be a future Selke candidate.

#5: Cristobal Huet – With most of the focus being on him losing the starting goalie position to Carey Price (this year or the next), he a has quietly been dominant. Always giving credit to his teamates, he is a real team player. Goals Against : 2.27 with a .927 save percentage. Being an UFA at seasons end, if he keeps playing like this, what should the Habs do with him? Price is the future but is he the present? Should they take a gamble and trade Huet for the highest bidder before the trade deadline?

I’ll let you guys know next week where Montreal is weak.

Thanks for reading this post.

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  1. wayne2 says:

    I believe Carey Price is also a revelation for Montreal,specialy how calm he is for a rookie.
    Kovalev is definately the biggest revelation this year for you guys,he is finaly playing to his talent and even shows heart.
    You now have a young talented team for years to come if the Montreal medias are patient enough(Higgins,Komisarek,Kostysyn,Latendresse,Price,
    Chipchura and Plekanek should all be part of your future)

  2. PointMeAtTheSky says:

    If you can sign Huet to a 2 year deal, that would be great. He may not be the most experienced goalie, but he can still help with Prices development.

    The way I see it….this year, barring injury or massive slumps, that Huet will play 60 games and Price will play 20.

    If you re-sign Huet to a two year deal, next year the split can be 40/40. And then the last year Price can take 60 and Huet 20.

    That way, Price is eased into the role, he's not thrown right into the fire.

  3. darcysucker says:

    great post, those 5 are probably the biggest surprises on the team, but there are other who are playing some great hockey as well.  Komisarek is having a monster season, he is feared by the opposing team and is often targeted.  Markov is also having a good seaon, he should probably make the all star team if he keeps it going.  And then you got Kovy's linemates Plekanec and Kostitsyn, it's become our new #1 line and watching those 3 is worth the price of admission, I think Kovalev is playing well cause he finally has players with talent around him. 

    On a side note, did you people notice how Bouillion was scratched last night? and Gorges played in his place, I'm really liking this Gorges guy, granted he's made mistakes, but he barely plays, give this guy a full roster spot and I think he could be better than Bouillion.  Maybe this will light a fire under Bouillion, I hope it does, or maybe he will get traded, I feel like we need a Chris Niel type of player on the team, a guy like Begin who can fight.

    I'm guessing the weak points include Ryder and Guillaume TheTenderness, and the really low faceoff percentage, 26th in the league, and yet they're always practicing it, maybe the hard work will pay off at the end of the season.  I'm a tad worried with the back to back losses to Buffalo, granted we missed our chances and Buffalo is on a role, and maybe the team was tired, but still I expect a better effort.  I hope the team wakes up this week.

  4. beatles24 says:

    My revelations this year so far are

    Roman Hamrlik…What an under-rated player, I know for so many years but last year in the series with Calgary, I saw a complete defense. When Bob Gainey signed him I was sad of loosing Souray but so happy to have a better player in many things than Sheldon. He has a great year so far.

    Alexei Kovalev….We all know his talent but now he used this talent. A change of attitude help him to be a real leader in the hockey room.

    Andrei Markov….The quaterback that he supposed to be, his contract and the choice of choosen him before Souray gave him confiance to dominate the league now.

    The goaltenders: Every reporter want Price to be #1 who's a future superstar but forgot how Christobal Huet can be good too…….the best duo in the league.

    Mathieu Dandenault….In the beginning of the season, I wanted the team to traded him but now for foward did a great job and surprise me.

    Other surprises
    Kyle Chipchura: He play like a veteran, a future complete player like the coach Carbo in his good years.

    Patrice Brisebois: A great assurance for the team for the playoffs, He know what's his job and did well.

    Josh Gorges: Has a great training camp but the way they used him not help him, when he play was good except one game but he need to play like every player to be regular. The french reporter Yvon Pedneault don't like him and it don't help.

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