Montreal's offensive problems solved?

According to Helsingin Sanomat (the main newspaper in Finland), the Montreal Canadiens are in serious contract talks with Lukko forward Janis Sprukts. The article goes on to say that Ryder would head to Florida in order to obtain Sprukts’ rights.

Since Michael Ryder’s production has decreased, the Canadiens have needed someone to fill the roll of first line winger. Sprukts, was named the Rochester American’s MVP in the AHL last season. Janis’ rights are held by the Panthers, but the article goes on to say that Gainey and Jacques Martin have seriously discussed a deal that would see Janis’ rights go to Montreal along with a conditional draft pick for Michael Ryder. This is why Ryder has been a healthy scratch for the last few games because the Canadiens do not want to risk an injury that would jeapordize the deal while they are discussing a deal with Sprukts.

Last Year, while with the Americans, Sprukts played in 58 games scoring 18 goals and adding 41 assists for a total of 59 points.

The reason Janis is not in the NHL right now, is because he wanted a guaranteed contract and Jacques Martin was not willing to give him one. Sprukts who speaks fluently in finnish met Saku Koivu last year at a charity event in Finland. They kept in contact and it is that Koivu, who got Sprukts the contract in Finland, suggested to Gainey that the canadiens look into acquiring Sprukts who is 6’3 and 235 lbs.

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  1. billypilgrim says:

    I'm not familiar with this guy Sprukts but a 6'3 235 lbs power forward with skills would help our team. But as there's no guarantee he's NHL ready he might not be the solution short term (as in NOW!)

    We're all sick of having Ryder in town but he's still probably worth more in a trade. I wonder if other GMs take into consideration that slumping habs players almost always get their game together as soon as they're traded.

    Why is that by the way?
    Line mates?
    Personal issues?

    Ryder's goals in past seasons were mostly ugly goals but these days he can't even put the puck on the net. He managed to put in 30 last year with the same line mates under the same coach in the same city. I'm betting he's going through tough times personally. His concentration is KO.

    Why isn't the Journal de Montreal looking into this?

  2. Habs_pm says:

    Never heard of this guy?….tried going on the site buy I can't read Finnish.

    I think Montreal can get more than that for Ryder….Especially if hes packaged with Huet/Halak or whoever.

  3. ferron says:

      We don't have an offensive problem , the habs problem is a lack of testicular fortitude, grit and size! The thing is Spukts is another Lahti, nothing more. Montreal will be force to pull a blockbuster trade and sooner than later since Huet won't want to be Price's backup for much longer and how could Carbo play Huet over Price who is becoming one hell of a goalie, as for Ryder , with Kostitsyn on the first line now and who BTW is much more talented than Ryder , that was the only spot available for Ryder who doesn't fit in the habs plans anymore. Plus we all know that we have tons of NHL ready defensemen so I think that Gainey will be force to make a trade hopefully Gainey will finally reward us(habs fans) and not pull another Ribiero/Niinimaa trade!

    ps; we need a real enforcer , a guy like Laraque, not another bum like Kostopoulos who can't fight, Most of the time the Habs loses games cause they get pushed around and intimidated, so I think that  a goon would solve a lot of problem in MTL!

      I heard that Pits was looking for a Goalie and a winger and was also trying to unload Malone so why not make a deal ?

    to pits= Ryder, Huet, Gabovski, Georges and a 2nd rounder

    to Mtl= Laraque, Malone and a 1st rounder

    Streit-lapierre- Begin/Laraque/Dandenault this would be our checking line.

  4. ferron says:

     We all remember that Ribiero trade, this year Ribs has 16 goals and almost 40 pts so maybe we should try trading with Dallas and try prying Modano away!

  5. habsoverserver says:

    Since defensemen no longer have to cheat on Souray's slapshots, they can play Ryder closer, so he isn't getting as many shots from the slot as last year.  Ryder is still taking the same number of shots per game, but his shooting percentage is down from 12% to 4%. 

    Carbo needs to run some isolation plays that create room for Ryder to take wrist shots from up close.

  6. habsoverserver says:

    A two time 30 goal scorer gets traded for a guy who can't make the Panthers?  If Martin wouldn't give Sprukts a guaranteed contract, I guess he didn't think he was all that great. 

    I just marvel at how powerful montreal's "top rated" prospects are if they have to raid non playoff teams for their 8th round pick from 2000.

  7. ferron says:

      Very good Observation, I notice the same thing.

  8. AVGJOE says:

    hey why not trade a fifth rounder for crosby…..come on folks, ….think about it…. pittsburgh didn't get laraque for his goal scoring prowess. he's there for crosby and malkin  and that's it. he'd be great in a habs uni but guess what crosby and malkin are still in pittsburgh and not going anywhere soon. if you wanna talk habs penguins deals try this one …..not a rumour but makes sense without looking at $$$$ or length of deals or anything cause it's 2:30 am and all…..HUET & RYDER ( not needed & dog house) for SYKORA, MALONE & STAAL (doghouse, doghouse and doghouse) all players are very much (with the exception of huet) underacheiving this season and i'm sure pittsburgh would make the deal…..i watched the fleury injury happen a few short months after suffering the same fate myself….barring a medical miracle (million dollar rehab guys) he won't be back any time soon. in fact they've told me my injury is never going to be back to anywhere near 75 %. he is a professional athlete and has the best of dr's and will return but at what level for this year anyway"s. i've been a ball player my entire life and tinkered with the professionalism of the sport briefly and can tell you (however fun it is) there is so much more to trading this guy for that guy…..teams don't always take the best guy in a draft or trade. they consider  who his agent is what his maturity level is, age, locker room contributions/hinderences etc.etc. i'd try and make that deal in a fantasy world as i think the three coming would help but if the rumours are true we (habs) gotta make room for lecavalier…..anyways come playoff time folks i'd bet you'll see the same team you see now and should everyone (kovalev) pull their weight ..i'm comfy with that ….although we don't need 3 starting goalies

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