My crack at building the Leafs!

All you guys have posted articles as to how you’d build the Leafs, and I’ve often been told I’m the craziest far out Leafs fan, so I’m going to give it a shot.

Right now, the Leafs have approximately 1.5 million in cap space. That’s approximately. I’m not really into how the cap works, so I’m doing things the simple way and just adding and subtracting the players salaries. So if the Leafs payroll is $37 500 000, what would I do?

Fire Ferguson. With the money he spent on Domi, Allison, and Czerkawski, and 0.5 of their current cap space, they could have had Selanne, Kariya, and Carter, all having great years. This guy has to go, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him go, as MLSE has just seen how good a job the new Raptors GM is doing. New GM… Phil Esposito. I love that guy, and he knows hockey, he deserves another chance. He’d also likely build a more Canadian team, and I prefer a team of Canadians. Nothing against the Euro’s, but North American style scrappy hockey is more fun to watch.

Next, I’d fire Quinn, and hire Brent Sutter, for obvious reasons. Who cares if Quinn’s the hockey Canada coach??? Pretty damn soon, that’ll be Sutter’s job too! He’s a better coach. Give him the job.

Now, the actual roster moves, I’d trade Ed Belfour for Mike Peca. I said it in a past article, the Oilers wanna dump Peca, and are said to be willing to pick up Ed Belfour’s option, and Don Cherry said, and I agree, that the Leafs need the 3rd and 4th line guys who can hit, and that’s Peca, the salaries are about even. This leaves the Leafs with 2.2 million in cap space by the way.

The next trade, I’d trade Alex Khavanov, and Ian White for Curtis Joseph. The enemic Yotes defense could use it, they won’t make the playoffs, and Khavanov and Joseph are both UFA’s this summer. The Yotes have a class organization, and Joseph said it’s possible he’d only play for Toronto or Phoenix. Ian White has alot of potential, but he’s just rotting with the Marlies right now, he’d be better off in Phoenix. This deal leaves $2 550 000 in cap space.

I’d waive Belak and Berg now. That makes our cap space $4 250 000

Then I’d send Antropov for Witt, it’s been rumored for a while. This deal makes it $3 350 000.

Jason Allison for Adam Foote. Adam Foote is a solid defenseman, but expensive as hell, Allison will be expensive this year, but his option year is at 1.5 million, the bonuses don’t count then. Salaries are equal

Matthew Barnaby, I’d get him for a third rounder, not many people are gonna want him, and he’s a solid choppy 3rd or fourth liner. Makes the cap space about $2 000 000.

Florida is gonna wanna dump salary, now I know I sound crazy, but , Kilger, Chow, and Klee (all UFA’s this summer) for Roberts and Nieuwendyk.












And we can afford to keep this team together too! Kick ass team. Unrealistic as hell, but eh, what isn’t???

By the way, trading Klee, Kilger, and Belfour… kinda hard, I love those guys.

Player numbers…

Mats Sundin 13

Alex Steen 10

Eric Lindros 88

Jeff O’neill 92

Joe Nieuwendyk 25

Darcy Tucker 16

Gary Roberts 7

Kyle Wellwood 42

Matt Stajan 14

Alexei Ponikarovsky 23

Mike Peca 27

Matthew Barnaby 36

Tie Domi 28

Bryan McCabe 24

Tomas Kaberle 15

Brendan Witt 19

Adam Foote 52

Carlo Colaiacovo 45

Staffan Kronwall 44

Jay Harrison 43

Curtis Joseph 31

Mikael Tellqvist 32

Hopefully this is posted on the Leafs page only, so no non-Leaf fans will freak out at the unrealisticness. I’d like to get some feedback from Leaf fans (92-93 especially).


6 Responses to My crack at building the Leafs!

  1. The-President says:

    Nik Antropov February 18, 1990 6 6 234 Draft

    Thats on the Leafs Front page??? He is not 16 years old…

    Anyways, are the jersey numbers really necessary?

    Why the hell would we want Mike Peca? He sucks now, he has blown out knees, their are plenty of other better choices besides him.

    All of your trades are retarded, Khavononv and White for Cujo, it would take more than that to get Cujo, consider the other teams that also will be in the race, if they cant give up better then khavonov and white then thats sad…

    The Leafs do not need another grinder in Peca, if anything they need better chemistry on offense, not another has been center, were loaded at center. If we ever dealt belfour it would be for defense. We need defense to win not a waste on the 3rd or 4th line.

    Antropov for Witt, is that a joke! thats it, you think thats what the caps are going to want for this guy, you think the leafs are the only on in the running for him, do you think Antropov will kill everyone elses offers? you gotta be kidding me!

    Allison for Foote, why would colombus want another center when they have fedorov, Allison would have nobody to play with, and Foote is old, we could do better then that, like i said your trades are retarded!

    Roberts and Niewendyk, thank god we didnt resign them, have you seen them this season, they suck, and roberts is basically handicapped, like i said before Florida could get a better deal for the both of them.

    Your trades did absolutely nothing for the team except make them older and slower.

    Rethink your ideas please before you post an article like that.

    What are you shooting for a 1st round knock out or a competitor?

    Realize also the salary cap..

  2. italmike2k2 says:

    No offense or anything but this is getting out of hand…any wiseass is makin up some no chance in hell scenario where the leafs trade and become a condtender. This isn’t NHL 06, NOTHING WILL HAPPEN!

    Your gonna have to watch this team struggle, it has to happen, the leafs have to suck in order to draft well…then the upswing begins. All we have to hope for is that MLSE minds its own business.

    There is a slight chance the leafs can stay good and “rebuild” but the only true way were gonna get anywhere is by losing. The more we win the longer we delay the inevitable.

  3. 92-93 says:

    “There is a slight chance the leafs can stay good and “rebuild” but the only true way were gonna get anywhere is by losing. The more we win the longer we delay the inevitable.”

    I don’t think its as inevitable as many people are saying on this site – although i do admire the realism of the statement because it is often true in hockey and in any other sport.

    that being said, there is no need for the leafs to start finishing in the 17th-30th spots in the NHL and rebuild through the draft. they can still remain competitive while incorporating young players which they have been doing all season long. and i don’t think its ‘delaying’ anything when you are playing rookies.

    but yes, hopefully JFJ will stop making the dumb decisions to sign guys like O’Neill, Domi, Khavanov, Berg, etc. that simply take up roster space from young guys.

  4. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    He’s that this is like NHL 06 as if any other team built is any different. I agree, I wanna remain competitive while letting the youth in, and we’re doing that well, but right now the youth like Kronwall, Colaiacovo, Harrison, and Wozniewsky are better then half their defense core.

    I don’t see any problem with O’neill, 1.5 for 25 goals, if the hole forward crew was like that you’d only have spent 18 million on your forwards and you be getting 300 goals from your forwards alone.

  5. 92-93 says:

    true, but if all our forwards could put up a respectable 30 points but were a -17 then we would be Pittsburgh.

  6. tml_fan48 says:

    I agree all the way if i was the gm i would do all the changes you suggested.

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