More Trade Talk and Rumors

The Ottawa Sun is full of interesting trade speculation and talk this morning. First off they suggest that Bill Guerin may not want to go to either Vancouver or Ottawa and suggest possible teams that may be lining up for his services. It is also suggested in this article that the Montreal Canadiens may be shipping for a goalie and one of the names suggested is Robert Esche of the Flyers.

A good read to start your Monday morning (at work).

36 Responses to More Trade Talk and Rumors

  1. DoubleDown says:

    thats why garrioch is full of crap. the habs are going to go out and get a david aebischer clone instead of seeing if young Halak can play at the NHL level. *yawn*

  2. bleedingblu says:

    Halak the saviour!!
    All I've been reading is how Halak is the new starting goalie…lol! The kid played one game …. please! Columbus almost came back too.

  3. habswinthecup-again says:

     If Gainey goes out and gets Esche I will personally fly to Montreal and punch him in the nose. Getting Esche has got to be the stupidest god damn thing I have ever read on this site.

  4. HockeyLogic says:

    It would absolutely shock the hell out of me if the habs got another goalie. I will lose complete respect for this organization if that ever happens.

  5. HabsRUs says:

    Im pretty sure that he didnt say Halak was our saviour, if you can read. What he meant was; why in hell would we go out and trade for another goalie who plays like Abeisher. Esche wouldnt be much of an upgrade. Halak is the top goaltender in the AHL this year. Why not let him play a few games and see if he can compete at the NHL level? At least before we start throwing players around to get another goalie. Montreal was 5th in the league (overacheived I know) until January. This was because their top line played well, great goaltending and great special teams. We need our confidence back and if not, were done. You see, Halak has only played one game and nobody is calling him our saviour. However, if he happens to play above average between pipes, then yes, he will be our saviour. Right now Halak represents a glimmer of hope, in other words, he represents another chance. Without Huet were not making the playoffs. We wont make the playoffs with Abeisher and his average (sometimes below average) play. Theres a better chance of hell freezing over. We are not a great team so we "need" great goaltending. If Halak can put up numbers similar to his AHL stats, then the guys may gain some confidence again and we will make the playoffs. If not, bye bye playoffs. This kid has the whole nation of Hab fans on his shoulders right now. More pressure than he even knows.

    But hey, thats Montreal right?

  6. darcysucker says:

    Wasn't the rumor involving Federov for Bonk from the Ottawa Sun as well, all I'm saying is that Habs rumors that come from ottawa are absurd, ottawa's 3rd rate reporters should mind their own business, and no one should pay attention to them

  7. 24_cups_and_counting says:

    Atleast Halak has played a game in the NHL and showed some promise. I'm so sick of hearing how Pogge is the 2nd coming of christ. How's he doing in the AHL anyways? From what i've saw and heard, he's getting lit up like a christmas tree.

  8. habswinthecup-again says:

     Here are the updated stats in the AHL……

     1. Jaroslav Halek   GP Mins.  shots GA.  Sh.o  GAA  S%        W  L  Sol
                                 28  1618  796  54     6     2.00  .932     16  11  0

     40. Justin Pogge     28  1616  829  90     1     3.34   .891     10  15  1

     Quite the difference hey?

  9. DoubleDown says:

    read the quote before your natural leaf instincts take over. i said that esche is an aebisher clone (that means theyre the same type of player)…i also wrote that we should see if halak can play. i never wrote that he was a savior.

  10. bleedingblu says:

    For starters, the Marlies as a team are not doing well.
    But out of curiosity lets see what Pogge has done.

    -represented Canada at the World Junior Championships and won the Gold medal
    -played six tournament games registering a 6-0-0 record with a 1.00 goals against average
    ranked first in tournament wins, goals against average and save percentage (.952)
    -played 54 games for the Calgary Hitmen of the Western Hockey League compiling a 38-10-6 record with a 1.72 goals against average
    ranked first in WHL goals against average, save percentage (.926-tie) and shutouts (11-tie)
    set Calgary franchise records for career shutouts (13), shutouts in a season (11), shutout streak (228:47) and consecutive shutouts (3)
    named top player in the Canadian Hockey League by Prospects Hockey magazine
    -named WHL’s Player of the Year and Goaltender of the Year
    -named Canadian Hockey League’s Goaltender of the Year

    He's not the 2nd coming of Christ but with this many accomplishments his future looks bright. Besides, it's smart not to throw him in the NHL so soon let him gain some more AHL experience.

  11. DoubleDown says:

    so true about jaro not even knowing how much pressure is on…haha

  12. bleedingblu says:

    I never said I disagreed with your post. I'm just telling you the other posts I've been reading.

  13. Milohabs says:

    The only rumour I know to be true is that whatever Gainey does, will be from left field. No one can ever predict his moves (or lack of moves). He's very secretive about his trades. Esche will not land in MOntreal because it's "public Knowledge"

  14. Shawn84 says:

    that sports writter for ottawa is crap. Since i'm in ottawa,i have a chance to read his stuff everday, and he has no credibility what so ever! He muster's up what ever he dreamt the night before. He hated bonk while he was in ottawa, and 4 month's ago, he decided to start up a rumour saying that montreal didn't like bonks play and that they were on the verge of trading him!!! That same night carbo found out about what was written and started laughing about it with bonk, saying" man somebody in ottawa really hate's you ……. still …. LOL" and followed up by saying that it was the most rediculous thing he's ever heard! So don't believe anything written by this Garioch guy!

  15. Stuv_Dogg says:


    Last I checked hockey was a team game and there were (up to) five other players on the ice that affect the outcome of games.  Unfortunately, the goalies stats are the most notable stats that take the hit.

    Don't give up on Pogge yet, as Rome wasn't built overnight.  Don't worry, though, it won't be too long before Pogge is in Toronto nets shutting out the sad-sacked Hab-beens.

  16. Bleeds_Oil says:

    This is the same writer from the Ottawa Sun that said Edmonton wanted to trade Joffery Lupul and Raffi Torres for Joe Corvo and a conditional pick right…….. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  17. Bleeds_Oil says:

    This is the same writer from the Ottawa Sun that said Edmonton wanted to trade Joffery Lupul and Raffi Torres for Joe Corvo and a conditional pick right…….. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  18. LeafsJaysRapsBillsManU says:

    That's odd…I don't recall anybody mentioning Justin Pogge…you did. Let him get "lit up like a Christmas tree" in the AHL. That's not going to affect the Leafs making the playoffs whatsoever. Unfortunately for the Habs, Jaroslav Halak, a guy who doesn't belong in the NHL right now just like Pogge doesn't, might have a large say in whether or not the Habs make it to the dance.

  19. mikster says:

    Ok, the “top goalie in the AHL” thing is being used too extensively. The guy only played 28 AHL games. LaBarbera was also, and still is, a great AHL goalie.

    Just because a rookie goalie has been called up and is very good at the AHL level does not mean he will be a great starting goalie in the NHL. Not saying he won’t, but some Habs fans are treating as if this guy is the next best thing.

    Esche does not fit in Montreal’s plan, for sure. But, i think it would be misleading for Habs fans to think Halak gives them a chance to make the playoffs. He played one game against the friggin Blue Jackets….he just played 28 AHL games. What’s the big deal?

  20. DoubleDown says:

    the thing is, no montreal fans are making halak out into a savior…its all other teams fans accusing us of doing it. im not sure why, i guess theyre just dying to see the habs fail.

    all habs fans are saying is this: huet is done for the year. the goalies on the trade market are crap and no better than aebischer. if we start aebischer the rest of the year, theres 0 chance of making the playoffs because you need to score 4 goals a game to win with him. so, play halak. worst case scenario, he shows he isnt ready for the NHL. best case? he catches fire, sparks the team and brings them to the playoffs. some people make it sound like the habs are 8 points out…theyre in the 6-11 clump. they still have a shot.

  21. Stuv_Dogg says:

    Dude, that's just dumb.

    You think Gainey will put a whole whack of work into a trade that would improve his team and then walk away because word leaked before the trade was announced?  Is Bob Gainey some sort of egotistical drama queen or something?

  22. mikster says:

    But the “best goalie in the AHL” has been used extensively. That’s the most frequent statement from Habs fans regarding Halak.

    I think Belfour-Aebischer can definitely get the Habs into the playoffs.

  23. halgillfan says:

    i heard Halek has a hit on him from the Hamilton based Italian mafia so in order to save his life he has to play well in Montreal so he doesnt get sent back to Hamilton

    no wonder hes playing so well

  24. the_purolator_guy says:

    esche would be a total waste of to acquire, if anything we should be looking to move samsonov, we could probably get a character guy like martin lapointe from chicago for him which this team lacks in a big way.  this team has way too many perimeter players on it, the only guys who are willing to stand in front of the net are the third and fourth liners

  25. TheStryker says:

    I don't even know why im wasting my time on this bloody post. There is no way that Gainey picks this guy up. If anyone from Philly is comming to Montreal it's someone like Calder or Zhitnik. I say Zhitnik cause i don't think Souray will be here after 3pm on the 27th. If he is than Gainey is a fool cause he's not comming back to Montreal, and even if he wanted to, I wouldn't give him more than 3.750 000 a year, but I know some team will offer him 5  or more a year.

  26. nychabfan says:

    Absolutely right, Souray will not stay, and watching his defensive lapses, this is good for Habs. The bad thing is that time is running out, and contenders who might be interereted in Souray, may find somebody else, because Gainey is too slow.Edmonton already moved Bergeron, who woukd be a nice solution as a PP specialist. SJose and Minnesota may also find other trade partners, and the team will loose Souray, Markov, Bonk and Johnson without any compencation. Playoffs are a  longshot,and if even Habs make it, 1st round exit is almost a certainty(NJ or Buffalo are hard to beat), so this is a time to reload nicely for next season with younger , faster and hingrier players.

  27. BieksaForMVP says:

    If someone wanted Samsonov they would have taken him off waivers.

  28. mtlfan11 says:

    Esche in Montreal??? Bob Gainey will never be stupid enough to bring this guy in town.  We have Aebischer and Halak right now… Huet will be back for the playoff… if we are going.. Danis good be as good as Esche… And when the junior season of Carey Price will be finished he'll sign with the club.

    Anything else why the habs are not gonna get Esche?
    Stupid comment

  29. BieksaForMVP says:

    I'm very annoyed about a few things. One, why is everybody saying Pogge is gonna be the next Terry Sawchuk or something. His number are terrible, he was awesome in the world juniors, but wasn't Rico Fata too? He turned out great. I'm not saying that if your good in the world juniors you won't be good, but it doesn't your guerentee to be no matter how good your team is. The defense was also awesome that in that tournament. 2, hearing that the Habs will kill the Leafs in a few years or the other way around. Okay you neither of you have great prospects. Okay the Hab's will be wayyyyyy better then the Leaf's in a few years. The Leaf's have no prospects. Pogge like I said won't be an absolute allstar. No great prospects, and no great young players on the team now. No, Kyle Wellwood, Ian White, Alex Steen, and any other prospects will not be great. Last, no one wants Samsonov. Don't even suggest him in trade rumors, because if soemone wanted them they would have picked him up off waivers.

    To Montreal: Braydon Coburn, Garnett Exelby
    To Atlanta: Sheldon Souray

    What does anyone think of that trade idea?

  30. BieksaForMVP says:

    You've heard alot of untrue stuff.

  31. BieksaForMVP says:

    Also Dany Sabourin was one of the best goalies in the AHL last year, so don't expect Halek to be a star.

  32. lynchmob540 says:

    If Gainey goes out and gives ANYTHING to the Flyers for Robert (Rebound Rob) Esche, i'll go out to the Atlantic in a dingy and look for his daughter myself!

  33. baltic_thunder says:

    Esche? I laughed so hard I pissed myself. Please. Both Halak and Danis can out-perform him for the role of back-up to Aebischer while Huet is mending. The Habs should be inquiring about the Shark's Bernier if anyone.

  34. Hoondog2 says:

    Yea, and Montreal's prospects are way better than Toronto, shall we compare Wellwood, Stajan, and Steen's numbers to Higgins, Perezhogin, and Pleckanec?

    Toronto's 3 young guys combined

    gp       pts.        +/-

    153      87         +7

    Montreal's 3 young guys combined

    gp       pts.        +/-

    158      69         +5

    Not stellar numbers by either team, but I would take Torontos's guys in a heartbeat.

    Montreal has some good prospects not on the team, but there all goalies, why does Montreal insist on drafting goalie after goalie when that is the single position they are deep at.

    I take Toronto's up and coming prospects in a heartbeat as well.

  35. halgillfan says:

    or have you heard a lot of untrue stuff thinking its true stuff, therefore dismissing my suggestions as myth?

    think about it BieskaForMVP

  36. Les-Habitants says:

    Just going to say this once:

    The LAST thing the Habs need right now is a goaltender.  Aebisher is as good, if not better, then anything we could get at a reasonable price…and Gainey is not giving up assets to improve goaltending temporarily.  Plus, by everyone's account in Hamilton, Halak is the real deal so unless he falters (and he played amazing in Colombus) no goaltending trade…maybe a center?  maybe a d-man? but not a goaltender

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