My Dream Stanley Cup Finals

I was sitting back recently and just watching the leafs beat the Rangers again to extend this streak, and thinking to myself… could this be the year? (This was before the Islanders loss. Not that I am jumping off the bandwagon)
Any way, I just felt that with the way hockey was going with all of the so-called problems in the game and the looming new CBA, I looked for what I thought would be the greatest Stanley Cup playoffs and finals for my team the Leafs and for Hockey in general.

Before we begin I feel obligated to just state that this is my dream playoffs and I encourage others to submit their own possibilities or to comment on mine.

I came up with the idea that the leafs would come in second in the Eastern conference behind Philadelphia. Since the leafs were playing the Rangers the night of this idea I thought it would be fitting to see the leafs play the Rangers in the first round of the playoffs. And because of their record in regular season play, I would predict the leafs would win that in 5 games. Giving them some chance to rest in order to face Ottawa or possibly Atlanta or Tampa. Lets say Ottawa.

In my head the papers and everybody will state that the leafs will lose again. However I feel that Ottawa still doesn’t have the toughness and loses to the Leafs in 6.

That leaves the leafs and the Philadelphia Flyers in the Eastern conference Finals. With the series going to 7 games and the leafs winning.

While all this is happening the media is freaking out because on the West coast, Vancouver has won the Western conference finals. Winning almost all of their series in 6 or 7 games.

THis to me would be the greatest finals matchup in a long time. With this series you would have Pat Quinn who coached the Canucks to game seven of the finals in ’94 vs Marc Crawford who many consider a stellar coach in the likes of the old guys. One coach won at the Olympics the other lost. The leafs being considered the write offs all year long. And the Canucks on the verge of greatness.

Two teams that made it to the finals while still playing an exciting style of hockey and showing people you can win without the monotony of the trap.

This series would be the greatest thing for Canadian hockey and I think would still be good for hockey in the States. Just becuase you would have two entertaining teams from Canada (Canadians, who Americans will feel are deserving of having two teams in the finals because they may think that is all we do up here). I think the American media would realise they don’t have to make Hockey an American game, They may realise they don’t have to make it “ours” just to enjoy it. That is the problem with the NHL and Soccer in the states. They feel they have to change it, to somehow mold it into something that they can market instead of leaving it the way it is.

Two Canadian teams, from different coast. Two coaches at opposite ends of the spectrum. That would be heaven. I would tape every game just to preserve the memory.

And of course I have a prediction of the results. To add to the potential greatness of this story, I would have Toronto win it in game 7 in Toronto, in regulation time 3-2 with the game being tied most of the time and Toronto scoring with 4 minutes left in the game. (The game winner is up to you). To satisfy the Canuck fans out there though. I would have it that the Canucks win the following year and the leafs get ousted in the first round.

Even if you hate the leafs you have to admit that that would be one sweet story as a fan of the game.

Comment on your dream match up or relish in the potential of this scenario