Muckler Reveals Plan

John Muckler was on the Team1200 in Ottawa after the draft, and he pretty much revealed Ottawa’s plan for this offseason. I was surprised at how honest he really was.

1) Ottawa will not buy-out any players. Therefore, Greg de Vries and Bryan Smolinski will be Ottawa Senators this year.

2) Muckler thinks that he will bring back 8 of 10 RFAs. The list is as follows: Hossa, Havlat, Fisher, Spezza, Vermette, Volchenkov, Prusek, Neil, Langfeld and White.

3) He is ecstatic with the #9 pick, and he has goaltender Carey Price ranked very high. In all likelyhood, if everything goes as planned, Ottawa will take him. If he is not there, they will go with the best player available. Unless of course, a guy like Pouliot drops down to #9.

4) He does not want to make changes to the defense, as he feels it is the best in the league.

5) He is happy with the top 2 lines.

6) He wants to put together a checking line, therefore he will look at 3rd line centers on the market.

So what do I gather from this?

– Gary Roberts will likely not be in Ottawa

– Rod Brind’Amour, if bought out, will be pursued.

– This could spell the end of Todd White and Martin Prusek.