My Leafs Healthy Line-up

From what i’ve seen so far, this is what my Leafs line up wwould be:I think toronto has found Sundin’s winger’s, Ponikorovsy and Wellwood.These 3 play outstanding together, i think this line has everything ,speed,puck handling, hard shots, great acuracy and well a little bit of checking.I also find that Kilger,Peca and Antropov play pretty well together too.This line has grit and good powerful shot.Jeff O’neil commented that he likes to play with Bates Battaglia so i would sign Battaglia and put him on his line to maybe help him out and possibly see the 40 goal Jeff O’neil.I would also add Tucker.Now for one of my favorite lines, Steen, Stajan and Suglobov, i thnk these 3 play well together Steen has a great shot and Suglobov can read the play and has a great acurate shot, Stajan is also goood.My line up:


Kilger/Peca/Antropov(2nd or 3rd line not sure)

Tucker/Battaglia/O’Neil(2nd or 3 line not sure)








Now you may not like my line up, but that is what i think would be a GREAT Leafs team.I know some of these players are injured but im just saying if everyone is healthy.