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Jim Matheson of the Edmonton Journal is speculating that some teams are about to go crazy by handing out huge contracts to free agent players next week. Mathenson speculates that the San Jose Sharks have cleared cap space by trading Bell and Toskala and could be ready to offer Drury 8 – 8.5 million per year. The interesting part of a contract worth that kind of money is … well … is Drury really worth 8 million per season? Of note is that it is pointed out that Drury has never had a 70 point season.

It is also mentioned that Mathenson believes that the Red Wings may be the best fit for Ryan Smyth. In order to sign Smyth however the Wings would have a ton of work to do and would have to hope that free agent players such as Schneider will be willing to return to Detroit for less money. According to Holland however “We can afford another (high end) player or two.” Read the full article from its source

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  1. Rickler says:

    Drury for 8-8.5.
    Thats just rediculous.

  2. Canadiangold316 says:

    I really do hope that Ryan Smyth does not sign with a team such as the Redwings, I believe someone of smyths calibre should be signing with a team in desperate need of a big heart and a half ton seasoning of soul.

    Possible destinations:

    Leafs –> I'm not a big fan of leafnation but I certainley have alot of repect for my fellow canadians and even more for our teams for that matter. Would help this team out tremendousley

    Canadians–> Almost as needy as the leafs and would look just as good wearing a habs jersey as well

    Boston–> Yowzers! could they ever use such a player more than ever?it almost reminds me of a poor mans version of the late Cam Neeley.

    Chicago–> With Toews coming up and all the focus on turning chicago around Smyth could turn this once great team into a contender and remind people that chicago is still in the league.

    Dallas–> Could do some damage with the stars, but with the payroll already up there they would need to do some tinkering and they haven't done hardley anything as of yet besides lhave a shave and ook good for the entry draft

    Edmonton–> No chance in hell, sorry edmontonians

    Florida–> I believe they could use an identity and the panthers could use the leadership and smyths services by far

    Los Angeles–> See Florida

    Nashville–> With everyone leaving and the team in jeopardy, who the hell wants to sign there at the moment? All I can say is you never know

    Philly–> With all of Phillys big spending already, I do not think they could even afford to get into a bidding war on Smyth… we all seen weird things happen before so I wont count out philly just yet

    Pittsburgh–> Almost as needy as T.O , would and could help this team out drastically, and with Pittsburgh's jewels finally shining more than ever, Smythy would be a hell'va fit here no doubt

    St. Louis–> See Edmonton

    My Pick – Chicago or Pittsburgh

    These are my thoughts not yours, Im Arenamonster over and out

  3. Pony says:

    A small second line center potential the highest paid player in the league? The thought makes me cringe, talk about overrated.

  4. Pony says:

    has the potential to be* lol

  5. wielerj says:

    you know, i gotta say… if drury and briere are worth 7 million, how much does a real superstar go for… if briere is making seven, what do you pay crosby when the time comes?  ovechkin?  joe thornton?  10?  11?  12?  wow.

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