MVP Profile: Peter the Great

The legend of the prospect once traded for the 8th time concussed Eric Lindros continues to surge. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the MVP of the 2003-2004 NHL Season: Peter Forsberg.

The Avalanche’s record with Forsberg in the lineup this year is 18-5-1-2 (18-7-1 in my book). That’s a 69% winning percentage when Forsberg has played thus far as opposed to 11-6-8-1 without him (or a 42% winning percentage).
Since returning from his groin injury on the 27th of December, the Avalanche have lost only 3 games. In addition, the man himself has had only 2 games where he was a minus in that same period.

Peter is currently scoring at a 1.654 pts/game pace.

The next closest players are Savard with 1.235 pts/game and Naslund with 1.212 pts/game. At that pace, Forsberg will have over 90 points this year in 56 games played (provided he plays all remaining games). The last year that someone scored over 135 points in a season (his pts/game x 82 games) was the 1995 -1996 season (Lemieux totaled 161 pts in 70 games that season for 2.3 pts/game – no your eyes are not lying… and they try to tell you that there is nothing wrong in the NHL).

Forsberg is currently tied for 21st in the league in scoring with only 26 games played!. Should his pace and everyone else’s hold he would finish fourth overall. Naslund is on pace for 99pts this season. Lang is now going to tank due to not having Jagr to feed the puck to. Then we come to Tanguay… who only benefits from Forsberg’s presence. Alex’s points with and without Forsberg:


23 in Oct in 9 games

4 in Nov in 2 games

0 Dec in 3 games

23 Jan in 12 games

for 50 points in 26 games (which beats Peter… guess Tangs is lucky that Peter is such an unselfish player)


18 Nov in 13 games

5 Dec in 7 games

for 23 in 20…

The number speak for themselves. With such a blatent reliance on Forsberg, Tanguay is not the MVP canidate on the Avalanche even if he were to outscore Peter.

Forsberg is epitome of the modern hockey player in the NHL. Peter the Great makes every player he plays with better the instant his skate blade hits the ice. Every coach in the league when asked the question “If you could have any player in the league, who would it be?” would answer “Forsberg”.

While injured for the majority of the season, Peter Forsberg has shown this year why he won the Hart and Art Ross trophies last season as well as why he will win them both again this season. He is the Avalanche and he is the NHL at its best.