More Free Agent Talk

Jim Matheson of the Edmonton Journal is speculating that some teams are about to go crazy by handing out huge contracts to free agent players next week. Mathenson speculates that the San Jose Sharks have cleared cap space by trading Bell and Toskala and could be ready to offer Drury 8 – 8.5 million per year. The interesting part of a contract worth that kind of money is … well … is Drury really worth 8 million per season? Of note is that it is pointed out that Drury has never had a 70 point season.

It is also mentioned that Mathenson believes that the Red Wings may be the best fit for Ryan Smyth. In order to sign Smyth however the Wings would have a ton of work to do and would have to hope that free agent players such as Schneider will be willing to return to Detroit for less money. According to Holland however “We can afford another (high end) player or two.” Read the full article from its source