Montreal Looking for Big Name?

Who will the Habs go after? Selanne? Nolan? Habs interested in Nolan

TFP Staff Writer
February 27, 2003
The Fourth Period –

As TFP previously has reported, the Montreal Canadiens would like to get their hands on a power forward. Well, it appears that general manager Andre Savard has set his sights on one man. Sportsnet is reporting that the Habs are in talks with the San Jose Sharks about Owen Nolan.

The Canadiens and Sharks were apparently discussing a potential Nolan trade back in January. Savard reportedly ended talks regarding Nolan when San Jose asked for winger Richard Zednik, days later goaltender Jeff Hackett was dealt to San Jose.

Nolan, who will earn $6.5 million in each of the next two seasons, would fit ideally next do Montreal’s Saku Koivu. It’s believed the Sharks are looking for a roster player, a top prospect and a first-round draft pick in return for Nolan. Montreal is also in the market for a powerful two-way defenseman.

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  1. danbrave says:

    I don’t know why Sportsnet would come up with something like this. Yes, the Canadiens are interested in a power forward, and have been for a long time. But read this paragraph from the Sportsnet article: “It’s believed the Sharks are looking for a roster player, a top prospect and a first-round draft pick in return for Nolan, who will earn $6.5 million in each of the next two seasons. During 2004-05, if there is a lockout that prevents him from playing at least 40 games, then the club option for the next season at $7.4 million becomes Nolan’s option.
    These are exactly the kinds of things that André Savard is not willing to part with. His philosophy is to build for the future and develop from within. While he would be happy if the Canadiens were to make the playoffs this year, he wouldn’t sacrifice a roster player, top prospect and a draft pick to get there, and certainly not for an expensive guy like Nolan. This deal just doesn’t fit with the Canadiens’ plans.

  2. Montrealsdogg says:

    i would love for Nolan to be in Montreal but would the habs be ready to part with Zednik? i don’t believe so

  3. mikster says:

    I don’t think ownership will want to bring in Nolan’s salary.

    Habs want a power forward? Try and steal Doan. I’d take Doan over Zednik. Prospects? Montreal has plenty of prospects.

  4. Nothingman says:

    The Coyotes aren’t stupid. Have you seen what they’ve been asking for in potential returns for Numminen and Burke from St Louis and Detroit resepctively. I guess they are looking for talented rookies and first round picks though cause they foolshly lost their’s a season or two ago. Touche.

    They won’t give anyone Doan though, trust me.

  5. TC_4 says:

    I really hope the Habs do this deal, not to say that they will. The have the pieces, you could give the Sharks Jan Bulis, Marcel Hossa, and this year’s first round pick, and I don’t think it would mess up the future plans(even though Marcel Hossa looks like a keeper). This team needs some grit, Doug Gilmour just isn’t enough. Nolan with Koivu and Zednik sounds like a nice first line to me.

  6. KnownStrangers says:

    Hossa is a Keeper, and if you watched Bulis in the past month hes doing great and looks real good for the future (hes only around 24 remember ?)… AND a first pick

    waaaaay too much for Nolan (not that i would mind having him on the team though)

  7. nocuphere says:

    C’mon guys the habs don’t have enough cards to make a deal for any of those guys….the only cards they have are Zednik, Theodore, or Komasarik, maybe Kilger….Forget it boys ain’t gonna happen.

  8. habsoverserver says:

    Is the wind in Ontario blowing east so hard that Montrealers are now breathing the same hallucinogens?

    The Habs have no reason to make an offer for Nolan. It would talke their payroll above $50 million and they still would be depedent on Theodore to make it into the playoffs. Nolan would not be worth it.

  9. Aetherial says:

    Nolan would be an horrible move for the Canadiens. Nolan is valuable only to a team with legitimate cup aspirations who is a player or two away, like Philadelphia, New Jersey, Toronto.

    The Habs are going to have to dump their salaries and suck it up for a couple years and develop youngsters.

    Sorry Hab fans, that is the way it is. This team cannot *deal* itself into contention and to try to do so would be suicide.

  10. Aetherial says:

    One more thing… Shane Doan would be as expensive as Nolan if not more.

  11. ThePocketRocket says:

    thank god you are not calling the shots, hossa and bulis, please, these guys are the habs future, yikes what a dumb thought.

  12. ThePocketRocket says:

    I can’t see this deal happening as long as Savard keeps to his course. Savard has not given up our youth and i believe you wont just for short term patches. Nolan only as 2 years left on his contract and with the potential lock out next year, this deal will mean Nolan might only play 1 year with the Habs. Hab fans must remember that when Savard took over he had a 5 year plan, build from within, please stay that way. I know it hurts to see us out of the playoffs, but remember teams like Ottawa and Vancouver, they all built and kept to their course, Habs in a few years will be on top of the league, mark my words, providing that Savard doesn’t give up the farm and our draft pickets.

  13. recoil959 says:

    Not sure if thats a good move, Nolan on his 13 season. Hopefully he is not on his way down, but he is not having one of his best seasons. He is also very expensive, and is the type of player. That we call high maintanance, if he ain´t happy he will walk. Also the Canadians are not Ready to make a cup run yet, and that is how Nolan would fit into any team. He is the type of player which will take you over the top. Although it would still very nice to have a player like Nolan in Montreal, the fans would love him. Especially that he was in Quebec for many seasons. I definatly would not give up Zednik. Although I would like to see a mean SOB like Bryan Marchment here. Even though he is a real #!#! and is very dirty. The Canadians could use a tuff guy like this on their team. Maybe it would put some fear into their opponents.

    Say Owen Nolan + Bryan Marchment for a 1 is rounder + Kilger + Ribero + Brisbois. (although who would want to take over Brisbois´s salary???) But it would definatly free up some salary room for Nolan on the Canadians.

  14. mikster says:

    You wouldn’t trade Doan for Zednik and Ribeiro or Ribeiro and Komisarek? I would.

  15. recoil959 says:

    Hey if we are going to talk hypothetically then. How about.

    The Canadians get lucky, in dream land:

    They send the bunch of them to the sleeping Sharks who grab them all and releave enourmous salaries from the Habs.

    Audette, Brisbois, Czerkawski, and even Ribero and a first rounder to make it look like a good deal. And the Canadians get Nolan and a mean ass dirty SOB like Marchment to tuffen them and put some scare into their opponent. The habs the go deep into the playoffs…

    Then I wake up from my dream and relize that the season is over. And we have an early season of golf ahead of us.

  16. mikster says:

    The only way you can abck that up is the fact that Doan is younger. Other than that, Doan has not proven anything in his career, yet.

  17. RatSale says:

    Yeah of course, th sharks are looking to cut their payroll by trading nolan but would be pleased to welcome 3 loosers (Woodbreaker, Audette and Czerkawski) making around 10m!

  18. LeafsSuckAss says:

    komisarek isn’t going anywhere. hab’s have been looking for a phisical dman for years now, they finally get one and trade him away? He is more untouchable then any other player on the habs roster right now imo. Will be w/ the habs for years to come. Don’t think pheonix would be interested in ribeiro either, they already have a small center in briere, adding ribeiro to the mix would make them tiny up the middle.

  19. GreatWhiteNorth says:

    Montreal needs BIG players, not big name players, just more big, tough players. They have too many small players to comete year after year without many injuries, and they don’t have the size to do better in the playoffs than they did last year.

  20. Rico71 says:

    Never gonna happen.

    Who would want a power forward, certainly not Montreal. Not like they need any. *lol*

    Problem is, Nolan likes to whine and doesn’t get happy too often. He’d be great with Koivu, but his stats are steadily dropping and he’s not as physical as he was before. I seem to remember him being injured (back) a few times, not a good thing after 30.

    And the Sharks are going overboard with their demands. What has he done lately exactly to merit a good roster player, a top prospect AND a 1st rounder???

    I’d give up a roster player and a prospect, or a 1st rounder and a roster player, no more. His good years are a thing of the past, unless paired with someone like Sakic.

    Doan would be awesome, but the Yotes won’t let him go unless they get a great return. I’d be more inclined to pay a higher price for him than Nolan, he’s still young and will be even better.

    And I don’t think they are happy after Savard shafted them in the Savage trade. Sure Berezin is gone, but at least he’s still playing and producing somewhere while Brian ’30-goal scorer potential’ Savage is injured…again. Nothing new there. I was glad to see him go. They must regret the nice contract they gave him eh? *lol*

  21. revolution says:

    Montreal would probably be better off trading for Chris Gratton. I doubt it would take more than a 4th rounder and Ribiero for him.

  22. Montrealsdogg says:

    i would never trade Ribeiro or Komisarek!

  23. Montrealsdogg says:

    Marcel Hossa won’t go anywhere

  24. Habfanforever says:

    Are they nuts? A roster player, a top prospect AND a 1st rounder? For a player who is over 30 and obviously slowing down. I don’t think so. A 1st rounder and a roster player is good enough but even then, Savard should be patient and see what’s going on with Amonte or maybe even Ryan Smyth.

  25. c2p996 says:

    Are these rumours just to sell papers or the Cdns are trying to keep up with their rich cousins, THE LEAFS.

    They already made a mistake in overpaying The Kid and favourite son Brisebois and tradiing for Czerkawski and Audette. I think a salary dump is a better route to follow and start to build again.


  26. c2p996 says:

    I agree. STAND PAT (quinn) and let’s build for the future!

    It took the Avs and Devils a few years but look at the results!

  27. DohCanada says:

    C’mon, lets face it – Nolan isn’t the player he once was. Still look good in a Habs jersey yes, but what is he worth?? How about Czerkawski or Audette, Petrov, Ward (the Habs aren’t going to give him the chance he deserves) and give SJ back the draft pick from the Hackett deal. Only then, by dumping one of those salaries (Audette or Czerk), does this make financial sense.

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