More on the Comrie Trade, Today's Latest Trade Rumors and more…

Mike Comrie will wear a Flyers jersey, but there are a lot of things that don’t make sense. In depth analysis.

Today’s latest trade rumors around the league from Spector’s Trade Rumors.

The National Hockey League Fans’ Association wants you to answer some good questions.

Listen to’s Radio Show, I’ll tell you about that later.

Any former Whalers fans? There’s a nice site for you to look at.

Annnnnd, no off-topic rant today. But, I would like for you to give us your opinion on what the site could do to make it better. Just want to know if anything new comes to mind, so glad we got over 8,000 sign up members. Finally the Mike Comrie saga is settled and there has been a big fuss on the trade. Many like it, many dislike it.

The Oilers had to get rid of the headcase. It was starting to be an everyday distraction in Edmonton, and Oilers fans should just feel relaxed right now that the whole Comrie saga has come to an end. Obviously, the only way to judge this trade is by looking at the value of the items. Maybe the Oilers will draft a complete bust in the 1st and/or 3rd round picks of the next Entry Drafts. Maybe Woywitka will be nothing that good. Or maybe Mike Comrie will just plain out stink in a Flyers jersey. We don’t know what the real outcome will be. Maybe the Flyers will be much better with Comrie for the rest of the season, and Flyers fans will think “GREAT!” Well, not too fast….the Oilers could end up drafting their future all-star with the Flyers 1st rounder.

Anyway, the way this trade looks by judging the items….the Oilers win.

Using a great source for scouting reports, McKeen’, this year’s draft looks to be pretty damn good. There are a lot of goalies available for the Oilers to pick, projecting that the Flyers 1st rounder will be from 26th to 28th overall. Or, the Oilers could end up picking a very solid scorer who is making his name be known, T.J Hensick. A smallish 18-year-old centre who is currently playing with Michigan of the CCHA. Here is a short quote from McKeen’ on T.J:

“An impact scorer at every level, Hensick leads the Wolverines with 15 points in his first 12 games. But, what has been most impressive has been his adaption to the defensive aspects at the collegiate level.”

And, he is currently ranked 29th on their charts.

So, the Oilers should really push their scouts as hard as they can and make their best two 1st round picks of their future.

Meanwhile, the Oilers should be thrilled to have Jeff Woywitka. This is exactly the kind of defenseman that the Edmonton Oilers needed. Woywitka is a physical defenseman who finishes his checks and is a hard worker. The Oilers should groom him into their best defensive defenseman for the next couple of seasons. McKeen’’s projection:

“A steady top-three blueliner who plays in all key defensive situations and on the second power play unit … has 40-point NHL potential.”

I don’t think he’ll be more than a 30 point guy, but he’ll be a damn good defenseman for the Oilers.

Meanwhile, the Flyers now have a very skilled offensive centre. Make no mistake, Comrie is not a soft wimpy player, he has some fiestiness in his play. However, I thought in general how GM Bobby Clarke denied his interest in Comrie, and that’s all I had in mind as I remember the rumors in the past few weeks. Thankfully, HockeyRodent, a contributor to a Rangers fan site, picked up Bobby Clarke’s quote on Comrie.

“We don’t want [Comrie]. We don’t have room for him. We don’t need a small centerman. What would we do with him? You can’t play in the Eastern Conference and our division without some big centers in your lineup. Handzus and Primeau are both 6-5.”

Bobby Clarke, November 11, 2003

So, what the hell did you get him for? He contradicted himself completely and made a complete jack ass out of himself. You know, if I had the chance I’d requote that to him face to face and see what he says. Probably he’ll give me a pointless BS answer in return. However, like him or not, you still respect Bobby Clarke for his decision to acquire Mike Comrie.

Bobby Clarke made this deal for one specific reason. That reason is to improve his team and make them play harder in the playoffs. The last two times the Flyers failed to do anything in the playoffs were: 1) Could not score. 2) Could not beat the trap. GM Clarke hired Ken Hitchcock to beat the trap and to have one just like it. Clarke acquired Comrie for the goal scoring.

Also, in a past article, a little over a month ago I think, of, it had an interview with Martin Brodeur. When asked who were the toughest forwards he faced, one, he mentioned of two names, was Mike Comrie.

Again, I think it was a bad trade value-wise and I think Bobby Clarke made a fool out of himself, but…… cannot disrespect him for what he did. He is just trying to make his team better. That’s what a general manager has to do. If he, and his staff, said “Yes, Mike Comrie will help us become a better team, even for the future” then their job was to get Comrie and they did. A lot of general managers are criticized when they take risks. I like when they make those risky moves, though, but still…..I would not have traded that much value for just Mike Comrie’s rights.

In an article that I typed up last night, and has yet to be posted on, for the Florida Panthers, I mentioned that the Panthers could use Kristian Huselius as trade bait, and the young Swede could draw interest from the Vancouver Canucks and Ottawa Senators. Kristian Huselius has had a very hard time playing with the Panthers, as he has one of the most accurate shots in the game. He is talented, skilled, and a very useful 2nd line winger. Today, Bruce Garrioch of the Ottawa Sun mentioned that, rather insists that GM John Muckler will pull a trade because of injuries. This will put Muckler to the test, as he didn’t really have to build that team. Should he make a trade? Absolutely! The Senators are in 8th place, other teams are catching up. Firing Jaqcues Martin a good idea? A lot of other General Managers who need to hire coaches (Florida Panthers) will say so. But, I don’t think he should be fired. The Senators are lacking big time leadership. Daniel Alfredsson has never convinced me as a good Captain. Trade him? No. But, add more leadership (Ring Adam Graves’ phone?). The Senators have tons of goodies to trade and it would not be such a bad idea to look into Kristian Huselius. Garrioch goes on saying that Olli Jokinen may be of interest. Forget it, not gonna happen. Maybe at the deadline, but the Panthers will be looking to get a very valuable return. He also mention’s Dallas Stars oldster Scott Young. Hmm, Young on the Senators? Don’t think so. We’ll see what GM Muckler will do, it’s up to him whether this Senators team will make an impression.

Spector’s Trade Rumors:

“TORONTO SUN: reported yesterday Boston Bruins forward Mike Zamuner has cleared waivers as the club tries to move his $2 million US salary.”

Tell me something new. The Bruins now have a bad reputation with UFA, they overpay mediocre 4th and 3rd line players. Martin Lapointe. That’s all I need to say.

On Spector’s Trade Rumors page there was also a very interesting trade rumor. Basically, it had:

Salary of Koivu: 4,000,000

Salary of Rivet: 2,500,000

Total: 6,500,000

Salary of Peca: 4,250,000

Salary of Hamrlik: 3,600,000

Total: 7,850,000

I would like to change the Total to Total: Bull****. I know, Koivu’s play has not been superb, but it amazes me how Montreal fans worshipped him and now they want to trade him. Come on, that is pathetic. The Montreal/Quebec media should be ashamed. First of all, the Islanders will not trade Michael Peca. What, Yashin will wear the C then? Oh yeah, great move. Then again, we all know what Milbury is capable of. The trade makes no sense. Why would the Islanders worsen their team? Because it’s Milbury, I know, but he can’t be THAT stupid………right?…..Hmm….

Not in a million years that’s going to happen, and if it does….Isle’s fans will not be pleased.

I have been a member of the National Hockey League Fans’ Association for almost a year now and it’s a great organization to join ( They sent me an e-mail regarding their next Fan Report and giving me questions about the upcoming CBA. You can join the association and answer the questions yourselves, but I think these questions are useful on this site and I’d like to get your input on the questions.

“1. Do you think the NHLFA should set-aside its annual Fan Report poll, which
focuses on a wide array of issues affecting “the game”, and focus solely on
the expiration of the NHL’s Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA)?”

I think it should, the fans should be heard and the NHLFA will help make sure we’re heard. I’d really recommend you join the NHLFA, it has over 20,000 members and the more the better for the game of hockey.

“2. Do you think the NHLFA should solicit the opinions of its members
regarding the CBA through one or more surveys and then re-write the main
components of the NHL CBA and release the fans’ solution to the media, NHL
executives and NHLPA?”

One word, absolutely.

So, really….join the site as it will only do good for us NHL fans.

Many of you know that I’ve been working at Before I was Rangers Correspondent, and now I am Florida’s Correspondent. now has it’s own radio show, every weekend. They talk about a lot of various topics, they had Alex Kovalev and Marc-Andre Fleury as previous interviews, and of course there is the rumor mill hosted by the founder of TFP, Dave Pagnotta. It’s a good show to listen to and you can’t miss it. Why can’t you miss it? Because you can listen to it whenever you want. Just go to and from there on you will find the link to listen to. It’s good to have it on while you’re doing your hockey things on the internet. So, I recommend it, it’s a very nice show…quite funny too. Very nice to listen to the Rumor Mill discussions and letters/emails that they read.

Another thing is this site of the Hartford Whalers. It’s a very nice site for hockey fans to post and share their memories of the Hartford Whalers. I am not a Wahlers fan myself, since I don’t have many memories of them. I only remember that Sanderson’s slap shot got through Richter a number of times, and my first ever hockey game I watched live at MSG, was a 9-4 Rangers win over the Whalers. If you have good memories to share, check out

They should have that for the Winnpeg Jets as well.

And finally………….we want to see your opinions on this site. We got over 8,000 members signed up, a lot of newbies on the site so the staff wants to know if you have any suggestions or ideas to add on this site. This is a site built for you, to check out trade rumors, discuss them, write articles about them and many other various topics, and share opinions and thoughts with other fans.

Thank you very much, hope you enjoyed!

Micki Peroni

57 Responses to More on the Comrie Trade, Today's Latest Trade Rumors and more…

  1. bender says:

    It’s just how I feel about him.

    Besides, have you watched him play yet?

    He’s not even in the NHL yet. As most of the real hockey guys have said, it wasn’t enough. The Flyers get a proven scorer, and the Oilers get what ifs.

    In the end, I honestly hope it works out for the Oilers, because I have a soft spot for them, not to mention there the local team. I do think Woywitka was a better deal than Perry after watching him play.

    I’m happy with the deal, Clarke’s seems happy with the deal, Hitchcock’s seems happy with the Deal, Lowe’s seems happy with the deal, and most importantly Comrie seems happy.

    So point being, don’t go all building up a story just because it suits your feelings or beliefs, when in reality, that may be what the person wanted to make you and them think all along.

    If Comrie comes out and says, “EFF that, I’m not going to the Flyers.” Then you know the reason and you then can say it.

  2. bender says:

    From Clarke’s interview, it’s the opposite. Meh

    It does remain to be seen if Comrie can play for Hitchcock. AS they say, you can learn to play defense, but you can’t learn talent.

    We usually outshoot you guys. We just don’t score on our chances due to great defensive positioning to force us outside and great goaltending. Comrie gives us more speed off the rush.

    Did you also read the comment that Broduer made, about Comrie being one of the hardest shooters to face. OH YEAH. LOL

  3. habsoverserver says:

    Clementine is worth watching. Henry Fonda as Wyatt Earp taking on Walter Brennan as Old Man Clanton in a shootout at the OK Coral.

    Few Dollars more is also great.

    I wish someone would do another great Western. The last one I can remember is Unforgiven.

  4. PurpleHelmet says:

    Hey mullet, so your interested in the metro-sexuals these days huh? Sorry, I lost my train of thought. i was picturing myself taking a shit on your face. Merry Christmas mullet.

  5. PurpleHelmet says:

    Hey mullet

    Can you still chug that pint of semen like you used to? You’re an asshole. Merry Christmas.

  6. rojoke says:

    First, I hope Koivu isn’t traded. Let’s get that out of the way right away. I don’t believe all this talk about a rift between him and Ribiero, simply because Zednik is playing with Mike now. Koivu is still their first line center, and they both play the PP, so what is there to be bitter about. The fans like Ribeiro for two reasons: he’s a pretty good hockey player and he’s Français. Quelle surprise!!!

    Second, if they do trade Koivu, I hope it isn’t for Peca. To put it bluntly, I think he’s a dirty player. I saw the play that put Lundmark out, and it looked like he was knee-hunting. Those type of guys I don’t respect, and never will. If they’re gonna deal him, they better get a No. 1 center for him, because if you think Ribeiro is a No. 1 center, then you’re mistaken. When you get right down to it, Ribeiro and Koivu are pretty much the same players; smallish, great with the puck, who need their wingers. Koivu needs them to finish, Ribeiro needs them to make room for him.

    But I’ll leave it in Gainey’s hands. He’s the dealer here, and I’ll follow the team regardless of what he does. There’s 22 guys on the team to root for.

  7. GretzNYR99 says:

    WOW, Somone who isn’t blind, and knows how to throw a damn body check. You’re right, he was knee-hunting. If he wasn’t…

    A. He wouldn’t have lead into it with his knee. Even if he did have his shoulder out, you don’t lean down and into a player with your knee out DEAD-ON at the other players knee. Maybe with your knee faced sideways so that it doesn’t clip the player and your shoulder goes up and into him, but no, you don’t lead with your knee. Shoulder up and in.

    B. He wouldn’t have tried to clip him with his knee. When you miss a body check, you miss it. You don’t try and clip someone. Bryan Marchment and Slava Fetisov were the worst at that. They’d try and run everyone’s knees. Peca’s wasn’t as blatant as they were, but it was still bad.

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