My Line ups for opening night

First line:Steen-Sundin-Oneil

Steen is the best young leaf in a while and needs ice time to prove it so why not put him with sundin the best leaf in a while and oneil is there because of his monster shot.

Second line:Tucker-Wellwood-poni

Tucker will excell off wellwoods playmaking ability and and wellwood would put up the points with tucker on his line poni is their because with out him they would have no size on the line.

third line:Kilger-Peca-Antropov

this line would be the shut down line for the other teams best lines kilger is a great grinder and can score when he has to and peca is probaly the best shutdown player in the nhl and antropov can score and hit (sometimes)

Fourth line:Stagan-Pohl-Ondrus

this would be the grinding line which would put up some minutes and contibute some offence which will be needed with this leafs club.


First line:Kubina-Kaberle

These two were great in the olympics and hopefully will be as good for the leafs with kaberles passes and skating and kubinas size skill and shot will make a good combo

Second line:Mccabe-coliacovo

This would have plenty of offence and coliacovo would make up for mccabes mistakes in the defencive zone and coliacovo looks like the build of another bryan mccabe with more defence.

third line:Gill-White

Gill is the biggest leaf and he has good defencive zone coverage. White is not that big but he can skate and shoot the puck.

If the leafs have these lines i think that they could come out winning. If they get rid of tellquist and belak they could free up enough cap room for injurys through out the season.

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  1. Turnbull says:

    Finally!!! Someone who has the brains not to put Peca as the 2nd line centre! Your lineup is exactly the way I hope the leafs will look come next season, although Anson Carter rumors are still floating around which would obviously change things around a bit.

  2. leafmeister says:

    ur a very wise man

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