Montreal Canadiens Trade Speculations

These are a few of my ideas as to whom, from the Canadiens, has a chance of being traded by draft day. I am not saying they are going to happen, but we won’t see any deals like this:
To Toronto: Jokinen
To Dallas: Kilger and 2nd Round Pick.
As a Habs fan I know Kilger’s value so don’t say that THAT is a good trade for Dallas.
I believe that the Habs will be looking to move up in the draft, in order to secure their first pick for Angelo Esposito. Although Boston and Montreal are definitely not active together when it comes to trades, Boston has the eighth pick, just where Esposito is ranked according to TSN. With Tim Thomas being as old as he is, and after losing Raycroft to Toronto last year, look for Boston to be inpursuit of a goalie. I would hope it would be Huet, clearing up a little more cap room, but the French goalie is not much younger than Tim Thomas and is a little expensive. I can say that Halak, however, is the more realistic offer.

Look for something like this:
To Boston: Jaroslav Halak, Canadiens 1st Round Pick (12)
To Montreal: Bruins 1st Round Pick (8), Bruins 2nd/3rd Round Pick (38/69)

The Canadiens can choose to go after the Bruins 2nd or 3rd or pursue a player from the Bruins, but I don’t see many players from the Bruins that Boston would be willing to give up or even many players who would interest the Canadiens.

A minor deal that I could see going down would be for the Habs to trade newly acquired Left Winger Tony Salmelainen being shipped out. The Canadiens have already announced that they will be buying out the contract of Defenceman Jassen Cullimore, and I see no reason for them wanting to keep Salmelainen. They have announced that his future with the club is uncertain, but I’m looking to see him traded in order to free up a little more cap room, once the Habs have bought out Cullimore’s near 2 million dollar contract. With that said, the Habs might be looking to move Mathieu Dandenault. I know that would cause a weakness for the Habs on defense, but when have they ever let that get in the way?…… If you don’t get it I don’t know why you’re a Habs fan. This would finally give Josh Gorges the chance to show his stuff, as I feel he was not given a chance to showcase his talents in the mesely number of games he started in for Montreal. The Habs would be prefer a defenceman if they decided to move Dandenault, but no teams would be willing to give up a good defenceman for Dandenault and Salmelainen.

I would look for a trade like this:
To Vancouver: Tony Salmelainen, Mathieu Dandenault
To Montreal: Alexandre Burrows

I see Vancouver looking for a strong 5th or 6th defenceman, which is a role Dandenault can very easily fill. Salmelainen is to give Vancouver a 4th line Left Winger to fill Burrows’ spot. I think this deal would benefit Montreal, in giving them a hometown guy (Burrows is from Pointe-Claire, a suburb west of Downtown Montreal). Cap space may be an issue for Vancouver, as they only have 200K in cap room, but with Burrows and his 500K moving, and the possible departures of Trevor Linden (800K) and Brian Smolinski (1.976M) the Canucks would have ample room to absorb Tony Salmelainen’s (700K) and Mathieu Dandenault’s (1.725M) contracts.

I don’t see the Canadiens getting rid of any of their young players like Higgins, Latendresse, Lapierre, etc. But I do see the Habs trying to move Kovalev. It might not happen before draft day, but I finally expect Kovalev to leave Montreal. I would like to see Jovanovski come to Montreal from Phoenix, but his 6.5M dollar salary is ridiculous, and if Montreal hadn’t already made a trade with Chicago, I would have said Adrian Aucoin(4M). I don’t see Montreal getting any young, low earning defenceman in return for Kovalev, so I would look for a defenceman in his late 20’s to early 30’s earning between 2M to 4M. I’d look for Patrice Brisebois to make a ret…. just kidding…

Expect something like this:
To Columbus: Alex Kovalev, 2009 4th Round Pick
To Montreal: Duvie Westcott, Bryan Berard

Duvie Westcott (500K) was putting up some great offensive numbers with Columbus before getting injured last year. The 28 year old defenseman would probably be the more difficult defenceman for Columbus to lose, considering their defensive core is not really that strong. But a few young defenceman set to make the jump to the NHL (Ole-Kristian Tollefsen, Marc Methot and Aaron Johnson) the Jackets might be willing to part ways with Westcott. Bryan Berard’s 2.25M dollar contract would be a nice draw for the Jackets. Sending him to Montreal would mean that Jackets would only have to take on an extra 1.75M on the cap by bringing in Alex Kovalev (4.5M). The 2009 4th Round Pick was thrown in as a sweetener. ***The reason why I would not give up the 2008 4th Rounder is because Montreal has already given up the 2008 5th round pick in the Craig Rivet deal.***

Now if Montreal were to give up any real talent, I could only see them getting rid of Michael Ryder. Montreal would first need to sign Ryder, the restricted free-agent before looking to trade him. I believe it is very likely that Montreal will sign Ryder to a contract in the area of 3 years and 3M dollars per year. Montreal would not part with Ryder without receiving a sweet deal in return, so I would expect another player in his late 20’s or early 30’s, in order for the Habs to make their 100th anniversary Stanley Cup run, as they have announced. This is by far my most far-fetched idea, and I’m opening myself up to criticism.

It is not likely, but for Ryder I’d expect something like this:
To Minnesota: Michael Ryder, 2007/2008 2nd Round Pick(2007 if Ryder is signed by Friday)
To Montreal: Pavol Demitra

Demitra, at 31, will earn 4.5M next year. Montreal would get an established player to come in and fill the void at Right Wing left by Kovalev and Ryder. Montreal would be able to bring up a rookie or and pursue a free agent forward to strengthen their offensive lineup.

If things go according to TSN’s mock draft, we can expet Montreal to pick up Esposito for sure, and Montreal could possibly use their 22nd overal Pick to draft Zach Hamill (69 GP, 32 G, 61 A, 93 Pts). Giving them 2 young centers, one of whom could possibly be seeing action this season.

Anyways those are my trade speculations, and remember, at least it wasn’t this bad:
To Toronto: Jokinen
To Dallas: Kilger and 2nd Round Pick.

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  1. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    To Boston: Jaroslav Halak, Canadiens 1st Round Pick (12)
    To Montreal: Bruins 1st Round Pick (8), Bruins 2nd/3rd Round Pick (38/69)

    why would rthe bruins throw away they're good top 2 picks for a backup goalie???

  2. fernz says:

     r u ****en screwed in the head.. some of those deals are worse than kilger and a 2nd rounder for jokinen!

  3. PaulK123 says:

     You go and take cheap shots at Leafs fans in a *****ing article, thats pretty *****ing low, apart from Leafy I haven't seen any Leafs fans bash any other teams in articles.

     Why go and criticize the guys trade of Kilger and 2nd round pick to dallas for jokinen, then u go and try to give Columbus a shitty right winger in Kovalev when they have a shitty center in Federov on their hands, Minnesota is in now way rebuilding, so why the hell would they want to give up one of their best players for a prospect and a pick.

     If your going to *****ing criticize somebody for making stupid trades up then do some *****ing research and dont makes stupid trades u *****ing douche.

  4. NHLman says:

    Terrible trade ideas and what's with you Montreal Canadiens fans and your "hometown guy." You seem willing to trade away gold for any French Canadian crap. Aren't you being a little ethnocentric? I don't care if my players are from Mars if they're talented, and play the game right and hard.

  5. KingCanada says:

    hahaha i LOVE how u said the Bruins "LOST" Raycroft to the leafs, more like got RID of him.. GOD i wish we could take that trade back, Rask will be amasing!

  6. habsrock99 says:

    ok man, seriously, do sum research. If the Habs want Berard, which they prolly dont, all they would have to do is sign him cuz hes UFA. As for Kovalev, he aint goin newher, which sucks, but rather, him and Gainey are working out a contract that would save the Habs more cap space cuz Kovalev is willing to cut his 4.5 mill down to 2.5 mill this upcoming season. As for Esposito, Habs r getting him regardless of having the 8th or 12th pick. Alex Burrows for Dandeneault is just plain stupid. Why would the Habs want another Steve Begin??? The one we already got cost us the  play offs last year with a slash to Jeff O'Neill's face in the last game. If nething, Habs will be making a trade with SJ for Marleau or they'll sign Briere and that'll prolly be it for the big stars.

  7. FarFromFreedom says:

    lol before you comment on my deals .. maybe you should look at a few of your deals .. the Kovalev deal wouldnt come CLOSE to happening .. all in all very immiture of you .. what are you .. fuc*ing 10? you have more hate on here with 12 comments then my 52 comments. so before you do infact start critcizing me and my article .. take a look at your pathetic article. BTW i made the Kilger trade simply because Dallas is looking at a VETERAN from the Leafs and the only Vet that seems to be on his way out of Kilger due to his contract and the fact that the Leafs dont have many Veterans who wont help out much .. So bud grow the fu*k up

  8. FarFromFreedom says:

    Sorry my bad .. you already have more hate with 7 comments then my 52 .. bad article buddy .. do some research and then come criticize me .. atleast THEN ill take offence to it until then .. this article is a joke

  9. MtlHabs09 says:

    Actually the puck hit O'Neil's face, look at the replay.

  10. MtlHabs09 says:

    I knew I was opening myself to criticism when I made the deals and when I commented on your deals. I know they are far fetched, I even said it, but hey I don't care people can criticize the crap out of me. I accept it, no problem, everyone's opinion is valid to me.

  11. MtlHabs09 says:

    Well Boston seemed willing to part ways with Raycroft, so I feel they'd like to try for a young goalie who at least played well last season. He played a huge role for Montreal in them trying to reach the playoffs, but for some reason the Habs went back to Huet for their final game, and look what that got them.

  12. MtlHabs09 says:

    Sorry but I don't think Ryder is a prospect, just because he's yound doesn't mean a team is rebuilding. Eric Staal, Sidney Crosby…

  13. MtlHabs09 says:

    Trust me I'm not in favour of taking hometown guys over anyone else, I was just listing something I see as possible because many Canadiens fans are in favour of taking players from Quebec. It's dumb in my mind…

  14. Habroller says:

    30 goal-scorer Ryder a prospect?

    Anyways, I still agree with you…

  15. Habroller says:

    I agree his trade proposals aren't probable at all (Halak to Boston when they already have Rask???), but if anyone should keep in his mouth shut in this thread, it'd definitely be you and your Kilger for Jokinen crap.

    Let the other Leaf fans defend you, you're only worsening your case…

  16. MtlHabs09 says:

    Sorry bout the Berard thing I was on and i thought i saw his contract was through 08 but it in UFA. Thx for telling me.

  17. habs_punk says:

    None of the trades are likely to happen, but in all fairness, none of them are as bad as the Kilger deal. So slow down, count to ten, breathe into a paper bag if you have to, just calm down. And given the right situation, Kovalev is one of the top offensive players in the league. Last season in Montreal was definitely not the right situation, and this season doesn't seem to be shaping up to be much better for him. A change of scenery might be what he needs, he isn't finished in this league.

  18. MtlHabs09 says:

    Thank you. I never said these deals were GOING to happen. It's not like I came out here with "reliable sources" and said they were concrete going to be announced on tomorrow.

  19. habs_punk says:

    I haven't heard anything about Gainey and Kovalev reworking his contract. And even both parties were interested (and I doubt Kovalev would be), I don't think they can rework it. It only worked for the Leafs and Sundin because it was an option year. Basically they declined the option and then signed him to a brand new contract.

  20. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Halak had a super tight defense in front of him. Boston has no such thing. the 6th overall pick is worth 10 Halaks

  21. FarFromFreedom says:

    i NEVER said my deals were going to happen either now did i?

  22. MtlHabs09 says:

    hehe, Halak was playing with Souray in front of him. I'm guessing your a leafs fan, look how your defence dominated us in the third period of the last game. You guys have a D worth mentioning. We got Markov and Komisarek. Souray should be a forward.

  23. MtlHabs09 says:

    Ummm, I never said you did…

  24. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    the habs D was streaky. Halak came on the hot streak. Halak has not proven himself to be anything more than a backup or 1A starter, something Boston has 3 of (Thomas, Toivonen, Rask)

  25. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    And defensively the Leafs D was shaky, although it was tough to play around Raycroft. Whether he was good or bad, he was never CONSISTENT. Which make a defenders life hell

  26. MtlHabs09 says:

    The thing about Thomas is that he's not getting any younger. Toivonen started well this year, but near the end had a lot of trouble, which could be attributed to the rest of the team to some extent. And Rask, well he's never played a game in the NHL. Good point though.

  27. MtlHabs09 says:

    True, true, but losing Belfour was the Leafs' fault.

  28. Avim86 says:

    Stop it with the useless speculation , we have a good team that is only getting better , maybe 1 impact player to lead the prospects but besides that hold your horses dude stop trading our whole team , this isn't Nashvile (lol).

  29. MtlHabs09 says:

    hehe. I'm not saying we should do every trade,  just 1 or two.

  30. habs_punk says:

    Along with LaBarbera, Halak was the best goalie in the AHL last year. He came up to the NHL and played very well for the Habs. Considering he's only 22 years old, he has turned himself into one of the top goalie prospects in the entire NHL. Obviously he isn't projected to be as good as Price, Rask, Montoya, etc, but he is pushing these guys, and over this past season looked MUCH better than Pogge. I don't think Boston wants him because they've got Rask, but implying that he isn't a very desirable commodity as of right now is just Leaf bias speaking. Outside of the top 3 picks there isn't anybody that is "worth 10 Halaks". Halak and the 12th overall pick should be enough to move up fairly significantly, assuming the other team is in need of a good young goalie (not Boston).

  31. mtl_prince says:

    none of your fantasy's are going to come true!

  32. Ryderman says:

    y would the habs trade halak just to move up 4 spots and to get a lower pick inthe 2nd even 3rd round. Many people think esposito will fall anyway plus if someone takes him then u can cut out a deal. If I'm Gainey what I do if i wanted to move up in the draft is a deal with Sourays rights involved similar to the timonen hartnell deal. Also minnesota wont part with demitra columbus wont take Kovalev because doug maclean is gone,lol and burrows is not gonna make our team any better we should look at pursuing Eric Perrin of Tampa come July 1st.

  33. wayne2 says:

    Agreed but Esposito is very talented,i seen him play against the Hull olympiques and he was fun to watch.

  34. wayne2 says:

    Montreal will probably trade a goalie but i doubt its to Boston.Maybe Columbus,Phoenix,Los Angeles or Florida.The trade i would try to pull is:
    To Pittsburgh:Alexei Kovalev + 2 rd pick.
    To Montreal: Ryan Malone
    Montreal gets much needed size on the wing and Pittsburgh get a talented veteran to go with Malkin.

  35. the_word says:

    "Given the right situation, Kovalev is one of the top offensive players in the league."  Lol, that statement was equally ridiculous as the Kilger trade.

    What's the right situation, five years ago?  Back when Saku was promising talent too, huh.

  36. MtlHabs09 says:

    Souray's UFA, they can't trade his rights.

  37. Ryderman says:

    wat are you talking about?? Nashville just traded both hartnell and kimonens rights both were gonna be UFA's

  38. passionch says:

    If I was Gainey, I would to the following this off-season (Ah, so fun!):

    – Sign #3 center Handzus or Belanger instead of going for big contracts…
    – Sign #3 defenceman D. Markov or Preissing or Hannan
    – Sign UFA 3rd line LW like Kozlov (Viktor), Nieminen
    – Sign our UFAs Danis, Cote, Dancevic and Johnson
    – Sign our RFAs Ryder, Gorges, Plekanec, Locke, Milroy, Ferland, Archer and Sanford
    – Forget Souray and the rest of our UFA not even worth mentioning
    – Draft the 2 best forwards available in the 1st round (12th and 22nd)
    – Make a minor deal during draft day to get a bit of excitement for fans…
    – If possible, trade Kovalev for picks since he will be unhappy playing in the 3rd line and keep Johnson in 3rd line
    – Move up Ferland or Milroy from minors to fill 4th line RW

    G. Latendresse – S. Koivu – M. Ryder
    A. Kostitsyn – T. Plekanec – C. Higgins
    V. Kozlov/V. Nieminen – M. Handzus/E. Belanger – A. Kovalev
    S. Begin – M. Lapierre – M. Johnson
    Repl: Milroy, Ferland, Grabovski, Chipchura

    A. Markov – M. Komisarek
    D. Markov/T. Preissing/S. Hannan – M. Streit
    F. Bouillon – M. Dandenault
    7th: J. Gorges, J.-P. Cote

    C. Huet
    J. Halak
    Repl: Y. Danis (Let's keep Price as no.1 in Hamilton)

    Not much changes just like how Gainey works and improved team with cap space for trade deadline moves.

    Thanks for reading!

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