More Players on the Trading Block

In a recent article here on HTR it mentioned 5 players on the trading block. Those players were Sergei Fedorov, Todd Bertuzzi, Ed Jovanovski, Joe Thornton and Jeremy Roenick.

In fact there are plenty of other guys who could be potentially on the move.

Anaheim – besides Feds, Petr Sykora may draw some interest. He has been a pretty consistent 30 goal man and with good linemates can provide excellent support scoring for the stars. He did that with Elias in Jersey and Kariya in Anaheim. He has a high price tag which could turn off some potential buyers but should draw interest. His style will be helped by the new opened up NHL. A team like the Sabres could be interested as he would be a decent replacement for Satan and they have youth to offer the Ducks.

Dallas – It will be a miracle if any team decides to trade for Bill Guerin. Not because he is a bad player, quite the contrary. THe fact is he is overpaid, due for over $6 million next season even with the rollback in salaries. There is a good chance the Stars will buy him out in order for them to bring back Modano. He will draw interest because he is one of the leagues better power forwards. It is pretty clear he wont play again in Canada. But would a return to Boston be out of the question? The Panthers could be another team that would have interest as he would compliment their soft forwards.

Detroit – The Wings have cap problems and may be looking to move out guys like Curtis Joseph and Derian Hatcher to clear room so they can resign Datysuk and Zetterberg. The Wings could decline the option they have on Cujo and it is possible he could end up back with the Leafs if Toronto buys out Ed Belfour. Hatcher will draw interest. He is an impact player whether in the dressing room or on teh ice dishing out punishment. His contract is huge which will turn teams off but he could draw interest from a team like the Panthers looking for a tough stay at home blueliner. Other teams like the Kings, Thrashers, Flyers, and maybe even the Devils if Stevens retires could use Hatcher’s muscle.

St Louis – Pronger’s price tag will be huge. Much will depend on if the free agency age is lowered. If it stays at 31 he remains a RFA. If it drops to 30 then he will be a UFA. Though he would prefer to remain a Blue, with the sale of the team thanks to big losses, several veterans not being brought back and the money he would command, it is likely Pronger’s career as a Blue is over. There is a big lineup of teams interested. The Kings are the flavour of the month today, while we heard in the past the Leafs, Flyers and Rangers drawing interest. I could see the Panthers getting Pronger because they have tons of young cheap talent to offer and the Keenan-Pronger history.

Edmonton – One of the biggest things on the Oiler’s agenda is to resign Ryan Smyth. But for the last few years his name has come up in trade rumours. With the new CBA the Oil should afford to keep the services of “Moolay” Smyth but if he can land the Oilers a top centre then perhaps Kevin Lowe could be interested. The Habs have always been interested in Smyth’s grit and leadership which their team lacks. Buffalo could use a player like Smyth as they havent had someone like that in their lineup since Mike Peca.

NY Islanders – Speaking of Peca, he seems poised to be moved as the Isles are full of very good checkers but short on scoring. He could net the Isles the scorer they need to play with Yashin. Though the common rumour in the past was the Leafs but Peca will never play on the same team as Tucker. THere are several more logical destinations like perhaps Edmonton (which seems to love trading with the New York based teams). The Oilers need a centre and one who can win faceoffs. he just seems like a Mac T type of player.

Carolina – Jeff O’Neill has been on the block ever since the Canes started losing. pretty much any team could use a 30 goal man like O’Neill. It would be ideal for Carolina to keep him but he could also fetch the Canes a legitimate defenceman. The Leafs have always been interested and I am sure the input from Paul Maurice could influence the buds. Perhaps a package including Tomas Kaberle could bring O’Neill to Toronto. Maybe a team like the Predators who have some quality young defenceman could be interested. The preds need scoring badly if they want to compete in the west. Perhaps a package deal with Vancouver for Bertuzzi could be a good one as well.

PHiladelphia – Besides JR, the Flyers have other veterans who are ripe for the taking. John Leclair will be bought out as his injuries and big contract will draw no interest. But a guy like Amonte could be had as well. I am sure the Hawks would love to bring back JR and Amonte to try to win some fans back. both would work in Boston too as they are local products.

Colorado – The team with the biggest headache on their hands is the Avs. It may be impossible for them to keep all of Sakic, Forsberg, BLake, Foote, Tanguay, Hedjuk, Aebischer and still be under the cap with another 15 players needed to fill the team. Could the Avs conceivably trade Sakic to keep Forsberg? (perhaps bring in Marcus Naslund in the process?). every team would love to get Sakic but how about the Thrashers? There is a history there with Bob Hartley and two superstars who could use a big time centre. And wouldnt a player like Sakic be the guy who could put the Sens over the top?

With so many possibilities it is going to make for a very interesting summer. All 30 teams are going to need to adjust to the new CBA. some will be in better shape than others to take advantage of cap room but if anything is certain, roster turnover will be big league wide.

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  1. NemiNA says:

    A few things,

    I noticed that every team (acording to this article) is interested in tsneding their best players to Toronto. What does Toronto have to offer with youth besides draft picks? The Leafs can’t sign all theses guys and be under the salary cap. Oh well, let the leafs fans dream i guess…

    I have a few possible trades I think would look good for a few teams. These are just my ideas, and they aren’t that good anyway, do not take them seriously, its just a suggestion.

    For Edmonton

    Simon Gagne and a 4th round pick for Ryan Smyth.

    Radek Dvorak and Shawn Horcoff for Michael Peca. Maybe that would sove the leadership hole left by Smyth.

    Colorado – Sackic For Savard and a 2nd rounder. Savard is a hell of a powerplay center they will need if Sackic goes.

    Anaheim needs to gut the whole team and build through free agency. Their old GM beleived in using draft picks and not developing them properly. Look for Burke to ditch alot of the young guys for middle aged talent.

    Carolina – Jeff O’Neill should stay in my opinion. They need to sign about 4 or 5 quality forwards in the offseason, and get 2 veteran defenseman. There goaltending looks solid with Ward playing well in the AHL this year.

    St. Louis is screwed any way you look at it. Pronger Weight and Tkachuk are expensive as hell and the only good thing about their franchise besides their goaltending and Jackman. They need to get quite a few forwards in this free agent season. Let Weight go and bring in someone cheaper. Keep Jackman and bring in a veteran leader type for defense.

    Detroit needs to let their expensive old defense go and build their D around Kronwall. Let Joseph go, keep Legace and MacDonald. Keep Shanahan. It is an absolute PRIORITY to sign Zetterberg and Datsyuk. Bring in someone good to play with Datsyuk and Zetterberg. Sykora or Satan would fit nice with the speed.

    Dallas is screwed too. Turco is a sure return. Buy out or trade Guerin. They need to completely Re-vamp their center and defensive positions. I won’t begin to say what they need to do.

    I can’t wait for the free agency period. It gonna be like Christmas with all the player movement!

  2. NemiNA says:

    Oh by the way, Great Article. I love seeing the trade rumors again!

  3. GretzNYR99 says:

    I know this sounds stupid… but if Sakic or Forsberg come at an affordable price, not having to trade prospects and what not, I’d trade for them. Both would be great captains, and are still top tier producers. They’d be great with Jagr.

    But before that, I’d love Chris Pronger in a Rangers uniform. That’s my only UFA signing wish if it’s lowered to 30. If Brian Leetch could come back, that’d be great too.

  4. AVS4NYR says:

    Sakic will ALWAYS BE AN AV!!!

  5. Weidner says:

    Some good comments.

    Everyone wants to play in Toronto …. not. They will have a good team – just not every all-star is going to be on their roster.

    Gagne won’t be leaving Philly. He is going to the be the # 1 left-wing on a line with Jeff Carter at Center and Patrick Sharp on the right. Hitch wants a “speed” line with the new “open ice” and that should give him it.

    Bring on Christmas like you said. Should be fun for all of us.

  6. simplyhabby says:

    The likely hood of it happening is slim but a line that includes Heatley, Sakic and Ilya……..can anyone say Francis, Lemiex and Jagr?

    What I find really interesting though is before you would really only have guys like Pronger and other high priced talent move to high revenue teams….now due to the financial headaches those teams are now facing, its less likely it would happen.

    When you mention about Montreal’s ledership problems, Koivu is a great captain. People can argue all you want about the guy but he steps up his game when he is needed, constantly talking on the bench and is the most physical player outside the defence on the Habs.

    I do agree that Smyth will boos the grit that the over all team needs and would be a great fit in Montreal but Edmonton likes to have the young talent so it would be some interesting wheeling and dealing if that was to happen. I would love to see Smyth and Smith in Montreal.

  7. nordiques100 says:

    as for toronto, that is what you hear in rumours, but that is not what i think. until the leafs acquire some of their own assets and clear cap room, it will be harder for them to acquire big name players than a team like the caps say who have zero players under contract and tons of prospects.

    free agency may be the only way to go now for the leafs until they start producing their own talent.

  8. nordiques100 says:

    i have no doubts about that. however who will lacroix value more? sakic at age 36 or forsberg at age 31. though peter has injury problems, he is still arguably the best player in the world

  9. wingedim says:

    The latest rumour I’ve heard is there isn’t going to be a luxury tax per se. The new systems will supposedly be one where the top 10 teams (I’m assuming in salary and/or revenue) will pay the revenue sharing for the league. This supposedly will amount to the same dollar figure that a luxury tax would yeild.

    That being said, if there is no ‘real’ penalty for going over the cap, I think you’ll see those teams we suspect are in trouble, resign those that they want to keep at a reduced figure, buy out the high paid/over paid under achievers, to try and get as close as they can to the cap, but they are still going to be over and quite possibly continue to be over since they’ll be paying revenue sharing anyway if it is tied to overall revenue anyway. ie Toronto, Detroit, Philly, Dallas, Colorado.

    As for the UFA’s I think you’ll see a majority of them sign for significantly less (and hopefully start a new trend), retire or continue to play in Europe.

  10. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    As I said in an article I submitted yesturday, I will be submitting this sort of article every week at least.

    You should use the Bold tags to make it stand out. It makes it a much more attractive article.

    But great article none the less. I doubt Sakic would head to the Sens though. The Sens are in a similar cap position as the Leafs, except the Leafs aren’t going to re-sign as many players. The Leafs will slowly re-build. Young players like Coliacovo, Matt Stajan, and Kyle Wellwood will all be on the roster. But we’re also going to bring in younger UFA’s. We would take a Murray right now over a Shanahan, a Kariya over a Kovalev(Just examples.). They’ll be going after alot of those guys who don’t get qualifying offers. Where as the Sens were smart, and raised all their own homegrown talent, but now their homegrown talent are all good, and all want big paychecks. But Leafs and Sens fans, don’t worry, we’ll be seeing the battle of Ontario in the playoffs for years to come. Besides, Sakic wouldn’t fit into the Sens system. If they do land a centre, I expect to see Sergei Federov, or the return of Pavol Demitra.

  11. skandelousHABSfan says:

    I agree with everything you just said, with one sidenote: begin is the best in my book as far as grit on the habs.

    Imagine smyth on a line with z and koivu, and smith paired up with souray or markov……..that would be sick

  12. simplyhabby says:

    Thats true. remember the fcae plant into the edge of the boards in the playoffs? He still played after some medical attention.

    I would be interested to see if the Souray Komisarek tandem wil be broken up. Souray and Markov are killer PP quarterbacks purley based on their powerful slapshots. I hope Komi continues his development depsite the hip flexor injury. We so need another defenseman.

  13. skandelousHABSfan says:

    i agree. komi will be a beast in a year or too. hopefully sooner rather than later. i think that a good stay at home style dman is need. alla hatcher or even pronger, but now im just dreaming.

    i still even have hope that hainsey might turn out to be the good dman he seemed to be a few years ago.

  14. simplyhabby says:

    What I find strange, despite being Hamilton’s most dangerous forward Pleckanec, he gets little recognition. A head case like Hainsey gets more attention. Yes he has the potential but Pleckanec is the brighter star in Hamilton.

    You really have to love Andre Savard and the countless talent that is growing in Hamilton.

  15. wingerxxx says:

    It may seem like sentimental nonsense, but I’d like Leetch back in a Rangers sweater too. I’d like to see him and Muckler put aside their differences and let Leetch come back to where he belongs. I wouldn’t be too sad to have Holik come back, since he is so versatile and isnt opposed to a youth movement…but Kasparaitis needs to be bought out. Pronger coming to New York…I dunno if that would ever happen. But Hatcher might be a decent short term fit, if the economics allow.

    If the Isles do deal Peca, they have absolutely got to get a scorer in return for him. They have let Yashin waste away for long enough. If it wasn’t for his overhauling of the Islander defense, Milbury should have been fired for being stupid enough to NOT get a consistent scorer to play with Yashin for these years.

  16. masarume says:



    You’re so funny man. Hats off to you.

  17. ranger_fan says:

    By Muckler do you mean Slats? Muckler is in ottawa

  18. Lint07 says:

    Any deal for a big name player from Edmonton (i.e.: Smyth or Smith) will have Mike Komisarek to be included as long as Kevin Lowe is the GM.

    He is very hyped about the guy and wanted to draft him back then. He also compared him to ”a Scott Stevens with an offensive upside”

    it would be stupid to get rid of Komisarek to get a big name when there will be tons of high profile UFA’s outthere in the coming weeks…

  19. lukeleim says:

    What about Ian White, he’s a great defenseman leading the baby leafs in plus minus.

  20. NYRules says:

    The Oilers should not send Dvo anywhere, he is becoming their scorer. He led the team and was high up in the league standings until he got hurt last year.

    Avs can get a lot more for Sakic than Savard and a 2nd, maybe 2 more picks.

  21. NYRules says:

    Where is Satan going?

  22. NYRules says:

    Habs would be retarded to trade Komisarek for a big name since its pretty obvious he will be a big name player soon.

    I would trade anyone on my team except tyuitin straight up for him.

  23. NemiNA says:

    Damn Right. You know your flyers huh? The reason I say trade Gagne for Smyth is cause Carter is more of a sniper then a setup man. Smyth would work well grinding with carter and sharp.

  24. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    I hate prospects. I was pissed when Stajan got called up, but I learned to like him. I’m shakey on Wellwood, I figure, trade em let ’em develop somewhere else, and reacquire them when they’re established. We did it with Domi. Trade him to New York, and reacquired him from Winnipeg when he’s established.

  25. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    The Leafs wanted Smyth for a while I heard. Nothing since JFJ signed on. I would trade anyone on the Leafs current roster except Belfour for Smyth.

  26. Habfanforever says:

    Tyutin is Russia’s version of Komisarek. I guess you know that by now. lol

  27. Habfanforever says:

    I’d love to see Pronger in Montreal but my guess is the price tag will be too high. But I believe that the new CBA may include a clasue stating a player cannot make more than 20% of the payroll or something like that. This being said it is not likely Pronger or Blake will sign in Montreal but otherwise not impossible. I believe Hatcher would be a wiser and possibly cheaper choice. What a teacher he would be for Komisarek.

    Other choices for Montreal’s D would be Alexei Zhitnik, Dan McGillis or Bryan Marchment.

    The offense seems fine although some grit could be added such as Matthew Barnaby. I would like to see Jordin Tootoo in a Hab jersey although it would cost Gainey some draft choices and/or prospects.

  28. wingerxxx says:

    Yes, I did mean Sather, my fault. Total brainfreeze there.

  29. wingedim says:

    Why trade away cheap youth to develop somewhere else and have to pay a premium for them later?

    Toronto needs to build from within and stop trading the talented youth away for guys who are on the downside of their careers.

    Look at who we’ve traded away because we were too impatient.

    Modin;Kenny Johnson; Steve Sullivan; Danny Markov to name a few. Guys we’d love to have back.

    I’d be willing to sit through a couple of lean years to rebuild from within if we could develop and draft some quality guys for the long term, like Ottawa has managed to do.

  30. Megaroset says:

    What about Calgary – I can’t even venture a guess about what the’ye going to do. They need Iggy obviously, and Kipper. Any ideas on who they’ll trade or buy? Love to hear them!

  31. GretzNYR99 says:

    Who the hell would play net for you guys? Tellqvist?

    You’re joking, right? Cause Cujo would come back and what not because Detroit has a goalie good enough to win games under him to let him go, right? And don’t give me Legace, because he’s a career backup, albeit a 20 game winner at backup. He doesn’t have the mentality or durability to go 55-60+ games.

  32. GretzNYR99 says:

    Give it up already, you’ve been at this for too long.

    Haven’t you got a life, some friends? Well at least if you haven’t got a life, get a clue…

    You’re worthless.

  33. lukeleim says:

    right now Leafs have barely anything for prospects. Steen is alright, probably 40-50 point man in his prime… stajan had a pretty shitty year in the AHL although he did finish off the year pretty strong. Wellwood is probably their best prospect along with carlo C. and Ian White. Compared to most other teams the Leafs prospects are hurtin.

  34. PayUpSucka says:

    Wouldn’t tinker too much with that lineup. Maybe add another center, or a winger. They’re pretty sured up on the point and well, Kipper, nuff said.

  35. Habfanforever says:

    The overall team has a solid core of players that play together under the strict guidance of Sutter. I wouldn’t do too much except probably bring in some young blood 3rd liner for insurance. Hey, Sundstrom is available here in Montreal. His defensive-minded game would sure please Mr Sutter.

  36. nordiques100 says:

    and he played for him too in san jose.

    flames need another gunner to support iginla. they have some young blood like lombardi and kobasew that were good in their playoff run.

  37. flyersfan10897 says:

    carter is a good player, but he is not going to step in and be the number one center one a team with keith primeau, michal handzus, and jeremy roenick (for the moment at least). i have no doubt that gagne will be the first line left wing, but it will most likely be centered by keith primeau with roenick on the right side, if they can keep him.

  38. flyersfan10897 says:

    ive heard that its possible that team would not be allowed to buy out players and then resign them. they would have to let them walk. i dont know whether it will actually implemented for this soon to be offseason, but its seems like a good idea. it does make me wonder if they will allow contracts to be restructured, as that would just be an alternate route, with the player getting less money, to the same solution.

  39. flyersfan10897 says:

    you do realize that glen murray is nearly 33 years old and that kariya is almost 31? if this is your idea of a way to get “younger”, its not surprising the leafs are in trouble. they need to build up through the draft as well as dumping some of their older players for younger ones and draft picks if at all possible. most of the team is on the wrong side of thirty and they will all just be two years older when play resumes.

    sundin – 34

    roberts – 39

    leetch – 37

    nieuwendyk – 38

    mogilny – 36

    belfour – 40

    this is the majority of their roster that will be contributing points or winning games. the only one currently under 35 is sundin. all are on the downside of their career. even domi is 35, and tucker is over 30. and dont tell me about all their young players. ponikarovsky is a good role player, but will never amount to more than a third line winger or a 2nd liner on a weak team. stajan, steen, wellwood, and white are respectable prospects, but will never live up to the players in front of them. colaiacovo is so good he cant even push aki berg out of a roster spot. whether the leaf fans want to believe it or not, this team is on the decline without some younger talent.

  40. flyersfan10897 says:

    being a flyers fan, i totally and completely despise the rangers. however, i also feel that brian leetch should be in a rangers uniform. hes a great player and ive always liked him, ranger or not. he deserved to be in the category of steve yzerman, joe sakic, mario lemieux, mike modano, and peter forsberg as great players that start and (hopefully) finish their careers with the same team.

  41. lukeleim says:

    I completely agree with you. Something has to be done.

  42. nonhl2005 says:

    First of all Gagne for Smyth would be either straight up or the draft coming from Edm., not Philly. Second I don’t think Clarkie would do it for another grinding forward. Carter centering Gagne and Knuble. This kid plays like a vet already, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Carter centering a line with Richards and Gagne before the mid-point of the season. One of the new kids will have to move to the wing with Sharp, Primeau, Carter (assuming JR is gone) and Handzus already slated as Centers and Umberger waiting in the wings, not a pun. Boy this is fun to actually be back talking about what is going to happen instead of when.

  43. vancup says:

    you or the person who started this stupid bertuzzi rumor must be very very HI! the preds could offer their whole team plus the players wives and they still wouldn’t get bertuzzi. What retard would trade 6’4 250 pound superstar that avgerages 100+ points for the last five seasons for a bunch of players that realisticly belong in the east coast hockey league. DREAM ON!

  44. Flygirl12 says:

    I have been reading a lot of talk of Niedermeyer going to the Vancouver. In Philly, we have been hearing Clarkie is going to try like hell to get him here. It seems more logical, since the Canucks do have a solid D, why the Flyers weak link is defense. Personally, I am tired of the Flyers always signing “hasbeens”, but Scott seems to have a lot of gas left in the tank. Any other suggestions on a better D man fit for the orange and black? (I don’t want Zhitnik – wouldn’t mind McGillis)

  45. Flygirl12 says:

    The Flyers would never give up Gagne. He will be their nucleus and young leader for Carter & Richards.

    Edmonton has a lot of options. I think they may be the most exciting team to watch in the next couple of weeks along with Toronto & Boston.

    I think we may see Thornton go to Toronto along with Lindros. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Tkachuk in a Boston uniform along with Jeff O’Neill.

    Edmonton, perhaps, Zhamnov and the return of Cujo. ?????

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