Muckler Reveals Plan

John Muckler was on the Team1200 in Ottawa after the draft, and he pretty much revealed Ottawa’s plan for this offseason. I was surprised at how honest he really was.

1) Ottawa will not buy-out any players. Therefore, Greg de Vries and Bryan Smolinski will be Ottawa Senators this year.

2) Muckler thinks that he will bring back 8 of 10 RFAs. The list is as follows: Hossa, Havlat, Fisher, Spezza, Vermette, Volchenkov, Prusek, Neil, Langfeld and White.

3) He is ecstatic with the #9 pick, and he has goaltender Carey Price ranked very high. In all likelyhood, if everything goes as planned, Ottawa will take him. If he is not there, they will go with the best player available. Unless of course, a guy like Pouliot drops down to #9.

4) He does not want to make changes to the defense, as he feels it is the best in the league.

5) He is happy with the top 2 lines.

6) He wants to put together a checking line, therefore he will look at 3rd line centers on the market.

So what do I gather from this?

– Gary Roberts will likely not be in Ottawa

– Rod Brind’Amour, if bought out, will be pursued.

– This could spell the end of Todd White and Martin Prusek.

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  1. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    This draft will be a great one, last years was pretty weak, and yet there were still shockers. Who would have thought Marek Schwartz would drop that much??? Beniot Pouliot or however you spell it could drop a bit….

    Expect the Flyers to trade up, Bobby Clarke is a family friend to the Ryan’s, and he’d love to add Bobby to his crew.

  2. TheCoach says:

    I’m going to have to rephrase what I wrote.

    Muckler did not say whether he would pick Price, but he said that he rated Price highly and it would be tough to decide whether to pass up a goalie.

    He also said that maybe they’ll be lucky, like they’ve been the past few years, and someone they’re not expecting will drop to #9.

  3. Habfanforever says:

    Perreault and Dowd are available and very possible options for the Sens. Perreault is the best face-off man in the league capable of 25-30 goals.

  4. nordiques100 says:

    keep in mind coach that mucks is one of those guys from the old guard who never lets his guard down and lives in secrecy a la pat quinn. he could be bang on or simply throwing people off just to quell rumors. but with a team like that with a player or two away, he may at least sniff around those big name guys or even a guy like roberts.

    i heard in carolina that they will not buy anyone out either meaning brind’amour may stay. part of it is because he is such a good teammate and teacher for all their kids especially staal. i mean if the kids want to learn how to keep in shape, brindy is a great guy for that. probably one of the most fit players in the league.

    but he is exactly who they need in ottawa. moreso than a guy like roberts. he wins faceoffs, leads, can score and check. but the faceoff guy is somethign the sens dont have and probably one of the key reasons why they havent beaten the leafs. puck possession is so important for the sens but it doesnt work if you lose every faceoff. you can thank white/bonk/smolinski/yashin for that one.

  5. TheCoach says:

    Possibly Dowd, although I think he is more a 4th liner.

    But not Perreault. I think Muckler wants a gritty checking type center.

  6. TheCoach says:

    I agree. For example, I really doubt that Ottawa will draft Price.

    This could be a ploy by Muckler, to scare a team who wants to take the kid and force them to trade up. This would make another skater drop down.

    I should’ve also noted that Muckler never ruled out any trades. In fact, he even said “and maybe a trade will come along…”

    The only thing he was adamant about was that he’s happy with the top 2 lines and his defense.

    He also mentioned the possibility of McGratton being brought up next year, which would eliminate the need for Neil.

  7. RaGsHoCkEy88 says:

    and notice…as good as it must be for senators fans….think how the rangers/panthers fans feel who got SCREWED

  8. CBA says:

    I’m surprised that there won’t be any buyouts by Ottawa this off-season — DeVries was very inconsistent during his short season with Ottawa last season, and Smolinski seems expendable with his contract and other players in the lineup. What exactly will the Sens do with four legit centres there already (Spezza, Fisher, Smolinski, Vermette), while they want to go after another? Will someone be moved to the left wing (which is lacking players)?

  9. flyersfan10897 says:

    i am hoping so, but im also hoping he doesnt give too much away. if he were to give up their 1st and 2nd rounder plus a lower rated prospect, that would be fine.

  10. masarume says:

    I never liked the Sens much. I just don’t like how they are ran as a business I guess. I have a lot of respect for their team… deep, young, talented, but I just don’t like it.

    Lucky for them they got the 9th pick. I find their Goalies to be more than capable but I haven’t really followed hockey the last year… Prusek and Emery have a very high ceiling for development.

    Too bad they aren’t letting DeVries go, but then again, words from a GM can always change. White is also a very good player.

  11. CBA says:

    White is agood player, but he is expendable because of the four other centres on the Sens. Also, Shaun Van Allen was also there last year.

  12. sidorkiewicz says:

    Somewhat saddened to hear that DeVries and Smolinski will not be bought out… I was hoping to see some of Ottawa’s younger talent on the roster this year, ie: Eaves and Meszarov (sp?)… (provided they are ready, of course) I would also like to see Leschyshyn back in a Sens uniform this year.

  13. CBA says:

    Meszaros is probably the seventh defenceman on the time right now (provided deVries doesn’t end up bought out), and if anyone struggles on the D, he could be up there in a uniform fast.

  14. masarume says:

    I would personally take White over Van Allen, but I’m sure economically, Van Allen is more worth it.

  15. wayne2 says:

    I`m dissapointed if he does not buy out Smolinski and Devries.Smolinski can be spared easily as we

    have more than enough centers and so can Devries.

    I believe the sens should look at Aucoin to pair with

    Redden(i keep saying we need a solid righthanded

    defensemen)Martin Gelinas would be nice on the

    left side.

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