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*** In the past 24 hours, there has been speculation, that of which mostly coming from TSN and Bob Mckenzie at the end of last night’s Flames-Wings game, that the Toronto Maple Leafs are currently in the market, big time, to land at least ONE more player. But who?***

When I posted last week that Alexei Kovalev would be traded to the Montreal Canadiens, about 45 people had some very unpleasant things to say about my report.

However, that being said, I would like to think I have at least some understanding of what is going to happen, at least for the Maple Leafs, before or on Deadline Day.

I’m going to tell you who is going to come to Toronto. Eric Lindros, Andrew Cassels, or Keith Carney

Here’s my take on the rumors:

Lindros is so affordable it is rediculous. He wanted to be a leaf, and by week end he is going to be Leaf. It would be a crime not get this guy while we can. Sure, he’s injured now, but with Lindros raring for a return this week, he could make a big splash on Toronto’s second or third line.

Cassels is a pretty good second or third line centre in his own right, and could definitely help out a Toronto team with an injury habit. But I still think Lindros is the odds on favorite to dawn blue and white.

Carney, Carney would fit really well. He is going to cost a bit more than Lindros, but wouldn’t he be worth it? A big tough stay at home defenceman with a great shot from the point, perhaps to play with Brian Leetch. This is the best case scenario move, along with Lindros.


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  1. tr8der_info says:

    They cant get lindros anymore eh? YES!!! HOPEFULLY HE WILL FINNALLY RETIRE!!! YESS!!!

  2. Rotty says:

    Shut Up!, commenting on teams is what this site is about.

    If you haven’t figured that out yet, maybe it’s you that needs to find something better to do!

    ……..and I do play Hockey.

  3. LeafsCrazy2430 says:

    I agree. Hes a mush head.

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