Morrow and Rivet Get New Deals ! is reporting:

The Dallas Stars have re-signed left-winger Brenden Morrow to a three-year deal.

Montreal Canadiens General Manager, André Savard, announced today a 4-year contract extension for defenceman Craig Rivet. Rivet is now under contract with the Canadiens until the end of the 2006-07 season.

Morrow, a restricted free agent, had 17 goals and 18 assists in 72 games last season while also registering 109 penalty minutes. The 23-year-old is a solid two-way player who kills penalties and plays on the power-play.

Morrow is entering his fourth NHL season, all with the Stars. He had a career-high 20 goals and 24 assists in 82 games in 2000-01.

Rivet, 28, is entering his 8th season with the Canadiens. The North Bay native ranked second amongst team defencemen in scoring last season. He established career highs in games played, goals, assists and points (8 goals, 17 assists, 25 points). He was one of only three players to participate in the club’s 82 games.

Zed’s Two Cents

I really like Morrow he is big he can skate and he can score not to mention fight.

I would go as far as to say he is the best well rounder youngster today.

Rivet, What can I say he played all 82 games which means he is the toughest man alive because NO ONE seems to play all 82 games for the Habs. He is a solid defenceman and the question now that he is signed does it put an end to trade rumors and does Jan Bulis take his place among the trade rumors or does this add fuel to the fire?




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  1. bones says:

    I’de like to know the terms on Morrow to see who we could get for him.

  2. Lint07 says:

    Something Big’s comin’ up in Montréal soon.

    Hint: Garon will start the year here, and cannot be sent down to minors BEFORE being put on waivers first. Rivet new long-term contract makes him easier to trade.

    I like the idea of a ”Hackett-Rivet / Mclaren” deal…

    Something big’s comin up, I tell you. You heard it here first 😉

  3. big_booty says:

    I don’t know that I would say that Morrow is the “best well-rounded youngster today.” Don’t get me wrong, I like Morrow a lot. It just seems to me that there are more players out there like him, who maybe have different games, but are still considered to have just as big an upside as Morrow: Ruslan Fedotenko, Alex Tanguay, Marco Sturm, Taylor Pyatt, etc. Of that group, Morrow seems the most penalty-prone.

  4. mikster says:

    You can’t compare Fedotenko to Morrow, Morrow is better…he brings more to the table. Tanguay is a different type of player than Morrow. Sturm….yeah he is up there. Pyatt is still a no-show.

    Morrow is a power forward, a tough guy….he is still young and has to reach his prime and he has yet to mature. He’ll probably get around 100 PIM per season.

  5. Rushing says:

    Morrow isn’t that big. Being only 5’11,” he doesn’t look that big out there on the ice yet he will still jump on the top of anybody and attempt to kick their butt! He won’t put up with anything.

    BTW…..on his pay.

    The hangup on getting Morrow signed, Armstrong said, was base compensation. The number the Stars initially offered stayed the same, he said, but the change involved bonuses — of the team variety.

    “It was base pay compensation (was the difference),” Armstrong said. “We were not willing to bend at base pay compensation but we gave him the opportunity to achieve certainly levels with our team to help him achieve a certain income. But we weren’t willing to bend on our base competsation and he wasn’t willing to come in until he had some updside protection. So it took a while get a deal complete.

    “We’ve had this (bonus system) in the past with a lot of players. It’s not individual goals and assists bonuses, but how he fits in on our team with ice time, plus/minus. …I don’t have a problem with team-oriented bonuses. I have a problem giving goals and assists bonuses which ask the player to play outside of what’s good for the team because it’s good for him.”

  6. zednik says:

    A Guy like Tanguay can score but is not a menice like Morrow. Overall you will find few people as young as him who can do everything that he can do. even with a 5 11 frame he still plays like he is 6 6.

    As for being penalty prone, he has only played three seasons it will take him time to get all of his stuff together and I am sure the amount of stupid penalties will decrease.


  7. zednik says:

    I agree the deal will be with Boston,

    but after the McLaren hit on Zednik I don’t see him coming the other way.

    I still see a good chance of the









    I can only hope.


  8. Heinzee57 says:


    I’ve told you before, you are crazy.

    The Bruins can and will not trade Brian Rolston to Montreal.

    They won’t send him anywhere unless the return is HUGE.

    He is an affordable 30 goal guy who plays in every situation. Many feel he is the best all around player on the Bruins roster.

    Jeff Hackett is not a whole lot better than Sheilds or Grahame and he’s 34 years old.

    Why on earth would the Bruins deal Rolston for him??

    Also, the hit on Zednik would have no bearing whatsoever on the Bruins sending McLaren to Montreal.

    Chris Nilan was loved in Boston after killing Rick Middleton.

    The past is the past.


  9. mikster says:

    5’11 but weighs 210 pounds.

    I am 5’11, and i am pretty big at 190 pounds.

  10. mikster says:

    No deal with the Bruins i guarantee it.

  11. bubbakazoo says:

    Seriously, I know I’m ***** myself here, but I need to know oh great one!

  12. amok says:

    No kidding. Although Zednik’s posts are usually some of the best (and more thoughtful) on here, I can’t see the Bruins packaging off Rolston for some spare parts, especially to a huge rival. Doesn’t he play the point on the powerplay sometimes, and do an amazing job on penalty kill?

    If the Bruins were even considering trading him I hope they’d give Brian Burke a call. Rolston is exactly what Vancouver needs on the second line.

  13. TheRumourGod says:

    3 years 4+ million,,,plus bonuses

  14. TheRumourGod says: (think it was there anyways) is reporting that Phoenix is interested in Robidas….they had a scout at the last game as well.

  15. mikster says:

    watch it bubba >:)

    You already got a strike.

  16. big_booty says:

    Morrow to Fedotenko is a very fair comparison, Mick. They have posted similar numbers over the past couple of seasons, but Morrow has the edge in penalty minutes.

    Fedotenko has a size advantage, but Morrow plays like he’s bigger. They both like to muck around in the corners and are not afraid to throw their bodies around. As for their offense, they are pretty much the same. Their goals are the result of hard work. I think that their numbers also tell an interesting story, considering that Fedotenko played on the notoriously weak Philadelphia third line.

    I like the way Morrow plays, but whenever I see him he does seem to commit a few less-than-intelligent infractions.

  17. StarsFaninMN says:

    Why would you even THINK about trading Morrow?!? He’s young (22 I think) and imo could easily score 25 goals this year. Yes he takes too many penalties but the Stars did the right thing resigning him.

  18. Lint07 says:

    GM O’connell said and I quote: ”[he] Had no problem with dealing Mclaren to Montréal”

    I’m aware of the Boston/Montréal ”Trade embargo” but it definitely make sense.

  19. Rushing says:

    Morrow, 23, received a three-year contract worth $4 million plus incentive bonuses based on statistics such as time on ice.

    So…….it depends on how he does by the end of the year on what he will pocket.

  20. Rushing says:

    Yeah, but he has fought people like Mike Grier who his about 6’2″ and about 230 of Edmonton. Morrow will fight anybody. He looks like a little bitty short guy compared to some of the people out there sometimes. I honestly don’t think he’s 5’11”.

  21. Rushing says:

    Dang mikster…….I didn’t realize you were that big. LOL 😉

    Naaaaaa, I’m 6’0″ and about 175 but Morrow just don’t look 5’11” to me but he won’t put up with anything that’s for sure and that’s one thing I do like about him. He’s got the fight in him.

  22. Rushing says:

    I like the way Morrow plays, but whenever I see him he does seem to commit a few less-than-intelligent infractions.

    That I have to agree with ya.

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