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Dunham was supposed to be an Oiler?

More troubles between Bettman and Goodenow.

Troubles in Cat Country.

Also, a little dramatic preview of Rangers vs Flyers.

SERGEI Fedorov’s future in Detroit is now very much in doubt.

Slap Shots has learned the 32-year-old center has rejected a five-year, $50-million offer that has now been taken off the table.

If he doesn’t sign with the Red Wings by July 1, Fedorov will be an unrestricted free agent.


Those close to Gary Bettman have told Slap Shots that the commissioner has come to recognize that his image as a war-time consigliore has become counter-productive to the, uh, peace process. As such, Bettman is now seeking to dial down the public dialogue over the CBA in the aftermath of his polarizing address in Buffalo last Monday and instead is trying a back-channel approach to get discussions started with the NHLPA.

If he’s serious, Bettman would help the cause by telling ownerships across the continent to stop complaining about how bad business is. Maybe Bettman could direct ownerships to stop lying about how rising player salaries are responsible for rising ticket prices.

Somewhat odd, isn’t it, that club personnel can give as many speeches as they want about the rotten CBA and state of financial affairs – wonder if say, the Rangers, would be free to talk about how great the system is? – but are fined substantially for even mentioning rotten officiating?

And on the other side of the aisle, maybe, just maybe, union boss Bob Goodenow – publicly circumspect on all of this unless provoked – might actually deign to spend a day with Bettman and hear what the commissioner has to say.

If Bettman says, “Hard cap or no deal,” then Goodenow can quickly excuse himself, and justifiably so.

Hey there, Darius Kasparaitis, you may step right up and begin to stake claim to the bonus for hits in your contract.

Slap Shots has learned that arbitrator Joan Parker has ruled in favor of the NHLPA in the grievance against the NHL regarding the league’s unilateral elimination of four statistical categories (hits, blocked shots, giveaways and takeaways), finding that the maintenance of these stats had become a binding practice relied upon over the last five years to determine player salaries.

Ms. Parker directed the NHL to “forthwith resume” its recording of the statistics, further ordering the league and the PA to meet in order to determine how the stats would be applied this season relating to bonuses and salary arbitration cases.


Peter Laviolette might be insulted by Pat Burns’ previous declaration that the Devils are held to the highest standard of the three New York-area clubs, but that doesn’t alter the accuracy of the observation. If not, why was Laviolette celebrated last year for the very same accomplishment that got Kevin Constantine fired: a first-round loss? The Devils have established a benchmark of excellence over the last 10 seasons unmatched in the East, matched in the West only by Colorado and exceeded only by Detroit. That’s not opinion. That’s fact.

Glen Sather can be challenged on numerous personnel decisions, but the GM sure does seem to have an eye for goaltenders. The line goes from Grant Fuhr and Andy Moog to Bill Ranford and Curtis Joseph to Tommy Salo . . . and now to Mike Dunham. We’re told that Sather tried hard to acquire Dunham from the Devils prior to the 1998 expansion draft, but that Lou Lamoriello demanded Georges Laraque and a second-rounder in return. Dunham, of course, went to the Predators, with the Oilers subsequently dealing Mats Lindgren to the Islanders for Salo.


The reason, an informant whispers, it took as long as it did for Atlanta GM Don Waddell to hire Bob Hartley had nothing to do with an extensive search or contract negotiations with the coach, but rather with Colorado GM Pierre Lacroix’s initially unacceptable compensation demands.

If it’s a fan’s game, maybe someone from the league office would like to explain why Ilya Kovalchuk, arguably the most electrifying player in the NHL and only the league’s third-leading goal-scorer (25 through Friday), isn’t going to the All-Star Game.

So the Oilers this year were looking to move Todd Marchant, and now the impending Group III is pretty much an untouchable. That’s OK; the bidding begins at 12:00:01 on July 1.

Five weeks ago when the Bruins were 19-4-3-1, the question in Boston was whether Robbie Ftorek would lose his third straight 1-vs.-8 first-round playoff matchup after having done so in 1999 with Devils (against Pittsburgh) and last year with the B’s (against Montreal). Now, with the Bruins 3-14-1 in their last 18, the question is whether his team – not to mention the coach, himself – will make it to the tournament at all.

After games such as the 12-2 loss to Washington last week in which teenager Stephen Weiss was pounded by Brian Sutherby without a teammate coming to his aid, how well is it going these days between GM Rick Dudley and coach Mike Keenan in Florida?


Finally, Panthers defenseman Sandis Ozolinsh was a surprise selection by the fans to East’s starting lineup for All-Star Game that will be played in Florida. Slap Shots has learned that the election result was certified by Katherine Harris.

Drama, Lindros vs Clarke.

8 Responses to More on Fedorov

  1. mikster says:

    I am still not conviced with Fedorov moving out of Detroit. He turned down a 5 year deal? I don’t think money is an issue, since a $50M deal for 5 years is great, but probably the length of the contract. Maybe he wants 3 years, or 7? Fedorov, stay with the Wings!!!

    I think Bettman’s problem is the salary cap, he can’t put it too low. Obviously i would not even agree to a $30-$35M salary cap. That is just a no brainer that players will go on strike for it. I’d say $45-$50 is fair enough. Heck, i don’t mind a $45M salary cap at all now, Rangers have a good enough minor league system and can lower their payroll without any problems. However, players like Bure…where would he go if the Rangers had to trade him? The teams that can afford him can’t acquire him because of the salary cap. So….. ????!!!!!

    I am starting to dislike Lecroix, ever since he traded Drury, his team has gottne worse. Come on, talk about an experienced coaching staff with Granato and Tocchet. What the hell Pierre!!!!

    Marchant will be a Trade Deadline deal with the Flyers.

    Bruins….umm, no comment….

    Dudley and Keenan, each should go about their own ways. That means Keenan is out. Who would take him? Heck Colorado should in a flash.

  2. Tony says:

    I just read an article a couple of days ago saying how Fedorov wants to finish his career with the Wings and how he likes how much they have done for him. It also stated that he would like to have a deal done before playoffs. Trust me Fedorov is going nowhere.

  3. habsoverserver says:

    Unless the Rangers open their checkbooks, the offseason will be very restrained in free agent signings. Guys like Marchant may find a good deal with a playoff team who need to fill a spot. However, the league will need to set a tone with the high priced guys to send a pre-strike message to the players. I don’t think Federov will get more money if he waits. The Wings are the best place for him. Anyplace else, he will be under pressure to score 50 goals. Wings fans will let him play his two way game and not care as much about his stats. I don’t see why Federov goes to a weak team and most conterders already have a first line center. So that’s $10 million for a second line guy. Maybe the Flyers would do it. It would be amazing if Vancouver could swing it. But I think Federov stays with the Wings.

  4. r_milley says:

    I’d be shocked if Fedorov left Detroit. But if he became a UFA i’m betting the Leafs would open the valt and hand him a blank cheque and allow him to write in the figure. Not saying he’d be interested, but stranger things have happened. Guess i’m just another dumb Leaf fan…

  5. BigLebawski says:

    This is what Fedorov had to say to :

    Q: Your 13 years in Detroit, are you fond of having your whole career with one organization? Will that play in your mind when you start thinking about your contract?

    Fedorov: After the first five or seven years, definitely you’re thinking about that. But definitely 13, it’s not a brainer, you know. It would be very sweet and very nice. It’s a very unique situation.

    I never thought about it, but it’s really, really cool to be here so many years, playing for one team. I know lots of the greatest players in this league have been changing teams twice or three times, including Wayne and Mark Messier and top players like that.

    Q: Is that something you’d like to avoid?

    Fedorov: Well, avoid or not avoid, I definitely enjoy playing for so many years for one club, that’s for sure.

    Q: Do you feel any kind of pressure from outside influence and maybe even the Players Association to get maybe one of last big deals we may see with the new salary structure perhaps coming on to the landscape when the new CBA. is finally reached? Do you feel that you are kind of the guy that other players may look to say, whatever he gets is where our measurement stick is going to be in terms of contracts?

    Fedorov: Of course, of course. I know the CBA. is expiring in a couple of years, right. So my contract is up this year. I just don’t feel pressured by CBA expiring because I’ve got two years. But I do feel pressure to have this deal done, if it’s possible sometime before July.

    As far as being first out there with some kind of set up, some kind of standards, maybe it will be, maybe it’s not. It depends on the situation. Of course, professional hockey players have only one chance in his career and this chance has come for me now. I give up one year of free agency just to sign my previous deal, and I guess just like anybody else, free agents, I like to be happy if the deal is written down and signed.

    So no question about it. It’s exciting time, it’s kind of — some kind of fun pressure added, of course. But I’m not treating this situation every day and thinking about it every day because I always throughout whole career, if anything you can do about that is just play well and just be very, very, very good on the ice.

  6. Aetherial says:

    I think he will finish his career in Detroit.

    I don’t believe he turned down 5 / 50

    If he DID then I do not believe the Leafs would go after him. He would make more than Sundin then. I doubt that will happen. They could get a good forward and a very good D-man for that price.

  7. HabsPunk says:

    heck, he’s a better player than sundin, why wouldnt he get more money than sundin. never mind, since the holik signing, it seems none of that stuff really matters. but hey, cant wait till july 1st, who will spend the most? leafs or rangers? will players finally realize that even though they got a ton of talent, the rangers arent going anywhere? will anyone bite at the leafs unlimited cheque book? oy, Go Habs!

  8. sportside24 says:

    Last year the leafs got left out of all the UFA so come this year the leafs have the biggest cheque book, to go after kovalev and fedorov.. which they will if their available.. Imagine a line of Kovalev, Fedorov, Mogilny…Something is bound to happen this summer…

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