Montreal need two make 2 moves… Zus Prospal

After Saturday’s game in ottawa, it’s clear that we don’t have a shut down line, and secondary scoring.

Montreal needs to make a couple of deals that won’t hurt there current roster and there future.

If I were Gainey I’d look at aquiring 6’5” Michal Handzus from L.A. Handzus has a 3 years “12 millions” remaining on his contrat, however he is a great 2 way centerman. I remember his ”Zussss” days as a Flyer.

Second, Gainey go grab Prospal before some other team does.

Gainey your are the master of Surprises, Surprise me…PLEASE
If ottawa can pull deals to get Stillman what does Bryan Murry have that you don’t

A. Kostitsyn T. Plecanec A.Kovalev = #1 Line
C. Higgins S. Koivu V. Prospal = secondary scoring
Begin/Kostopolis M. Handzus B. Smolinski = Shut Down Line
S. Kotitsyn M. Lapierre G. LAtendresse= The Kid Line

Dandenault* Striet* *can play both foward/defence
Komisarek Markov
Hamerlik Georges

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  1. darcysucker says:

    where's bouillion?  and I'm not big on dandenault playing defense, as for streit he can do both.  I like the idea of getting prospal, but not so sure we need hanfzus.  However I do believe Bob will suprise is with something special

    In Bob I Trust

  2. habfan1 says:

    you left out our good friend francis bouillon, but other than that i like where you're going with this. prospal would be a great addition at a fair price. i also believe that instead of getting a guy like handzus why not go after a guy like jarret stoll. this guy is great at faceoffs and is a big body, two things the habs need. i have a feeling that gainey is getting something big and unexpected ready. STAY TUNED

  3. Habs_pm says:

    I like the idea of Prospal but Handzus is to expensive and unproductive.

    Even if Prospal would come to Montreal it wouldn't be a long term fix.

    My trade suggestion(dream suggestion):

    Higgins/Ryder/Grobovski/Dandenault or Bouillion/2nd round pick/Conditional 1rst round pick if Hossa re-signs


    Hossa/Holik or Recchi

    Pretty fair trade in my view.

    Atlanta will trade Hossa, Making the playoffs this season won't mean anything for them. If they would make it they would get smoked by any team 4 straight.

    But Montreal won't do anything but trade Ryder for a prospect….Probably take a shot at a UFA on July 1rst…

  4. careyprice31 says:

    if we dont end up getting hossa i really believe that holik and recchi can be an answer to face offs and size with holik plus leadership and maybe recchi can wake up koivu and have an awesom run like they were in 1997 or 96 forgot which year but they were racking up points together and correct me if im wrong here but i think they are good friends as well

  5. sanj91 says:

    If you're going to pay 4M, why not get Bertuzzi. He's got more upside POTENTIAL if he plays with the right guys. Plus, he would become a UFA just in time for our resigning bonanza at the end of next year!

  6. sanj91 says:

    sorry meant to post that in the main column.

  7. Vinnypleasecomehome says:

    This is exactly what we don't need. Two more soft Europeans.

  8. habsrock99 says:

    Well, at least this is WAY better then the last guy who titled his article "The Habs need to me 2 Deals".

    I really don't want to see Prospal come to Montreal simply because I highly doubt he'd produce. I'd love to see Hossa come over though, but that may be a dream.

    I wanted the Habs to get Handzus this off-season but he signed for 4 years at 4 million a season and he's done squat since. He'd end up hurting the Habs long-term, especially when we'd try to re-sign Koivu, Plekanec, Higgins, Kovalev, Komisarek, etc. etc. 

    The only trade I want to really see happen is for Hossa and Eric Perrin. Hossa would do great with Koivu and Perrin would help solve the Face-Off issues and would be a very nice addition to our PK.

  9. RicHalifaxHabsNut says:

    Just about perfect in my opinion…….Prospal would be good and inexpencive to get and to hold on to.
    Our biggest need is for a shut down forward NEED a def specialist ….just  not sure who…thinkin Peca; good face off, great in the playoffs. Dont think hes on the market though

  10. RoenickTheGreat says:

    Lay off the meth buddy. Handzus is making like $5M for the next three years after this season, he makes Bryan Smolinski look like a bargain.

  11. passionch says:

    I'd try hard to get M. Handzus and Preissing in.  They were both players I think would be very good for a playoff run.

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