More Kaberle News + Leafs UFA Wants

Trading Kaberle , who has one year left on his contract at $4.25 million U.S., may be the best way to get what Burke is looking for — a scoring forward or a first-round pick.

Burke told the FAN 590 that two teams “made inquiries” about the veteran defenceman that were “more than nibbles.”

A clause in Kaberle’s contract, triggered when the Leafs missed the playoffs, temporarily suspends his no-trade rights from the first day of the NHL draft, June 25, through mid-August. Burke said he told Nonis to send a letter to other NHL teams explaining how the no-trade clause works.

“We have not committed to trading him,” said Burke, “but it’s my job to listen and to see what’s available for him. It’s not a case of taking the best offer. It’s more a case of if we get something that makes sense, we’re going to do it. If not we’ll keep him. He’s a good player, he wants to stay and he’s at a good price.”

Burke acknowledged there was angst among fans, but not in the front office, about the team not having a first-round pick this year.

“There’s no angst here,” said Burke. “If we get a first that’s nice because I feel badly for my scouts.”

He said the Leafs would be active come July 1 when free agents can be signed and trades are always possible: “We need a forward who can score, preferably a good sized one.”–maple-leafs-gm-weighs-offers-for-tomas-kaberle