My Leafs Healthy Line-up

From what i’ve seen so far, this is what my Leafs line up wwould be:I think toronto has found Sundin’s winger’s, Ponikorovsy and Wellwood.These 3 play outstanding together, i think this line has everything ,speed,puck handling, hard shots, great acuracy and well a little bit of checking.I also find that Kilger,Peca and Antropov play pretty well together too.This line has grit and good powerful shot.Jeff O’neil commented that he likes to play with Bates Battaglia so i would sign Battaglia and put him on his line to maybe help him out and possibly see the 40 goal Jeff O’neil.I would also add Tucker.Now for one of my favorite lines, Steen, Stajan and Suglobov, i thnk these 3 play well together Steen has a great shot and Suglobov can read the play and has a great acurate shot, Stajan is also goood.My line up:


Kilger/Peca/Antropov(2nd or 3rd line not sure)

Tucker/Battaglia/O’Neil(2nd or 3 line not sure)








Now you may not like my line up, but that is what i think would be a GREAT Leafs team.I know some of these players are injured but im just saying if everyone is healthy.

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  1. leaflova says:

    what do you think about it?

  2. rollinfatty says:

    These are good lines, I posted similar lines on the last lineup post but with antropov and tucker switched. I was considering your lines exactly though but I really like the idea of peca and tucker on a line together. I can’t say they’re bad lines though as they’re pretty much the same as mine. Also I might put O’Neill at center on the third line as he used to play that position. he and tucker are both good at faceoffs which is good though. I don’t know about battaglia.

  3. leaflova says:

    oh ok, it said battaglia was a center, and i think i like your line better lol

  4. toronto77 says:

    what about williams…but i guess there is no room….i think he is the first player they should call in if there is an injury, or if battaglia or o’neill don’t play up to there potential.

  5. leaflova says:

    ya, i agree, but i have a feeling that williams will make it instead of suglobov beacause they were talking to paul maurice after the game and they said what a game by suglobov and he was like ya he played good and then went to williams out of no were

  6. thundermuffin says:

    Johnny Pohl instead of Battaglia and had Heatly not taken that cheap shot on him, Brendan Bell as an alternate to Colaiacovo. In the game against the Sens top players tonight, Bell was amazing! Either way, there’s plenty of depth to choose from.

  7. Turnbull says:

    Those lines aren’t bad but I dont think Suglobov deserves a spot yet,…he has tons of talent but has a habbit of making dumb plays that usually end up in an odd-man opportunity for the other team.

    Here are the lines I would put together at this point:












  8. leaflova says:

    i would put williams in instead of westrum

  9. Hoondog2 says:


    Sundin has always played well with a grinding forward ie:Thomas, Roberts, I think Tuckers ready to fill that spot, throw Wellwood into the mix and watch the magic, everyone always says Mats needs a winger that can score, but when Mats is at his best he scores a lot of goals, why not give him a playmaker? This line could be explosive.


    Antro and Poni play great together no matter the center, they excelled with Allison, and before that with Niewendyk. Could be a great defensive line with a lot of scoring ability.


    This could be a real fast and gritty line that can score. O’neill said at the end of last year he enjoyed playing with these kids and this line played really well in the final stretch.


    Let Maurice decide which ones deserve to stay up. This could be a good utility line. If anyone on the top three lines go down, the players from this line are quite capable of stepping up.




    if Colaiacovo remains out




  10. wingedim says:

    I agree Suglobov won’t likely make the team, however, I do think with the chemistry they’ve shown, Steen and Stajan should be kept together. Yes, Suglobov was part of that line, but, drop Bates on that line you’ll still have the energy I think.

  11. goleafsgo16 says:

    Ponikarovksy Sundin Wellwood

    Steen Stajan O’neill

    Tucker Peca Antropov

    Kilger Pohl Ondrus

  12. rollinfatty says:

    I might switch Ondrus with Suiglobov or POSSIBLY Belak.

  13. rollinfatty says:

    I like all of these lines except the last one. They’re all natural centres and where is Kilger?

    Unless you made a mistake I don’t see a chance that he won’t make the team. Westrum is going to play with the Marlies so switch him with Kilger. Pohl is certainly capable.

  14. leafmeister says:

    this may seem crazy but i would put





    and the top four defence plus bell and white and then give covo a chance

  15. leebrien21 says:











  16. Turnbull says:

    oh yeah,…i did forget about kilger..oops! Yeah, switch him and westrum. I agree that pohl should make the team,…but where do you fit him in??

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