More Kaberle News + Leafs UFA Wants

Trading Kaberle , who has one year left on his contract at $4.25 million U.S., may be the best way to get what Burke is looking for — a scoring forward or a first-round pick.

Burke told the FAN 590 that two teams “made inquiries” about the veteran defenceman that were “more than nibbles.”

A clause in Kaberle’s contract, triggered when the Leafs missed the playoffs, temporarily suspends his no-trade rights from the first day of the NHL draft, June 25, through mid-August. Burke said he told Nonis to send a letter to other NHL teams explaining how the no-trade clause works.

“We have not committed to trading him,” said Burke, “but it’s my job to listen and to see what’s available for him. It’s not a case of taking the best offer. It’s more a case of if we get something that makes sense, we’re going to do it. If not we’ll keep him. He’s a good player, he wants to stay and he’s at a good price.”

Burke acknowledged there was angst among fans, but not in the front office, about the team not having a first-round pick this year.

“There’s no angst here,” said Burke. “If we get a first that’s nice because I feel badly for my scouts.”

He said the Leafs would be active come July 1 when free agents can be signed and trades are always possible: “We need a forward who can score, preferably a good sized one.”–maple-leafs-gm-weighs-offers-for-tomas-kaberle

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  1. mojo19 says:

    If the Leafs were higher up in the standings he doesn't make the trade for Phaneuf so your point is irrelevant.

  2. albertateams says:

    How do you figure that? was Stajan going to be resigned, Mayers, not Burke guys. So you are giving up Hagman and White for Phaneuf. You might lose a bit short term but I think Burke still pulls the trigger even if the leafs are higher up in the standings. 

    I guess it doesn't really matter though as its hypothetical, but I still think he does the trade if they were any where below 4th in the East.
  3. albertateams says:
    At the time Cammalleri was coming off of 39 goals and those that said Montreal overpaid was only by like 500k. I agree Gomez was a desperate move Cammalleri I thought after watching him in Calgary was easily Gainey's best move. 

    Both of those off years he had injury problems. When a player is hurt of coarse its going to linger and reduce production even when he returns to the line up. He's maybe a little injury prone but when he plays a full slate of games hes actually consistent.

    Yes I do see Cammalleri as a 6 million player a young sniper who elevates his game and carries his team past the best two teams in the Eastern conference playoffs. You don't. 
    So Cammalleri doesn't have 40 goal potential just 39 goal potential? I'm not saying Kessel isn't a very good player he could be a consistent 40 goal scorer but so could Cammaleri.
    And no I'm not trying to be a dick but I think you are really underestimating what Camalleri has don the past two years.
  4. LeafsneedSteen says:

    Seeing how he went to the ACC on July 1st to basically get blown off, he was given away from LA and Calgary had no intention of resigning him, I think it's safe to say than he was unwanted by more that a few teams.  Montreal signed the left overs, the Giontas, the Gills and the Cammelleris.

    Cammelleri turned out to be Gainey's best move, by chance and I doubt he'll be an impact player year in, year out.

    Given his numbers, I'd be shocked to see him put up 40 on a regular basis.  Jason Blake scored 40 goals in this league and I  wouldn't expect that to happen again.

    He's had one good season on a line with Iginla and one good playoff scretch, this year, where he played with zero expectation.  This is typical of a player coming off a strong performance and being overestimated. His history suggests that his production is erratic. I don't consider Cammelleri a potential prennial 40 goal scorer in the same vein I don't consider Halak a potential Veniza candidate.

    Did I say Cammalleri has 39 goal potential? He may very well get 40 next year, then again he might get 25.  It's a crap shoot.

    By the time Kessel is Cammalleri's age, I expect him to be good for 40 a year as a given. Cammallerri is far from being a given.

    It's fine if you think I'm underestimating Cammalleri, I took issue with you misrepresenting my original point.

  5. toronto-cruz says:

    Folks, I've read this somewhere in a reply, and the guy was totally right…

    why would a TO born (or MTL born for that matter) want to return to their city in their prime and sign a big contract?!?! Its a recipe for disaster.  Said player will never live up to the hype, even if they put up a billion points, those fan bases would find a reason to hate them (see: any G in mtl, any Dman in TO; its what we do)

    and cammalleri picked mtl for the following reason (think i read it on TSN last summer) "I live in TO, i dont want to work all winter there then have to live there all summer" (something like that)

    Nash has it freaking good in CBJ, mad loot and obscurity.

  6. albertateams says:
    LA got a decent return for a guy that was coming off an injury and would be a UFA after the season. Calgary wanted to sign Camalleri he wanted to go East though. Camalleri was not left overs he was easily a top five UFA forward.
    I don't think there was much chance at all when Gainey made his moves I think it was pretty unanimous that Camalleri was his best signing.
    I would be no more shocked than if kessel started potting 40 every year. Blake is an awful comparison. Blake never had more than 69 points, and didn't hit higher than 30 until he was 32 years old. Really just a bad bad comparison.
    He's actually had 3 good season an 80 point campaign with LA, his one year in Calgary and this year. Zero expectation Montreal and playoffs never ever belong in the same sentence because when your talking hockey it doesn't exist. Halak is completely different cir*****stance.
    Its not a crap shoot its not a given but neither is kessl getting 40 any time soon.
    Expectations are a funny thing players rarely live up to them, I hope kessel can get 40 but its far from a sure thing and only slightly more probable than Camalleri.

    I didn't misrepresent your original point just pointed out the flaws. Camalleri didn't play over his head this year, he had a better year the previous. He doesn't have a history of following up a good year with a bad, he has a history of getting hurt after a good year.  

  7. LeafsneedSteen says:

    LA forced arbitration with him and then dealt him.  Why would a rebuilding team give budding young star for mid first round pick? They didn't feel he was worth what he was asking (jpretty much like everyone else).

    Calgary didn't want him otherwise they wouldn't have brought in Joikenen with a year left on his contract. That force Cammelleri to leave.  Calgary wanted him for a decent price (like everyone else…)

    Fine, Cammelleri looked like the best signing by Gainey compaired to a host of ugly signings and trades.  Gomez, Gionta, Gill and Spacek is setting the bar low.  He was another cog in a series of desperate signings. That's what happens when GM finds himself with 30 million dollars of cap space and three days to spend it.  Gainey was openly working on what he called (not my words) 'Plan B'.   

    Blake isn't an aweful comparison, most GMs clearly had Cammalleri pegged as Blake type talent. Given that no one really was sold on Cammalleri as an elite player. Again I'll emphasize that he's rightly percieved as a gamble, one that paid off in the playoffs. Gainey did lose his job, the signing was suspect for most of the year.

    Montreal was a cinderella run, it's assinine to suggest that it's a pressure cooker for an eigth seed to beat a one.  It was a refreshing change in the atmosphere of Montreal to not be expected to win.  Montreal overachieved as a whole, Halak and Cammalleri among others played above their heads.

    If one had to choose between Phil Kessel or Mike Cammalleri, I don't think anyone would choose Cammalleri, why do you think that is?

    You held me to my 'twisted logic' that would predict a great season following a weak one, when my position was that he's inconsistent.  That was a hack job, I won't argue a strawman.

  8. albertateams says:
    Calgary had the cap room to sign him when he indicated he would be going east they used that cap room on J-bo. The organization was really high on Cammaleri he just didn't want to stay in the west.
    Completely agree with you about Gainey except the Cammalleri signing.

    The Blake comparison was just awful different age, less proven at the time of his big contract, had one freak season and thats it. Its just a horrible comparison Blake and Cammalleri.

    Toronto and Montreal are the two most pressure packed cities to play in the playoffs. It really doesn't matter if you are an 8 vs 1. If you don't preform the media and fans will tear you apart. Montreal overachieved,  Halak and Cammalleri played great but isn't that what good players do they elevate their games during the playoffs.
    I agree completely you take Kessel I was never arguing that fact. Kessel has more potential than Cammalleri for sure the whole point is Toronto had the ability to sign a comparable player right now for 5.5-6 million and still have 2 1st rounders and a 2nd.
    It was illogical you said he had a good year then a bad year, and then said h was worth 6 million this year, but he had a better one the year before. Thats back to back good years not one good one bad. Its injury issues. 
  9. LeafsneedSteen says:

    As a commodity, Cammalleri was more Jason Blake than Phil Kessel.  Not suggesting that Blake is a perfect comparison.

    There is no pressure to play in Toronto, it's a complete country club atmosphere. Montreal this season had zero expectations after being bounced by Boston and an off season that turn off the fan base.  They were a pleasent surprise. 

    Yeah, great players perform in the playoffs, that's why John Druce, Dave Lowry and Chris Kontos made it into the hall of fame, huh. That's a terrible argument.

    Cammelleri isn't a six million dollar talent, I'm glad the Leafs don't have him.  I wouldn't want to trade an 9th round draft pick for him and be saddled with his contract.  His play is coming back to Earth and soon.

    Again, you're taking my original post too literally, the point was that he is inconsistent (evidenced by his erratic production throughout his career), I've pointed this out several times.

    His missed what 40 games due to injuiry in his career, it's not that many.

    We'll see this season, I doubt he nets more than 30.

  10. LeafsneedSteen says:

    Just to follow up, Cammelleri has some buzz for a hot streak in his career. I'll ask was he ever a threat to make team Canada? Funny, you'd think a guy who put up 39 goals would at least get a look.

    As for the pressure of a playoff performance, in a hockey pool with elven people I was in, no one even thought to pick Cammalleri. 

    Face it, before this playoff run he's been a complete after thought for both  GMs or fans.

  11. albertateams says:

    There are a lot of good players that don't make team Canada Carter, JAy-bo, phaneuf, Savard etc… Kessel wouldn't have if he was Canadian. 

    No body picked Camalleri in your pool probably because nobody thought they would go more than 5 games before washington eliminated them. 
    He's been a complete after though to leafs fans not so for Calgary, Montreal fans and gms. You just adhere to the TO media bubble.
  12. albertateams says:

    Couldn't disagree more The Blake comparision is awful. The kessel one is miles closer.

    I know Toronto hasn't been in the playoffs for a while but fans and the media are brutal. Its an absolute fact that those are the two toughest cities as far as being under the microscope and having pressure on you as a player, especially in the playoffs. If you can't see that then there is no point discussing anything. 
    Obviously you get some players that play well ahead of regular season pace. But non of those players were stars on there team either and didn't carry there team.
    So you would rather have kessel no 1st round pick the next two years and no 2nd rounder this year. 9th round pick get a grip thats something only someone who is completely ignorant would say.
    He missed 40 games but most of those were in those two seasons between very good years.
    He stays healthy he will hit 30 no problem. 
  13. LeafsneedSteen says:

    I really think players could give a shit about fans and media.  In Toronto and Montreal they roll out the red carpet for any player despite their performance.  Montreal was surprisingly upbeat and embraced the role of the scrappy underdog this year, that isn't pressure.

    When he signed he was percieved as a younger Blake like player, a quality 1st liner counted on to score 30+ (Blake clearly didn't live up to expectation).

    What stings about Kessel are the picks, it all depends on next season where we finish. I don't want Cammalleri period.

    You can babble about my ignorance, but I'm not failing into the hick trap of over valueing a guy when he's coming off the best stretch of his career. It's that short sighted thinking like this that lands guys like Briere, Drury and Campbell bloated contracts. Sure each player happens to offer a few bright spots but long term they're baggage. 

    He might hit 31 or 32, bfd.

  14. LeafsneedSteen says:

    If he's this 6 million dollar steal, you'd think he'd get a look. Again, he wasn't on anyone's radar until this post season.

    We had a die heart Habs fan that took Markov, Gomez (based on his playoff history) and Halak.  But thanks for confirming that no one expected the Habs to do anything against the Caps.

    Calgary targeted Bowmeester and brought in Joikenen because they didn't value Cammalleri.

    Another assumption on your part, I was on this site bashing Cammalleri all of last year, I've never been impressed by him. I not the one drinking the kool aid on him now that it happens to be fashionable.

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