Muckler Ready to Deal with old Friend Sather.

Senators GM John Muckler might be ready to deal with old friend Glen Sather reports the Ottawa sun. The New York Rangers GM had two scouts — assistant GM Don Maloney and pro scout Harry Howell — at the Senators’ 4-2 victory over the Sabres in Buffalo on Tuesday.

Maloney will also be on hand at the FleetCenter tonight to watch the Ottawa-Bruins game and he’s staying at the same Beantown hotel as the Senators.It is said that the Rangers want Magnus Arvedson and possibly blueliner Shane Hnidy. Sather might be ready to move wingers Ronald Petrovicky or Mikael Samuelsson. But John Muckler wants Baranby in return. The deal is said to be a hot rumor. But if a deal does go down… It’s been said that there may be a bigger deal involved then just these players.

Sather has been looking to make a move to get Arvedson to NY. The need of LW’s in NY is a big one. Not only a LW’s but a goalie, a D man, and another player who can put the puck in the net while Bure is gone, is also a need of the Rangers.

Now no deal will happen that can fix all the problems for the Rangers….. But since Bure’s injury, Sather may feel the urgency to make a move. (not to mention his team is 3 games under .500. AGAIN)

Muckler wants Baranby. any other players Muckler is interested in has not been said.

opinion: What is Sather waiting for? Deal Baranby before he hurt’s his knee even more. I do not want Sather to deal Mikael Samuelsson. This kid is going to be some play-maker, He’s a good PK player and will make a name for himself in the NHL.

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  1. Johnny_Canuck says:

    with scouts at the sens game that seems almost convincing… it sounds like it’d be a trade that shakes things up. It sounds interesting anyways…

  2. fleury14NYRCHI says:

    my thoughts: dont trade barnaby, or petro…..unless they wanna throw in bonk…we got the money…

  3. MossRocks says:

    Don’t Barnaby and Muckler have a history in Buffalo? I seem to remember that Barnaby was firmly in Nolan’s corner in the feud and threatened in the media to run Hasek in practice for faking injuries. I’m not so sure that Muckler is a Barnaby fan and I bet they had words back then.

  4. mikster says:

    Barnaby is great and all…and he’s been good but Rangers need to get better, and Arvedson is an upgrade. With Green and Petro…the grit stays.

  5. mikster says:

    If Maloney is there, something could definitely happen.

  6. MossRocks says:

    I want what you are smoking. The Sens are in no hurry to deal Arvedson . If the NYR want him they are going to have to give up something. Too bad they have so little to trade now. Take Lundmark, Barnaby and Petrovicky off the list and they have nothing but pure crap to trade.

  7. fleury14NYRCHI says:

    true…and true…but i love barnaby…itd help the team, but itd be sad to see them trade him, just like rem the gem

  8. NewYorkRangers says:

    sands is right. Deal Barnaby. Now that Murray is gone, Samuelsson is going to be relied upon a bit more on the pk, and defensively. Petro is playing great every game, no way he should leave. I like Barnaby, but if someone has to go, I would rather it be him, then 2 younger forwards in Petro and Sammy.

  9. mikster says:

    Rangers have enough PK’ers….

    They went from 30th last season, then to 19th this season and now 16th. Trotts makes the difference.

  10. mikster says:

    I think the Sens would give more than just Arvedson if Samuelsson is considered.

  11. RangerSteve says:

    Too bad we can’t say that about the Power Play!

  12. BWbullies says:

    This is a little off the subject, but what is up in Boston. I saw on the attendence for the ottawa game was under 12,000. Thats what more do the fans want thier team is in first in the east. How can they pay players with no one at the games.

  13. Sands says:

    Sather will make another deal. I like what they did so far. But I want Arvedson. Barnaby is a good Ranger but…. He never wins a fight. And if Arvedson is on his way over and Baranby on his way out. I would do the deal.

    Mark My Words. “Read my Lips” (lol) Sammy will be a great play maker. Have any of you watch the games? every player that has scored a goal on his line, the play was started by him. This kid will be some player.

  14. Sands says:

    mike are you messing around about that point, or are you serious? Cause you would know more then me about the Maloney.

  15. Sands says:

    Watch you’ll see this kid. He won’t be a Sakic or a 30 goal scorer but he will be a good solid LW in the NHL.

  16. mikster says:

    If an assistant GM is with another team’s GM with the team’s top scout, something should happen unless they just keep disagreeing.

  17. mikster says:

    He is good, a bit inconsistent but he is still youn and a sophomore. Good enough he didn’t face it.

    He’ll be definitely solid.

  18. HockeySteve says:

    Here’s the deal fellas…..

    I HATE EVERY GM on Broadway for breaking under the pressure of New York City. Nobody has or every will make the right choice there, thats all there is to it! You know what the problem here is? Over the past 3 seasons since Sather has come along, he has pretty much changed the lineup of the whole team, dumping quality players like Mike York for ones who don’t give a damn. Additionally he doesn’t give players enough time to gel. As much as I would like to be a Rangers fan, I can’t any longer because I realize how they just have screwed the system continuously!!! If they trade Samuelsson thats just another player who will become a supserstar somewhere else. Screw the Rangers management!!! They should all go to hell!

    Screw them for trading Kloucek, York, Novak, Brendl, and all of the other promising youngsters over the past few years. F’ em!!! And every Rangers fan out there should know this by now, but unless you guys start sending letters to the Rangers management in bulk about your complaints, nothing is going to happen. Keep the youth and stop bringing in old, over-the-hill has beens. Work with what you’ve got. You don’t need Magnus Ardvedson or Hnidy or Dunham…. You need heart!!!

  19. wayne2 says:

    Knidy-Arvedson for Barnaby?Sounds almost fair but Arvedson for Barnaby is just about right.Ottawa wont be able to sign Arvedson,New York will be,Barnaby would bring us much needed grit and a pest,perfect deal for both.Arvedson is a good player,mostly defensive but can score.If we have to throw in Knidy,still ok cause easily replaced.

  20. TheShack says:

    Barnaby sucks! Sure the Sens need to get rid of Arvedson before he become an UFA, but there is no need to rush. The Sens are on a role, be happy that you’ve got Arvedson around. Wait until another team becomes desperate for a winger, then dump him!

  21. mikster says:


  22. HockeySteve says:

    Every time a player comes to NY, he never performs. Thats all there is to it. I really don’t see the Rangers going anywhere without bringing up youth and people who actually have desire to win. You can disagree all you want, but you shouldn’t just because you are a Rangers fan who isn’t open to criticism. The Rangers need to keep what they have and work with it, not trade away youth.

  23. meetak says:

    There’s a reason Barnaby has been on a lot of different teams in the last few years: he’s not very good.Arvedsson is avery good consistant defensive forward who has streaks of offensive production.Why would the hottest team in the east deal a good player for an average pest?

    If Muckler does make a deal, it’ll be for a top ranked left winger,and he has the assets to get one.An Arvedsson for Barnaby deal would add little to Ottawa except for unwanted stupid penalty minutes.Now if it were Claude Lemieux we were talking about, that would be a deal worth making.

    I think Phoenix needs a d-man .But Barnaby?I’ll pass thanks.

  24. wayne2 says:

    Very good trade proposal,Lemieux would be a better addition to the sens,specially since we suck come playoff time.

  25. MantaRay says:

    HockeySteve: you are not alone.

    Apparently this reaction is very comman among Ranger fans. I just a call from four friends who have season tickets and have been diehards for more than a Decade.

    They all complained about the Dunham trade and are not renewing thier tickets until Sather is fired.

    One actually is actually adopting the Habs as his new favorite team.

  26. jammer21 says:

    and barnaby just plain sucks….

  27. cecilturtle says:

    Why don’t you root for the Islanders for a couple of years and when the Rangers win the Cup again you can jump back on the banwagon. I am one of the biggest Rangers fans 6’4, 245 lbs and I think can speek for most other Rangers fans when saying, “If losing Klouck, York, Novak, Brendl, Lickme, ect… is going to sway you from being a Rangers fan??? You were never really a Rangers fan to begin with. It’s people like you who got the best general fired “Patten” because he had to slap a fearfull solder when they were scared wanted to quit!

    Cecil Turtle

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