More Hollow Promises and Emery Rejected.

Fans in Ottawa are getting pretty sick of guarantees from their team leaders. And here’s another from an owner that may not completely understand the ignorance he shows by guaranteeing.

Not only that, Alfie looks like a little school child trying to get Emery out of the net for game 4.

Eugene Melnyck “I firmly believe the Ottawa Senators will not only win the Stanley Cup, but we will build a team with the talent and drive to hoard that Cup year after year in the playoffs. And I guarantee that I will not rest until Ottawa becomes the hockey Mecca of the NHL.”

“We need to stop fearing the playoffs. We need to stop thinking that history is against us. We need to re-energize this team and ignite the spark that’s going to keep our edge in close third periods and win those overtime games. We need to make some changes, but remind ourselves that at one point, we were THE elite team this season. We need to think how we are going to win and win right through to the end”

Alfie Betrays His Starting Goalie.

In other news, Alfie’s leadership should be called into question after Hasek realeased these comments. Team leaders, led by Alfie, tried to get Emery bumped from the net and convince Hasek to start game 4.

Ottawa Sun… “Hasek also revealed he met with Senators captain Daniel Alfredsson and other team leaders during the afternoon of Game 4 against the Sabres in Buffalo.

The Senators were down 3-0 to the Sabres at that point.

In a discussion that lasted 5-10 minutes, Alfredsson and the other players apparently tried to convince him to play that night, but Hasek said he told them he would not “cheat” them. He told them, “I could stand in the net, but … we’ll lose 6-2.”

“I walked away from the table,” said Hasek.

….instead of taking the bull by the horns in game 4, the Senators were being scared millionaires in the dressing room and looking for a miracle answer.

Alfredson’s leadership should be called into question and he should be traded. You cannot have your team Captain betraying the one player in Emery that played with more heart and desire then the Captain did. This is firm evidence that Alfie has to be let go and he can bring his style of leadership to another team.

Funny how the owner says “stop fearing the playoffs” and the team Captain and highest paid player is in the locker room hours before game 4 looking for an excuse and a miracle solution.

Somebody is going to have to answer to this. Why were the Sens, led by their Captain, quitting on their goalie?

Did Alfie try and get Heatley benched as well for his poor play?

Big problems in Ottawa. I think this is the start of the end of Danile Alfredson as team Captain in Ottawa, and so it should be.