Moose to Sign Soon?

Mark Messier skated at Rye with some teammates this week. The NYPost has learned that the Moose is soon to sign with the Rangers for $3 million dollars and about $2 million dollars in bonuses/incentives. Messier is also looking forward to play under Bryan Trottier. Expect him to sign today, or in a few days.

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  1. big_booty says:

    Three million bucks for a guy who can’t stay healthy, and might play five to ten minutes per night.

    That’s Ranger logic for you.

  2. jnyfive says:

    Being a Ranger fan is getting to be really hard with the whole league hating you and every fan from every team too. I defend the team no matter if the moves made were right or wrong…. but when the hell will they learn how to run the team right. $3 million for Mark’s leadership? Shouldn’t we have leaders in that room already? Shouldn’t people step up and take control of the team and lead them in the right direction? I heard Gordie Howe wants to play again and he was a great leader. Let’s get him too. One day they will learn, I hope.

  3. mikster says:

    Nine million bucks for a guy who has a bad back who is in his mid 30’s and probably won’t score 30 goals again.

    That’s Flyers logic.

    At least Messier is a solid 3rd line center, captain, good passing skills, a bully, one of the best players of all time, and a significant player in the playoffs.

    Keep up your dumb Rangers bashing….

  4. NYRrule says:

    It figures a comment like that would come from a flyers fan. They are so holed up in their own little world they have no idea what happens in the rest of the league.

    Mark Messier is worth mor than 3 million bucks to me. He brings something the flyers didnt have in last years playoffs. LEADERSHIP. Nice showing for the flyers against the Sens.

  5. mikster says:

    You don’t even sound like a Rangers fan, more like another “”””Rangers fan”””” mcpuff.

    $3 million for Messier’s leadership, control in the locker room, bullying, passing skills on the PP. Hey, it’s fine for me. Better than paying $7 million bucks for a stay at home defenseman (Stevens) who does little offensively, who is also aging, and who gets shut down in the playoffs by youngsters (Drury,Cole).

  6. MyCaptain11 says:

    right or wrong people, the rangers are simply rewarding what messier has done over the course of his career. they certainly weren’t going to give him the same $5.5m he earned the last 2 seasons, but this is their way of saying thanks to messier for all that he has done for the organization and for the city throughout his career.

    is messier a better player RIGHT NOW than igor larionov and does he deserve more money based that logic? no. but with all due respect to larionov, messier means more to his city and to the tradition of his team.

    this is simply giving messier a farewell present and a big thank you for the memories. if there is a time for management to “waste” a little money on a player, this would be it.

  7. big_booty says:

    You never cease to amaze me. I’m not bashing, just being realistic. Yet you have to turn around and try and make this about John LeClair. How infantile and childish of you.

    Messier is no longer “solid,” nor is he a “bully.”

    He is a good captain, he is one of the best players of all time, and has been a significant player in the playoffs. But this is the year 2002. Live in the now, mikster. Your Rangers are not getting the 1987 Mark Messier. Your Rangers are not getting the 1994 Mark Messier.

    The player the Rangers have now is an old, injury-prone, shadow of his former self who is desperately grasping for a fleeting chance at glory. How many times did we hear that Messier should retire and take up coaching? From Rangers fans no less!

    As for his “significance” in the playoffs, well, that has been hard to see in recent years, seeing as how he has not played in the post-season since ’97.

    Since that time, he has been an abysmal minus-63 in regular season play.

    Wake up, smell the coffee, have a donut, and a tall glass of reality juice. He’s just not worth it anymore.

  8. big_booty says:

    We’re not talking about the Flyers, we’re talking about Messier and the Rangers. Stop being so childish by trying to turn this thing back on my team.

    Leadership’s all well and good, but how can you lead your team on the ice when you’re hurt and in the press box?

    Three million, plus the ice time he’s taking away from Jamie Lundmark. He’s just not worth it anymore.

  9. SabresFanB says:

    The sabres have a solid 1st line center, captain, good passing skils, a lot of heart, pretty healthy, and has a lot more skill than Messier has now.

    Guess what Stu makes???


    It’s not Ranger bashing, it’s common sense

  10. mikster says:

    Messier will play 3rd line center as a the game’s top captain. He played all 82 games the first season he came back as a Ranger, he can play 75 or so again.

    As i recall, he was a bully last season and no one touched him back. He’d play tough and dirty, and no one would touch him. To me, it’s great to have a player who can do that, especially when he is your team’s captain.

    All i am saying is that your comment was just anti-Rangers and so completely pointless. I only mocked you by doing the same and making a pointless comment.

    No duh the Rangers aren’t getting the Messier who scores 30 goals. I mean, why even bother mentioning that?

    To me, he is worth $3 million dollars, to you he isn’t….like i care? You still made a pointless comment with no real meaning. I could easily say that Clarke was completely dumb to resign Leclair for $9 million, he is injury prone and won’t be the Leclair who scored 40 goals. It’s the samething….same concept, same comment as yours.

    I could say the same about Stevens. Paying $7 million dollars for a 37 year old slow stay at home defenseman, who is a good captain, but is slowing down and showed little in the past two post-seasons is not right.

    Captains are captains though….they are worth more than what they are actually worth. Stevens should be worth half of $7 million, Messier should be worth half of $3 million, but they are special and meaningful captains.

    Messier deserves to retire well as a Ranger and as one of the best players of the game. I want to see Messier retire skating around the ice, just as many hockey greats did in their “last game”. He deserves that.

    So, Messier would be a solid 3rd line center, but nothing more than that. You just don’t realize it because you dislike the Rangers too much. If the Flyers had a valuable captain and they’d face this…then you would want your captain back……especially if he is one of the best hockey players that ever played the game.

    No reason to even criticize this contract. Messier is a solid 3rd line center, great captain, great teacher for youngsters, and though he has missed playoff games for years, he knows what it’s like and what he has to do. So, in a way…he is not worth $3 million dollars, but in another way he is. Same with Stevens and the Devils. He is their valuable captain, and come on….he is not worth $7 million dollars, but in a way…he is.

    If the Flyers had a captain like those two, you’d understand….

  11. mikster says:

    But Messier is Messier, Stevens is Stevens, Bourque is Bourque. You shouldn’t even compare Stu Barnes to any of those great captains….

  12. mikster says:

    Jamie Lundmark would most likely start as a winger and play on the top three lines. Messier isn’t taking ice time away from him….., you needed an update on that.

  13. TheBricks says:

    Sorry Mark, but your times up. He’s a roll player at this point.

    I’m sure this is all he hears when he goes to bed at night…


  14. mikster says:

    Lundmark playing on his wing or on the first two lines….

    Messier is a 3rd line center, a role player….good to have.

  15. tyeekiller says:

    Mess was actually fun to watch in his Canucks days, when he was healthy. Naslund credits him with the leadership skills he passed on.

    But it may be wearing just a tad to rely on his leadership skills vs. numbers. I cannot see mess contributing much, and he does not have a chance at staying healthy if he plays his style.

    Time to have a farewell party.

  16. big_booty says:

    Christ, you sound like the little boy on the playground trying to explain how “my daddy can beat up your daddy.” Your feeble and immature attempts at continuing this arguement (and any other arguement) are tedious at best.

    When are you going to understand that it is not my hatred for the Rangers that you are so obsessive and rabid about, but just plain old reality?

    I made my point and stated facts in my original post. You can defend your team all you want, but the way you do it is just plain annoying. My point was about Messier and the Rangers, but in typical mikster fashion you have to put your “administrative” spin on things and try and make it about LeClair and Stevens and their teams.

    Your “I-know-more-about-hockey-than-you-do-because-I’m-Micki-Peroni” attitude gets more and more tiresome each and every day. When the hell are you going to realize that you’re just a teenage Italian college student from North Jersey, not some expert who can stop the presses at the New York Post, Sports Illustrated, or the Hockey News.

    When I hear, “Reporting for ESPN, I’m Micki Peroni,” then you can do all the things that you want and command the respect of others in the community. Hell, I might even take you seriously then.

    Your passion for the sport and your team is admirable, but you need to take off your Ranger-colored blinders and stop taking things so seriously.

    You also need to grow the hell up.

  17. mikster says:

    Dude, i’m pissing you off just like i did with Manta. Since Manta is not here i have to pick on you.

    Sorry, i didn’t know you were going to take it so badly. I saw your point and there’s nothing to really argue about it. But, i was bored so i pissed you off and started the bullshit story with Leclair and then calling you a Rangers basher, to then talk about Messier as a 3rd line center, then what captains mean, including Stevens and the Devils….and i was hoping the bullshit story woudl go on, but ok….

    You need to grow up. This is a site, a better sophisticated forum hockey site, where you can have fun once in a while. Not much fun going on so i picked on you just like i did with Manta. Manta is not here though, so why not piss you off with my pro Rangers side?

    I’d never work for ESPN unless they paid me well. If anything, i’d want to get pretty rich to then make this site better and publish magazines with the writers i want. Hey, i’d choose you, Manta…titans i’d give him the pink page with gayish colors where he can make his comical jokes.

    I have passion for the sport and my team, but just get it right….when i am pro Rangers, i just want to start something. Everytime i am not pro-Rangers you agree with me. Get the idea?

    Sorry though…

  18. guinsfan4life says:

    I just wish Messier would retire. He hasn’t had a productive season in years and will do nothing for that team this year but take up a roster spot that a younger player could benefit more from.

    Further proof that the Rangers have no idea what it takes to build a hockey team and manage its’ fianances.

    This is total proof of why hockey is so screwed up. Any other sport, Messier would have been forced to retire or accept a minimum salary commensurate to someone at his current level of production.

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