Most Entertaining

I love hockey. No news, everyone does in this site. But what I truly love about the game of hockey are the great artists, the players who really make us stand up when they do awesome things on the ice. I decided to write this article to pay a hommage to the most ENTERTAINING players of the League, those guys I think of when I decide to watch a hockey game. My list favors the forwards, mostly because I prefer offensive play. Hits, fights, saves, they are all part of the game, but offensive flare, for me, is the real reason the game is great and all other aspects exist (great goalies to stop great forwards, great defenseman to stop great forwards, big hits to stop great forwards). So here goes my list of the most ENTERTAINING players of the game:

1 – Mario Lemieux. I watched Gretzky, he scored a bunch of points and was great. But Lemieux is better. Simply the most dominant player I have ever seen, whenever he wants and is healthy of course. Plus, he dominates with an amazing ease. Almost no effort to be the best.

2 – Sergei Fedorov. What truly amazes me in Fedorov is that he could be an amazing D-man as well. Perfect player.

3 – Jaromir Jagr. Spit on his face, but just face it: this is the most lethal offensive weapon of the NHL. Dominates the offense by himself, scores beautiful goals.

4 – Joe Sakic. Gotta love him. The skill is all over this guy, plus plays with great heart.

5 – Patrik Elias. Sure him! I am a Devils fan! Plus, one of the most creative players in the game.

6 – Pavel Bure. Another asshole. Another great show on the ice. Goals, goals, goals, tell me something, do you really hate…or love this guy’s play?

7 – Alexei Kovalev. Kovalev has the most magical hands in the game. Could be a darn good piano player even…terrific player.

8 – Ilya Kovalchuk. Just one season, just a kid, but already a star. I rank him lower because of the little time he´s played in the League, but this guy will be much attractive to watch than Pavel Bure.

9 – Paul Karyia. What a waste. His explosion is beyond belief, his hockey sense as well.

10 – Teemu Sellanne. The Finnish Flash is a class act. And boy, this guy is fast….

Honorable mention: Peter Forsberg, Saku Koivu. I watched Iginla throughout this year, and admit he is a very good player, but, in my opinion, he lacks flare

Guess some of you guys will tell me to go watch the All-Star game – don’t take me wrong, I like all the other aspects of the game, but I just think a change of rules (adopting Olympic Hockey rules) would really benefit these great offensive weapons – they would be less time injured and more on the ice, doing the amazing things we just like to watch. But don´t tell anyone in the NHL about this, or the “Goons’ Union” will come after me like maniacs…

Any thoughts?