Mother Of Mercy – Is This The End Of Rico?

Is this the “or else” year for Pierre LaCroix? Has his “magic touch” disappeared along with his musical taste?

The Patrick Roy deal made him an instant “certified genius”. However, as Ted Nolan has discovered, one shot of glory doesn’t guarantee you an illustrious career – and Roy is gone.

For almost every deal that has worked since then (Borque, Blake / Reinprecht), there is a “Go To Jail” card to offset it (Theo Fleury and his “stomach flu”; Battaglia; McAllister; et al.).

In my opinion, the jury is still out on the Morris deal (though McAmmond worked out great, didn’t he?).

And now, he takes a public stand that he will not sign a free-agent goalie. Is this a smokescreen to hide his true intentions (“pay no attention to the little man behind the curtain”)? Is Mr. Kroenke tighter with his wife’s money than his brother in St. Louis? Does the organization really think we’re going to chant “Abby! Abby!”?

What say you, o noble fountains of hockey knowledge?

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  1. kurri says:

    I have to peer into the crystal ball here a minute……..

    I believe that the news today of Foppa signing for just one year as allot of people wondering on the state of the game, as well as GM’s fearing the worst, as we all know job security is hard to find in the NHL nowadays. Could it be Sweden during the post-lockout days??? MoDo here I come!!!

    Also, the time he signed Blake, Sakic, and Roy, last off season I believe, that was awesome, to assure they would stay here.

    I personally would not want to see Pierre go anytime soon, it is a big statement that he has been with the team as long as he has, and he would be coveted by many teams. He handles superstars well, brings in good talent in the trades (not just Bourque and Blake, but look at Reinprecht like you said, however, I was upset with the Darius trade when we sent Nieminen away), and the like. When the ownership is right, it makes the job of the GM easier, look at the raise Foppa got.

    I think the goalie thing is a smoke screen, he owes a shot to the youngins, Davey A and Sauve, however it remains to be seen.

    Anyway, my point is, that with the right GM, and one with hockey knowledge to look out for the little things like he has, which GM in the league has not made a stink of a deal, like the Fleury one, I hated to see Regher go, I remember the hype he had when we drafted him, the same year Tanguay, Skoula, and I believe Parker were all drafted.

    STAY STAY STAY, at least one more year BEFORE all hell breaks loose!!!

  2. MantaRay says:

    Lacroix hasn’t made a good deal since Bourque.

  3. kurri says:

    Ummmm……yeah……I am going to have to ask you does the name ROB BLAKE ring a bell, it was an instrumental one in that we could roll Bourque/Foote and Skoula/Blake or what have you, this seems like a “good” deal to me. HAHAHA

  4. mikster says:

    Of course he is not going to sign a goalie in the off-season, they are all mediocre.

    It’s the Avs and Flyers in a tight race to get a goalie.

    Flyers should go after Biron.

    Avs should try to get Burke or Kolzig.

  5. DaMick says:

    Pierre LaCroix,i thought was going to manage Celine Dion…

    talk about weird career choices…

  6. flyersdude123 says:

    Why don’t you think the Avs should go after Biron?

  7. peeler69ca says:

    Aebisher, Tanguay, Rienprecht, Deadmarsh (now in LA) are another reason this guy is great. He has great scouts and including himself can spot talent. This is another reason why Col. can make so many of those deals cause they always bring up new unheard of players and make them stars. Look at Milan Hejduk. Greg De vries is another. The guy even played for Nashville until Lacrioix came a knocking for him and he became the d-man who “never makes a mistake”. There are alot of other players who Lacroix has brought through trades and draft that no other team would even think of. Thats why Lacriox still has his job and will for a long time. Colorado improves through both drafts and trades. Just think, most of thier former no.1’s and top picks arent even there anymore and they still continue to win. (Nolan, Ricci, Sundin)

  8. amok says:

    I want to hear Avs fans chant “Dear Abby! Dear Abby! Dear Abby!”

  9. OldNord says:

    …But paying…

  10. swedishvoice says:

    Mikster… You mean that the Flyers should go after a yong talanted goali while the avs should go after an “over the hill burnout”. But thats ok by me *s*

    Let’s Go Devils!

  11. Freeze says:

    I think LaCroix will likely be gone after this year. The Av’s top farm team in Hershey was bounced from the playoffs in round one. All of the talent that was drafted over the past several years has already graduated to the NHL. The farm is in shambles.

    Now the lack of depth is going to kill the Avs because there is no top-ranked UFA goalie available to replace Roy, and it’s a gamble to go with top goaltending prospect Sauve and Aebischer when you’re competing with Detroit and Hasek, and Dallas and Turco. The trade route is all that’s left, but the Avs don’t have much to trade without ending up even thinner in the lineup. Now, we’re talking about trading #1 draft picks to get the needed goalie without depleting the current ranks, which takes the farms systems down deeper in the hole.

    I’m sure Mr. Gretzky will be happy to unload Sean Burke for steep price. Three #1’s? Two #1’s and a #2? The price will be high due to the shoratge of quality goaltenders. Cujo will be available, but Detroit will take less from an Eastern Conference team rather than put a pissed off Cujo in an Avs uniform.

    Colorado’s best bet might be to trade Tanguay, Skoula and a high pick for a quality goaltender, then backfill for Tanguay and Skoula through the UFA route (Selanne and Hatcher?). The problem there is the 2004 CBA after taking on some high salaries

    The Rob Blake trade was a back breaker. The Avs didn’t need Blake to win the Cup. They already had Borque, who was the missing piece of the puzzle. They ended up losing a huge playoff performer in Deadmarsh, and a very solid defenseman in Aaron Miller to get Blake and Reinprecht .

    The Chris Drury trade was another bad one. You just don’t trade clutch playoff performers like Drury to get a Morris. No knock on Morris, but the playoffs is what it’s all about. Bad trade.

    Firing Bob Hartley and replacing him with Tony Granato was another stupid decision.

    It’s amazing how LaCroix took a once awesome team and ruined it. LaCroix giveth. LaCroix taketh away.

  12. aafiv says:

    Lacroix has been labelled a ‘genius’ beacuse he has been able to land hyped-up players when they are going to be available.

    There really aren’t any available this year. Does anyone really expect that Avs fans will be happy without Patrick Roy? Of course they won’t be. He’s irreplaceable.

  13. MantaRay says:

    I considered the Blake deal when I wrote the Blake comment. The Av’s immediatly made the Kings a better team with Deadmarsh and Miller.

    The Av’s got stuck with an overpaid one-way player in Blake. He’s great on the PP, but a liabiltiy 5 on 5.

    So yes, the Bourque deal was his last good deal.

  14. Forsberg21 says:

    I didn’t think McAllister played that bad. I thought he played his role perfectly untiol he got hurt. He will probably break the top six on the blueline next year, which I bet is one of the reasons why they traded Parker, because McAllister can play that role too with his size. Still kinda sad to see Parker go. Remember those couple of times when both Parker and McAllister were on the ice, and a scrum broke out after the whistle. Nobody on the otehr team wanted to do a damm thing. It was great, to see how timid everybody got all of a sudden. I just wish Pierre would have traded Parker to an East COast team, because I think he is gonna want some revenge, and we play the Sharks a few times a year.. I’m almost positive he will end up fighting McAllister when they play, and Parker will definitly win.

  15. MantaRay says:

    Right on target Freeze.

  16. Kingsfan1 says:

    As a Kings fan i have to agree. Rob Blake is nothing more then a big shooter and big hitter. He is a defensive liability, always has been. You cant sit there and tell me you’d rather have Blake on your team then a healthy Deadmarsh and Aaron Miller?

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