More Hollow Promises and Emery Rejected.

Fans in Ottawa are getting pretty sick of guarantees from their team leaders. And here’s another from an owner that may not completely understand the ignorance he shows by guaranteeing.

Not only that, Alfie looks like a little school child trying to get Emery out of the net for game 4.

Eugene Melnyck “I firmly believe the Ottawa Senators will not only win the Stanley Cup, but we will build a team with the talent and drive to hoard that Cup year after year in the playoffs. And I guarantee that I will not rest until Ottawa becomes the hockey Mecca of the NHL.”

“We need to stop fearing the playoffs. We need to stop thinking that history is against us. We need to re-energize this team and ignite the spark that’s going to keep our edge in close third periods and win those overtime games. We need to make some changes, but remind ourselves that at one point, we were THE elite team this season. We need to think how we are going to win and win right through to the end”

Alfie Betrays His Starting Goalie.

In other news, Alfie’s leadership should be called into question after Hasek realeased these comments. Team leaders, led by Alfie, tried to get Emery bumped from the net and convince Hasek to start game 4.

Ottawa Sun… “Hasek also revealed he met with Senators captain Daniel Alfredsson and other team leaders during the afternoon of Game 4 against the Sabres in Buffalo.

The Senators were down 3-0 to the Sabres at that point.

In a discussion that lasted 5-10 minutes, Alfredsson and the other players apparently tried to convince him to play that night, but Hasek said he told them he would not “cheat” them. He told them, “I could stand in the net, but … we’ll lose 6-2.”

“I walked away from the table,” said Hasek.

….instead of taking the bull by the horns in game 4, the Senators were being scared millionaires in the dressing room and looking for a miracle answer.

Alfredson’s leadership should be called into question and he should be traded. You cannot have your team Captain betraying the one player in Emery that played with more heart and desire then the Captain did. This is firm evidence that Alfie has to be let go and he can bring his style of leadership to another team.

Funny how the owner says “stop fearing the playoffs” and the team Captain and highest paid player is in the locker room hours before game 4 looking for an excuse and a miracle solution.

Somebody is going to have to answer to this. Why were the Sens, led by their Captain, quitting on their goalie?

Did Alfie try and get Heatley benched as well for his poor play?

Big problems in Ottawa. I think this is the start of the end of Danile Alfredson as team Captain in Ottawa, and so it should be.

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  1. toronto77 says:

    Is alfie like the worst captain in NHL history or what. What kind of a moron disses his goalie with the risk of hurting his confidence level. And he tried to get Heatly benched too, like WTF, like talk about support. If your teammates are struggling, you really think that making fun of them or talking behind their back is gonna help them, maybe cuz it will motivate them but that hurts. Alfie disgraced that whole organization, a lot of fans are gonna turn against him now so maybe keeping him on the team is not such a good idea, you can keep him if you want, but above all DON’T KEEP HIM AS CAPTAIN, hand over that roll to redden

    I say the sens go after both Redden and Chara and give alfie the olde he-ho.

  2. gg_idiot says:

    Oh, another Ottawa personality not only guarenteeing the Cup but now a Dynasty! Wow!

  3. Cards85 says:

    Besides muckies little rant of his own at the end, Alfie didn’t try and get Heatly benched. I don’t know where he got that from. I understand what it is like to be a fustrated Sens fan as I am one myself. To me this seems like Hasek is now trying to get on the good side of people in the hopes of returning. I do not think anyone aproached him and asked him to go. he might have been asked if he was able to play as in maybe be the back-up but that was probably it. All of a sudden people are going to take his word when no one else has been able to defend themselves. I mean he has done such a great job at being a team mate just ask CuJo. And all of this has just been reported by the crappy Sun newspaper who sell their paper for horny people to look at the Sunshine Girl. If this came from anyone besides Hasek or the Sun newpaper than I might, MIGHT start to believe that it could be true. But until something else comes out, I do not believe this at all.

  4. Gretzkin says:

    I don’t know where you got this Alfie info, but if that is the case, that is unforgivable.

    Sure, you want Hasek in net, always, but to turn during the playoffs and have a secret meeting trying to convince the injured, much better goalie to play is just horrible.

    You can’t win as a team, if you just aren’t that. And Ottawa is not a Team, if that’s what their leader is doing.

    Dominik Hasek was a huge disturbance to the Sens, and shouldn’t have even been there.

    I feel sorry for Ray Emery. He played incredible. He played much better than I would have ever expected. I thought Tampa would beat them with him in net.

    He gets full credit in my books, Mike Tyson on his mask or not (that was dumb).

    Alfredsson is a total chump, and whoever attended this meeting should be dealt as well.

  5. Gretzkin says:

    Hasek is a good teammate, just ask Cujo???

    Are you on glue?

    The Hasek/Cujo situation was horrible from day 1.

    Hasek is a lousy teammate that only thinks of himself.

    He should have been jailed after his Roller hockey incedent, and should have stayed away from the NHL.

    You are on Glue.

  6. muckies says:

    To clear up, Hasek made his comments about Alfie trying to get him to start game 4 on TSN.

  7. wingerxxx says:

    I’d like to see the other sides of this story before we all go making judgments on something that none of us witnessed. A lot of this sounds like second hand stuff. It wouldn’t be the first time that absurd rumors flew around the league.

    As such, Alfredsson should not be the captain of the Senators. Trade him? Absolutely not. That is nuts. There is no way you could get a package in return for him that would replace what he brings. Unless you can get a 1st round pick in return for him. trading him is off the table.

    But this team does need a solid captain that can point this team in the right direction. If it’s a free agent, that is what it needs to be.

  8. leafs_suck_sens_rule says:

    OMG… i’m scared… i agree with a leafs fan

  9. leafs_suck_sens_rule says:

    what about the “*****roach incident”?

  10. Cards85 says:

    it is called sarcasm geez

  11. toronto77 says:

    there’s are first time for everything.

  12. mush124 says:

    like i said before, the sens should ship out alfredsson to the pens for the 2nd overall pick in this years draft along with ryan malone, and with that 2nd round pick drafts kessel, toews, or j.staal.

  13. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Ottawa could use a title. Toronto is the mecca of hockey I’d say, and Montreal is the cradle of hockey. Ottawa is more like the ass hole of hockey.

  14. Marky2Fresh says:

    They might be able to get the 2nd overall, but they would never get Malone along with it.

  15. RangerSteve says:

    Guaranteeing a dynasty? Is this guy insane? They’ve NEVER played 1 second of Stanley Cup Playoff Hockey, and now he makes that guarantee?

    If anything bothers me about the Sens, it is how this team has showed zero accountability since being eliminated. Not only did Dany Heatley put up a stinker, I haven’t even heard one peep out of the guy.

  16. muckies says:

    It’s hold your nose time for Sens fans, there is alot of shit surrounding the team right now.

  17. navajo says:

    What was that roller hockey thing about again? I vaguely remember, but I’m drawing a blank.

  18. Tweek says:

    Ottawa cant be a hockey mecca, melnyk is is dreaming. Ottawa is a solid market but to say that they can afford these players year in and year out is crazy, cap or no cap.

  19. dcz28 says:

    Melnyk might sound arrogant by his comments but at least it shows he wants to win badly and is ready to do what it takes to make the Sens cup champs. I thought the ultimate goal for any franchise would be to create a dynasty…Wings owner Illitch is the same way he just doesn’t go out saying it. The only thing now is that he (Melnyk) has to put his money where his mouth is and ice the best team possible by signing and trading for what they really need which is more leadership and experience to either replace or help Alfredsson in the playoffs.

    I don’t really believe Alfredsson tried to get Emery replaced and probably just wanted him to dress as a backup to give a boost of confidence to the team that he was comming back soon. Hasek was one of the best goalies in the league before he got injured and was brought in to play in the playoffs so why is it a big deal that they wanted him in net for game 4? Emery did a good job but a 80% Hasek would have done better no offense to Emery (Emery was not the reason they lost though confidence and lack of leadership was) but Hasek would have given them more confidence to play a run and gun game and not worry so much about mistakes.

    I say keep Alfredsson but get someone else to wear the “C” and bring in 1 or 2 leaders that know how to win and can take charge of the team. Sens really could have used Roberts and Nieuwendyk against Buffalo.

  20. Radio says:

    I read this today too.

    It made me think. If the captain (and some “other players”) instead of worrying about things that are not their concern (who starts) and focused on simply doing the best they could do, and encouraging who they had (Emery) whether they would have beat Buffalo.

    I think they would have. So often in life, the belief of “we’re doomed” just becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    On the other side of the coin, a team of individuals focusing on upping their own play, with the belief that they can beat anyone, even if they barely made the playoffs, well…isn’t that Edmonton?

    Psychology is everything.

  21. LeafsLeafsLeafs says:

    Not really shocked at all if this is true, I always considered Alfie to be a little bit of a rat. This story just confirms it.

  22. Stuv_Dogg says:

    I don’t mean to get caught up in the details here, but THE elite team (Sens) had 113 regular season points. THE Detroit Red Wings had 124. What does that make them?

    Good article, though. It surprised me that you can be an Ottawa fan and think so clearly … 😉

    It goes to show that the personality of your team is almost as important as the skill, talent and determination. Ottawa had oodles of skill, but when they got into a bit of a tough situation the ugly character of the team prevailed.

    How can Alfie and Emery go back to the same training camp again next year? If Emery is still with the team and has a bad game, he’s gonna think Alfie is one secret meeting away from having him sent to the minors. That’s not the type of confidence you want to instill in your goaltender …

  23. Gretzkin says:

    mmmkay, sorry

  24. Gretzkin says:

    Hasek was plating in a Roller Hockey game, as a forward, and he got into a fight with some guy and pounded his face to a pulp. The guy needed plastic sugery to repair the damage and Hasek was nearly charged for it. I’m sure he settled under the table or something.

  25. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Hasek should reveal these “team leaders” in exchange for a new contract, and then these leaders should be dealt.

  26. Mario_n_Sidney says:

    Alfie’s a piece of crap. He’s good, but I wouldn’t want him on my team. I thought his comments about Sidney earlier this year were out of line, but to throw his own goalie under the bus in the middle of the playoffs is unforgivable for a team captain. Maybe he should look in the mirror before calling a teammate out for sucking. Outside of some decent regular season numbers over the years, what has he actually accomplished? Zero. It’s a two horse race between Philly and Ottawa for the biggest choke team in the NHL over the past decade. Right now Ottawa leads by a nose.

  27. Aetherial says:

    The only real EVIDENCE that Melnyk is ready to do what it takes is if he ups the Senators salary to retain their stars… if he continues to stay millions below the cap, then he simply is not doing anything that it takes.

  28. Aetherial says:

    Yes Alfredsson is one of the worst captains in the NHL. He has been for years. I have been saying that for years and I have had people argue with me for years.

    He should not be the captain, period.

    To trade him though, is likely a HORRIBLE idea… unless somehow they get equal value in return, which I doubt. Even then, at his price, they are better off to keep him and just let him concentrate on playing and “leading” by example on the ice.

  29. muckies says:

    After reflecting, Alfie has to go. If you look at his contract at 4.7 million, and there are 4 players – Chara, Redden, Havalt and Alfie, and you can only keep 3 of those players. I’d take Redden, Chara and Havlat.

    I say deal Alfie and Volchenkov to Columbus for their lottery pick, and take the prospect and move on without Alfie.

    Alfie wants to win, I don’t doubt that, and he has been great. But he just has to go. He can’t get the guys together and convince them to die for the Cup. He wants it bad, but he doesn’t know how to get it. After seeing and hearing Carolin going into game 2 gainst Buffalo, that is ateam with leadership that will not be denied, they are all going 110% without exception, the Sens need that will and drive to get them going.

    Bring in Messier as a A-coach, trade Alfie for draft picks, sign Havlat, Redden and Chara.

    I beleive Alfie will be traded. Muckler is no fool, his post game comments about no major changes is really just his way of keeping Alfies stoke high for trade day. Alfie is 33, so he has only 3-4 good years left in him. Let him go.

  30. bleedingblu says:


  31. moosehockey says:

    Alfie for Bertuzzi, both need fresh starts… and from the Vancouver perspective maybe another Swede to play with Nazzy would do him some good.

  32. muckies says:

    Bertuzzi’s a shit-nut and I Ottawa would never touch the guy with a 10 foot pole. We don’t Bert or his shitty attitude, we need winners in Ottawa, not Losers.

    It will be interesting with Bert, maybe Naslund, some big names loooking to move around the league like St. Luois and Alfie, Redden and Chara, Gaborik, Elias, Joseph, it’ll be an interesting few months in the summer.

  33. dcz28 says:

    That’s why i said it’s time for Melnyk to put his money where his mouth is and open the vault for the right players they need. Saying is one thing but now he has to back it up with money.

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