My Leafs offseson

If I were Cliff Fletcher I wouldn’t sugarcoat anything.Tucker, Raycroft, Bell all bought out. (or traded, but thats unlikely)

All of this buyout will be placed on next seasons cap (totalled 8.8 million)

Kubina traded at the draft for a 1st round pick

Blake Traded at the draft for a 2nd round pick

Clemmenson resigned for 1 year (one way) at 0.5 mil

Get Vorobiev and Kulemin over from Sweeden

Resign Sundin at 1 year 8 mil

Resign Ondrus, Moore, and Foster (3, 1, and 3 years respectively) for 0.5 mil

Resign Stajan and Wellwood for 3 years at 1.5 mil per year

Sign Holik 1 year 1.5 mil

Start Devereaux, Battaglia, Ondrus, Foster, Pogge, Walser, Sifers in the AHL with potential callups




Forwards:22.5 mil
Defensemen:14 mil
Goalies:4.5 mil
Buyouts:9 mil
Total:50 mil

This is at the very least a step in the right direction. The leafs scouting staff is pretty good, and will make good use of those picks.

This team may finish last, but its young enough to “get lucky”. What I mean is, young teams will struggle for a few years then take off. See Buffalo, Nashville, and recently Montreal. Keeping that success is another story, but for right now the leafs need to get the ball rolling.