Montreal game will be HUGE!!

If we beat Montreal we are 5 points out, and then Ferguson will likely be a buyer, if we lose and fall 9 points out, then theres going to be an auction selling McCabe, Belfour, and AllisonMcCabe, I see him going to a good team like Vancouver or Carolina. We may get a half decent player like Cooke, or Ladd, but I dont think we can expect much more. Teams will consider him a rental, so I dont think he’ll sell for too much.

Belfour, if his poor play doesnt lower his value His high contrat and high buyout value sure will. I dont expect anything other than a draft pick for Eddie.

Allison, We might get a half decent player like Leopold for him. If anyone is leaving Toronto, my bet is on him.

Assuming we get Cooke for McCabe, Leopold for Allison, and Squat for Belfour, the roster for next season looks like this:













now what the leafs do in the offseason is up to them (but if these deals get done, we free up a good 12 million dollars, although kaberle has already eaten into that)

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  1. lukeleim says:

    mccabe would get more than cooke man.. he’s more valuable and younger than weight and look what the blues recieved for him, think about it… luc bourdon and matt cooke would be more of an even trade. Belfour for andrew cogliano maybe? Belfour is still capable of playing some good games but isnt consistent this year obviously. would be a great fit with edmonton… Leopold for allison would be a good trade…

    ps, you forgot to add him in your lineup.

  2. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    yeah i realize the leopold thing. my only problem is that 12 mil goes off our cap and onto the cap of other teams, teams might have to give up some player to fit the cap space.

  3. 92-93 says:

    well yeah – in a short-term sense, the montreal game will be ‘huge.’ – re: leafs making the playoffs.

    in a long-term sense, it would be beneficial to the leafs that they lose this game (not on purpose of course). If they lose its that much more obvious to JFJ (who i am sure it is already obvious) and MLSE (who its probably not) that the leafs need to make some moves concerning guys liker Tucker, Belfour, Allison, Klee, Berg, McCabe etc – not that they CAN make all of these moves.

    the montreal in the long term is only meaningful in this sense. but in the short term, even if the leafs were to make the playoffs – they’d be out in the first round and they’d lost their chance to make some good trade decisions (as opposed to losing these guys in the offseason for nothing).

    my biggest hope: they start Telly in net and he gets a shutout (hopefully that will send a message – especially with it being such a huge game against a team who is already benefitting from some superior back-up goaltending – that Telly needs to start more often or as much as Eddie).

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