Most underrated goalies

Being a former Jr. goaltender, I thought it would be cool to pay homage to some of the most underated goalies I’ve seen past and present.

I’m sure, you will have a ton of your own opinions. I’m listing the goalie and team he was on when at his most underated best:

70’s – Gilles Meloche (Seals), Dan Bouchard (Flames), Gary Smith (Canucks), Glenn Resch (Islanders), Gilles Villemure (Rangers)

80’s – Ed Mio (Rangers), Roland Melanson (Islanders), Pete Peeters (Bruins), Glen Hanlon (Rangers)

90’s – Rick Tabbaracci (Capitals), Bill Ranford (Oilers), Garth Snow (Flyers), Tom Barrassso (Penguins), Kirk McClean (Canucks)

Now – Martin Prusek (Senators), Brian Boucher (Coyotes)