My Leafs Line Up


1- Sundin, O’Neill, and Steen- If Steen improves like he should he could be the scoring winger for Mats and if o’Neill returnes to a 20 to 30 goal scorer and if Mats stays healthy this would be a great scoring line.

2- Wellwood, Tucker, and Kilger- Everybody thinks that Peca should be the 2nd line centre but if you look at wellwoods improvment in his 2nd seasons with teams ex Marlies he greatly improves (almost doubles) so he should be good for 20 goals and 50 to 60 assists. Also Last year down the stretch this line played very good together.

3- Peca, Ponikarovsky, and Ondrus- THis would be the shut down line to go against the other teams top line. Peca is in the top 5 defencive forwards in the leage, Ondrus will add toughness and he is not afraid to go in the corners and Poni will add size and some scoring touch.

4- Stajan, Belak, and Antropov- THis line will be the utility line with a little bit of everything some scoring with stajan, some size with Antropov and some defence with Belak and Stajan the leafs top penalty killer. I did not put John Pohl in because he is 27 and he is just coming up now if he has a goos camp and pre- season he could replace Antropov or Belak.


1- Kaberle and Kubina- They played so good together in the olimpics and if you split Kaberle up with McCabe it creates more evan lines.

2-McCabe and Colaiacovo- These 2 I could see playing very good together Carlo will set up McCabe for the one timer good and his quickness will also be there when McCabe strugles on the D.

3- Gill, White- These 2 coplament eachother very well because they are oposites Gill is a big, slow, defencive defenceman and White is a small, fast, scoring defencemen the can hold is own on the defencive side as well.


Starter- Raycroft- This is the turning point if Raycroft can play like when he won the rookie of the year the leafs are in the playoffs if not another year of early golf.

Back up- Aubin- If Raycroft strugles and JS plays like he did at the end of the year the croud favourite could start if Raycroft does not strugle JS is a solid back up.

11 Responses to My Leafs Line Up

  1. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Pohl and Battaglia over Belak and Ondrus.

  2. Alozo07 says:

    HONESTLY pohl and battaglia/sugolabov over belak and ondurus any day

  3. DJTOKid says:

    Pohl and Battaglia for sure, isn’t Suglobov on a one way contract this year? I can totally remember Pierre Mcguire saying that in Suglobovs contrct he has to get a shot with a big team this year.

  4. leafmeister says:

    good lines exept dont put kilger on second line and belak wont be on period carter could be on so u should change ur lines a bit but the first line is great.

  5. Leafs93 says:

    for starters your all dumb..battaglia is garbage why does everyone think he is good and that he is goin to play better for maurice. Maurice is a hockey coach not god or a magical genie…and why the hell would anyone put 31 year old battaglia in the line-up over any of the young up-and-comers..and have u all forgot about ERIK WESTRUM he has a one way contract this year and he out scored every marlie last year by almost 30 points….Furthermore, blue_and_white you are beggining to sicken me i realize and appreciate that you are a die-hard but your comments are getting old, and annoying..and to be honest i dont value much of what you say nemore and you think u know EVERYTHING so, please, please stop posting a new coment every ten seconds!

  6. leaflova says:

    if we dont sign stajan or carter this is my line up:





    defense:the same as yours

    goalies:the same as yours

    if we sign carter:





    if we sign stajan:





    if we sign both:





  7. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    learn to type fast and know computers, i can get like 3 posts in a minute,

  8. Leafs93 says:

    wtf does that have to do with u being arrogant, and annoying???

  9. rcichard03 says:

    maurice is god he was the one to send the hurricanes to the playoffs b4 the lock out with o’neil and francis as there best player…also every player tht came up frum the maries to replace one of our “star” vetren did an amazing job ever one of the marlies were doing great last year to say maurice is garbage is the under statment of the year…but wht u said about westrum was true i have to agree wit you there

  10. Turnbull says:

    Tucker Sundin Steen

    Poni Wellwood O’Neil

    Kilger Peca Antropov

    Pohl Stajan Ondrus

  11. Hockey_Guru13 says:

    Okay, the way i see it right now..

    Steen Sundin O’Neill (Sundin should be sick this year, Steen also. If O’Neill can return to form it should be sweet scoring line)

    Now I think I have to disagree with your second line, because I know that Tucker Peca Kilger on the same line will make a line that would be tough to play against. All of them like to throw the body and get dirty.

    Don’t get me wrong, Wellwood is the bomb. But I think it would create a better overall line up if you put Ponikarovsky Wellwood Stajan on a line. Welly is a great playmaker and when Poni gets his chances he can burry them. And stajan to give the defensive aspect to the line.

    So, as our 4th line I think it would be smart to go Ondrus Pohl Belak/Antropov. Mind you, this isn’t going to give Pohl much of a line to let him showcase what he has but hey, its a fourth line and u can switch things around as time goes on.

    So this is what i propose. Notice I didn’t include Antropov because I am hoping JFJ will pull the trigger and take the 1 mill that he pays antropov and put it towards Carter.

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