More Kovaluhuk to Toronto Talk

“TSN’s Darren Dreger and Sportsnet’s Bill Watters said that some of the recent rumors about Toronto being interest in signing the big names of the unrestricted free agent market are just the product of someone’s imagination. They said that it is more likely that someone has a secret agenda out there in an effort to get people belileving things that are not actually true. With that being said, it is well known that Brian Burke has a history of trading Russian players away from his team, not bringing them to his team. HTR believes that if the Leafs are going to make a big signing on July the first that it will likely be Patrick Marleau.

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    I'll make that deal in a heart beat.. but you have to leave HTR if I'm right???


    Hey when I'm right.. which I will be, you'll be the first guy to hear from me… Have you ever met Marleau before?? trust me he'll be in SJ or LA or some other team in that area….. I guess theres no point arguing about who knows what, we'll just have to wait till july 1…


    I wonder if he would ever go to the NY Islanders.. they have some young players and LOTS of cap space, so they could sign him and maybe another top 6 forward and be instantly a contender.. if Dipetro ever gets healthy and plays to his potential they could be a serious threat to win Lord Stanley..


    I think all those players you listed were good players, I think Bolland will has a higher potential then those guys.. I can see Bolland one day being a 30-40 goal scorer, whereas all those guy you listed were good players, who were vital pieces to the teams they played on they never had Bolland's offensive abilities…. Chicago can cut salary by getting rid of Huet, Versteeg, Madden, and maybe Sharp( even though hes another vital piece which I hope stays with CHI).. Its unlikely but if they can get rid of Campell that would solve alot of problems, but that will be a hard sell to any team.. I'm a little biased, Bolland is one of my favs on Chicago.

  5. cam7777 says:

    the Islanders have no money, and their arena is more empty than Atlanta's.

  6. Frank181 says:

    As a matter of fact, i've met every player in the NHL. We have wine and cheese parties every friday night. P.S Marleau says you're a duster.

  7. inurface says:

    is it just me or no one else noticed kovalchuks spelling mistake in the article
    (ok i know its a silly mistake but still)

    and another thing about bill waters was it just me or did u guys saw the jealousy comming out of him when hossa lifted the cup?…he muttered hossa weirdly//

    and lastly pronger is the one of main reasons why edm . ana. and philly made the finals in the first place and the only guy who can justify 2 first round pics ( twice) so adam Burrish keep ur snorty mouth to urself .

    lastly this is my first comment in a couple yrs lol


    Whats a duster???? It must be a SASK. thing.. Hey I'll just call Marleau myself and find out…I can't wait till he signs and I get to rip you apart…. Youll be hearing from me on or before July 1… Since its Friday night who are you partying with tonight??? How good do you know Shea Weber?? I grew up with him in Sicamous.. in fact are Dads worked together at the local mill…. I'll tell him you said hi this summer… or do you think Im making this up as well??

  9. Mapleleaves says:

    i agree with you.

    ive seen so many retarded things said from this guy i dont know what to take serious from him.

  10. Frank181 says:

    Wait a second, Did I say Toronto is going to sign Marleau? No, I did not. it would be amazing if he did dont get me wrong. I just think you need to tighten your helmet.

    On another note, I cant wait to see Dion wear the C; A great move by the organization. Sorry to burst your bubble haters but Brian Burke is a proven winner and he sure as hell knows what he is doing.

    New York and just this past week Chicago have come out of long stanley cup droughts. Are the leafs next? They sure are. Before you dusters call me out with your recess time remarks, I do NOT mean next season. The leafs are are two or three players away from being a dangerous team. Look at the last couple cup winning teams, two young studs have guided thier team to glory.

    Detriot – Solid drafting by the wings in Zetterberg and Datsyuk.

    Pittsburgh – Maybe the best one, two tandem ever in Crosby and Malkin.

    Chicago – Towes and Kane, need I say more? Towes is a beast by far the best player these playoffs, He's Proven he is right up there with the Crosbys and Ovechkins in the league.

    Now, Toronto. A lot can be said of our loss of draft picks, However with the college picks and european prospects anything can happen. On a sub par team with no training camp and missing the first 12 games and no proven first line Center and being the centre of attention on every teams top defesnive unit and still manage to score 30 goals Kessel is special. Burke has something up his sleve this summer, something big. Dont worry all is well in leaf land.

  11. mojo19 says:

    lol, no because I never once said Marleau would sign with a Canadian team, so I'm not gonna put my account on the line for that.

    You're making the guarantee here, not me.

  12. mojo19 says:

    Tuckers done. Here's a better example: Burke had negotiations with Antropov but didn't want to pay the price Nik was asking for. But I would take Nik and his $4 mil salary in a heart beat. I'd sign Kubina back too. etc.

    Beauchemin would be a good fit in Anaheim anyway you slice it. And he's at a pretty solid cap hit.

  13. mojo19 says:

    Woah, Bolland has higher potential than those guys? How old are you? be honest. You don't remember Mike Peca, John Madden, or Kris Draper in their prime.

    John Madden scored 16 points in 24 playoff games (as the shutdown centre role) when the Devils won the cup in 2003. That was an unbelievable performance. And he's about a half a point per game player career.

    Mike Peca, check out this guys stats and games played from 97-03, he was a consistant 45-60 point producer (sometimes a bit lower if he missed a lot of games) and a multiple Selke trophy winner during that span. If Bolland could duplicate those numbers and awards then thats pretty much the best Chicago can hope for.

    Bolland probably does have more offensive potential than Draper (another Selke trophy winner), but Draper has to be considered one of the all time best shut down centres, he even played for Canada in the Olympics. (fyi so did Peca)

  14. mojo19 says:

    Just for the record I hear what you're saying about moving other players ahead of Bolland, but he's still not untouchable.

  15. leafit2me says:

    Yea I meant that Van Ryn would be signed for the league minimum. It seems that Leaf management and coaching are very high on him and he feels the same way about the organization. I heard an article about him last season saying that he was very embarrassed coming in to collect his cheque. He made $7M over two seasons and didn't even play 40 games. 

    if he's healthy, the Leaf will resign him to a 1 yr. He will be very handy as a 6/7th defenseman but has enough offensive upside to crack the top 4.

    I agreed with you already those were all good players.. in their primes and when NJ and DET were powerhouses do you honestly think they would've traded players like Madden and Draper??? I like both guys, I'm not agruing with you on that one.. when those guys were playing in their primes and the teams were cup contentors, I never heard any trade rumors surronding those guys..

  17. Kev_Leafs says:

    There wasn't a salary cap back then.

  18. Mapleleaves says:

    It almost seems like you thought i was talking about you with what i said, i was talking about habsrule, i agreed with you about his statements being writoffs and not knowing when to take him seriously.

  19. mojo19 says:

    good point Kev.


    I know you are biased when you say"Grabovski is a solid defensive center"… Even MTL couldn't stand Grabovski…. hes a selffish one deminsional player….If Sjostrom is so good, why does he keep getting traded??? Calgary threw him in that Phaneuf trade just to get rid of him (usually good players don't get traded every year)…. I'm sure those three guys could crack the AHL Marlies no problem, but thats not to hard to do….

  21. Mapleleaves says:

    For some reason that ending to the conversation of kev chiming in and you saying good point made me laugh..  not sure why but it was perfect.

  22. Mapleleaves says:

    From what i heard Toronto had to fight pretty hard to get Sjostrum from calgary, the only reason they got him is the trade wasnt going to go threw unless calgary put him in.

    Fletcher told burke he should go for him and burke fought for it believing fletcher knew what he was talking about, and from what ive seen of Sjostrum he is a very good player.

    Every second year, he' only been traded twice and it was 2 years apart.

  23. Frank181 says:

    No no, My comment was directed at habsrule.

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