My Leafs offseson

If I were Cliff Fletcher I wouldn’t sugarcoat anything.Tucker, Raycroft, Bell all bought out. (or traded, but thats unlikely)

All of this buyout will be placed on next seasons cap (totalled 8.8 million)

Kubina traded at the draft for a 1st round pick

Blake Traded at the draft for a 2nd round pick

Clemmenson resigned for 1 year (one way) at 0.5 mil

Get Vorobiev and Kulemin over from Sweeden

Resign Sundin at 1 year 8 mil

Resign Ondrus, Moore, and Foster (3, 1, and 3 years respectively) for 0.5 mil

Resign Stajan and Wellwood for 3 years at 1.5 mil per year

Sign Holik 1 year 1.5 mil

Start Devereaux, Battaglia, Ondrus, Foster, Pogge, Walser, Sifers in the AHL with potential callups




Forwards:22.5 mil
Defensemen:14 mil
Goalies:4.5 mil
Buyouts:9 mil
Total:50 mil

This is at the very least a step in the right direction. The leafs scouting staff is pretty good, and will make good use of those picks.

This team may finish last, but its young enough to “get lucky”. What I mean is, young teams will struggle for a few years then take off. See Buffalo, Nashville, and recently Montreal. Keeping that success is another story, but for right now the leafs need to get the ball rolling.

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  1. 08-09 says:

    the leafs simply must lose these last 4 games and the Habs and Sens would be doing this franchise a favour if they beat the buds in regulation.

    – raycroft will likely get 2 of 4 starts, but he should get all of them IMO.

    – players like Stralman, White, and Kronvall need to be paired up with each other and with Kubina and get 25 minutes each (Kaberle and McCabe should get meagre minutes at this point).

    – Antropov should not be playing, time to rest.

    – Sundin should not be playing, or at most, play in just one of the remaining 4 games.

    – names like Williams, Wellwood, Stajan, Steen, Poni and Tlusty (who has averaged the lowest ice time totals among the top 35 in rookie scoring) should get huge minutes up front.


    – if the Isles and Blues win all of their remaining games, they'll have 83 and 84 pts respectively. that won't happen, hence, the leafs simply must lose every game in regulation if they want a shot at drafting in the top-5, drafting at #6, or at least within the top-10.

    – this ain't tanking. the leafs didn't tank – they made their run. its time to audition for next year.

  2. DoubleDown says:

    only thing i disagree with is the blake trade. short of a buyout, he's unmoveable. there's only one GM would have committed that money and that length to blake, and he just lost his job. blake's contract is probably the worst in the NHL and i can't imagine any GM being willing to take it on.

  3. jonnygf40 says:

    First off, those 3 players you mentioned only make a combined 7.166 in salary.  So the hit for those 3 players would be 2.388 over the next 2 years.

    Secondly, NO ONE is going to give Toronto a 1st round pick for Kubina….NO ONE.  The only people who think Kubina is worth a first rounder are Toronto fans.  Sure his numbers are decent, but he makes $5 million for another 2 years.  5 MILLION DOLLARS.  Look at similar players around the league, Ohlund $3.5, Phillips $3.5, Poti $3.5 ect. ect. ect.  Furthermore, no one is going to give up a 1st round pick in this years draft for mediocre players.  Even say the 25th pick this year is going to turn out to be a hell of a player.  This is a good, deep draft with loads of talent.  Sure the top 10 picks are stacked, but you will still get a good pick in the later stages of the 1st round.
    Thirdly, I don't think anyone is going to trade away a second round pic for Blake.  Now this proposal isn't as far fetched as the Kubina for a 1st rounder, but it's close.  I said it when Blake was first signed, WHAT A HORRIBLE MOVE.  JFJ signs a 33 year old player to a 5 YEAR CONTRACT???  What the hell was he thinking.  Some guy has a one hit wonder 40 goal season and gets signed to a 5 YEAR CONTRACT??  Ridiculous.  Besides the fact that that was a horrendous signing, only a complete desperate team would trade for Blake and I think a 2nd rounder is totally pushing it.  I could see maybe a 3rd rounder with a mid level prospect, but like I mentioned above, this is a deep draft and picks are going to be valuable. 
    As far a Tucker being "unlikely traded", I could see him being traded far before Blake.  Tucker has fewer years left on his contract and his contract is for less money.  Plus he plays the game a lot more physical, which a lot more teams would appreciate.
    Lastly, if the Leafs had a payroll of $50 million dollars and finished last … heads would roll.  No owner would allow his team to "rebuild" with a $50 million payroll.  Neither Buffalo, Nashville, or Montreal's young teams hit anywhere close to $50 million.
    Anyways, just my thoughts. 
  4. Kramer says:

    I know what I'm saying when I say there's lots of conspiracies going on.  The latest involves Avery.  This is why many players look tired.  They do a lot of stuff off the ice which can affect the outcomes of hockey games.  A real conspiracy.

  5. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    hartnel is making 4, dont be so shocked

  6. OldNord says:

    That's right, 4 M$ Huselius is soft and good offensively at times, nowadays, he could get that. Not 6M$.

  7. 08-09 says:

    – welp, yesterday i said that the leafs must lose their last 4 games … but if they are going to win, it might as well be against the habs and it might as well be with the likes of Tlusty and Stralman … who unlike the rookies ahead of them in the scoring race haven't been getting much ice time. now they are and they are producing and responding. great news.

    – Kubina continues to produce and raise his trade value, and he is in the top-20 in defenceman scoring. that looks good for any perspective trade partner, especially with only 2 years left on his contract.

    – Despite his 3 assists last night, Antropov should NOT be playing and neither should Sundin. why risk further injuries or even – gasps – winning games!?

    – Raycroft must start at LEAST 2 of the remaining 3 games. 

    – right now the leafs are going to draft 9th in the lottery (or are on pace to do that).

    – The Isles still have a mathematical shot at catching/tieing toronto in pts if they win their last 3 game and if the leafs lose their last 3 in regulation.

    – the Blues, Thrashers, Kings, and Bolts are now officially not going to catch Toronto. So the best the Leafs can do is finish fifth-last overall. But more likely is a pick between 6th and 10th.

    – the Panthers are the only team the leafs are focused on in the East. they and Toronto are battling for 12th in the East and right now the Cats are winning. their last 3 games are easier than the leafs, but the leafs must lose their last 3 in regulation to ensure the Panthers overtake them for 11th.

     The good news is that the leafs cannot catch the Caps and finish 9th, but the Sabres could still drop so Buffalo still has to keep winning.

    – In the West its a lot messier. Columbus, Phoenix, Chicago, and Edmonton are all concerns for the Buds and their race to draft 5th or 6th overall.

    – the Jackets 4 games remaining but have some tough foes to face.

    – the Coytoes have the WORST schedule remaining in their last 4 games.

    – Chicago and Edmonton are still ahead of toronto (and still have an outside shot of making the playoffs), so they need to keep winning while the leafs lose their last 3 in regulation.

    – Nashville and Vancouver are pretty much out of the leafs' reach.

    so to recap: the leafs must lose their last 3 in regulation.
    – in the West: Phoenix, Chicago, Edmonton, and Columbus are still concerns
    – in the East: Buffalo, Isles, and Florida are still concerns.
    – the best the leafs can do is finish 5th last in the NHL, but those 7 teams really have to help the leafs and win their remaining games while the leafs lose their last 3 in regulation.

    anyone see a pattern here?

  8. mojo19 says:

    Who knows. You might be right, they’d probably go to a contender or at least a middle of the pack team but there was that report that Brunnstrom was wanting to play top 6 forward minutes, which he would in Toronto. So you never know, I’d make a firm offer to both players.

  9. Cake says:

    G O L F I N G !!!!

  10. micky says:

    I agree that trading McCabe and Kubina should be a priority, however not taking back any salaries is a pipedream.  The focus should be reducing payroll, not improving your immediate lineup…this means, no Sundin, and basically putting the entire team on the trading block…..I repeat the ENTIRE team….the reality is that in order to move McCabe, you may need to throw in Tlusty, and in order to move Kubina you may need to throw in Wellwoood, etc, etc, etc…

  11. 42wellwood42 says:

    How is that team any better than this season's team? If we were going for Tavares then yes something like that could get us there but also why sign Holik? Hes crap and a waste of space. I rather have Kulemin on the 1st line, Tlusty on the 2nd line and Ponikarovsky and the person who replaces Holik on the 3rd. Give the ice time to the young guns.


  12. CanadianbornPlaya says:

    L.A. has Handzus locked up for a while. Leafs and Kings are in similar situations with these players. I don't think Handzus has the NTC. Has anyone ever asked JFJ why he gave out so many NTC's?

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