More rumors from around the league

Today More Rumors Surfaced Around The League…

  • Bulis’ Injury To Force Trade?
  • The Habs were already looking for a physical defensive forward and defenseman and now they might look even harder. Jan Bulis will be out for 4 weeks, almost a month after the trade deadline. The Habs may be forced to make a trade to replace him now. Suggestions that have popped up are Anaheim’s Keith Carney who is rumoured to be going to many other teams and the Habs aren’t ready to pay up as much as other clubs are for this guy, Columbus’ Luke Richardson who has been stated unavailable according to the Jackets’ GM and Capitals Brendan Witt who might attract more interest from other teams with Gonchar’s price tag being to high.

  • Nashville To Acquire More Offense?
  • With Nashville recently acquiring an offensive player from the Blackhawks, Steve Sullivan, the Predators may to make another trade to make sure they get into the playoffs. They are rumoured to be interested in Pittsburgh’s offensive defenseman, Dick Tarnstrom but they are seeking to trade someone who has been stated as available by their GM’s and the Predators GM David Poile said if he were to make another trade it would be for a defenseman and morelikely a stay-at-home defenseman, which is not Tarnstrom’s type of play.

  • Sens To Pursue Defenseman?
  • Ottawa Senators GM John Muckler has said that he is still looking to acquire a defenseman and is highly interested in Edmonton’s Jason Smith. Keith Carney could also be a possibility and Muckler may also be interested in Minnesota’s Brad Bombardir who would come cheaper than any of the others. However, the sooner Volchenkov returns from injury, it may lessen Mucker’s interested in acquiring another defenseman at the deadline.

  • Carbonneau Scouting For Stars
  • The Stars who are re-gaining playoff hopes are sending scouts, namely Guy Carbonneau to scout recent Capital games. The Stars seem to be interested in Washington’s Brendan Witt, Mike Grier and Dainius Zubrus.

  • Boston Interested In Arbitration-Prone Defeseman?
  • According to the Boston Globe the Boston Buins have made offers to the Washington Capitals and the New York Rangers regarding defensemen Sergei Gonchar and Brian Leetch. They have supposedly offered Sergei Samsonov and a 1st Rounder for Gonchar and have offered an un-named roster player or prospect and a 1st Rounder for Leetch. The Bruins apparently havn’t and will not offer Patrice Bergeron, Hannu Toivonen and Mark Stuart in any trade. Jillson who has been scratched for awhile could be used as trade-bait. This doesn’t seem to make sense as the Bruins have a history of being cheap and not re-signing players after their arbitration hearing (Kristich, Berard) and Gonchar is an “arbitration-prone” player who get loads of money from arbitration depending on what happens with the CBA, maybe that’s why the Bruins want to make a gamble.

  • Penguins To Shop For Younger Players
  • Pittsburgh is in complete rebuild more as they are shopping offensive defenseman Dick Tarnstrom and veteran center Mike Eastwood for some “solid young talent”. As reported earlier the Predators seem interested in Tarnstrom and Montreal could have some interest in Mike Eastwood.

  • Leafs Have MANY More Options To Choose From
  • The Leafs have reportedly included one of either prospects, Alexander Steen or rookie Matt Stajan in a deal that would bring Gonchar to Toronto. The Caps are also seeking a first round draft pick. The Toronto Sun thinks it would be better to go after Leetch. However, Leetch may rather end his career as a Ranger. The Sun suggests that if the Rangers would get a 1st Round Draft Pick and a potential young prospect or roster player that could play on one of the first two lines in the future would make a done deal. The “player” that would be added to the 1st Round Pick would be either Matt Stajan, Alexander Steen or Nik Antropov. Other defensemen that are on the block and apparently interest Mr. Ferguson are Anaheim’s Keith Carney, Columbus’ Scott Lachance, who GM Doug MacLean would really love to trade, Edmonton’s Jason Smith, Minnesota’s Brad Bombardir and of course Washington’s Brendan Witt.

  • Sharks May Swing A Deal
  • Sharks Gm Doug Wilson says there is no significant trade deadline to him saying that everyday he comes into his office and thinks of what he would do to improve his team. This year he may seek to add toughness for the playoffs and may find that in either one of the Rangers’ Chris Simon or Matthew Barnaby. Defensemen that may interested Wilson are Chicago’s Alexander Karpovtsev and Bryan Berard.

  • Coyotes To Unload?
  • Coyotes may look to unload a few players at the trade deadline, namely Brian Savage and his $3.5 Million salary, who has been waived yesterday. If nobody picks him up the Coyotes will be forced to “eat up” some of his salary in order to complete any trade involving him. Savage is not the only one the Coyotes would like to get rid of. Chris Gratton has received some interest from the Devils and the Coyotes are willing to part with him. Also, the Teppo Numminen trade didn’t turn out so well as they are shopping center Mike Sillinger now. Jan Hrdina is reportedly also on the block.

  • Rangers To Hold Garage Sale At Deadline?
  • With GM Glen Sather recently stepping down from his job to concentrate as GM, he may be a very busy/contacted man at the deadline. With no playoff spot in sight, this year he may start to unload and not overload his team as he has done in the previous years. The players who are mostlikely to attract the most interest are forward Alexei Kovalev and defenseman Brian Leetch. The Dallas Stars and the Toronto Maple Leafs are interested in acquiring Leetch at the deadline and the Stars have sent out some scouts to watch Leetch play in the previous 3 games for the Rangers. And Detroit seems to be the team to want Kovalev the most, having sent scout Mark Howe to watch the Rangers game last night. Kovalev will probably attract more interest then from the Red Wings alone. Other players who could find their way out of New York by the deadline are high +/- forward Martin Rucinsky, center Petr Nedved, big defenseman Boris Mironov, and tough fighters Matthew Barnaby and Chris Simon.

  • My Personal Rumor:
  • Tonight the Carolina Hurricanes started goaltender Arthurs Irbe against the Washington Capitals and he stopped 18 of 19 shot for the victory. Could this be an attempt to show-case him for teams looking for a goaltender before the trade deadline? Namely Colorado?

    Today’s Transactions:

  • Colorado:
  • The Colorado Avalanche acquired center Darby Hendrikson and an 8th Round Pick in this year’s draft for a 4th Round Pick in next year’s draft.

  • Tampa Bay:
  • The Tampa Lightning have acquired Timo Helbling from the Nashville Predators for an 8th Round Pick in this year’s draft.


  • Chicago:
  • The Chicago Blackhawks have picked winger Eric Nickulas off waivers from the St. Louis Blues.

  • Atlanta
  • The Atlanta Thrashers have picked up forward Brad Larsen off waivers from the Colorado Avalanche.

    The National Hockey League Suspended Washington Capitals Defenseman Rick Berry 1 Game, Without Pay, For Spearing Tampa Bay Lightning Martin Cibak. Berry forfeits $2,520.83.

    Montreal Canadiens Winger Jan Bulis will be out for 4 weeks with knee injury.

    Chris Chelios will be day-to-day after getting injured in a game against the Vancouver Canucks were big Todd Bertuzzi fell on him.


    Chicago assigned center Jason Morgan to Norfolk (AHL).

    Columbus: 1. Activated center Andrew Cassels from IR. 2. Placed defenseman Rostislav Klesla on IR. 3. Recalled defenseman Zenith Komarniski from the Syracuse (AHL).

    Dallas assigned defenseman John Erskine to Utah (AHL).

    Edmonton assigned left wing Jani Rita to Toronto (AHL).

    Minnesota recalled goaltender Johan Holmqvist from Houston (AHL).

    Nashville recalled defenseman Andrew Hutchinson from Milwaukee (AHL).

    New Yorks Islanders recalled right wing Eric Godard from Bridgeport (AHL).

    New York Rangers announced that Glen Sather has relinquished his head coaching duties and have named Tom Renney interim head coach!

    Ottawa assigned goaltender Ray Emery to Binghamton (AHL).

    Philadelphia assigned goaltender Antero Niittymaki and defenseman Freddy Meyer to Philadelphia (AHL).

    Vancouver assigned left wing Tyler Bouck to Manitoba (AHL) for conditioning.

    36 Responses to More rumors from around the league

    1. distance7 says:

      Nashville has had scouts at both Buffalo and Pittsburgh games in the recent week or so. I figured they were looking at Tarnstrom and maybe Jay Mckee…he was scratched in games earlier in the season and thought he might be on the move sometime.

    2. afanofthelakings says:

      A good player to replace Jan Bulis would be Radek Dvorak…

    3. habs79 says:

      Ok, first off the Toronto Sun is the rumour mill toliet it is where most of the crap comes from. In fact I do believe (but I am not 100% sure) it was Pat Quinn himself that once said “90% of being a GM in this league was dealing with the ridiculous rumours that come out of toronto”.

      Once again I am not 100% sure it was him although I know a GM did say that. I believe he had said that while GM of the Vancouver Canucks in response to a rumour that Pavel Bure was going to be traded to the leafs.

      Now the reason I said this is because if the good people (somewhat delusional but good) people at the Toronto Sun think that the leafs can get Brian Leetch for Antropov and a first rounder. You know what forget somewhat delusional they are completely delusional!

      Plain and simple Leetch bleeds Ranger blood, and he already has a Cup. The only way he would agree to be traded is for the good of the team. Which means they would have to get a very good return.

    4. GilaMonster says:

      i’ll say this much toronto better be willing to part with some good players if they think they can get carney from anaheim none of that same old

      berg+8th round pick bullshit

    5. mattf says:

      i still think any trade for the leafs involving stajan is a HUGE mistake… rather see all of steen, antropov and colliacovo go before stajan

    6. habs79 says:

      Berg and a 8th rounder for Carney? Dude where have you been that’s going to Vancouver along with Renberg for Jovanovski………LMFAO

    7. piettro22 says:

      shady_records…pretty nice layout there! Keep it working man!

      Ok…I see something strange here…Pens trying to shop for young talents? Ok…all they got is Morozov, and he isn’t even a star. So I don’t think the Pens will trade for anything that will require anything more than a 4th or 5th rd pick or a 3rd liner. Pens have some young talents themselves (good or bad I don’t know) but they may as well look into the upcoming draft. By the time, they are FOR SURE going to move up no matter how difficult it will be.

      As I stated in another comment box, the Leafs have McCabe, Kaberle, Marchment, and Klee as their sure-fire starters. That only leave two spots, one for a quarterback for the 2nd PP unit and a tough stay-at-home D or someone that cn play the transition game well. I don’t think Leetch will be interested in playing in TO. He is not in a rush to get rings (he got one already), and he may as well retired as a Ranger, just like Richter. If the Gonchar deal were successful, then the Leafs may want to have Witt as well. However, I am not ruling out the possibility that Gonchar and Witt go separate ways. If so, then the Leafs may either stick with Berg (who make too many mistakes on ice by the way) or go for Lachance or Carney as shady_records said. I don’t really see Jason Smith going back to Toronto because Fergie will play the money tightly if Gonchar were to land in TO. And Bombardir is a young guy and maybe he will not leave afterall. If Bombardir were to be traded, I can see him going to Sens, Preds, Stars, Blues, Sabres, or, brace yourself, Rangers (IF they were to have a fire-sell…)

      Stars to address toughness dept? Nah…they just need some speed that’s all. Arnott, Ott, Morrow, Klemm, Erskine, Downey, Boucher, Morgan, Gainey, DiMaio…this is one tough group! They need scoring though…not enugh goals from this group…3rd worst in terms of goals in west!!!!

    8. habs79 says:

      I agree with you 100% the leafs should not trade Stajan. However if they want someone like Gonchar, and now that the bruins might actually be offering Samsanov and a 1st rounder. Now should the deal expand so that Boston would include Jillson. I will admit I am not sure who Washington would include, cause I doubt they would trade Witt at all never mind with Gonchar they would get more trading them seperate. Lang would be to expensive for Boston. Maybe Mike Grier or a draft pick? The leafs would have no choice but to include Stajan. Despite the delusions of most leaf fans, not all but most you have to give something to get something.

    9. RangerBlue says:

      Leetch does not have a notrade clause in his contract anymore. So if Sather wanted to deal him he could send him anywhere he wanted.

    10. piettro22 says:

      Ok…I know someone will for certain criticize me for putting Marchment up there with the other three, but I think that Marchment stands a better chance than the rest because of his experience. Yes he got benched for 2+ games and yes, he didn’t get tons of minutes, but the guy is bloody 34 nearing on 35! Of course Quinn would rather lose minutes in regular season to Pilar and Berg (hey, Berg REALLY sucks) or Belak. With 70 playoff games under his belt, I think Marchment indeed will stay and his minutes will climb in the playoffs. He signed a two-year contract (Klee signed on with one year…go figure!) and his appearence and contribution will be sound. For sure, I do not foresee the Leafs trading this guy in any way. Being the nice guy as he is, Fergie will not trade Marchment, a Scarborough native, away from his family and friends in less than a year. Unless there is a nice offer on the table, Fergie will not let Marchment go easily. (remember Avs tried to re-sign this guy, but Leafs grabbed him first? And in the press conference he said he really wanted to end his career here?) this guy hasn’t won a cup yet, and the primative knowledge is that he wants to go for one. He is a career journeyman, and I think this will indeed be his last stop.

    11. Tradedude says:

      Samsonov and a first round pick and a prospect for Gonchar. Seems like a good deal to me. Well not really..gonchar doesn’t play a lick of defense but it should take Toronto out of the race which is what I’ve been wanting all along.

      But I really hope Stars get Gonchar. I defineately don’t want my leafs to get him since he’s expensive and is going to be twice as rich next year, since he we already have an offensive D (3rd in league) and since McCabe has twice as many goals as him and AS A DEFENSEMAN, not to mention a good +/- not -18 or whatever gonechar has, i also dont want gonchar cause he’s gonna be in his 30’s soon and we have enough old players, and we’re gonna give up waaaay too much and he won’t help us what so ever.

      The leafs should either go after Sean Hill (I’d really love to see him as a leaf, he’s very underrated) and/or Jason Smith a leaf, or even Greg De Vries since he’s what? a +17 on NYR or something like that.

      So far I like JFJ due to his signings of Nieuwendyk and Klee, but I will hate him if we get Gonchar.

      Btw, I’m starting to like Tyler Bouck from the nucks, he’d be a decent pick up for teams who could use a tough guy

    12. veggetto1725 says:

      Did anybody hear anything else about clarke making another move for maybe




      Just wondering

    13. veggetto1725 says:

      nedved my bad

    14. nocuphere says:

      There is no doubt that Leetch bleeds ranger blue, but I heard last night on NHL on the fly that Leetch has approached management and stated they treated him with class his whole career, and if he was to be moved he’d have no problem with that. According to Dave Reid and the other dude that does the show with him said Leetch has stated he’d prefer to stay in the eastern conference and that the leafs and bruins would be his preferable destination.

      Leetch could be had for alot less than Antro and a first rounder. The guy makes 6.5 mill next year. All it would take would be an early round pick according to the NHL network. (which is based in Toronto). But who knows.

      After losses to mediocre teams recently it is clear the leafs need to swing something soon.

    15. nocuphere says:

      hahaha. Go habs. Now thats funny. Sivs.

    16. Aetherial says:

      If they deal was to go down, this would be MORE than sufficient to land Leetch.

      The rangers would be dumping salary and trying to get younger.

      We are not talking about the same Brian Leetch as the player from 10 years go.

    17. Oleg4Prez says:

      All the best players are rumored to go to the Leafs am I suprised? No. This board is out of whack. Leafs i havent see you guys do jack since Nolan. Leetch? to Leafs? thats where u extremely extremely wrong. Sather will not trade leetch to a East Team. There just no way. If traded..He will end up wit the Stars or maybe a chance with the Avs. He will def not go to leafs. keep dreamin. And keep makin ur lines please….

    18. Beckfan5 says:

      Dvorak is hurt too

    19. afanofthelakings says:

      fuking shit… fucking injuries

    20. afanofthelakings says:

      hey man, dvorak isn’t injured …

      he had an assit agaist the ducks yesterday

    21. Beckfan5 says:

      Dont be jealous about other east teams looking to make their teams better just because your Isles arent going to do shit.

    22. habs79 says:

      I have no doubt it would be a salary dump it they were to trade Leetch, but he will not go first. With players like Kovalev and Lindros that can be had for a draft pick. They will go first.

      Leetch is more tricky to trade. By that I mean they can’t make him look like a salary dump. He is way to popular in New York to be given away especially to the leafs. Given the fact that Ranger fans tend to hate the leafs.

      I just feel they would recieve to much blowback from the fans to just give him away. I see what you are all saying and I am by no means saying I am right. I just feel it would be a minstake for the Rangers to trade Leetch.

    23. AxisofEvil says:

      The Sabres will definately not trade Mckee…..first off, he’s injured; but more importantly, he is the only big physical defenseman they have. The sabres are actually trying to acquire another physical defenseman to play with him, so I dont see him getting traded

    24. habs79 says:

      So you would call Nolan with his 6.5 million dollar salary, 14 goals and 38 points making a team better. Well it did make the team better. That team being the Sharks of course……….LMFAO!!!!

    25. habs79 says:

      Just one more thing, Leetch’s 11 goals and 32 points still beats everyone on the leafs blueline execpt for McCabe. So the guy might not be the same as he was ten years ago. But if the sharks can get Mccauly, Boyes and a 1st rounder for Nolan’s 6.5 Million dollar contract, 14 goals and 38 points. Why should the rangers just give Leetch away?

    26. habs79 says:

      There are rumors of him looking into those players, but it will all depend on what news comes from Roenick and Primeau regarding their injuries.

    27. Beckfan5 says:

      Sorry bro. Hes on my fantasy team and still cosidered injured.

      Damn Yahoo!

    28. Sepuku says:

      Nylander is a possiblily but not the other 2. Lang is to expensive to rent and Deadved is, for all intents and purposes, dead to hockey. Good ol’ Clarkie still may pull a stupid trade. If he were to go for petr then Sather will try to f$$k him long and hard.

    29. PanMan says:

      if leetch can be traded for antropov and a first rounder, then i would make the trade in a second if i was slats. i would prefer stajan rather than antropov, but i would still make the deal if it was antropov.

      as a ranger fan, i wouldn’t mind seeing leetch in TO. or maybe it’s because i’m canadian. i don’t know. (although i do hate the leafs).

    30. afanofthelakings says:

      Maybe he’s playing even if he has a little injurie ????

    31. nocuphere says:

      The rangers management never seemed to listen to their fans before. Why now?

    32. nocuphere says:

      He’ll go to ever is dumb enough to eat that bloated salary of his. It wouldn’t matter if it was the god damn islanders. Leetch is gone to the highest bidder.

    33. habs79 says:

      Maybe, but do you know what anyone else is offering? No? Of course not cause all we get is bombarded with leaf rumors.

    34. GilaMonster says:

      that’s almost fun as the cross deal for kariya a couple of years ago

    35. BosBrn77 says:

      I think Samsonov, a prospect, and a 1st are too much for Gonchar. Washington would have to include at least Grier in the deal. If Boston is going to move Samsonov, they better get a player like Brewer. I’d go Samsonov, a prospect, and a 1st to Edmonton for Brewer, Oates and future considerations. Although I like Gonchar…. I would not give up too much future for him.

    36. adambuffalo says:

      they should try to unload zhitnick. he’s been getting paid way too much for way too long for doing so little.

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