My Leafs Lineup

Steen Sundin Wellwood

Tucker Peca O’Neil

Ponikarovsky Stajan Antropov

Kilger Pohl Ondrus


Ponikarovsky Sundin Antropov

Tucker Peca O’Neil

Steen Stajan Wellwood

Kilger Pohl Ondrus

McCabe Kaberle

Kubina Colaiacovo

Gill White




Belak – who is a versatile player who can play forward and defense. I think they could find a team interested in him

Teleqvist – Who still has potential. To a team looking for a solid goalie that can split time maybe Columbus?

Once these trades are made that will free up some space to sign Carter… long shot but hey just a thought…

**People post your leaf lineups id be interested to see them**


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  1. lukeleim says:

    Alexei Ponikarovsky – Mats Sundin – Nik Antropov

    Darcy Tucker – Michael Peca – Matt Stajan

    Alexander Steen – Kyle Wellwood – Jeff O’Neill

    Chad Kilger – John Pohl – Ben Ondrus


    Nikolai Kulemin – Jiri Tlusty – Bates Battaglia

    Robbie Earl – Jeremy Williams – Aleksander Suglobov

    Erik Westrum

    Tomas Kaberle – Bryan McCabe

    Pavel Kubina – Carlo Colaiacovo

    Hal Gill – Ian White (RFA)


    Staffan Kronwall – Jay Harrison

    Andy Wozniewski – Wade Belak

    Phil Oreskovic – Brendan Bell

    Andrew Raycroft

    Jean-Sebastien Aubin


    Mikael Tellqvist

    J.F Racine

    Justin Pogge

    Todd Ford

  2. Alozo07 says:

    I think the lines should look like this

    Steen Sundin Oneil

    poni wellwood antropov

    tucker peca ondurus

    kilger stajan pohl

    defence is fine

    i fully believe that the leafs will beat montreal in the standings at the end of the season, and the leafs will make the playoffs so no worries

  3. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    you’re lineups make sense in the NHL (except i’d put Belak, or Battaglia on the fourth line instead of ondrus) and White is locked up for two years in a two way deal.

    Jiri Tlusty won’t wear a marlies uniform until next season at least, but other than that it makes sense.

  4. Toonces99 says:

    Jeff O’Neill will not play on the 3rd line, with Maurice as coach he will try and return him to the 41 goal player he is…..l would put Antropov on the 3rd line and move O’Neil beside Sundin….

  5. JJ-Dynomite says:

    Alexander Steen – Mats Sundin – Jeff O’Neill

    Alexei Ponikarovsky – Kyle Wellwood – Matt Stajan

    Darcy Tucker- Michael Peca – Nik Antropov

    Chad Kilger – John Pohl – Ben Ondrus


    Jiri Tlusty – Nikolai Kulemin – Bates Battaglia

    Erik Westrum – Jeremy Williams – Aleksander Suglobov

    Robbie Earl

    Tomas Kaberle – Bryan McCabe

    Pavel Kubina – Carlo Colaiacovo

    Hal Gill – Jay Harrison


    Staffan Kronwall – Ian White

    Andy Wozniewski – Wade Belak

    Phil Oreskovic – Brendan Bell

    Andrew Raycroft

    Jean-Sebastien Aubin


    Mikael Tellqvist

    J.F Racine

    Justin Pogge

    Todd Ford

    I REALLY thing Wellwood brings that energy/speed/Youth too the 2nd line and it gives him a ton of icetime too develop and ive never seen anyone else do that, but perhaps im crazy lol, but never know Peca could turn into a good offencive player also, and as maurice said, he’s probibly going too play against the other teams best line.

    Oh and thanks lukeliem, i used your template for the minor leagues, sorry lol

  6. buds8 says:











  7. jarcpitre says:

    I like your lines the best, however I can see Battaglia in there somewhere, he had a great season last year in the AHL, and works hard for 60 minutes. He is very dedicated like Gary Roberts, saying this you might see him as the digger on the first line. Steen/Sundin/Battaglia

  8. Senshater says:

    Poni Sundin Wellwood

    Steen Stajan O’neil

    Tucker Peca Kilger

    Pohl Sundin (2) Antropov



    McCabe Colaiacovo

    Kaberle Kubina

    Gill White

    The day after we inked Maurice he was talking about double shifting Sundin. Provided we don’t get a legitimate 1st line winger, this is probably what we’ll see in the fall. Stajan was amazing as a #2 scoring centre during the last few games of the season, and seemed to have real chemistry with O’neil (who sucked up until then) and Steen.

    The only question I have about my forward lines is whether Wellwood should be moved to the checking line to give it that added threat of speed, and reward Kilger for the 17 goals he produced last season by giving him ice time with Sundin.

    I think Ondrus might be lucky to get 4 minutes a game, but they’ll be crucial minutes where the team really needs a boost from his physical play.

    On D, I think the reason for signing Kubina was because of how well he played with Kaberle at the Olympics, so I would not be surprised to see the McCabe-Kaberle unit split up. I put Colaiacovo as McCabe’s linemate because he is one of the fastest of the young players, and that’s what McCabe needs out of a linemate. Colaiacovo’s speed and good outlet pass would make him prefered over a player like White, who I think is better, but needs a strong defensive D-man to play with him (Richardson was good, Gill will be better)

  9. Marky2Fresh says:

    Antropov has never even scored 20, why are people so quick to put him on the 1st line?

  10. leaflova says:










    I really like Raycroft but im still not sure about how he is gonna do, so if he doesnt do very good we could have him as a back up and Aubin as the starting goalie.

    GO LEAFS GO!!!!!!!!!

  11. leaflova says:

    I put him on the 1st line cuz i find he plays not bad with Sundin, when Sundin had his big poinstreak at the end of the season he was with Antropov and Ponikorovski

  12. mapleleafs4cup says:










    Extras:Ondrus,Belak,Kronwall,Westrum,Teleqvist(probably getting traded)

  13. PaulK123 says:





    Extras:Westrum, Suglobov




    Extras:Kronvall, Harrison




    I think we should trade Telly to Edmonton because

    they are in need of a back-up for Rolly, here is a

    possible trade:

    To Edmonton:

    Mikael Tellqvist

    To Toronto:

    2nd round draft pick

    That is my line-up…

  14. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    you can’t put you’re top 3 on the first line, then the other lines will stink

  15. Alozo07 says:

    Tru but i wouldnt put battaglia firstline

    He will get chances throughout the year to make the leafs lineup and most likely will i could see him playin anywer from the second line below considering who gets hurt

  16. leaflova says:

    oh and i forgot about my pp,pk and shoot out here is who i would have:

    pp#1 tucker/sundin/o’neil/kaberle/mccabe

    pp#2 steen/peca/ponikorvski/kubina/white

    pk#1 sundin/ponikorvski/kaberle/mccabe

    pk#2 peca/stajan/white/kubina

    shootout: sundin/ponikorovski/peca(and if that doesnt work out)wellwood/tucker/stajan

  17. the_word says:

    Who cares about what the lineup will be, its going to be constantly changing.

  18. Spitz88 says:

    Line up Should look like this

    Steen Sundin O’Neil

    Tucker Peca Ponikarovsky

    Kilger Wellwood Stajan

    Pohl Antropov Suglobov/Ondrus

    Kaberle Kubina

    McCabe Colaiacovo

    Gill White

    P.S. Leafs come in 4th in the East this year and the Sens come in 5th, another Sens first round exit.

  19. the_word says:

    Sens first, Leafs eight, Leafs upset the Senators. You need to build the Sens up before you let them fall.

  20. Pony says:

    Well this is my first ever post on HTR and after reading this article I decided to find out if Im the only one who thinks that Steen should center the second line. Most people on here seem to think Steen is the next Mats Sundin, which though a nice thought, Steen will never match Sundins offensive skills. But I think most people can agree even if he never lives up to his potential, after a 45 point rookie season he can be counted on being atleast a 60 point man eventually which makes him a solid/great second line center, and he is naturally a center. So why not give him icetime and a chance to develop as a second line center now? Peca is a solid pickup but he fits in as a third line center, a checker/ grinder guy who can provide some offense and no matter who you put with Sundin hes gunna score, so Id see the Leafs better off with an all kid line of Wellwood Steen Stajan maybe? theyd atleast be fast enough for the ‘new NHL’ and have enough talent to pot some goals so its not just Sundin. Any thoughts or am I just crazy?

  21. TMLFNATK says:

    don’t forget that Suglobov has a one way contract to the NHL. That is why Lou let him go so easily.

  22. leaflova says:

    Good point, that would be a great line, and like you said they WOULD be fast enough for the new nhl

  23. burnz30 says:

    The Oilers have Jussi Markkanen under contract. I don’t think they’ll have interest in Telly.

  24. burnz30 says:

    I don’t think Peca will be on the PP or shoutout or Sundin will be on the PK. The Leafs need to get Wellwood and Stajan out there on the PP. Sundin on the PK is a waste. He’s going to play about 20mins a game, and I don’t think they should be on the PK. He needs more PP and 5-on-5 time.

    The shoutout should be Stajan, Wellwood and then Sundin. If it goes further I’d go with Steen, O’neil, Poni, Tucker, Peca. I was at the Leafs skills competition this year and Wellwood and Stajan were awesome on the breakaways.

  25. burnz30 says:

    He’s not listed on TSN as a 1way.

  26. burnz30 says:

    The other 2 on the line are narural centers too. Wellwood had a real good rookie year, and he’s more of a passer. I think you need to put the playmaker in the middle. Steen was effective along the boards last year, I think he’d be a good second line winger too.

  27. leaffan6077 says:

    I love the leafs ever since I was a kid but I am still skeptical about JFJ’s signings good for him he made the team better defensively and that is one of the two things that has hurt the leafs for so long. However the second problem still hasn’t even been closed to be adressed who the heck is going to play with Sundin?! The guy has been the face of the leafs since Gilmour left and they have never put him with good players except the short period where he was playing with Roberts and Mogilny. This crap would not fly on any other team Sundin in my opinion is one of the most underrated, usefull, clutch players in the leauge and I don’t care how much potential Steen and Wellwood have they are still not proven NHL players. I feel bad for the guy he plays with Hoglund and Thomas for years gets Roberts for a while for a break and then back to either the do nothing twins (Antro and Poni) or some kids that have played one season in the NHL give me a break if I was Sundin I’d want out. I see putting one of them with him but not both that is just rediculous they need a top scoring winger or they’re right back where they started becaues if sundin doesn’t have linemates he is going to get played as muhc as Quin played him and that is not nearly enough. So with that being said this is my lineup for the year

    Steen Sundin (to be named later)

    Kilger Peca Tucker (I wouldn’t mess with that line those dudes are scary)

    Poni Wellwood O’Neil

    Ondrus Stajan Wilm (they should resign him)

    (if you have noticed Antropov wasn’t in the lineup that is because he should learn how to skate like a big boy before getting ice time


    Kaberle Kubina (Great at the Olympics

    McCabe Kronwall (maybe Kronwall can make up for his defensive mistakes)

    Gill and Coliacavo (Coli’s speed can make up for the antropov like speed of the Giant Hal Gill


    this is a tricky one the answer is obviously Raycroft but yet again it scares me a little bit to think that he is all we got… a dude named Tim Thomas who lifetime AHL player took his job in Boston and then backup is Aubin

    not sure if they will make the playoffs they will be close but I see them being between 6 and 10 at the end of the season JFJ did the best he could but he needs someone to play with his leader his captain his best player please sign Anson Carter

  28. leaffan6077 says:

    good call and also if you remember Battagila played for Maurice and played well if you all remember the BBC the year that Carolina went to the cup final

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