My Dream Stanley Cup Finals

I was sitting back recently and just watching the leafs beat the Rangers again to extend this streak, and thinking to myself… could this be the year? (This was before the Islanders loss. Not that I am jumping off the bandwagon)
Any way, I just felt that with the way hockey was going with all of the so-called problems in the game and the looming new CBA, I looked for what I thought would be the greatest Stanley Cup playoffs and finals for my team the Leafs and for Hockey in general.

Before we begin I feel obligated to just state that this is my dream playoffs and I encourage others to submit their own possibilities or to comment on mine.

I came up with the idea that the leafs would come in second in the Eastern conference behind Philadelphia. Since the leafs were playing the Rangers the night of this idea I thought it would be fitting to see the leafs play the Rangers in the first round of the playoffs. And because of their record in regular season play, I would predict the leafs would win that in 5 games. Giving them some chance to rest in order to face Ottawa or possibly Atlanta or Tampa. Lets say Ottawa.

In my head the papers and everybody will state that the leafs will lose again. However I feel that Ottawa still doesn’t have the toughness and loses to the Leafs in 6.

That leaves the leafs and the Philadelphia Flyers in the Eastern conference Finals. With the series going to 7 games and the leafs winning.

While all this is happening the media is freaking out because on the West coast, Vancouver has won the Western conference finals. Winning almost all of their series in 6 or 7 games.

THis to me would be the greatest finals matchup in a long time. With this series you would have Pat Quinn who coached the Canucks to game seven of the finals in ’94 vs Marc Crawford who many consider a stellar coach in the likes of the old guys. One coach won at the Olympics the other lost. The leafs being considered the write offs all year long. And the Canucks on the verge of greatness.

Two teams that made it to the finals while still playing an exciting style of hockey and showing people you can win without the monotony of the trap.

This series would be the greatest thing for Canadian hockey and I think would still be good for hockey in the States. Just becuase you would have two entertaining teams from Canada (Canadians, who Americans will feel are deserving of having two teams in the finals because they may think that is all we do up here). I think the American media would realise they don’t have to make Hockey an American game, They may realise they don’t have to make it “ours” just to enjoy it. That is the problem with the NHL and Soccer in the states. They feel they have to change it, to somehow mold it into something that they can market instead of leaving it the way it is.

Two Canadian teams, from different coast. Two coaches at opposite ends of the spectrum. That would be heaven. I would tape every game just to preserve the memory.

And of course I have a prediction of the results. To add to the potential greatness of this story, I would have Toronto win it in game 7 in Toronto, in regulation time 3-2 with the game being tied most of the time and Toronto scoring with 4 minutes left in the game. (The game winner is up to you). To satisfy the Canuck fans out there though. I would have it that the Canucks win the following year and the leafs get ousted in the first round.

Even if you hate the leafs you have to admit that that would be one sweet story as a fan of the game.

Comment on your dream match up or relish in the potential of this scenario

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  1. NYRules says:

    94 stanley cup repeat Rangers over nucks in 7. First rangers knock out atlanta, while isles knock out toronto. Isles upset Philly as rangers have a tough one against the devs but win in 6. Then Rangers vs. isles in conference finals rangers win in 5.

    makes sense have repeat of 94 since its 10 years later.

  2. MaSTiK says:

    come on now bud, just seeing as its 10 years later doesn’t mean there will be a reapeat

    and it obvious ur a NY fan, and for the record, isles could never take the leafs in the playoffs, especially right now, and rangers over the devils? get real pal, never gonna happen, as far as the devils go, they are just an organisation that doesn’t realise that they cant buy chemistry, and the isles are a team run by the most fucked up guy in the business, not to mention they have no scoring power, only defense, with hamrlik and aucoin

  3. d_only_Flames_Fan says:

    if u wanted to point out he was a NY fan, u couldve just stated his nick. I think that it was clear that this article was speculation on what would have been what u wanted to see, and as a NY fan that is what he wanted to see.

  4. shootinglicense says:

    My dream is two chicks at once. Or redwings vs. leafs.

  5. 24cups says:

    Ho man, you have a lot of imagination!!!

    My dream : The Canadian market becomes better than the American one and the Habs win the cup 5 years in a row again!!!

    Dreams are good…

  6. IceColdSoda says:

    Here’s my dream…They split the NHL into 2 leagues, a league where teams actually grow their own talent through drafting and prospects and a minor league system, and a big money league where the teams just wait for the other league’s great players to demand so much money that they can’t sign them, so they go to the big money league. Each league has it’s own championship…the drafting/prospect league gets the stanley cup, while the other league gets….the Lazy cup, for they have grown the talent of only 1 or so of their players. Then the winner of each trophy plays the other team in a best of 7 series. If the big money team wins, the drafting/prospect team can’t draft any new players the next year. If the drafting/prospect league wins, the big money team can’t sign any players the next year.

    Honestly, who really wants to see the Red Wings, or the Rangers, or the Avalanche, or the Flyers, and so on, win the stanley cup? This also applies to the Leafs in my opinion, but since they haven’t won it in so long they deserve to win the cup. Big market teams are what makes hockey lame. They sign all the good players and leave the little teams to make their own good players until the big teams sign them.

    Or maybe I’m just a disgruntled small market fan.

  7. NYIchooch75 says:

    Just thought you’d like to know that the Islanders are 5th in the NHL in goals scored per game and 6th in Total Goals scored. Also, 2nd to only Detroit in 5 on 5 goals for. They also have 8 players with 20 points or more. And, by the way, the leading candidate for the Calder Trophy in Trent Hunter.

  8. GeniushockeyKID says:

    “I think the American media would realise they don’t have to make Hockey an American game, They may realise they don’t have to make it “ours” just to enjoy it. That is the problem with the NHL and Soccer in the states. They feel they have to change it, to somehow mold it into something that they can market instead of leaving it the way it is.”

    True….otherwise, this article is a pointless speculation.

  9. bruinfan37 says:

    Everyone is allowed to dream, so you can do that. But the second you think that will actually happen, you need help. They will not finish 2nd. They would lose to the Sens and to the Flyers.

    But hey, I want to dream about the Bruins sweeping the Leafs in the first round, but I know it won’t happen

  10. bruinfan37 says:

    Everyone is allowed to dream, so you can do that. But the second you think that will actually happen, you need help. They will not finish 2nd. They would lose to the Sens and to the Flyers.

    But hey, I want to dream about the Bruins sweeping the Leafs in the first round, but I know it won’t happen

  11. FlyHigh says:

    The problem with the Stanley Cup, not just that rivalry in particular is that there is no rivalry. The NHL needs two teams that really don’t like each other in the finals, but there aren’t teams that hate each other in different conferences that much. Rematchs are what they need now. Flyers vs. Red Wings, Avs vs. njd, etc. my dream will never happen, but here it is.

    First Round

    Flyers beat leafs in 7 (like last year)

    2nd round

    Flyers beat Sens in 7

    Conference Finals

    Flyers beat devils in 7

    Stanley Cup

    The Flyers avenge their 1997 loss against the Wings by winning the Cup in 7 games in OT with Gagne scoring the winning goal in the 5th OT. The Cup Returns to Philly!!!!!

    won’t happen but nice to fantasize

  12. aaron says:

    Wings rematch the Ducks in the first round of the playoffs. Fedorov’s booed every time he touches the puck. Wings win in 5, w/ wins in all 3 home games.

    Wings move on to take on the Kings, continuing the grudge match. A very fast paced, offensive series w/ lots of scoring. Wings win in six.

    You all know what comes next. Wings/Avs in the Western Finals. Seven game series, fast paced hockey, Wings victory on home ice.

    Onto the greatest interconference rivalry in sports: Wings/Leafs baby! Hard hitting, drawn out, physical, brutal, incredible seven game series w/ the Wings barely pulling out the victory in a Game Seven OT. Yzerman wins Conn Smythe in his farewell tour w/ the Wings. *sniff*

    That would be sweet.

  13. kidhenry1 says:

    Actually, I’d like to point out that the isles beat Toronto when the leafs were the hottest team in the NHL because of their “no scoring power” and their tough defense.

    I don’t see the Rangers going that far though, because I think they’d need higher seeding then they’re going to get to make it anywhere…

  14. kidhenry1 says:

    I don’t quite understand how the Leafs deserve to win one because they haven’t won it for so long, but nobody wants to see the Flyers win…Oh, well.

    Other than that, your idea is pretty cool, I’d love to read the NY Post if the Ranger$ couldn’t sign anybody…

  15. kidhenry1 says:

    Isles do their awful little thing where they go ahead in every series 3-0 and blow it so it’s 3-3. Then they come back to win the series of course.

    It’d be my dream if they could play the Ranger$, but there’s no shot for them to make the playoffs…

    Anyway, after a long, wonderful ride to the Stanley Cup, they’ll go up 3-0 on the Canucks…and nobody in NY will care. Then Vancouver will come back and win, and Canada will invade the US, and we’ll all have a jolly good time!

  16. DohCanada says:

    “Two Canadian teams, from different coast”

    Just which coast is Toronto on? The coast of Lake Superior? The Habs are closer to the east coast than the Leafs and Sens, and they are pretty hot right now. I’m going to dream about two things. The Habs making it to the finals (after actually making it to the playoffs of course).

    And what about Ranking the teams in the league 1 to 16, forgetting about the East/West thing. I know the big whiney concern is travel, oh boo hoo, poor babies. But this would set up for potentially great finals, for instance but not limited to Colorado/Detroit, Colorado/Vancouver, Toronto/Ottawa, Toronto/Montreal, Toronto or Monteal/Philly – basically any East/East or West/West combo containing teams that fans actually want to see. And of course the East/West thing could still potentially happen.

    I know some teams have played fewer games than others, but if the season was to end right now, there would be some great 1st round matchups to watch (and some not so great):

    Det/LA would be a doozy

    Tor/NYI would be ok

    Phil/Nash – a walk in the park for Philly

    Van/Atl – 2 of the highest scoring teams in the league

    StL/Bos – entertaining

    NJ/Cal – yawn (but it’s NJ so what do you expect)

    Col/Mtl – Great offense vs. good defense worth watching

    Ott/SJ – I’ll be watching the Montreal game…

    Now if you move on to the 2nd round. Let’s just ass/u/me seeds 1 to 8 win:

    Quarter Finals:





    I dare not make any predictions on who’d win these series’ – but with the Habs gone I’d be cheering for the Sens.

    The point being any two of these eight teams in the Stanley Cup Final would be better than NJ/Ana or Det/Car. Sure, there would still be the ‘potential’ for a final featuring Nashville vs. Atlanta, but I think the potential of having two deserving teams in the final is increased greatly if this system was to be used. I highly doubt we’ll ever see it because the main focus in the league is $$$$$, so….

    Happy New Year.

  17. rojoke says:

    My dream Stanley Cup finals? Habs-Leafs. If the Habs win, it’s over the team with some of the most single-sighted fans in organized sport, and that would be the icing on the cake. If the Leafs win, they’ll finally get to go the parade they been planning since 1993. And I won’t have to hear “This is the year” as often.

    However, since they are in the same division, I’ll have to settle for either a first-round match-up (possibly this April) or a Conference final down the road, at best.

    Realistically, I would like to see Detroit, with Cujo as the starter, vs either Toronto first or Ottawa second. I’d pick Detroit either way, but I’d like to see Cujo finally shut Hasek and his other critics up by finally winning one, and over the Leafs would be great. I’d also like to see Ottawa get to the final simply because they’ve done it the way it really should be done, by drafting and developing players, on a tight budget, and filling holes with guys who wanted to play, not just stars from teams out of the picture by December.

    Either scenario, the dream also includes Jillian Barberie tending bar in a French maid’s uniform.

  18. rojoke says:


  19. habsoverserver says:

    i like it

  20. TC_4 says:

    I thought about this same thing the other day. And too thought this would be my dream finals(realistic dream). Detroit v Toronto would be a DAMN good one too. But I more then anything want all 6 Canadian teams to make the playoffs. If my damn Oilers could get on a serious streak(before everyone turns it up for the stretch run), then it will happen.




    3)Los Angeles










    4)New Jersey


    6)NY Rangers



    That’s my dream playoffs, not my ULTIMATE dream, but realistic(and yes, Edmton still has 40 games left to get into a good posistion, you watch!)

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