Mother Of Mercy – Is This The End Of Rico?

Is this the “or else” year for Pierre LaCroix? Has his “magic touch” disappeared along with his musical taste?

The Patrick Roy deal made him an instant “certified genius”. However, as Ted Nolan has discovered, one shot of glory doesn’t guarantee you an illustrious career – and Roy is gone.

For almost every deal that has worked since then (Borque, Blake / Reinprecht), there is a “Go To Jail” card to offset it (Theo Fleury and his “stomach flu”; Battaglia; McAllister; et al.).

In my opinion, the jury is still out on the Morris deal (though McAmmond worked out great, didn’t he?).

And now, he takes a public stand that he will not sign a free-agent goalie. Is this a smokescreen to hide his true intentions (“pay no attention to the little man behind the curtain”)? Is Mr. Kroenke tighter with his wife’s money than his brother in St. Louis? Does the organization really think we’re going to chant “Abby! Abby!”?

What say you, o noble fountains of hockey knowledge?