More Pitkenen Rumors from Philly

The is adding more speculation regarding the possibility that the Flyers will move young defenseman Pitkanen.

It is rumors that Pitkenen may be moved to free up some salary cap space following the Flyers huge moves to acquire and sign Hartnell and Timonen for the possibility of making a run at a prize UFA or acquiring a bag name center via trade this off-season. HTR feels like the Flyers have selected Pitkenen to be their scapegoat after last seasons disaster. It takes defenseman several years to bloom in the NHL and Pitkenen is far from fully developed. Many teams such as Edmonton or the Kings will be showing a great amount of interest in the young defender and it is possible that a trade will go down at this year’s draft.

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  1. puckhead94 says:

    I would LOVE a Flyers fan to give me some sort of legitimate rationalization for trading way without question your brightest young defenseman. I would LOVE to know how it is in the best interest of the development of this team to trade away Joni Pitkanen.

    "Time's yours."

  2. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    they dont have the $$$, and feel he's unreliable.

  3. flyerjim says:

    The only rational reason is contract negotiations.  The Flyers will not just let this guy walk away….Holmgren will get enough compensation from whatever team he does the dealin's.

    With Timonen in the mix, it doesn't make Pitkanen expendable- but gives them options.  They don't need to rely on him to be the #1 D-man, PP quarterback.  If they can turn Pitkanen into something that fills a hole IE: a Lecavalier or Richards or Marleau- then they'll do it.  It won't be for just picks or prospects. 
    Coburn seemed to be adjusting to the system near the end of the year, and Kuukonen was a solid D-man.  If Pitkanen is looking for $4mil or more then ship him out. $3.5 is a reasonable number on a 2yr contract, but rumour say he wants dollars AND term and as a Flyer fan, he hasn't earned it yet.   We can't have the defense be a liability (-25).  I personally would go to arbitration, do a 1 year deal and have him prove that 05-06 wasn't a fluke.  The acquisition of Coburn give Philly a young guy on D now, Timonen finally replaces Desjardins/Johnsson and with Parent, Bartulis, and Timonen being up in a year or two.

  4. Have2BeLeaf says:

    Where are the actual trade rumors?
    If the Flyers trade Pitkanen, that's lime taking 2 steps forward an 3 steps back.
    Holmgren should be canned if he does it.

  5. puckhead94 says:

    I'm not a Flyers fan to say the very least, but Pitkanen has a bright future. If this ends up happening, I am failing to see the rationale behind replacing a young defenseman (20's) with an old defenseman (30's) in the midst of a rebuilding stage.

    It's a bit of a stretch to think a trade could net you Lecavalier or Marleau, don't you think?

  6. flyerjim says:

    I think he's playing the media on this one.  I think he has no problem keeping Pitkanen….why else would they go to arbitration. There's articles that support that on  But with puck-moving D-men at a premium, I think he's entertaining desperate offers from teams like Edmonton who are tipping their hand.  This is way of not shopping the player per se, but listening to a possible deal that would be right for his team.  He's made sound decisions up to this point, and his fingers are all over everything good about the Flyers in the Clarke era.  I know it's hard to believe a Flyers GM is making good, ballsy decisions, but I think I can speak for almost every Flyer fan out there that we got faith in what he's going to do in the next 12 days, and appreciate what he's done since taking over.  Pitkanen's problem could be the system Stevens played- maybe with some new assistants he could thrive in what their selling.

  7. wayne2 says:

    If they trade him it proves they are going back to the old way of trying to buy a championship and that the new NHL is like the old except they had another lockout and still no one learned anything again.

  8. flyerjim says:

    It was just an example of other guys "rumoured" to be on the block for cap reasons, and posiibilities. 

    Anyways, the Flyers do though have Kuukonen, Parent, Jones, Picard, Coburn, Bartulis, Jussi Timonen and Pitkanen all under 25. With the cap, rebuilding isn't a 5 or 6 year process anymore (look at football and even baseball).  You have to react quickly and try to be proactive.  Holmgren has done this well so far.  The Flyers started rebuilding last year at the deadline, this year they will try to take a step forward and get in the playoffs, after that it's Cup or bust.  They have had good players in the system and have drafted well.  That's the key!  You have to have a solid farm team and develop it.  The Leafs and other teams are finally learning that and that's why it's taking them a few more years- they, in essence have to rebuild the Marlies first.  The Flyers have the #2 pick or possibly 2 other first rounders this year- keeping the system fresh.  Trading Pitkanen for the right deal won't set them back.

  9. rlhockey46 says:

    If you dont think their could be a package with pitkanen, draft pick/ prospect to tampa for one of their lecavlier, richards, st. louis then you are stupid.
    Tampa wants to free up some cap space and the want defense badly.

    Marleau same thing. And with the rumored Drury coming to town no time would be better then now right. Thornton, Drury. Instead of Thornton, Marleau. Plus you would be getting Pitkanen who apparently is AMAZING AT -25, who looks like the next Janne Ninnima.

    Plus who knows if this will actually even happen.
    Id rather see gauthier go. But if they trade pitkanen, theyll get goodies back, and they are incredibly loaded with young prospering defensemen. Coburn, 6th overall pick , Parent 5th overall pick, Picard 8th overall pick, Lars Jonson 8th overall pick, Jussi Timmonen, Randi jones. EXT…

  10. puckhead94 says:

    Tampa is in a "win now" mode, and has said repeatedly that none of the big 3 will be moved. Draft picks and prospects do not appeal to the Lightning.

    Pitkanen was a 4th overall pick not too long ago. From a Flyer perspective, I think he can be a defensive cornerstone for years to come, just like Kim Johnsson was with the Rangers before the Lindros trade.

  11. flyerjim says:

    Teams are learning, albeit slowly.  Colorado, Philly, Toronto, and the Rangers are all starting to keep their draft picks and develop them (except for the Tuuka Rask debacle, sorry Leaf fans).  Some teams were in a better position than other to bounce back.

  12. flyerjim says:

    I don't see Kim Johnsson…I see maybe Janne Niinamaa on this one.  Tampa needs a goalie and a defenseman.  It depends on what they're willing to spend if one of them gets moved.

  13. flyersfan10897 says:

    There is no rationalization for trading him away, at least as far as his play on the ice.  I want to keep him.  Did anyone hear as much talk about him in his first two seasons? No, everyone said he was amazing, he was developing fast, would be a Norris winner, everything.  One bad year, which he still led our defensemen in scoring and the team in assists, and he should be traded? no way.

    Last year was a terrible season.  They finished dead last, were constantly injured, started around 15 rookies throughout the year, and switched coaches and general manager.  I fail to see how Pitkanen should be the only one criticized for a bad year.  Hes young, he isnt going to just become the best defensemen in the league instantly.  Mike Richards took until the last month of the season to play well, but i dont hear anyone saying he sucked or should be traded.  Trading Richards wouldnt help the team develop, so i dont see how trading Pitkanen would either, unless they got two top-level prospects back.

  14. flyerjim says:

    Hey man, you got the wrong Alexandre Picard- Columbus LW Alexandre Picard was taken 8th overall in 04.  Ours was taken in the 3rd rnd 85th overall.

  15. flyerjim says:

    I don't want to see him go for prospects either.  I can't see Holmgren not getting a roster player back IF he does trade him.  The Flyers are commited to making the playoffs next season. The only rationalization is Philly doesn't want to give him the money or term he wants when there is still some uncertainty on his game.  Little things like his lack of work ethic is slipping out from other players….Timonen even said it, and I'm sure that's coming from Kapenen.

  16. puckhead94 says:

    I completely disagree. The Flyers are not keeping draft picks. They are trading them to Buffalo and Nashville for exclusive negotiating rights to players and then paying them more than they would have gotten on the open market…

  17. rlhockey46 says:

    aawwwww shucks

  18. puckhead94 says:

    I meant what Kim Johnsson was supposed to be for the Rangers before he was traded to the Flyers in the Lindros deal. He was supposed to be the second coming of Brian Leetch. An offensive-style defenseman who could work the PP.

    Holmqvist is a workable goalie for them, I don't think they are in dire need of a goaltender.

  19. Neely4Life says:

    I can understand the Hartnell signing, i think it was a bit much, but w/e.  Why would the flyers sign Timonen for 6 years, at that price?! when they have Pitkonen?  Hes pretty much a younger version of Tomonen with more size, and i think will be a better player. He comes cheaper, and would have grown with that organization. 

    I just really dont understand what the flyers are doing with their D right now.  Its not like they have improved defesivily, and are still extreamly weak back there. Im not trashin the Flyers, i just want to know why anyone would be excitted about signing Timonen for that much, and that long, with Pitkonen there.  Hartnell could turn out to be a great signing.

  20. UsedandAbused says:

    If Flyers trade Pitkenan they better get a freaking superstar back. It would be a HUGE mistake. So what if the guy had a poor year. He is ONLY 23 years old. By the time he is 26 he will have his act together. This guy is going to be a stud in 3-4 years. Defensemen take longer to develope. I understand the frustration, I feel it to when watching him at times, but I beleive he will get his act together and be one of the best d-man in the NHL. DON'T TRADE HIM! He will only free up 2 Million.

  21. bernie1parent says:

    for one, they wont trade them when they could just as easily trade gauthier and free up the cap space to sign him.  Two, he isn't going to be the greatest defensemen ever, hes going to be a good offensive tallent, but will lack the defensive skills, thats just something will have to deal with, thats why you put him back there with someone who can cover his ass when he *****s up, someone like timmonen or hatcher, guys wtih good defensive skills.

  22. bernie1parent says:

    why is everyone bashing timmonen?  im a big supporter of this guy, and have been for a while now.  Hes a small guy who plays with a lot of heart and skill, hence why he was a captain of that nashville team.  He came in 
    5th in the norris voting this year, so yes, he does deserve to get paid that much.  what everyone is failing to realize when they compared his contract to someone like niedermayer, his contract was done up two years ago with teh cap being at what, 42 million and no one being able to get more then 7.5 million (im just trying to recall the figures off the top of my head).  Now that the cap is going up between 48 and 52 and the top price being over 8, its not a bad signing at all for someone of his caliber.  The guy was a plus 20, i mean, hes a solid defensive player, he was second on the team in blocked shots, he might not be able to throw the body, but his speed allows for him to create a lot of other oppurtunities and save that break away.  Pitkanen right now is not a younger version of timmonen, right now, hes a younger version of someone like, hmmm, lets go with souray, except without the physical presence.  They both have shots, but lack the ability to play defense.  Granted, im not saying they should trade the kid, im just saying, get off his dick and get on his case for lack of playing defense and for you saying that they haven't improved their D, thats just plain idiotic.
    Ok, say they do what i say, they trade off gauthier and keep pitkanen, this is what we are looking at as a D core.
    Cobourn-Picard, Jones, Jonsson or Parent
    Thats a extremely solid core of defensemen, although unproven, very high on talent most of which are just about to enter their prime, age wise.
    Hatcher, Timmonen, Kukkonen all exhibit great defensive skill and parent is known as a shut down defensemen, ala hatcher.  Then you got your guys with the big shots, timmonen, pitkanen, cobourn, picard and jonsson.  Jones has just shown to be an all around decent player, no more then a 4th to 6th dman, but an effective one.  There D is golden right now, especially in years to come.

  23. rlhockey46 says:

    i hope they trade gauthier instead of pitkanen

  24. habsalicious says:

    The Rocket Richard trophy winner for Pitkanen? Give me a break.

  25. rlhockey46 says:

    Because even though you think pitkanen is great, he didnt produce last year.
    So y not bring in a PROVEN ALL STAR to help him out. And why would philly turn their nose on him when theyre defense was terrible as a whole last year.
    Former captian, (as of last year), Amazing leader, ALL STAR, a fin,

    i like it

  26. rlhockey46 says:

    By the way  bernie my last post was adressed to neelly4life

  27. habsalicious says:

    Hatcher has good defensive skills? Maybe a few years back but nowadays, ish.

  28. puckhead94 says:

    Because he's not worth $6 million a year from age 32 to 38…

  29. Neely4Life says:

    Im not trashing him, i just wouldnt have paid that much with a similar type of player in Pitkanen there, and possible a franchise defensman.  I think you find a solid D partner to play with him.  I think a team like Edmonton, Calgary, Chicago, would have been a great fit for him, just with Phily, it doesnt make tons of sense to me.  I like him for sure, just i dont see what the FLyers are trying to do here, maybe improve on the PP?

  30. Neely4Life says:

    If hes there to help out Pitkanen, then this is a pretty solid move, but why would they want to trade him, exspecially if they have that much cap room right now?  I just dont get the sign Timonen, trade Pitkanen.  If Pitkanen stays, then i see this signing working. If he gets traded, i just dont see what they are tryin to do.

  31. bobdole says:

    Exactly pitkenan a really good player and kimmo timonen will help his game. he will be  a mentor. One of the most underrated d men in the league. the flyers do need scoring help thou but with all the free cap space really have there choice of the free agents

  32. Penssuck says:

    All flyers know the Dancing Guy, but i know him personally.

    He's a friggin weird kid, really weird.  He grew up in Washington Twp, came over for a few house parties at my house.   Graduated with my brother.  Goofy kid though, really out there.

  33. bernie1parent says:

    its 6 against the cap, but come when hes 36, the price drops dramatically, i think it goes down to 4 or 5 mill, makes it easier for them to move him if hes not producing, but i mean, that guy doesn't take the body and doesnt get hit that often, so why wont he be producing till that age?  I mean, look at all the speedy defensemen out there now who are old but still producing, mainly niedermayer and lidstrom.  Speed doesn't wear you down as much and as quick as taking the body does.

  34. bernie1parent says:

    thats the thing, pitkanen and timmo aren't that similar.  pitkanen has shown no work ethic so far since hes been here, that coming from the coaches, and has not improved at all with playing the point under pressure or playing defense.  Hes a potential all star quarterback, but not as a well rounded defensemen. 
    Now timmonen on the other hand, he improves your team defensively, gives you another bonifide leader, one who can mentor the younger d-men along with hatcher, allows for you to show them both the dimensions on being a defensemen, and his ability to quaterback the powerplay is awesome, so any way you look at it, signing timmonen helps us, thats what makes him at 6 million against the cap good.

  35. bernie1parent says:

    well, if they want a bonifide first line center, they need to free up some mroe cap space so that they have the ability to make moves when someone goes down or trades at the deadline if they are in the hunt, which they will be.  What they should do though, trade gauthier, at a little over 2 million, that'll give you enough room to resign pitkanen and get that number one center, but you have to remember, we're going to have a couple of our own young guns coming up for contracts next year (richards and carter), and we need to keep at least richards.  we need to make sure we dont shoot ourselves in the foot for next year.  Richards, our future captain, is more important to our team then pitkanen, if we have to sacrifice pitkanen to keep richards, so be it, lets see what we can get for him.

  36. bernie1parent says:

    lets look at your name, your a habs fan, how many flyers games do you watch, obviously not enough, because hatcher is still a great defensive player.  Im not going to say that he doesnt get burnt at times because he is slow, but doesnt pronger as well?  yes!  all the bigger guys get burnt at some time, but hatcher limits it with great defensive plays and saved pitkanen and the other young d-men last year numerous times when they gave up an odd man rush.  hatcher still has a lot of defensive skill in him and can still throw down with the best of them, plus he matches up well against those big power forwards, aka jagr.

  37. bernie1parent says:

    alright, lets go over this again, seeing that you still haven't gotten it through your thick new york head.  The flyers were in dead last place last year, or did you not notice?  This fact makes it a lot harder, even for a storied franchise like the flyers to draw in free agents.  The fact of the matter is, biron needed to get a look at what the city was like, what the franchise was like and what not before he would make a decision.  He wouldn't of signed with us if he went to free agency.  Timmonen and hartnell on the other hand, timmonen would have been paid closer to 40 million for a 6 year contract had he reached the open market.  He was the most sought after free agent defensemen in the league.  He is to a lesser extent the scott niedermayer type.  Him not getting drilled into the boards and playing physical allows for his career to be prolonged, he also hasn't logged as many minutes as most either.  Hartnell, well, he got what people were saying he would have got, i dont like it, but he still has potential and fits well into our system.  He gives our 2nd line a big body to put in front of the net.  The only pick that really matters in this draft for the flyers is the 2nd overall.  After you get past pick 10, everyone is 2nd tier players who unless you get real lucky, wont become much of anything. 
    All im saying, is they are keeping the picks that matter in this case, and are not overpaying for who they signed, just setting the tone for everyone else.  So now when you guys try to sign nylander, he'll be asking for at least 5.5 because hartnell got over 4 and netted 20 goals.

  38. Pony says:

    Your flat out wrong, whens he's 38 his contract will pay him somewheres around 3 mil I beleive but the cap hit will be 6.3 so good luck trying to move that.

    Another thing Neidermayer is only 33, practically same age as Timmonen and yet he's thinking about retirement.

  39. bernie1parent says:

    is he thinking about retiring b/c his bones ache, no, hes going to retire b/c he has nothing left to play for.  How many cups has he won, ya, my point exactly.  Has his brother won with him, yes, my point exactly.  Hes not retiring due to injuries, he has a lot left in the tank, he just doesnt have the need to play anymore. 
    When hes 38, they'll pay him 4 mill, and if he were to be traded, the cap hit would not be 6.3 million on the team receiving him, it would be the same amount as whats left on the contract.  Whose to say that he wont be still putting up really good numbers at that time, or like you make as a point, retire?

  40. Pony says:

    No your still wrong just like before. If Timmonen is traded so is his contract, a 6 year 37.8 mil contract, so his cap hit is ta da still 6.3. It's just like McCabe on the Leafs, if in two years if we trade him his cap hit wouldn't be 4.15, it would be 5.75.

    You banking on Timmonen at 38 to still be a 6.3 mil paid top dman money is quite a stretch. Very few defensemen stay at such a level in their late 30's, don't compare him to Lidstrom. You think that he'll last long because his game is all speed but guess what, the first thing a player loses as he ages is his speed. When a player who's game is speed loses that extra step it makes a big effect, look at Federov. In as quick as a season or two let alone six a player can go from excellent to very average or worse.

  41. UsedandAbused says:

    They didn't draft him 3rd overall for just his offensive skills, granted right now at his young age is isn't solid(but he is only 23). He has the capability to be a all around stud d-man. For the record.. I never said best all time. He does however have a huge amount of potential and talent to be a great defenseman. I think he will get there to, but not for 3-4 years.

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