There is a rumor going around that Sheldon Sourey will go to Vancouver for Brenden Morrison.Honestly I don’t think this trade will happen, because Montreal already has a weak defense and this wouldn’t help, and The Canucks are already a denfensive team. But this could happen because it would a good replacment for Mike Riberio and there defensive doesn’t need to be very strong if you have Cristobal Huet, and David Aebisher as your goalies, and not only would this make the Canucks one of thee best teams on defensive the NHL, but it give Ryan Kesler a chance too play. Also They have four stars (if you call Morrison a star) up front, so it would give the Canucks a VERY deadly first line, a decent second (which doesn’t need to play that much now that they have that awesome first line). So I don’t think this would be a great trade for Montreal, but this would be a huge trade for Vancouver, and make them contenders.