More Monday Updates – Some Recycled

Eric Duhatschek of The Globe and Mail is reporting on the latest assortment of rumors. Some of the names that are mentioned include Ryan Smyth, Jay Bouwmeester, Chris Pronger, Olli Jokinen.

It is reported that Bouwmeester is likely going to remain with the Panthers as Florida is finding it difficult to get a quality return for him. “Bouwmeester had been linked most prominently to the Philadelphia Flyers in a trade scenario, but the Flyers’ Eastern Conference rivals, the New Jersey Devils, are currently the only contender with the cap room to make it work.”

In the case of the Coyotes it is rumored that both Jokinen and Norris will likely either be traded before Wednesday or at the NHL draft in June. Duhatschek reports that the Canadiens may be showing interest in Jokinen to replace the scoring that they lost with the injury to Lang.

Another player who is tied to a bunch of trade rumors is Ryan Smyth. “Montreal, the Vancouver Canucks and the Los Angeles Kings have all been linked to a possible deal for Ryan Smyth, one of a half-dozen available Colorado Avalanche players.”

In the case of Pronger it is noted that the Blues are showing a great deal of interest and that he would fit in well with the Blues team. He would be able to act as a sort of mentor to younger players such as Erik Johnson.

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