More Truculence!

As of right now the Toronto Maple Leafs sits 6th in the conference. With the middle of the season approaching quickly GM’s need to evaluate what their team really is. Honestly I see Toronto as a bubble team at this point. We are more than capable to make the playoffs but as to do well in the playoffs well as we have seen from this years four games against the Bruins we can not out play teams like Boston with sheer speed. So what can make us take the next step? Well here 2 options.

  1. Cal Clutterbuck

He is exactly what Burke wants in a player. He can hit, grind and has shown potential to score. Clutterbuck adds that guy who is not afraid to bang bodies and it is something this team sorely misses . He also adds to a PK that as of right now is currently clicking rather well. With the Wild doing so well as of now I don’t know if they would be willing to part with him unless it made since.


Aulie/defensive prospect Crabb

Does Clutterbuck ensure a cup? Hell no, but he does add a grinding presence that is sorely missing from Toronto’s line up. Some may say Toronto gives up more and yes I can see why you would say that but in return Burke gets a player with truculence something we are sorely missing and a piece helps Toronto make a legit shutdown line in….

Clutterbuck – Steckel – Armstrong

I fear for the line that night in night out will have to contend with that.
From a Wild’s fan standpoint they do lose a great grinder in Clutterbuck but they still get a reliable player who can play a third line role. But the main piece would be Aulie or another defensive prospect. One flaw is the depth of the Wilds defence and the addition of the likes of one of Toronto’s prospects like Aulie, Holzer, Lashoff would really help.

2. Tuomo Ruutu

Like Clutterbuck he adds more grit and grinding only Ruutu brings a more of a offensive upside. Ruutu is on a expiring contract with a 3.8 million cap hit but half of it would be gone making it far easier to acquire near the deadline. With the way the Canes are progressing they may look to get some picks/prospects for him. Being a team with cap constraints they really wont look to spend a lot so say…

Conditional pick 2nd round pick (becomes the 2012 first if Toronto makes it past the first round of the playoffs.)

Jerry D’amigo


Again this just adds to the idea of an ideal shutdown line of say…

Ruutu – Steckel – Armstrong

But… its also leaves us with the chance of doing a more offensive third line with say…

Ruutu – Bozack – Armstrong/Frattin

Just a few ideas.

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  1. leafmeister says:

    So you just pulled a criticism out of your ass? If you are going to rock the 420 in your name, don't use such textbook bad arguing tactics. You will give stoners a bad name. Also, just a piece of life advice in general, before expressing convictions, at least check if they are true. Or alternatively, if you don't care enough, just don't make them!

  2. 420xLEAFS says:

    #1) i doubt this team is going to fit under the cap

    never claimed the team to be over cap just seriously doubted it. reinjosh is a respected poster but he also never replied that he actually did the math so the verdict is still out. Also how are you going to assign salaries to parise and weber? maybe youd have to pull some numbers out of you ass? 😉 lol weber will have to be over 7.5m into a range where nashville would let him go… parise also on a large contract too.  killer post salaries next time!

    #2) a lot of missing 1st round picks… very bad for the future! didnt think things through.

    so ya i guess my criticism is granted please explain to me how it isnt… 

  3. 420xLEAFS says:

    you know what somebody post the 2012-2013 93 killer 93 roster with all the leafs that are on the 12/13 payroll plus the trades/fa and prove me wrong. …no one will because no one cares enough just like i didnt in the first place BUT i seriously dont think you guys will be able to do it cause this team clearly is over cap.

  4. mojo19 says:

    haha, when you tried to argue semantics earlier…. that was pretty funny. 

    The best checking forward in the league is Pavel Datsyuk. Good checking forwards tend to be in the conversation for the Selke. Checking is defined as being defensive, hence a "checking line" is your shut down line. I think you meant to say that Clutterbuck is the best hitter, or "body checker". 
  5. NonLeafFansAreGay says:

    I got into the leafs in 2001.

    Sorry bro, you missed the sickest season..01/02 was insane. 
    Conference Finals…good times

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