Mr. Gainey: The Gambler or Smartest Man in Hockey

Robert Michael “Bob” Gainey, is arguably the best GM in hockey right now. Unquestionably the best GM The Habbies have had since Mr. Sam Pollock, God rest his soul.

As USA Today has said before, The Montreal Canadiens impact player happens to be in their Head Office.

Every one of Mr. Gainey’s moves has been met with criticism. From drafting a goalie 5th over all (one Mr. Carey Price) to trading away Huet. From trading Craig Rivet to signing Patrice Breeze By (winning goal scorer of game 4). As well as being hailed for getting rid of team cancers of the like of, hair replacement user Jose Theodore and spoiled brat Mike Ribeiro. Oh and there was that little thing this past summer of letting ego enthused Sheldon Souray walk, and then turn around and sign +7 Roman “The Hammer” Hamrlik, to the same contract offred to Shelly.

His faith in Alex Kovalev was debated all summer long. Who won that debate now? Anything with Kovalev’s name on it, can’t be kept on store shelves.
Then we can talk about his drafting skills: The Kostitsyns, Lapierre, Halak, Chips, Streit, Price, Latendress. Beside the fact that Latendress is on the team mainly because he’s french. But 16 goals playing 5 to 6 mins. a game is still pretty good. The drafting has been excellent.
A few things I very much admire about the man are, that he has been able to build a contender without being able to sign “big” name free agents. I also love the amount of respect Mr. Gainey receives, not just from his peers but from the media. No one calls him Bob, Bobby, BG or even Gainey. Always Mr. Gainey.
But my favorite thing has to be that there are never any rumors about the trades or signings he makes. Any rumor you hear concerning The Habbies is false. They NEVER come true.
Now are all these things because Mr Gainey likes to gamble and take risks? Or are these well thought out and an almost methodical plan? Or, as I’m sure Leaves fans will say, just plain lucky.
I wouldn’t want any other man in charge than Mr. Gainey.
In Gainey we trust.

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  1. RIP_Dimebag says:

    He's done a good job, I hope we get a GM as good as him in Vancouver.

  2. morrissey says:

    In Bob we trust… has more of a ring to it. Can't really credit him for the drafting, but you can credit him for keeping his nose out of the drafting process and allowing the scouting expert, Trevor Timmons, to do his job as he sees best. A lot of the good things Gainey has done is doing nothing: not panicking, sticking to a plan despite intense media and fan pressure. Gainey's got the balls to survive as GM of the Canadiens and very other men could fill that role as well as him.

  3. Plekanec says:

       Trevor Timmons is probably THE best Scout in NHL! Can't give Gainey credit for those picks. As for getting rid of cancer like Theo and Ribiero , sure but for more than Niinimaa and Abiescher!

      Next Souray, Gainey didn't let go of Souray but he lost him for nothing, imagine what we could of got for Souray? If we got Gorges and a 1st rounder(Pacioretty) for Rivet!

       Than Kovalev, even if Gainey tried to trade him last year, nobody wanted to have anything to do with him!

       I don't recall anyone complaining about Hamrlik signing, anyone who knows a little bit about hockey knew that he was ten time the defenseman Souray ever was! I for one never doubted the Hamrlik signing, he is one of NHL most regular defenseman always playing top minutes every where he played and helped a bunch of young defensemen throughout his career!

           LONG LIVE CAREY PRICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. leafy says:

    It's amazing when you have a GM who knows what he's doing.  Ken Dryden was onto to something when he tried to trade Matthiew Schneider to Dallas for Gainey.  Toronto fans and media laughed at Dryden, but in hindsight, it would have been a brilliant move.

    Ottawa looks like the 1985 Leafs for some reason.

  5. habswinthecup-again says:

     There were complaints and surprise about the Hamrlik signing, but the funniest comment on it was by I believe Mr. Fischer when he commented on how Hamrlik surely must have seperated his shoulder trying to sign the contract before Gainey changed his mind.

  6. LeafsNation91 says:

    Gainey is the one of the top GM's the league.

    Though, I believe Burke, Lamouriello and Holland are better. They always produce great talent and create great teams out of nothing. When was the last time the Devils or Red Wings have been out of the playoffs??? Quite a long time.

  7. jayhabsjay says:

    do you mean the tried to get him as gm? because he never played for dallas?

  8. HABSSTAR says:

    Burke left Vancouver in a shambles.

    Lamouriello and Holland are great GMs but have had a long time to develop those teams. 

    I think this is the begining of Gainey's run in Montreal where I expect he'll match Lamouriello and Holland's accomplishments.

  9. habswinthecup-again says:

     Plus Burke actually inherited the Ducks from Murray.

  10. BruMagnus says:

    It's quite clear now in retrospect that he's The Gambler and one of the dumbest GMs in history! The Habs coulda won it all, but instead they shat the bed by relying on a 20-year old inexperienced Price!

  11. sdopus says:

    Huet doesn't win the Boston series; Huet has never won a play-off series, so what makes you think he would have won 4 and guided the habs to the cup?

  12. King-Luongo says:

    The Habs didn't expect to even be in the playoffs this year and although they finished 1st in the conference, it is really unrealistic to think they would have won the cup with Huet. They are only getting better and this year was a good experience for Price for the future. Thie year was Montreal's learning experience just like Pitt's last year against the Sens. Price is now two years ahead of MAF's development and some of the Habs best prospects are still to come.

    Dumbest post in history!

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