More on the Comrie Trade, Today's Latest Trade Rumors and more…

Mike Comrie will wear a Flyers jersey, but there are a lot of things that don’t make sense. In depth analysis.

Today’s latest trade rumors around the league from Spector’s Trade Rumors.

The National Hockey League Fans’ Association wants you to answer some good questions.

Listen to’s Radio Show, I’ll tell you about that later.

Any former Whalers fans? There’s a nice site for you to look at.

Annnnnd, no off-topic rant today. But, I would like for you to give us your opinion on what the site could do to make it better. Just want to know if anything new comes to mind, so glad we got over 8,000 sign up members. Finally the Mike Comrie saga is settled and there has been a big fuss on the trade. Many like it, many dislike it.

The Oilers had to get rid of the headcase. It was starting to be an everyday distraction in Edmonton, and Oilers fans should just feel relaxed right now that the whole Comrie saga has come to an end. Obviously, the only way to judge this trade is by looking at the value of the items. Maybe the Oilers will draft a complete bust in the 1st and/or 3rd round picks of the next Entry Drafts. Maybe Woywitka will be nothing that good. Or maybe Mike Comrie will just plain out stink in a Flyers jersey. We don’t know what the real outcome will be. Maybe the Flyers will be much better with Comrie for the rest of the season, and Flyers fans will think “GREAT!” Well, not too fast….the Oilers could end up drafting their future all-star with the Flyers 1st rounder.

Anyway, the way this trade looks by judging the items….the Oilers win.

Using a great source for scouting reports, McKeen’, this year’s draft looks to be pretty damn good. There are a lot of goalies available for the Oilers to pick, projecting that the Flyers 1st rounder will be from 26th to 28th overall. Or, the Oilers could end up picking a very solid scorer who is making his name be known, T.J Hensick. A smallish 18-year-old centre who is currently playing with Michigan of the CCHA. Here is a short quote from McKeen’ on T.J:

“An impact scorer at every level, Hensick leads the Wolverines with 15 points in his first 12 games. But, what has been most impressive has been his adaption to the defensive aspects at the collegiate level.”

And, he is currently ranked 29th on their charts.

So, the Oilers should really push their scouts as hard as they can and make their best two 1st round picks of their future.

Meanwhile, the Oilers should be thrilled to have Jeff Woywitka. This is exactly the kind of defenseman that the Edmonton Oilers needed. Woywitka is a physical defenseman who finishes his checks and is a hard worker. The Oilers should groom him into their best defensive defenseman for the next couple of seasons. McKeen’’s projection:

“A steady top-three blueliner who plays in all key defensive situations and on the second power play unit … has 40-point NHL potential.”

I don’t think he’ll be more than a 30 point guy, but he’ll be a damn good defenseman for the Oilers.

Meanwhile, the Flyers now have a very skilled offensive centre. Make no mistake, Comrie is not a soft wimpy player, he has some fiestiness in his play. However, I thought in general how GM Bobby Clarke denied his interest in Comrie, and that’s all I had in mind as I remember the rumors in the past few weeks. Thankfully, HockeyRodent, a contributor to a Rangers fan site, picked up Bobby Clarke’s quote on Comrie.

“We don’t want [Comrie]. We don’t have room for him. We don’t need a small centerman. What would we do with him? You can’t play in the Eastern Conference and our division without some big centers in your lineup. Handzus and Primeau are both 6-5.”

Bobby Clarke, November 11, 2003

So, what the hell did you get him for? He contradicted himself completely and made a complete jack ass out of himself. You know, if I had the chance I’d requote that to him face to face and see what he says. Probably he’ll give me a pointless BS answer in return. However, like him or not, you still respect Bobby Clarke for his decision to acquire Mike Comrie.

Bobby Clarke made this deal for one specific reason. That reason is to improve his team and make them play harder in the playoffs. The last two times the Flyers failed to do anything in the playoffs were: 1) Could not score. 2) Could not beat the trap. GM Clarke hired Ken Hitchcock to beat the trap and to have one just like it. Clarke acquired Comrie for the goal scoring.

Also, in a past article, a little over a month ago I think, of, it had an interview with Martin Brodeur. When asked who were the toughest forwards he faced, one, he mentioned of two names, was Mike Comrie.

Again, I think it was a bad trade value-wise and I think Bobby Clarke made a fool out of himself, but…… cannot disrespect him for what he did. He is just trying to make his team better. That’s what a general manager has to do. If he, and his staff, said “Yes, Mike Comrie will help us become a better team, even for the future” then their job was to get Comrie and they did. A lot of general managers are criticized when they take risks. I like when they make those risky moves, though, but still…..I would not have traded that much value for just Mike Comrie’s rights.

In an article that I typed up last night, and has yet to be posted on, for the Florida Panthers, I mentioned that the Panthers could use Kristian Huselius as trade bait, and the young Swede could draw interest from the Vancouver Canucks and Ottawa Senators. Kristian Huselius has had a very hard time playing with the Panthers, as he has one of the most accurate shots in the game. He is talented, skilled, and a very useful 2nd line winger. Today, Bruce Garrioch of the Ottawa Sun mentioned that, rather insists that GM John Muckler will pull a trade because of injuries. This will put Muckler to the test, as he didn’t really have to build that team. Should he make a trade? Absolutely! The Senators are in 8th place, other teams are catching up. Firing Jaqcues Martin a good idea? A lot of other General Managers who need to hire coaches (Florida Panthers) will say so. But, I don’t think he should be fired. The Senators are lacking big time leadership. Daniel Alfredsson has never convinced me as a good Captain. Trade him? No. But, add more leadership (Ring Adam Graves’ phone?). The Senators have tons of goodies to trade and it would not be such a bad idea to look into Kristian Huselius. Garrioch goes on saying that Olli Jokinen may be of interest. Forget it, not gonna happen. Maybe at the deadline, but the Panthers will be looking to get a very valuable return. He also mention’s Dallas Stars oldster Scott Young. Hmm, Young on the Senators? Don’t think so. We’ll see what GM Muckler will do, it’s up to him whether this Senators team will make an impression.

Spector’s Trade Rumors:

“TORONTO SUN: reported yesterday Boston Bruins forward Mike Zamuner has cleared waivers as the club tries to move his $2 million US salary.”

Tell me something new. The Bruins now have a bad reputation with UFA, they overpay mediocre 4th and 3rd line players. Martin Lapointe. That’s all I need to say.

On Spector’s Trade Rumors page there was also a very interesting trade rumor. Basically, it had:

Salary of Koivu: 4,000,000

Salary of Rivet: 2,500,000

Total: 6,500,000

Salary of Peca: 4,250,000

Salary of Hamrlik: 3,600,000

Total: 7,850,000

I would like to change the Total to Total: Bull****. I know, Koivu’s play has not been superb, but it amazes me how Montreal fans worshipped him and now they want to trade him. Come on, that is pathetic. The Montreal/Quebec media should be ashamed. First of all, the Islanders will not trade Michael Peca. What, Yashin will wear the C then? Oh yeah, great move. Then again, we all know what Milbury is capable of. The trade makes no sense. Why would the Islanders worsen their team? Because it’s Milbury, I know, but he can’t be THAT stupid………right?…..Hmm….

Not in a million years that’s going to happen, and if it does….Isle’s fans will not be pleased.

I have been a member of the National Hockey League Fans’ Association for almost a year now and it’s a great organization to join ( They sent me an e-mail regarding their next Fan Report and giving me questions about the upcoming CBA. You can join the association and answer the questions yourselves, but I think these questions are useful on this site and I’d like to get your input on the questions.

“1. Do you think the NHLFA should set-aside its annual Fan Report poll, which
focuses on a wide array of issues affecting “the game”, and focus solely on
the expiration of the NHL’s Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA)?”

I think it should, the fans should be heard and the NHLFA will help make sure we’re heard. I’d really recommend you join the NHLFA, it has over 20,000 members and the more the better for the game of hockey.

“2. Do you think the NHLFA should solicit the opinions of its members
regarding the CBA through one or more surveys and then re-write the main
components of the NHL CBA and release the fans’ solution to the media, NHL
executives and NHLPA?”

One word, absolutely.

So, really….join the site as it will only do good for us NHL fans.

Many of you know that I’ve been working at Before I was Rangers Correspondent, and now I am Florida’s Correspondent. now has it’s own radio show, every weekend. They talk about a lot of various topics, they had Alex Kovalev and Marc-Andre Fleury as previous interviews, and of course there is the rumor mill hosted by the founder of TFP, Dave Pagnotta. It’s a good show to listen to and you can’t miss it. Why can’t you miss it? Because you can listen to it whenever you want. Just go to and from there on you will find the link to listen to. It’s good to have it on while you’re doing your hockey things on the internet. So, I recommend it, it’s a very nice show…quite funny too. Very nice to listen to the Rumor Mill discussions and letters/emails that they read.

Another thing is this site of the Hartford Whalers. It’s a very nice site for hockey fans to post and share their memories of the Hartford Whalers. I am not a Wahlers fan myself, since I don’t have many memories of them. I only remember that Sanderson’s slap shot got through Richter a number of times, and my first ever hockey game I watched live at MSG, was a 9-4 Rangers win over the Whalers. If you have good memories to share, check out

They should have that for the Winnpeg Jets as well.

And finally………….we want to see your opinions on this site. We got over 8,000 members signed up, a lot of newbies on the site so the staff wants to know if you have any suggestions or ideas to add on this site. This is a site built for you, to check out trade rumors, discuss them, write articles about them and many other various topics, and share opinions and thoughts with other fans.

Thank you very much, hope you enjoyed!

Micki Peroni

57 Responses to More on the Comrie Trade, Today's Latest Trade Rumors and more…

  1. bender says:

    Mikster, I usually rag on you for making dumb statements………………..AND THIS IS NO EXCEPTION. You’ve taken the cake on this one.

    For 1) The quote you have on Clarke talking about Comrie doesn’t begin to explain what he meant back in November. Go to the flyers website and look up the Clarke interview on the mainpage. You realize that Lowe wanted Handzus for Comrie, and Clarke wanted no part in that deal. So what did he do, he downplayed his interest, in a beeeutiful move and got Comrie for practically nothing a month later. Now, instead of having 1 big center and 3 small centers. Clarke still has his 2 big centers and added a gifted small one. All Gm’s play the game, you should be aware of this, the Rangers GM is one of the best at it.

    What you did was exacting what the “media” did, trying to make a big issue out of nothing to get a story, in your case to prove a point.

    Now, I told you months ago that Pitkanen would make the team, and that Woywitka wasn’t gonna. And what happened. Pitks has been flourishing and while Woy’s was scoring a whopping 6 points in 29 games for the AHL Phantoms. The guy was so over-rated in Juniors much like Corey Perry is, and could be a 3rd or 4th one day. But in my honest opinion, will be a 5th or 6th. And forget the draft picks, the Oilers are notoriusly bad drafters. The best thing the Oil could do is take both picks and parlay it into a high draft pick or possibly a player.

    Clarke didn’t make a fool out of himself, YOU HAVE.

  2. simplyhabby says:

    I was very suprised that Edmonton got what they did in the Comrie deal. Lowe is a smart man because this he was under a lot of pressure to move Comrie and it was starting to look like he would of got just a 1st rounder. Instead he got that too with a 3rd and a promising D-man. I am amazed.

    I am happy to see that you bashed the media and fans in La belle province. They started to sound like Leaf fans with their critical nature. I think Koivu has been the team’s best Captain since Muller and Carboneau but if he is the breaker for a blockbuster trade(no not the Peca one) well that’s the business of sport.

    You generally post some great articles and make interesting points. Seriously though, posting American propoganda about the capture of Saddam Hussien and calling the French socialist A-holes should not be posted on this type of website. Congrats to the yanks in catching a war criminal but that still does not justify the war. (OK if you want to argue politics then respond to this comment and do it in a civil manner but lets get back to hockey)

    Other then that, the site is well maintained and I commend you for it. Keep up the informed opinion and looking forward to butting heads in the face off circle.

  3. JNurk17 says:

    he didnt contradict himself.. because he was talking about not trading handzus for comrie, not getting comrie for a defensive prospect (where the flyers are stacked) and 2 draft picks.

  4. Aetherial says:

    You accuse him of sounding stupid and then say that Clarke got Comrie for “practically nothing”…

    At the VERY best, I would say that the jury is out on this trade… there is no way he paid “practically nothing”.

    Clarke ate his words, NO context changes what he said. You, however, have made the stupidest statement on the issue so far.

  5. Aetherial says:

    No matter what the context was of the quote… it stands on its own pretty clearly. There is no confusing what he said.

    Hey, don’t get me wrong, I am not a Clarke-hater or anything. In fact, I think he is underrated as a GM except for his blind-spot re: goalies.

    I just think this whole thing goes to show you that you cannot believe one word that comes out of any GM’s mouth these days!

  6. kidhenry1 says:

    First things first: The Oilers win.

    They couldn’t have done better than some draft picks for Comrie at this point, and they also snagged Woywitka, who can address some of the teams most dire needs very soon.

    Maybe Ken Hitchcock will move Comrie to the wing, if he’s open to a change. Right now he’s the fourth line center, simply by experience and the fact that Hitch trusts his other guys more. I just hope for Comrie’s sake that he signs whatever the flyers give him and gets back on the ice very soon–at least in time for this weekends matchup with the New York Islanders.

    And speaking of my Icelanders, Koivu and Rivet for Peca and Hammer? They don’t save that much money, and although Koivu will put up better numbers than Peca, he will not be able to handle the islanders locker room, or the wrath of the fans for having replaced Michael Peca. Basically, this deal’s not going to happen. No deal will happen for the isles anytime soon unless they fall way out of playoff contention.

  7. bender says:

    I’ll stand by what I said.

    Woywitka is junk, he’s a 5th or 6th D man in reality. He’s not gonna be the 3rd D man that Lowe hopes he’ll become one day. I actually feel sorry for the Oilers for getting him for Comrie.

    The 1st rounder does hurt us a bit, but as they say, you gotta give to get. The Oilers aren’t great drafters, specially as of recently. THis is a huge risk by the Oilers. I think the best thing they can do is trade this pick and there own for a top 3 pick or for a proven player.

    The Oilers get a bunch of what if’s.

    The Flyers get a solid proven 2nd line Center to play with Gagne.

    Clarke did eat his words, but I guarantee he’s not crying about it. He got his man, and he got him without giving up Handzus.

    Btw, the SCore ran the same exact story on Clarke last night, just more media propaganda trying to create some controversy.

    Clarke talked to Comrie, and he’s excited to come to Philly, NUFF SAID.

  8. mikster says:

    Do you know the game of hockey?

    What the hell are you saying? You are making no points at all and just showing your biased opinion.

    So what if Lowe wanted Handzus for Comrie. That gave no reason for Clarke to completely show no interested in Comrie. He basically criticizes Comrie and then gets him. Never seen a GM do that.

    Practically nothing? What are you smoking? a 1st rounder, plus a 3rd rounder, and a top prospect.

    Leanr a thing or two. Woywitka is only…20, 21? You already know what he’s going to be? Get out of here.

    Stay at home physical d-man and you criticize his offense? Yeah, i’d say he was overrated on the offense, but defensively he can become a #2 or #3 guy. I told a lot of people that Pitkanen was a steal the minute he was drafted, even making statements that Pitkanen will be more valuable than Bouwmeester.

    Woywitka will be a very strong and very good physical defenseman. 5th or 6th? Get a clue, will you? People just laughed at you the moment they read that.

    Don’t make a fool out of yourself…..

  9. bender says:

    Exactly, every GM in the league is a diplomat.

    And I’ve realized, you cant’ always show your cards. Sometimes you ‘ve gotta hold them and bluff and maybe you’ll get a better deal, which I believe Clarke did.

  10. mikster says:

    “Woywitka is junk, he’s a 5th or 6th D man in reality. He’s not gonna be the 3rd D man that Lowe hopes he’ll become one day. I actually feel sorry for the Oilers for getting him for Comrie.”

    You’re full of shit. You have nothing to prove that. I doubt people will take your opinion over scouting reports from pros.

  11. mikster says:

    I am glad too of what Lowe got, some biased Flyers fans just try to come up with stupid lies about Woywitka being a 5th d-man at best. Riiiiiiight, age 20….you can really tell what he’s going to be.

    It’s my off-topic rant. I am proud to have US citizenships, but still very proud of my own country (Italy) and what the French are doin in the EU is sick and disgusting. They ought to be left alone. European socialists in general are the begining of the end in Europe. You watch.

    Thanks for your opinion on the site, glad you like reading this stuff!

  12. mikster says:

    You can’t say, “I don’t need him, he is too small for us” and then you get him. That means he needed him and he wasn’t too small for him.

    To me, he contradicted himself. If he wanted to play diplomat and not show his cards, he should have said that Comrie is a good player but he’s not looking to make any major roster moves.

    And he didn’t. That’s how you play gm with the media.

  13. simplyhabby says:

    The French will always be the French. They have not changed one bit since the revoloution. They are the complainers with no soloution to what they are complaining about.

    As to the Flyers fans stating Woywitka is a 5th D-man at best….what the F***?

  14. KUBLI-KAHN says:

    How can you evaluate a trade based on draft picks and a player while predicted to ba a solid NHL’er, hasnt played a damn game in the NHL. Your the FOOL pal, If the Ranger$ would have made the same deal, im willing to bet you would find a way to spin it as positive as possible. You should’nt post these long articles because your bias is so transparent. I mean I could go on and on about what a joke the rangers are and how could it be possible for a team with that payroll to be this bad year after year. Maybe you should talk more about all the lousy moves your GM (Sather) has made. Because if your going by results, well you would have no choice but to say he is a damn FOOL, just like you. I mean day after day I read these articles you write about the Ranger$, and how they should do this and how they should do that. That orginazation is a disgrace, a complete joke, and its a major reason why we probably wont have a hockey season next year. The new CBA when and if there is one will not only be helping the smaller market teams, its also going to help those hopeless Rangers, how ironic!! So instead of posting these articles that make you look like a complete moron, try writing about all the horrible player aquisitions Sather has made (um, i dont think any of them have worked ), and how despite all the payroll the Rangers add every year they still cant find a way to make the playoffs, or in most season even be competitive. Dont worry about Bob Clarke, his team makes the playoffs every year, and are very competitive every single year, that a whole lot more that you can say about the Ranger$. You need to clean up your own backyard before yo go pointing out what “you” think is wrong with other peoples. Beat it punk………

  15. mikster says:

    They are a bunch of vultures and thieves. They can’t make good wine, they keep adding aritcificial ingredients and sugar. Their food is not that good so to cover up the taste they make these way too strong sauces that kill the actual food’s taste. They are arrogant and rude. They have stolen way too many things (arts) from other countries. They say that Italy’s and Swiss chocolate is too pure so they must add more vegetable oil. They, with the Germans, say that Italy produces too much olive oil, along with Spain. They forced to put a permanent amount of milk production for Italy and whatever is left over they have to throw away, they can’t sell it.

    It’ll go on forever. Europe is based on countries not liking each other and now they want to pull them all in one. It’ll never happened.

    Ok, i’ll stop now. But you see why i can’t stand the French anymore? Not all, i have French friends, but in general….they are the worst of Europe.

    As for Flyers fans saying that Woy is a 5th d-man at best, we’ll just have to drink beer and forget about those statements heheh.

  16. MantaRay says:

    Wait a minute, is this a ghost writer for the Mikster?? This actually a decent post—there is no way the Mikster wrote this.

    The writer even provided evidence to back up some statements. Mikster never does that.

    Eitherway, Good job….whoever you are.

    The Comrie trade will probably knock Philly down a few pegs….PROVIDED they can sign him.

    -How does Handzus (who is playing some great hockey and developing into a strong player) handle the fact that he is not wanted in Philly??? The Comrie for Handzus trade was made public by Comries agent (ok questionable source).

    -With the team playing so well, whose playing time gets cut??? IF he signs.

    -Is last night’s loss (at home) a sign of deflated chemistry with news of the trade.

    Many questions.

  17. bender says:


    WHy is it, that guys always gotta say something so weak as, Do you even know hockey?

    What am I to say, oh yes, your right. I’ve lived imprisoned in a box of crackerjack’s all my life and just got out 4 days ago and seen my first hockey game last night.

    I’m not gonna even argue with you on this one. It’s not even worth it.

    You go on and believe what the media’s gonna tell you and hear what you wanna. When it coincides with what you believe, you can say, “Yeah, I’m smart”, and when it doesn’t, you can ask gems like, “Does that guy even know what hockey is? or What is that guy smoking?”.


    Clarke may have chose the wrong words, but he made his point. Read between the lines sometimes. You think maybe he should have said, “Comrie’s a great player, we’d love to have him, unfortunately, Lowe’s asking too much at this time, we’ll come back in a month and offer less and see if Lowe will bite.”

    In the end, Comrie’s on his way to Philly regardless of what Clarke said about him. And Philly now holds all the cards. They can either keep him and turn him into a great 2nd line center for Gagne and Williams. Or even trade him and get an even better deal from a Western team, that the Oilers would have otherwise demanded more from.

    Gargle all you want about what he said, the deal’s been done. If he produces the 60 points that even you believe he can, I believe the Flyers will still come out on top of this one. Maybe even have a cup to show for it.

  18. mikster says:


    I’d get pissed as hell if the Rangers trade away their 1st rounder for Comrie. The only positive i’d say is that Comrie could look good in the future with Lundmark and Murray.

    The only fool here is you with your pathetic comment, making offensive remarks towards me and changing the whole subject on the Rangers.

    Anyway, buh bye!

  19. edmontonrules says:

    To tell you the truth I was disappointed by this trade. In essence the Oilers don’t get anyone…… RIGHT NOW! Sure they probably got a better deal,overall. But they keep on getting younger and younger players. Somewhere along the line they will need to grab a player that can play for them at the time of the trade. Bender you fool. You got fucked. Sure the Flyers didn’t give up Handzus. They gave up the extreme potential for much much more.

  20. UsedandAbused says:

    What do you mean he is not wanted in Philly? If they didn’t want him Clarke would have traded him for Comrie. Believe me Handzus is just the kind of center clarke wants on that team. He isn’t going anywhere.

  21. Donovan says:

    I still don’t think the Flyers made the right move. I didn’t think they needed anything. Comrie will help fill the void on the fourth line(!) but the Flyers overpaid for that little runt. Edmonton needs help now, not in a few years. They need to get guys who can play right freaking now, not in 2-3 years time. Woywitka (i love that name) may be called up late in the season, and the pick may play in 5 years, but the Oil need guys now!

    I usually don’t follow the draft until it happens, but I’ve even touted Ovechkin, so maybe I follow it. One question though; Can a team sign a player before he is drafted, or would that be nulified by the age limits and crap?

    Koivu will not be traded. Peca will not be traded, yet.

    Mike Zamuner? I think its Rob, and the B’s will get nothing back for him. Buy him out.

    Garrioch is full of shit. I don’t see Ottawa doing anything drastic until Febuary at the earliest. Maybe a few minor moves, but nothing to rattle the cages. They’re just in a funk. They’ll get out of it. I see them finishing 2-3 in the NE.

    I had no idea TFP had a show. I’ll be sure to listen. As for this site, I don’t see anything that really needs improving; its great as it is. Maybe adding some pictures to articles, but that may screw up posting sources. I keep thinking though.

  22. mikster says:

    No, it’s the usual me. Must be the great Florida weather and the less stress i have ever since i didn’t have to write for the Rangers on TFP.

    I did back up my statements, when i didn’t it was to drive you nuts because it must have been a bs statement i said. It’s what i live for.

    Anyway, i don’t think Comrie will put the Flyers down too much. He’ll need time to get back in shape, and he is a good future centre for the Flyers to have, especially if they’ll have to sell their players with the NHL wanting such a pathetic low salary cap. Come on, that can’t happen. How is a $30M salary cap going to help the richer teams who have payrolls of $50M and over?

    Anywya, back to Comrie….he should be a good future investment….but we shall see how he does in the East.

  23. RangerSteve says:

    First of all, relax. Usually I don’t defend Mikster but anyway..for the first time here I go…..

    It’s no lie that the Rangers have a high payroll and are the biggest underachievers in the league since 1997. They are the reason for a CBA? What about the Red Wings, Avalanche, FLYERS, Stars, Leafs? The only difference between those teams and the Rangers is that those teams have success. Besides Holik, Kasparatis, you name me ‘high priced free agents’ that they have signed that are on this team right now. Lindros, Kovalev, Carter, Nedved, Poti, Dunham, Mironov all have come over in trades. If you want to classify Greg de Vries as a high priced free agent then go right ahead. Fact of the matter is, Sather went out and exploited small market teams weakness of having no money to afford top players and he did what he could for the Rangers. Your meaning to tell me if all you had to do was deal Rico Fata for Alex Kovalev, you wouldn’t do it?!?! When Sather came in, they had absolutely nothing to work with and the only way the Rangers could attempt to be competitive is by dipping into the free agent pool. This is NY, just like Philadelphia, you can’t go out and do a full rebuilding process, it just won’t happen. As far as you rambling about the Rangers not making the playoffs every year, how about the Flyers maybe beating the Devils or Senators in the playoffs? How about the Flyers last trip to the Finals led to an ass whipping by the Red Wings in a sweep? 1994 is a lot closer than oh shit I can’t even remember the last time Philly won a cup! Personally, if you don’t win the cup, the season is a failure. Having friends in Philly, they seem to say the same thing, so keep on ranting and raving about having your Flyers ‘being competitive each and every year’. Clarke’s made questionable deals in the past anyway what about those picks and Oullett for Adam Oates? Comrie isn’t even signed yet, what makes you think he even wants to play in Philadelphia? The only thing he’s happy about is that he’s out of Edmonton. The Philadelphia Flyers are just like the Philadelphia Eagles, HOW FITTING! So much hype and they’ll find a way to lose!

  24. Donovan says:

    No off-topic rant, mind if I start one. Too bad.

    I love a good Western. Emphasis on good. My favorite movie is ‘The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly’, a brilliant Spaghetti Western by the master Sergio Leone. If you haven’t seen it, you’re nothing. Its got it all; action, comedy, drama, midgets. No women means no romance! Three of the baddest-ass charecters of all time. Is it great.

    Westerns eventually died out in the 70’s, but in 1992 Eastwood made perhaps the greatest western ever: Unforgiven. Since then westerns have been few and most aren’t good. Now they seem to be coming back; Cold Mountain looks pretty womanized. The Alamo looks like patriotic crap. They’re remaking Butch and Sundance with two young metro-sexual kinda guys. Others are being planned, and I even heard that the dollers trilogy is being considered. My point is this, Hollywood sucks!

  25. mikster says:


    WHy is it, that guys always gotta say something so weak as, Do you even know hockey?

    What am I to say, oh yes, your right. I’ve lived imprisoned in a box of crackerjack’s all my life and just got out 4 days ago and seen my first hockey game last night.”

    Hehe, that was pretty damn good.

    Look, you have nothing to back your statements up. Nothing that says Woywitka will be a 5th d-man a best. What proves that? The six points? He is a physical defenseman, he is supposed to play defense, and he’s only 20…21 years old for crying out loud.

    So if Comrie only produces 60 points….that means the Flyers just traded all that value for just a 60 point 2nd line centre? Usually, teams trade half of that for a 2nd line 60 point centre.

    I said the Flyers will ave a great shop at the Cup…

    Blues-Flyers, that was my choice.

  26. mikster says:

    With the CBA coming, it was the best thing to do.

  27. bender says:

    LMAO, getting testy are we……

    You don’t have to be a NHL scout to see that some kids have it, and some don’t.

    Your right, Jeff is a great prospect, he’s big, physical and could be a great stay at home defenseman.

    But I’m looking at the grander picture here. The ideal of what it takes to be an effective NHL defenseman has shifted. The top teams in the league are aware of this and consistently draft guys based on two things. The ability to hit and the ability to move the puck. Now, to have a top notch defense, you need guys who excel at BOTH, not one or the other. Look at teams like Ottawa and Jersey. Every guy on there D roster has the abiltiy to do both.

    The Oilers are seeming to have the opposite ideal. Cory Cross?? Semenov?? No thanks, there trying to find a Chara, but guess what. THose types of guys are rare. Which is exactly what makes Pronger so valuable. He’s huge, but yet has tremendous offensive upside. Pronger is to the NHL, what Michael Vick is to the NFL. A wonderful clash of all talents that doesn’t come along everyday.

    So, Woy may become 2 or even a 3, but I bet that doesn’t lead the Oilers to Stanley cup land, in fact, it’ll maybe get them to mediocre land. if that. I was laughing myself the day we traded Woywitka for Comrie. Because not only do I get a 2nd line center, but I also get rid of the second coming of Therien.

    Now if you wanna laugh at me for having Therien, I’ll meekly sit aside and say nothing.

  28. bender says:

    I’m just going with gut feeling, and what I like in a D man. I’m glad he’s gone, point said. He’s a great prospect, just not what I think it takes to build a super solid defense these days.

    ANd 60 points is pretty damn good for a 2nd line centerman nowadays.

    In the end, at least the Oilers got something for him. I’m glad that they didn’t get completely screwed.

    I’m happy we got Comrie, and super glad we dumped Woywita, good luck to both parties.

  29. spazmainia13 says:

    someone allready asked this question in the middle of one of their other comments, but there isn’t an answer so i’ll ask again.

    paper or plastic?…i mean

    Is it rob zamuner or is this MIKE zamuner guy just some dude that i’ve never heard of?

  30. bender says:

    I guess it remains to be seen.

    I’m happy with the trade. Because not only do we get a 60 point. BUT what if, he takes Gagne’s or Williams game to a whole new level. What if Comrie scores 65 points, and then Gagne starts scoring and gets 35 goals with Comrie. THen not only did we get a player for “extreme potential”, but that player helped develop some already there potential.

  31. bender says:

    From what I’ve read, Lowe asked for Handzus and Clarke said NO. Which must make Zeus feel really good considering not only was his own GM not willing to part with him, but another GM wanted him.

    The team rolls 4 lines, and remember, Hitchcock said at the beginning that the Old Guys should be prepared to take on bigger checking roles.

    The loss, I believe was a result of the “no wins again” against the Devils. OFfense has been lacking and the powerplay has gone back to the old ways.

    I believe that Comrie is the spark we need, and what if, He makes Gagne a better player and he starts scoring in bunches again.

  32. Kashin says:

    Bobby clarke shouldnt have done that. The oilers got the most possible they couldve got from that trade. They wont draft a goalie since Conklin could be good. They need to find a way to keep players since Comrie wouldve been an all star for them. He will never be an all star with the flyers. N E V E R.

    Now what oubviously stuck out is the trade that wont happen. Peca is playing better with his new linemates. (the new lucky 7’s). Hamrlik could be gone but not if the team is in a serious playoff run which they are in 9th place. (9 out of last 10 points).

  33. GretzNYR99 says:

    Yes, agreed. This kid also went onto say that Comrie would play against the Opposition’s top checking line and defensive pairing instead of Jeremy Roenick’s line, which is one of the best in the NHL. Don’t think so. Woywitka and a 3rd rounder should have been enough for Comrie, he’ll be nothing more than a 20-25 goal 60-70 point scorer, he’s great 2nd line material, but not first. He’s Adam Oates with speed and less of a passing touch and vision.

  34. GretzNYR99 says:

    Agreed on the French.

    Agreed on Woywitka also, I think he’ll be a good 2-way 2nd or 3rd defender at his peak.

  35. GretzNYR99 says:

    Holy shit, Steve, well said.

    This is why most people hate to play in Philadelphia. Some of the fans can just be absolutely repulsive. Ranger bashers are like broken records. 6 years out, highest payroll (hello Detroit), etc… over and over again. I mean, come on, what haven’t we heard? It’s the same shit over and over again, and they don’t even back up their statements with any facts, just a biased rant, that’s all. They don’t know that it’s the Dolan family who orchestrated Sather to just buy any player possible. The previous ownership had the right idea. Leetch, Kovalev, Zubov, Amonte, Weight, Marchant, Nemchinov, Norstrom, Richter… Bring in Messier, Lowe, a few other veterans in small free agent signings… but when the Dolan’s came… oh boy… Zubov and Nedved for Robitaille and Samuelsson boy was that a good trade… Lets not match Colorado’s matching offers in 96 for Sakic and Forsberg, 2 franchise players, especially Forsberg, being only 23 years old at the time… some other bad moves, then Kevin Stevens, Valeri Kamensky, John MacLean, Kevin Hatcher, etc… bad moves… Adam Graves for Mikael Samuelsson, wow… but, yeah, it’s been the Dolans who have fucked this club up, they don’t care about the team, just the money it makes.

  36. GretzNYR99 says:

    The Rangers aren’t the NHL’s problem, don’t even start this shit up again.

    1. A shitty tv contract with little air time.

    2. Not having a marketable superstar or an overhyped prospect. (ex: Lebron James)

    3. Hockey being a Canadian sport. It’s sort of a nationalist, borderline racist issue.

    4. Defensive hockey. (just check tv ratings over the years and you’ll see they’ve gone down)

    5. Inflation.

    6. Overexpansion.

    7. Teams with poor fanbases in unmarketable cities not generating enough revenue. (Ties into overexpansion)

    8. Fair-weather, front-running causal fans like yourself.

    You’re just like every other Ranger basher… “You guys haven’t made it in 6 years, biggest payroll (not true anymore), you guys suck, blah-blah-blah…” Get new material. You’re like a broken record.

  37. Weidner says:

    The fall out from the Comrie trade continued today. I heard on 610 WIP out of Philly that the Flyers have traded forward Eric Chouinard to the Minnesota Wild in exchange for a fifth round pick in the 2004 NHL Entry Draft.

    I guess they figured Chouinard wasn’t going to get much playing time now with Comrie coming aboard. The only problem I have with the deal today is that they gave up a 2nd round pick to acquire him from Montreal at the end of last season.

    They should have at least tried to get the 3rd round pick back that they gave to the Oilers in the Comrie deal.

  38. TheCoach says:

    There is no way anyone can judge this trade right now. The player going to Edmonton has not played a single game in the NHL and they have yet to draft anyone with the pick. You can say Woywitka has potential, but so does Comrie. The jury will be out on this trade in about 3 to 5 years, when both players develop.

    Still, it must be a little bit tough on Oiler fans. Edmonton always trades away proven NHL talent for prospects and potential. However, they have not gotten any better with those prospects since trading Doug Weight or Bill Guerin. It seems like they’ve been building for the future for about 6 years now, but the future has still not come.

  39. MantaRay says:

    I agree 100% Handzus is awesome and getting better. From what I read Clarke offer Zeus, but Lowe turned him down.

  40. MantaRay says:

    From the reports I read it was Lowe that turned down Clarke on Handzus.

    I dont think Comrie is going to be a Hitchcock player.

    Your Flyers looked pretty scary to me. They outmuscled us and outshot us– we’ve only been outshot like twice the whole season. Comrie takes away from that.

  41. habsoverserver says:

    10 other greats in random order

    A Fistful of Dollars

    Once Upon a Time in the West

    My Darling Clementine

    The Wildbunch


    High Noon

    Rio Bravo

    Outlaw Josey Wales

    Magnificent Seven

    Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

  42. Donovan says:

    I agree with all of those! Never seen my darling clementine though. Where’s a Few Dollers More? Thats the one with the midgets, my mistake.

  43. mikster says:

    Come on, if Woywitka turns out to be a better Willi Mitchell, which i think is definite, then he is a sure shot to be a 3rd or 1st pair defenseman paired with a two-way d-man.

    Comrie may be a great 2nd line centre, but i don’t think he’ll be a future reason for the Flyers to win the Cup. They may this season because of the team, but it won’t be the same team two years from now.

    Second coming of Theiren? Come on, i am not even taking you seriously right now.

  44. Lint07 says:

    Typical Bobby Clarke!

    Need a playoff proven #1 goalie and trades for a scoring forward.

    Way to go, Clarkie! Unless this prepares another trade, the Flyers will fall again in the playoffs.

    Some people never learn from their mistakes…

  45. ZaKyu-Aa says:

    I’m from Sweden and my country is a member of the EU. And I have to say that there are only a couple of sane countries in europe and they are the northern european countries Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Iceland though the two latter aren’t memebers of the european union. And of course Great Britain. You rant about that the French are bastards… and too some degree I agree. I have been to France and a more ignorant people would be hard to find. They refuse to learn English, they still live in the 17 hundreds when french were an international language. And if you find a french person who speak a foreign langauge it’s often german, a langauge that is spoken by a country that has attacked them i two world wars. Then there is the spaniards, well their whole economy seems to rest on their fishing industry and the way they are fishing there won’t be any fish left in 20 years.

    You rant on the french… well let’s take a look at Italy then… hmmm Berlusconi a fashist bastard that controles the whole countries TV Media. And when he is a suspect in a criminal case he makes the Italian Parliament process a law that makes him emune to any criminal process. Now that sounds very democratic doesn’t it? And the Italians themselves seems to me bare resemblance to the french, they too don’t bother learning any other language. And the US (not european I know) well, what can you say, that the US is the greatest democracy in the world is just bull, how can it be real democracy when there are only two political parties… I think you should watch Bowling for Columbine” in my opinion Canada seems to be the greatest democracy on earth. Don’t get me wrong I’m not a US leftist basher I like the US, they play an important part internationally without them there would still be war in the balkans for example. And I’m glad they invaded Iraq and got rid of Saddam… they just should have done it earlier. They just shouldn’t have financed him in the 80’s. Just like they financed the Taliban in Afghanistan.

  46. Tradedude says:

    “However, like him or not, you still respect Bobby Clarke for his decision to acquire Mike Comrie. “

    Why? He’s the biggest jack ass in the world like you said yourself, no way am I going to respect an idiot of his calibur.

    And I’d HATE to see Koivu in NYI, I respect koivu alot for battling cancer and leading his team I’d be flipping if he were ever dealt … to NYI!!!!!

    I’ll answer the questions later.. busy now

  47. spazmainia13 says:

    thx dude

  48. spazmainia13 says:

    Lowe has a hard on for players over 6ft2 so i don’t see him not wanting that trade.

    here in edmonton i heard it was Clarke that wasn’t going to give up Handzus, plus lowe wanted Woywitka or Pitkanen(sp?) in that deal, maybe thats why he turned it down.


  49. GretzNYR99 says:

    You’re right, that’s what I heard, Handzus and Woywitka, but at first, he wanted Handzus and Pitkanen and Clarke laughed his ass off at him.

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